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Son of Potter vs son of Bellatrix by magicmuggle01
Chapter 3 : Who am I????
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When the stranger awoke he found that he was no longer in the room that he had appeared in, instead he was now in a large room that was filled with beds that were lined along either side, against the walls. He looked around the room and his eyes fell upon a woman who was sitting at a desk at the far end, he tried to get up but found that he was quite weak. He must have made a noise because the woman looked up and seeing that he had awoken stood up and came over to him and forced him to lie back down on the bed.

'Where am I?' he asked.

'You're in the hospital wing at Hogwarts, but you must try and stay calm' came back the reply.

'Who are you?'

'I'm Madam Pomfrey; I'm the nurse in charge of the hospital wing at the school. Now who are you young man?

After thinking for a moment he replied in a panicky voice.

'I don't know I cannot remember who I am, and what school are you talking about?'

'Well, don't try to think about it just yet, you just lay back down and stay still and I’ll inform the headmistress that your awake, she'll be wanting a word with you'.

And while the stranger lay back down on the bed, Madam Pomfrey went back into her office and wrote out a message and he saw her wave a stick over it and tie it to the leg of an owl, she then seemed to mutter something to the owl who seemed to hoot in an understanding manner, then it flew off out of the open window. He found it funny that she should do such a thing and the owls actions were also very peculiar, but decided to keep quiet about the matter.

About ten minutes later the double doors at the end of the room opened and a very formidable looking woman appeared and after taking one look in his direction, strode over to the nurse's office and after a few muttered words with her, she came towards him and pulled up a chair that was beside the bed and sat down.

'Well young man' she said 'what are we to do with you?'

'I don't know mam' he replied.

'Madam Pomfrey tells me that you cannot remember who you are, is that correct?'

He nods his head.

'Can you remember anything at all, like where you came from, how you appeared out of nowhere and almost scared one of my students to death'.

'All I remember' the stranger said 'was that I was sent to this place because an unusually large amount of energy and power was detected in this vicinity. And if it was left unchecked could be very dangerous. So I was sent here to try and find out where the source was and to try and contain it. But the effort of jaunting here was to much for me and I must have passed out, and since waking up in this room I don't remember where I'm from or who I am'.

'Well since you appeared out of nowhere, which should have been impossible within these walls, Madam Pomfrey and myself would like to perform a test on you which would let us know if there is any magical blood in you, is that alright with you?'

The stranger nodded his head though he looked a bit worried.

'There's nothing to be worried about' said the headmistress noting the worried expression on his face 'I assure you this test is completely painless and will not hurt you in the slightest'.

So the headmistress stood over him and took what looked like a similar stick to the one that he saw Madam Pomfrey using and closing her eyes she waved it slowly over the front of his body and muttered some words that he couldn't understand. When the stick waving was complete the headmistress looked very puzzled and looking at the man said,

'Young man, the results of the test are very peculiar'.




That's chapter 3. Please review and let me know what you think.


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