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First Magic by Gryffindor_Epic
Chapter 1 : Buying Babies From Magizines
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Chapter One: Buying Babies From Magizines




James crossed his little arms over his chest on August 15, 2008, saying, “No, mumma! I don’t wan’ broccoli!”





“James, you have to eat it for mumma, okay?” Harry said.





“Nuh uh!” James replied, his little knuckles becoming white from having them in a fist for so long.





“James! You will eat this broccoli!” Ginny said.





Albus seeing his mum’s reaction to James not eating his broccoli, picked up a piece and pointed at it. “It looks wike a twee!” he giggled, plunging it into his mouth.





Teddy smiled at his god-brother. “I guess you’re right. It does kind of look like a tree.”





Albus picked up another one and set it on the “stump.” He did so with the pieces he had left. “It’s a fowest!”










James and Albus were now settled in at a small table with two pieces of paper and several crayons, drawing happily. “I dwew my fowest fom dinnewr,” Albus said, holding up his picture to show James.





“That’s stupid,” James said.





Albus frowned at his brother, clearly not understanding what was so stupid about his picture. “Why?”





“Because,” James said, shrugging slightly, “I said it is.” He dropped a red crayon onto the table and picked up a blue one.





“Hey! I needed that fow my sky!” Albus protested.





“Too bad! You can’t even say ‘R’ yet!”





“It’s not my fault I can’t!” Albus said, crossing his arms.





Their fight stopped momentarily as they heard a large crash! in the kitchen.





“What was tat?”





“I dunno.”










“I think I know now! Mumma and Daddy are gonna go buy our little sister!”





“They’we gonna buy he-he-her?”





“Yeah. And Ali! You just said ‘R’!”





“I did!”





They stopped talking as Teddy sat down next to Albus. “Your aunt and uncle should be here in a minute.”





“Why?” James asked.





“So your parents can go to the hospital.”





“Why can’t they buy her from a mazigine?”





“You mean magazine?” Teddy asked.





“Yeah! That thing those Muggles made!” James replied enthusiastically.





“Well you can’t really buy a baby.”





“Then you… what?”





“Um… I dunno,” Teddy lied.





“Liar! You know!”





“Sorry, Jamesie. I don’t.”





“Do to!”





“Do not!”





“Do to!”





“Do not!”





“Do to!”





“Do to!” Teddy replied, smirking slightly.





“Do not!” And then James cupped his hands over his mouth and his eyes widened. “You tricked me, Teddy! That’s mean!”





“You accused me of knowing things I don’t actually know,” he said.





“Did not!”





“I am not doing that again!”





“Hey kids, whatchya doin’?” Ron asked.





“Listening to them fight over where babies come fwom!” Albus said, giggling.





“Oh…” Ron looked awkward for a moment. Seconds later, a very pregnant Hermione walked through the door.





“Hello,” she smiled at all of them.





“Hi, Aunt Hewmione!” Albus said.










“James! I need the blue cwayon!” Albus whined to his brother minutes later.





“Use that one,” James pointed his tiny index finger towards a royal blue crayon.





“But I need that one!” Albus said, focusing on the light blue crayon. Suddenly, James screamed and Albus laughed at him. The crayon was melting, burning James’s skin.





“OUCH!” James grabbed his hand.





“What’s going on in here?” Uncle Ron asked. Teddy looked slightly amused at the site of his god brothers fighting over a melted crayon.





“James wouldn’t give me the blue cwayon!”





“And then Albie melted it in my hand!” James cried.





“C’mon, James, I’ll fix that for you,” Aunt Hermione said.





Uncle Ron shook his head, “Al, you know you can’t use that crayon now, right?”





“Can’t you magic it back to nowmal?” he asked.





“I suppose I could, but your Aunt may not approve. You nearly burned your brother’s hand off.”





“Aw! Uncle Won!”





Uncle Ron laughed, smiling.

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First Magic: Buying Babies From Magizines


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