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Forbidden Love by malfoydraco
Chapter 6 : How Many Lies?
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 A/N: hey sorry about the long wait. I had writers block and school to blame for that. Any way I hope you like it! Bye! TTYATEOTC!  

“As much as I’d love to go an rip that bastards throat out, I have to stay here until McGonagall comes and gives the expectations of a Head girl and boy,” Granger explained. “Cho, could you not bring it up to Ronald? I want to deal with him on my own.”

Chang smiled and said, “sure,” she replied and with that she left the compartment closing the door behind her.
Once Chang left, I turned towards Granger, stepped forward and said “What was that, Granger? We’re barely friends.”
She blushed at my statement. “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking straight. I was just so upset about Ron and you were right there and I wanted to get back at him and...”
I really didn’t mind that she did that. “No need to apologize. I don’t mind. I wouldn’t give up an opportunity to anger or lower the Weasel’s ego.” She laughed. Her laughing confused me, for I had been completely serious. “What I was dead serious.”

“Nothing, it’s just he had said the same thing, but only replace the Weasel with the Ferret.” That made me laugh. I liked the term ferret, it didn’t make me feel infuriated. I thought the name was funny.

“You know that nickname has absolutely no affect on me. I find it rather funny.” She raised her eyebrow at me and I shrugged. She turned around and sat on the couch opposite of me. She positioned herself so that she had her arms around her knees and was facing towards the window. I, myself sat down as well. I pulled out the book she had lent me and returned to reading it. I had all of about a paragraph before there was a knock on the door.

I put the book down making sure I had marked the page. I slid the compartment door open to reveal McGonagall. I stepped aside letting her pass through to the compartment. As soon as she was inside I slid the door shut and stepped next to Granger, who had stood up at the Professor’s presence.

“Mr. Malfoy,  Ms. Granger how is this lovely day treating you?”

“Fine,” I said at the same time Granger said,

“Quite well, professor.” I had to admit she was a great liar considering she said that with a completely straight face even a slight smile.

“Very good. I would like to congratulate you becoming Head Boy and Girl. As Head Boy and Girl you have some privileges. These include being able to go to Hogsmead any weekend you wish, friends are a loud to come as long as it remains less then four people. You have no time at which you have to be in the Heads room, but I do ask that you be in the castle by twelve o’clock for safety reasons. You also may give out and take away house points and give detention, provided a reason.” she said giving me a very quick side look.

“ But as the saying is privilege comes with responsibility.  Each month you must hold a meeting with all the

prefects. You will have to plan the Halloween, Christmas, Valentines Day and Seventh Year Graduation dances. You will have to do rounds every night from nine to eleven and on the train rides to and from the school which will be from twelve pm till five pm. I also do not want to hear of any notorious behavior from either of you. That means absolutely no jinxes on any student, or getting drunk while at Hogsmead, and no sneaking out of Hogwarts. If I hear of any of these behaviors from either of you, that person shall be stripped of their badge. Do I make myself clear?”
“Yes professor,” we both said at the same time.

“Good, now I believe that it is time for you to start  patrolling the train and I have to be else where. Good day to you both of you I hope to see you in my class.” With that last word she left the compartment giving Granger a little smile just as she left.

“Come, Malfoy, we shall not get in trouble before we even get off the train,” Granger said heading out of the compartment. I followed behind her. We walked in silence or a little while. I had many thoughts going through my head. Like why did I feel so spectacular when she kissed me? and why did I feel like ripping the limbs off o Weasley when I heard he had cheated on her and why did I even care? I also couldn’t help but notice her eyes kept shifting from anger to sadness to confusion, which made me want to ask if she was alright but didn’t know whether I should or not, After about five minutes of debating with myself if I should ask her or not I finally made a decision.

“Granger, are you alright?”

“Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for the concern, Malfoy. I’m just a bit confused on how i will react when I see Ron’s squirmy little face when comes and begs for forgiveness like he did last time,” she said probably not even realising she had just said. The sentence made stop in my tracks. That little weasel had done this before.

“Wait what? He’s done this before? and you forgave him?” I practically yelled.

“Did I just say that? Dammit. I’m sorry I don’t mean to bother you with it, just thing come out when I’m sad. Just forget what I said and keep patrolling,” she said with a sigh. I couldn’t believe it she had just said something that was very heart braking and she didn’t even feel the need to talk about it with someone.

“How many people know about his little affair?” I asked.

“Well me, him, and Pansy,” she said nonchalantly. Again I stopped walking.

“What?!” I yelled.


A/N: Hey hope you liked it and sorry for the cliff hanger type thing. I hope you will go down to the magical box that I love and write a review... I live off your review and would like some feed back. Please tell me also if you want check out my other two stories “Truth or Dare” and “An Evil Curse... That Brought Me Life” Bye.



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