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Choices and Chances by Pepper Finn
Chapter 51 : Epilogue
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Sixteen Years Later

Standing on platform 9 3/4 we were about to send our first child off to Hogwarts.

"Can you see them, Mum? Are they here yet?" Fretted Scorpius.

"Don't worry, they'll be here." Soothed Hermione.

"There they are, Scorpius." I pointed out as I saw a familiar figure in the distance.

"Al!" Scorpius called and waved energetically to his best friend. Al didn't seem to hear as he was involved in a heated arguement with his brother James.

"...I won't be in Slytherin!" Al exclaimed as he and his family came into view. Harry and I shared knowing smiles as we had heard our two sons worry about this issue through out the summer.

Helping to load the trunks on to the train I saw Harry and Albus engaged in a private conversation, no doubt about House selection. Turning and looking at Scorpius I could see he was looking miserable.

"Grandmother said she'd disown me if I wasn't in Slytherin." Scorpius muttered.

Hermione mouth opened in shock for a second and she was about to answer when she got distracted by something else. "Cassieopia Andromeda Malfoy, get off the Hogwarts Express at once! You know you aren't going for two more years."

Cassieopia crossed her arms and refused to move, causing Hermione had to go over and physically fetch her. With everyone distracted I thought it would be a good time to talk to Scorpius.

"If thats what you want, Scorpius William Malfoy, you can choose to be in Slytherin, like Grandmother and Grandfather. Or you can choose to be in Ravenclaw like Aunt Luna or you can choose to be in Gryffindor like your Mum. The important thing is that it is what you want and what you choose. Not anyone else."

Scorpius looked a little unsure at this. "But if I'm not in Slytherin, then I'll be the first Malfoy not to be."

"If you are or you aren't it doesn't bother me." I saw Hermione coming towards us with a very sulky Cassieopia. "But you have to be happy with your choice, because it isn't Grandmother, Mum or me who has to live with it, it's you." I dropped my voice to a whisper as I added this last part. "And if I could have my time over again, I'd choose to be with your mum and uncle Harry from the moment I saw them instead of having to wait 10 years because I chose what someone else wanted for me."

The train whistled. "You'd better go now. And no matter which house you are in, we will all be proud of you." Scorpius just nodded and smiled, as if a great weight had been lifted from his shoulders. I watched as he got into a carriage next to his best friend and started to wave goodbye as the train pulled away.

I felt Hermione take my other hand as she too waved our son goodbye. Once the train was out of sight, she turned and asked me. "Did you really mean that?"

Looking over at her, our daughter and friends I smiled back and said "Every word." I kissed her softly on the lips.

"Knock it off you two. Your anniversary isn't until tomorrow." George called out.

Breaking apart, I whispered "Lets go home." And as I headed off into the autumn sunshine with my family, I knew life was full of choices and chances. It was how we used them that made all the difference.

~ The End ~

*Credit to Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows epilogue for the borrowed Albus Potter line*

Authors Note

Thank you to everyone who has read, commented and reviewed my story. I tried to keep it as close to JK Rowling’s future vision for her characters as possible with the obvious exception of Draco and Hermione ending up together.

To all the Ron fans I may have offended, I am sorry. I actually like Ron, I just needed him to be a bad guy in this story. I have a few sequel ideas for this on the go and hopefully I can have Ron redeem himself.

The first sequel is set 5 years after the engagement of Hermione and Draco and is a much more dark and action (action-action not romance action) packed story. Very different and you may not like it, but hey, thats life. It is up now and called "How Far Would You Go?"


The other sequel is a next gen that follows the lives of the Malfoy, Weasley and Potter kids through Hogwarts.(And, of course, the Potters, Weasleys and Malfoys events since the end of "Choices and Chances") And boy do I have adventures and life lessons in store for them.

If you wish to start a support group for "Choices and Chances" withdrawal, have any questions or comments about anything to do with my story please go to my meet the author page. The link can be found on my page here.

If you made it all the way to the end and stuck with me from fairly close the the start or even the end, then I am honoured and happy that this idea became something I could love but you could all share and love too.

I want to give special thanks to my Beta Dramionegirl_82 and everyone who has ever reviewed this story.  Thank you, thank you, thank you




~ Interesting Choices and Chances Trivia ~

Did you know that Hermione's parents share the same names as the main characters from Jane Austens "Pride and Prejudice"?

Did you spot that Teddy got a Weasley trick wand for Christmas?

Did you know that the ring design I used was from my own engagement ring?

Did you notice that Hermione was dressed in Slytherin colours for the Weasley Ball?

Did you notice it would still have been during the school term at the time the ball was held?

Did you ever wonder about the masks choices for the characters? (my reasons/explanations)

Hermione - Butterfly - transition to freedom and beauty

Draco - Wolf - Can be strong in groups or go alone

Ginny - Phoenix - able to rise from the ashes (disapointments) and go on to better things

Harry - Stag - Strong protector of its loved ones

Ron - Peacock / Lyre Bird - Primping, preening and full of own importance

George - Monkey - Cheeky Monkey

Astoria - Macaw - Talkative and nice to look at. That's it. Nothing else.

Pansy - Angel fish - Out for itself and will eat its own kind to get ahead

Luna - Salmon - Not afraid of going a different direction

Lavender - Chihuha - Yappy and needs constant attention

McGonagal - Owl - Wisdom, symbol of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom

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