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I, Ginny by bri_5_stars
Chapter 1 : That's Telling
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 I, Ginny Weasley, chaser for the Holyhead Harpies just helped beat the Chudley Cannons. I, Ginny Weasley, am engaged to Harry Potter. I, Ginny Weasley, am pregnant and Harry doesn’t know.


Ron is going to kill me.


So here’s my dilemma, Harry after almost five years of on and off dating took me back to Hogwarts for a quidditch game almost three weeks ago, and as the fireworks shot up celebrating Gryffindors’ win, he dropped down on one knee and pulled out the most beautiful ring I’ve ever seen in my life. Great, right?


 Not completely anyway. You see I found out I was pregnant little less than a month ago, and the reason I have yet to tell him because I didn’t want him to pop the question only because of it. Don’t worry, it’s his. Now, if I came out with the fact that I’m pregnant everyone would think that’s why Harry popped the question finally. That and there is quidditch, if I told him now, surely word would spread, as it does in the Weasley family, and I would probably be forced to take leave in an instant.


So you see my dilemma. I’m probably just making this way more of a problem then it actually is. Stupid pregnancy hormones! This is a happy thing, there is no need to be stressing my self out. Well, I’ve got about a day to decide how I am going to do this because Mum is throwing us an engagement party on Friday.


Crackle, crackle, Fwoom!


Harry appeared in the fireplace, and stepped out as he brushed the soot off of his shoulders. Back at home after a long time away for work.


“Ginny! Are you here?” I heard Harry call from downstairs.


Today would be the first time I see him since he asked me to marry his oblivious ass. Sighing, I cleaned myself up as I  left the loo and trotted down the stairs to see him leaning against the mantle with arms crossed.




I ran over to him and he welcomed me with opened arms. After hugging, he held me out at arm’s length. I blushed, hating when he did this, as if he was inspecting me.


“How was your match on Saturday? I’m sorry again that I missed it.” Harry asked.


“What you didn’t read about it in the Prophet?” I taunted, “You know you are going to show at a match sometime soon. People are beginning to wonder what’s going on.”


“Ergh, Ginny you know what being an Auror means…”Harry began, irritated with the subject. He always grew serious when his work was mentioned.


“That you have to be there when they need you to snuff out those who use the Dark Arts. But you know what? So does Ron, and he seems to be able to be with Hermione all the time. Merlin, I see him more often than I do you.” I told him, turning away slightly. If he is going to be peeved then so am I.


Since Hogwarts both he and Ron become Aurors. But since then it feels as if Ron is the one doing better as a whole. He married Hermione two years ago, plays quidditch at the Burrow on weekends, all while doing the same missions and such as Harry.


“That’s entirely different.” He said, “Can we not do this now? I just got home, and we’ve got that party in a couple of days, I don’t want to keep fighting then as well.”


“Right,” I took a deep breath and shook my head.


I could see him watching me curiously, but I turned to go sit on a couch by our bay window where I had left my latest Quidditch magazine. His excessive amounts of time spent at work were even making me begin to wonder as everyone else must be. What is up with him, and his distance?


Harry set aside his bag from work and came to sit next to me on the couch, but still keeping his distance. This is weird for us, we were always so close. Maybe it’s my hormones already?


He sighed and ran his hand through his oddly disheveled hair. Sitting back I could smell his scent from the rush of air. Different. Now I’m suspicious, it’s not mine, or his, not even Hermione’s new book smell. It was an old unfamiliar peppermint.


Just then there was a loud Twacking noise that came from the bay window. We both turned to see George and Harry’s little godson Teddy, making faces pressed up against the glass.


Dear Merlin, I doubt George is the best role model for the five year old, but being the fun babysitter has really turned around his outlook since Fred’s passing. It is really cute though. They both laughed as George picked Teddy up and brought him to the door.


“A delivery for Mr. and Mrs. Potter.” George said holding Teddy upside down when I opened the door for them.


“We aren’t married yet, come on in.” I told them. Turning around I saw Harry light up when his godson bounded over to him.


“Do I hear doubt dear sister?” George hugged me with a toothy grin, “I’m kidding, anyway Mum says just make sure Ted is wearing his nice robes when you bring him home tomorrow.”


“I went swimming in them today.” Teddy said enthusiastically and sat himself upside down on the couch to try and read my magazine.


“Is that so?” Harry asked, to which Teddy nodded proudly.


“Kids are fun, eh? It was either swimming or covering it with glitter.” George chuckled.


I nudged his shoulder, “You really let him swim in those? Those are the fireproof ones that Mum got him special.”


“Hehe, yeah. Nothing is more fireproof than water right? Especially, when he tends to show his magic by lighting things on fire.” George smiled.


“That is true.” I answered with a snort. We had definitely experienced that ordeal before. Occasionally, when the little boy really wanted something, stuff tended to begin to smoke. If he was left to simmer things would ignite. One of my Quidditch uniforms had unfortunately paid the price.


“Anywho, I shouldn’t keep Angelina waiting, we are trying for our own little tyrant. I’ll see you all tomorrow!” George said doing a pelvic thrust movement, before apparating away.


“Bye, bye Uncle Georgie!” Teddy shouted happily waving back as my brother disappeared. Then went about trying to mimic him.


I put my hand over my head trying not to watch any further, as I giggled.




Later that evening Harry and I both went through the usual routine of putting Teddy to bed in the guest bedroom he occupied when staying with us. I think at least getting to take care of Teddy will at least prepare us for when this baby comes.


Sighing at the sight of the sleepy little boy surrounded by toy dragons and brooms, we made our way back to our bedroom for the night.


I brushed my teeth, as Harry changed into pajamas. We silently switched places, not avoiding each other but managing with caution so as not to set off the other. There wasn’t tension, only a quiet wall going up.   


“I think Teddy is quite enough of a handful for a lifetime. We’ve got enough on our plates, huh?” Harry asked yawning in the bed beside me.


“What? Oh, yeah.” I agreed quietly, and grumpily took a bite from a biscuit I’d nicked from the kitchen.


Crap. He doesn’t want kids yet. Of course he doesn’t, he’s much to preoccupied with work and whoever that tart I smelled is. Calm down, I’m probably just over reacting.


“What’s up with you, why are you snacking so much? That can’t be good for flying.” Harry said.


He had watched me stuff the cookie into my mouth. And now he was judging me on how I ate?


“It’s fine. How has work been?” I countered.


“It’s fine. Love you.” He answered, sounding defensive. He never talked much about when he was at the office, or the people there. Only missions, after the fact; and sometimes not even then.


With that I rolled onto my side and put my light out with my wand, “I love you. Nox.”




Friday Afternoon


Harry was down in the kitchen with Teddy. He had Teddy up on the counter facing him, (this time his rump stuck there with a sticking charm) so that for the fifth time that day he could clean up his face, tidy his unruly hair, and straighten his newly cleaned robes.


“But Harry I want to keep my hair like yours!” Teddy protested trying to muss up his hair again.


“You know we can’t do anything about my hair, it’s stuck that way. Besides, does Nana Molly like it when your hair looks like it’s been attacked by a nargle?” Harry chuckled lightly.


“No…”The little boy sighed, “Where’s Auntie Ginny?


“I think she’s still getting ready.”


“Why don’t you go get her?” Teddy suggested.


“Hmm, she should be down soon, how about I call her?” Harry replied, partly because he knew the boy would somehow escape the sticking charm, and get dirty again, also because he thought his fiance was being quite different lately. Teddy shrugged.


“Ginny! It’s time we got going!” Harry shouted.


“Blaaarg!” I puked into the toilet unable to help it. The faintest smell of fish had caused me to go all queasy.


“Alright! I’ll be down in a second!” I shouted back, hoping that he hadn’t heard me throw up.


This baby is going to be the death of me, especially with all of the food and smells of the Burrow. It couldn’t be any good. Quickly, I took a look in the mirror and masked any of the signs that I’d been sick moments before. Grabbing my wand and purse, I dashed into the kitchen where the two boys were waiting.


“Ready?” I asked them.


“Can we a-pear-ate??” Teddy asked trying to sound out the word Apparate. He’d become obsessed with doing it again since Ron took him Side-Along a few months ago.


“No, you know we’ve got to Floo.” Harry answered, hoisting him into his arms, but completely avoiding me. Not even a complement.




“Will it be ok if I let you use the powder?” Harry coaxed.


Teddy perked up and took a handful of the Floo powder. We stepped inside the fireplace, and Teddy tossed the powder down frivolously and shouted, “The Burrow!” jovially.


Seconds later we arrived in the Burrow. It was already bustling with friends and family. Both Mum and Dad came to the fireplace as we stepped out and greeted us warmly.


“Hi boys. Ginny, dear! How is it going, did you watch the television the last time you stayed at a hotel?” Dad asked hugging me.


“Ha, yes! It is entertaining, have you seen that one auto program?” I asked but he was already moving on to Teddy.


“Hullo, Mum.” I said, and she came over to hug me.


“Ginny, you’re glowing.” She held me at arms length to observe me then gave me an odd knowing look.


“Thanks, so where is everyone?” I asked her looking around.


“I believe Ron and Hermione are out on the front porch with George. They’ve been trying to avoid Percy and Audrey since they arrived. Dinner will be done shortly so no starting any Quidditch matches.” She said hugging me again and kissing the top of my head before bustling back to finish up dinner.


The smells both from the kitchen and the rest of the Burrow hit my nose like a flood. I could smell a roast along with sugary sweets, not to mention the old wood smell. It was to much at once to take in. So I tried to sneak my way to the loo unnoticed and cast a silencing charm to empty my stomach again.


I made a subtle exit from the bathroom as I could with both Teddy and the little Victoire waiting outside the door. Luckily, they didn’t call to much attention to my absence and I went out to the front porch in search of Ron and Hermione.


I needed to talk to Ron because if anyone, he would know what is up with Harry. But when I got there, Harry had already found them and was talking to Ron about something to do with a Malfoy. Dang, I need him alone!


“Hi Ginny! Are you alright?” Hermione asked upon seeing me. She must have seen the expression on my face, or worse I hadn’t cleaned up well enough.


“Hey, no I’m fine. How’re you?” I asked hugging her.


“Quite well. So I want to see this ring of yours, you’ve kept me waiting!” she teased happily and took my left hand, gazing at the ring in awe. It is a splendid ring really.


I caught Harry’s gaze watching us momentarily but he turned away to quick to do anything.


“Supper everyone!” Mum called from inside before we could converse further.


There was a loud crash and several shouts when the children tumbled down the stairs. Plenty of chatter began as family gathered in the dining room, commenting on the appealing smells of the food, as well as normal family gossip about who did what.


We filed slowly back into the house, so I used the opportunity to pull Ron aside while everyone got seated.


“Is there something he isn’t telling me?” I asked, deciding to get straight to the point.


Ron was unfazed, so far. “What do you mean Ginny?”


“Please don’t lie, I know something must be going on. Harry’s been odd lately, he’s been real touchy, smells different, like a girl different.” I whispered in a serious tone.


At this he went red, well more red anyway. But he didn’t have a serious look on his face as I did, he was grinning. Why is he grinning?


“What?” I said coolly and pushed him slightly against the wall. He better spill, this is my everything we are talking about.


“Oh Ginny. Let me guess, he’s been rather frazzled lately? Doesn’t like talking about work? Smells of…peppermint?” he said quietly.


My eyes widened, so he does know. I glanced at the dinner table, people were just beginning to settle. Parents at opposite ends of the table and couples beside one another, both Harry and Hermione had saved the two seats between them. George was teasing Percy by floating a gravy boat above his head.


“Yes! You do know, tell me!” I squeaked in a hushed manner, although the level of noise from the next room would make a normal tone.


“Harry’s been working extra hard staying late and all to kiss up to the boss, OLD Mrs. Woodcroft. He intends to take over her position when the old bat finally resigns. Basically, being her house elf along with being an Auror. Frankly, I’m glad for him. He’d be best as head of the department. It’s all been for you. What did you think Harry was unfaithful?” Ron chuckled.


“Thank you.” I told him and gave him a tight hug.


“You better be nice to me, you beat my favorite team this weekend. So is there anything else to your frustration?” He sniggered.


“That would be telling.” I smirked.


He gave me a smile and led me to our seats at the gigantic dinning table, where our ridiculously large family was waiting for us. Along with my future husband.


I took my seat beside Harry, and he leaned in close to me, “Is everything alright?” he asked, looking rather concerned. I only looked at him with a brief smile and turned to the table.


Dad stood up at the end of the table holding his glass.


“If everyone could raise their glasses, I’d like to make a toast to Ginny, and our future son-in-law Harry, though you’ve always been like a son to us it is great to finally make it official. We love you both, and are so glad for this happy occasion” He said loud enough for everyone to hear.


Everyone toasted, there were shouts of “Here, here” and whistling.


“Now if we’re all done, I’m sure everyone is ready to dig in to this delicious dinner.” Dad said sitting back down.


I stood up attracting everyone’s attentions.


“I do have something I wanted to announce.” I said, with a slight nerve at everyone’s eyes on me, Mum looked at me encouragingly, others confused whispering, the children were poking each other, but I was looking down at Harry.


“I, we, we’re… We’re having a baby!’ I announced, there was a loud gasp but I couldn’t care less, Harry’s expression had gone from worry, to the best smile I had ever seen.


Harry stood up and held me close, if I has been self conscious about the pregnancy before I absolutely wasn’t now, no matter what people thought. Though our family seemed to take it rather well as they were all cheering. Over Harry’s shoulder I could see Mum tearing up with happiness. This was much better than I expected.


I looked at Harry, “We’re pregnant.” I told him again smiling.


“I love you” He nodded back proudly and kissed me gently.


“There’s going to be a baby? Can I name him?” Teddy asked.


We looked at each other smiling and couldn’t help but laugh at the little boy’s comment. I am so happy, he could name the baby after one of the Marauder’s Harry always talks about and it wouldn’t bother me. 

Bwhahahaha! First one-shot ever! Finito! I can only say that I hope you've enjoyed it and it doesn't suck to terribly. :) Thanks for reading, you could even review! 

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