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The Walking Dead by Riya Potter
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Harry was quite excited for the tour, because this time he, Hermione, Ron and Ginny were going for a trip with their friend Pia to her country, India. Harry had never been to Asia before and he was very excited to try out something new for Christmas as he no longer studied in Hogwarts and there was yet another year for Ginny to become free from her studies.

The four of them flooed to Pia's house in Dehradoon. Pia lived in the city far from the regular hush, surrounded by dense forests and so it had always been easy for her to use magic there. Ofcourse she never used magic before she was seventeen but now it was her routine. She regularly flooed to and fro from London to Dehradoon. She worked at the ministry with Harry, though part-time, she enjoyed her work. For rest of the day she loved volunteering for social works in Dehradoon.

Her house was a two-storey bunglow with four bedrooms. She had inherited her house and so she loved it a bunch. Her parents were no more and she lived alone but lonliness was never a problem for her.

Her house was surrounded by a garden where beautiful roses blossomed. Her house was a pleasant place and Harry and his friends felt a warmth creeping through them.

"Harry, Ron, Mione, Ginny!" Pia hugged and welcomed them, "I'm so glad you came," she showed them into two different rooms, one for Harry and Ginny and the other for Ron and Hermione.

The four of them were dressing up. They were going to go shopping in the small town when the door-bell rang.

"Harry, will you please receive the door?" Pia shouted from the kitchen, "I'm all messed up." Pia was making some snacks for them to eat before going shopping.

"Sure," Harry went up to the door. He carefully opened the door and there at the door stood a boy, he could be called a handsome guy, who was tall, fair, had curly dark black hair, dark, smouldering eyes, perfect features, cold and rigid body and who worw a black suit. He stared at Harry with a confused, yet smart look.


"I had some work with Pia. Is she home?"

Hermione had just entered the the living room and the guy's sweet melodius, yet firm voice held her at a place. She quickly glanced at the door and saw the beauty she had never before seen. Just then Pia arrived and as soon as she saw the guest a smile broke on her face.

"Hey Abhay! Kaise ho?" She greeted him in Hindi. Harry gave him way and he walked straight up to her. He gave her a warm smile and Hermione almost dazzled down. The smile was a breathtaking one. Harry suddenly realized that he was holding breath, and saw that Ron and Ginny were doing the same standing near the stairs. He sighed.

Abhay and Pia had a short conversation and then Pia turned to her friends. "Hey guys, meet Abhay. He's my friend, lives nearby. I called him as I have no car. He'll be taking us for shopping. He has a big car." She gave her warm smile and Harry and other unfroze.

Abhay quietly walked out saying something in Hindi to Pia. Pia nodded.

"He'll wait outside. You all must hurry up. Snack's ready." Pia walked back to the kitchen. Hermione followed her.

"Who's he?"

"He's my friend, Abhay."

"You told that. I mean, he's so... so..."

"different. Right?"

"Yeah. He's so handsome and..."

"Hey! He's handsome?" Ron entered, followed by Harry and Ginny. Pia gave her mischievious smile.

"Ron, Abhay's going to take away Hermione..." she laughed.

"I didn't mean that. He's really dazzling!" Hermione blushed.

"I know Mione..." Pia smiled, "after all, he's a vampire."

"What?" Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny exclaimed together.

"Hey, don't you get so surprised. You've dealt with more dangerous creatures before." she started laughing and another laughter joined them. It was the heartbeat-raising laughter. Abhay had joined them.


The six of them went out for shopping. India's climate was much different than London. Though it was December, the weather was pleasant with little chill in air. There was only drizzling snow-fall, pecking the greenery. The shops were small but with a huge variety of things displayed. There were children, teenagers and adults roaming about, shopping. There was huge crowd in eateries and hotels and the cars were moving about. Most teenagers were on their bikes, fooling around.

Pia was feeling quite cold, with Abhay on her side and the cool winds. She was not much fond of shopping and mostly remained in the car with Abhay, while Hermione and Ginny took the initiatives in shopping.

Harry observed them keenly and felt little wierd. Obviously, there was something weird about Abhay. The way he looked at Pia, at other people, at them and the way he moved freely among humans. The thing that upset Harry the most was that Hermione was greatly impressed by him. He didn't like this vampire, the 'walking dead'.


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