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A Forgotten Weasley by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 2 : Our Lovely Heroine Returns to Hogwarts
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Chapter Two or In Which Our Lovely Heroine Returns to Hogwarts

September 1st 2019

Disclaimers: I own nothing you recognize.

Chapter image by GinnyPotter25 @ TDA

Every year on September first, Dad chooses what time we leave, because he doesn't want us to be late. We arrive at Kings Cross Station a half an hour early this year. Yes, I said half an hour. Mum couldn't come so it is just Dad, Molly, and I. Molly is our new Head Girl, and Dad is so proud of her. Once we hurry through the barrier (it's ten freaking thirty in the morning, Dad!) both Dad and Molly leave me to my own devices (bad plan) and split up. Molly goes to find her friends, and Dad goes to see the other parents. Luckily it's my cousin Lily's first year so the Potter-Weasleys show up about ten minutes after we do.

"Lu! Luce! OI! LUCY WEASLEY!" Ah, there he is, my delightful cousin, James. He runs towards me, looking quite mental, and I'm pretty sure he trampled a couple of first years coming over here.

"Morning Jimmy!" He glares at me.

Over the summer, James decided that he's too old for nicknames. I disagree. Behind him, moving at about the same speed, is Lily. She crashes into me.

"Hello Ladybug," I say cheerfully.

You'll notice that I have a thing for giving people nicknames that they usually dislike. Lily is one of the few that actually loves hers.

"And good morning to you Albie." Albus, at thirteen, tends to act middle aged.

"Good Morning Lulu." Aunt Ginny laughs at the look on my face when he calls me Lulu. It's the only known word that will make me shut up.

"Did your dad get you here early enough Lu?" She asks, looking around. I groan and roll my eyes (a trademark of mine).

"Has he always been this early for things?"

"Yes, he was two and a half weeks premature." She tells us with a totally straight face. "Where is he?" I point towards a group of the Ministry parents. Ginny makes like she's about to run the other way. Then she grins at us and walks over to him, looking a bit like she's headed for her execution.

"So, how were your summers?" I ask my cousins.

"You were with us Lu. You know how our summers were." That's Al, the logical Ravenclaw. "It was the same as it is every year, we spent weekends at the Burrow and the weeks doing nothing." Al is also one of the few children known to man who like school better than holidays. Don't get me wrong, I love Hogwarts, but liking it more than my lovely summer holidays? That's going too far.

"Look!" I say, changing the subject. "It's Rosie and Huggles." The Potters stare blankly at me.

"Huggles?" Albus asks, skeptical.

"Fine, Hughie then. I didn't want to be like everyone else."

Lily smiles sweetly and says, "You aren't like anyone else Lucy."

That makes me feel so much better. We greet the Granger-Weasleys and after a few minutes it's time to board the train.

"We'll write you every week." The parents promise their first year students. Lily, Hugo, and Louis all nod, looking a little scared. We (meaning James and myself, Rose, Dom, and Albus) help them find a compartment with a few Slytherins. I'm kidding, that would be cruel to the Slytherins. Actually, we do find them a compartment (hopefully empty) and then go off in search of our friends. It doesn't take long before we hear a voice coming from the compartment next to us.

"Weasley, Potter, over here." I squeal, sounding very like my sister when she got her OWLs (Twelve perfect scores, the kiss-up) and jump at Lorcan. As I hug him tightly, I notice that he's taller then me. It took long enough, anyway.

"Miss me, Nerva?" He asks, very confidant that I'll say yes, as if I'm some girl that can't live without him. I let go and shrug.

"Not much, kept busy, all that studying for OWLs this year." He smirks at me as he shakes hands with James. I've never really understood why boys don't hug. Personally, I couldn't live without hugs!

"You're a liar! You never study over summer- you say it rots your brain." I roll my eyes at him and jump onto Lysander's lap, hugging him tightly. The boy doesn't even react really, he just looks at me with his wide blue eyes and smiles.

"Hi Luce, good to see you." Lorcan says as he picks me up from behind and plops me down across from Lysander. I'm so little he can do that easily, isn't that great? (the correct answer is no, by the way) James sits next to Lysander and Lorcan sits next to me. We all settle into our normal positions (me with my feet in Lorcan's lap, Lysander cross-legged, James and Lorcan with their feet on the seat opposite) and swap holidays.

"So Scam, Ly, how was your holiday?" I've called Lorcan 'Scam' since we were nine or so. I mean really, what nicknames are there for Lorcan? And he calls me Nerva from my middle name and because I apparently have a lot of nerve. Everybody has always called Lysander Ly.

"Okay, I guess. We spent it with Dad's family in Sweden. Mum swears she saw a Crumple Horned Snorkack." Scam makes a face, because he doesn't really see eye to eye with his mum about her 'sightings.' Ly is more like Luna, but even he is skeptical most of the time.

"We went to a couple Harpies matches. Mum still gets us tickets every year." James (the lucky bastard) gets free tickets to Harpies matches and has never once asked me to go, the git.

"What are you drawing Ly?" I ask, making a point to completely ignore James. Lysander looks up at me with the usual facial expression, looking like he was just mildly surprised by something.

"You and Lorcan. You always sit that way, and I like it." That's Lysander for you, simple. Lorcan and James roll their eyes (insensitive men) and James starts to flick his wand at Scam, changing his normal blonde hair to red. Lorcan's about to curse him when the lady that pushes the trolley stops at our compartment.

"Stop fighting or I'll have to separate you." She says, although we all know that she's not serious. We've been fighting since our first year and we've never gotten in trouble, at least not for fighting each other. We jump up to buy our favorite candies (Chocolate Frogs, Pepper Imps, Bertie Botts' Every Flavored Beans, and Sugar Quills) and then settle down to enjoy our snacks. James, after much threatening, returned Scam's hair to its normal color. We traded jokes and stories back and forth until it was time to change into our robes. Once that had been done we began packing up our things. Lysander handed me a piece of parchment.

"Here it is." It was just like he said. There was Lorcan with his legs on the seat across from him, looking just a little past me out the window. And me with my feet in his lap laughing at something one of the boys said. Lysander rarely adds color to his art and when he does he usually only does one or two things. In this he chose my red hair and Lorcan's black boots and leather jacket.

"It's great Ly, can I have a copy?" I ask, and Ly nods, looking slightly pleased with himself.

"You can have that one." I fold it up and put it in my bag. A few minutes later we pull into the station and rush out. The first years are all clustered together. We spot Lily's flaming hair and search for the boys. James can't resist teasing them a little.

"Be on your guard, Squirt. If you aren't careful, the squid might get you." Lily sticks her tongue out at us, because she knows better then to actually believe anything we say. Hugo, however, looks a little nervous. We make a run for the carriages and grab one all to ourselves (we don't like to share- we might get stuck with weird people). Once we get inside, we meet up with Rose, Dom, and Freddie at the Gryffindor table. For once, we all sit together and I can see Molly and Al at Ravenclaw, and Roxy alone at Hufflepuff. We all know that tonight is important. It's the last set of Weasley-Potters to be Sorted in this generation. It seems to take forever before the first years finally show up. It takes even longer before they finally call,

"Potter, Lily." We all whip our heads around and stare as she hurries up to the stool. The Hat isn't on her head for three seconds before it shouts,


"THAT"S MY SISTER!" And that's my extremely loud cousin, James. Normally I'd be slightly embarrassed on his part but Freddie, Dom, Rose, and myself are all chanting,

"WE GOT POTTER! WE GOT POTTER!" Just as loud as he is. Instead of going red in the face or bursting into tears (like any normal girl whose family just did something humiliatingly) Lily takes a little bow (yep, that was a spot on sorting) and fairly skips over to us.

"Ha, told you I'd make it." She says loudly to James, who looks so proud, I don't think he cared. He even got up and grabbed her in the tightest hug I've ever seen. We all quiet down and watch rest of the sorting, waiting for them to call,

"Weasley, Hugo." Our little, curly haired cousin walks carefully up to the stool and sits on it. He takes longer than Lily and we're all really quiet for once. Finally after what seems like hours of torture the Hat yells,

"HUFFLEPUFF!" We cheer just as loud as we did for Lily, and Roxy looks especially happy as she stands up on her chair and points to him.

"I got the best of the lot!" She yells across the hall at us at Gryffindor. We all jeer back and are told to be quiet by Professor Longbottom. Right after Hugo is Louis and he struts up to the stool like a little rooster (he's far too sure of himself that boy is). The Hat takes along time with him too but eventually shouts,

"RAVENCLAW!" Molly and Al, being Ravenclaws and therefore above making needless noise, cheer but don't shout at the rest of us. Once the sorting is finished we all dig into our food. I'd never noticed how little Lily is until I saw her sitting between Dom and Freddie. Strangely, she was the last to feel tired, though. We all sit around the common room until we can't keep our eyes open. One by one we all head up to our dormitories, exhausted, but excited for the next day.

A/N: Thanks to my beta: wisegirlweasley. People seemed to like chapter one so I want to know what you think of chapter two. Opinions on the sorting and the Scamanders, what do you think of them?


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A Forgotten Weasley: Our Lovely Heroine Returns to Hogwarts


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