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Fighting Temptation by EarthsTrueGreen
Chapter 8 : Are We Friends?
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Chapter 8


A couple of weeks had passed sense Rose had made her free fall jump into the disgusting murky water of the Black Lake. Do mind her she loved her school and the school grounds but after nearly freezing her arse off in the lake that night she had a new found hatred to the Black Lake.

Professor McGonagall had been shocked the night that she was walking around the castle and had found a very wet and annoyed Scorpius Malfoy and Rose Weasley. After getting their account of what had happened she had sent them both to the hospital wing and told them that she would have their wands returned to their rooms by one of the house elf. Rose and Scorpius had both been told that they were extremely lucky to have not gotten sick from the water although Rose figure that that may have had something to do with the antibacterial potions that Madam Pomfrey had been giving them to chug down.

Rose had been jolted awake by Stacy that Saturday morning feeling extremely groggy. For some reason this particular week had felt extremely long and exhausting and she honestly couldn’t tell you what she had been doing all week. It was if all the days were a blur to her and had been blended together. It took her a minute to realize that it was Saturday. The only thing that she could really remember from last night was that during detention her and Scorpius had gotten into an argument on what band was better the Vampire Goddess or Wizards of Wonders. 

Rose sat up in her bed not really comprehending what Stacy was rambling on about as she pranced around the room picking up after all of the other girls. Stacy couldn’t stand a mess to be left anywhere. “So I figured after we go and eat breakfast that we could go down to the Quidditch Pitch and watch Ben practice for the upcoming game against Slytherin, then we get lunch together and while Ben goes back to practice we could come back here and talk while we wait for him to be done. Oh that reminds me can you do my make up for me again that new transfer student in Ravenclaw is cute and well you know.”

No Rose didn’t know what she meant but she went along with the rambling while her mind wondered off into somewhere else. The Vampire Goddess are so much better than the Wizards of Wonders for one thing they are a self empowered female group and they have taken the music world by storm and have completely revolutionized the quality of music. What have Wizards of Wonders done absolutely nothing except sing songs that are absolutely degrading to women, not to mention the fact that they barely know how to play their instruments and all their songs sound exactly the same. Vampire Goddess on the other hand has won countless awards and have more than one song that isn’t played a hundred times a day. How can Scorpius like that crap I thought that he had a little bit of taste and was somewhat intellectual but apparently not.  

“So what do you think Rose?” Stacy asked snapping Rose out of her thoughts.


Shocked by the sudden question Rose replied “Who do you like better Vampire Goddess or Wizards of Wonders?”

Stacy stopped in her tracks and stared at Rose “Vampire Goddess” she said in an uncertain one “What's that have to do with anything?”

Rose quickly bounced out of bed and ran over to her school bag grabbing a quill and some parchment. Delicately she labeled the top of the paper with Who is better and then underneath wrote Vampire Goddess and right beside it Wizards of Wonders. Drawing a tally line underneath Vampire Goddess she handed the parchment to Stacy and told her to sign.

“Have you gone crazy what is going on?”

“Just sign the paper.” Rose said going over to her trunk and grabbing the first thing she saw to wear that matched and then going into the bathroom to brush her hair and teeth.

Stacy followed her into the lavatory “Rose will you please tell me what exactly you are doing?”

“I'm proving a point.” She yelled while gargling. “You signed the paper yet?”

Stacy rolling her eyes signed the paper and asked “What point exactly are you trying to prove?”

“That a Vampire Goddess is better.” She stated as if it was clear as day.

Rose was practically hopping out of the bathroom when Stacy stopped her “Did you hear a word that I said about plans for the day?”

“Yes.” She lied “Don’t worry we can do all of those things too, this is just a side project.” She smirked. Rose wasn’t exactly sure why she was doing this but she knew that she had to prove Scorpius wrong. Grabbing the paper back from Stacy she rushed to the door and waited for Stacy to follow. 


Albus was already in the common room when Rose appeared and waved the parchment in his face. “Answer the question and sign please.” She grinned.

Albus chuckling in amusement took the paper and looked to Stacy. She just shook her head and told him to do it. “You going to make Ben sign this ruddy thing to?” Albus questioned as he used Stacy’s back for a hard surface.

"Well I would hope that she would kiss me first before she makes me sign anything for her.” Ben joked coming up from behind her and wrapping his muscular arms around her.

“Of course.” She smiled spinning around so that she was facing him.

“Oh look I actually have a girlfriend.” He said in a light sarcastic tone. Obviously making a stab at her for her lack of appearance in his life recently.

“Yes you do.” She said standing up on her tippy toes to give him a kiss on the cheek. “But you do have to sign the paper.” She said mid kiss.

Pulling away from her he walked over to Albus and asked “Which one am I supposed to choose?”

Grinning a bit she answered “You should know the answer to that.”

Ben quickly scribbling his name down walked back to Rose and took her by the hand and began to lead her down to Great Hall for breakfast.

It didn’t take long during breakfast for her to realize that she was going to need more parchment. Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, and even a few Slytherins had come over to sign the paper. So far Vampire Goddess was winning as she knew it would with 37 signatures to Wizards of Wonders 19. 

“You really have started something with this silly little contest of yours.” Ben announced as someone walked away from signing the paper.

“Yeah I don’t think I’ve seen you this excited sense the last time you dueled with Malfoy.” Albus said, which knocked the grin off Rose’s face.

She didn’t want anyone to know that the reason all of this chaos started was because of Malfoy. “Well I just like supporting favorite band.”

“Sure you do.” Stacy said looking down at her food as she said it. Rose couldn’t be certain but she thought that she might have hinted a bit of sarcasm in her tone that she didn’t particularly like.

“So are you going to come and watch us practice today?” Ben asked looking hopefully at Rose.

Plastering a smile on her face Rose nodded her head excitedly.

“Good. Well if we are going to maintain that undefeated record that we have then we better go. You and Stacy can meet us there when you are done with all of this.” Ben waved his hand to a group of students that were lining up next to Rose. He leaned across the table and gave her a light kiss on the lips before leaving with Albus to go to the Quidditch Pitch.

Immediately after they left rose turned to Stacy and asked “So do you mind if I do your make up at the Quidditch Pitch?” 

“Sure although would you care if we go ahead and go it’s becoming somewhat crowded in here.” Rose looked around and saw more students lining up to take part in her survey.

“Alright well how about you go up to the dorm and get my make up bag out of my trunk and some more parchment and I'll meet you down at the Quidditch Pitch after I’ve gotten through with these people.”


When Rose got to the Quidditch Pitch she went up to the stands and sat down. Tallying up names while she watched Ben and Albus fly around in a circle. So distracted in her work she almost didn’t notice when a tall figure shadowed over her and asked “You mind if I sit down?”

Stopping what she was doing she looked up to the blond boy who’s hair was falling in his face. He was sitting down beside her before she had even answered. Putting her notes to the side she smirked “So I'm assuming that you heard.”

“Of course I heard Rose Weasley wants to know what band they like better Vampire Goddess or Wizards of Wonder?” Scorpius grinned turning his head to face her “So may I ask who is winning?”

“Vampire Goddess.” She said in a tone of satisfaction and a victorious smile on her face. “You will be getting a full report about it later on.” 

“Thanks, I'm ecstatic can’t wait to see how you fudged the results to make them win.”

“I'm not making them win people just like them better.” She raised one of her eyebrows up

“If so then let me see the results.” He smiled and reached for the paper.

“Nope not ready yet.” She moved her arm farther away from him as he leaned forward some more trying to reach it.

“Their not ready yet because you haven’t fixed the scores yet.” He said playfully.

“So what are you doing here anyways?” She asked curious as to why he would seek her out when they didn’t have detention and were able to be with their own friends. 

“Well for one thing I heard about this and I had to see if you had gone crazy until I realized that only you would got this far with an argument to prove me wrong.” Rose smiled at the idea that he knew why she was doing it while no one else did. “And two, I came to support my band and give you my vote.”

“Oh really?”

“Yes really I figure that this whole thing started with an argument that we had and for that reason I have a right to vote.”

“Ok I see your logic so here.” She handed him a blank piece of paper.

“Really not even let me sign on the actual document.” He said in disbelief.

“Nope I can’t have you fudging the results.” Rose repeated with an I win look on her face. Scorpius eyed her down a smile on his own face. “So you going to sign the paper or are you just going to stare at me all day?”

Scorpius releasing a chuckle signed his name to the paper. Rose watched as he did and smiled. When he was done he looked at her and met her eyes. “You satisfied?” she asked sternly.

“Yes I am.” Plastering a smirk on his face Rose grimaced at it “You are completely ridiculous you know that right?”

“I happen to have it on very good authority that I'm more adorable than ridiculous.” He stated still not wiping the smirk off his face.

“Really and who gave you that idea?” Rose countered.

“Vivian.” He said simply.

“Well honestly I think that she thinks that just about anything you do is adorable so her opinion doesn’t count.”

Releasing a sigh he said lightly “Yeah you are probably right about that.”

“Wow.” Rose said her eyes wide in shock “How did those words sound coming out of your mouth?”

“Almost like a sin.” He smiled.

Rose laughed “I bet they did.”

Scorpius looked ahead and almost chuckled “You know we have an audience.” Extending his arm he pointed to Ben and a group of students on the other side of the Pitch. They both stared ahead and remind silent until Scorpius asked “Does it bother you, me being around you that is?”

Choosing her words carefully she responded “It doesn’t really bother me as much as it’s just different. Almost like its unnatural seeing as how we have spent most of our lives beating each other to a bloody pulp.”

Taking her words in he spoke “Well I better get going big day ahead of me.”

“Really? I highly doubt that.” Rose rolled her eyes.

“Hey Rose you aren't the only one with friends.” He joked.

Taking a more serious tone “Well your about to be one friend less if you don’t talk to that girl soon.” Rose scolded.


“I will.” He paused “Eventually.” Laughing as he said that last word.

“Get out of here you prat.” Rose fake slapped him.

Still laughing “Okay I’ll go.” Showing his magnificent smile as he stood up to leave he said “See you later.”

Rose putting her attention back to the practice going on in front of her she said “Yes, guess you will.”

Turning his back away he paused before leaving “Hey Rose.” Scorpius said.

Changing her direction to Scorpius “What?”

“Keep in mind that on that survey your family members don’t count seeing as how they are half of the school.”

Looking back to the practice she said one word “Whatever.”

As Scorpius walked down the stairs from the Quidditch Pitch he accidentally didn’t see a small girl carrying a rather large case in her hand. Running into her, the contents of the case spilled all over the ground. He noticed that it was make up that was in the bag, he had seen Vivian plaster enough on her face. 


“Here let me help you.” He offered bending down to help the girl clean up the mess.

The girl not paying much attention to who was helping her answered in a sweet yet somewhat annoyed voice “Thank you.”

“No problem.” He said retrieving the last of the make up containers. Handing the container to the girl she looked up at him and her face went from polite and courteous to disgusted in an instance.

Snatching the container from him she stood up straight and replied “Thank you” in a tone that was anything but thankful.

Scorpius trying to shake the attitude off said “Well I can be a bit of a klutz and I tend not to pay attention to where I'm walking sometimes. Sorry.” He made a half smile. The girl just rolled her eyes.

Feeling the awkwardness in the air Scorpius turned around to walk away when the girl finally spoke “You know this is wrong right?”


Scorpius came to holt and turned around “Excuse me?”

“Whatever this friend thing is that is going on between you and Rose, it’s wrong.” The girl said pressing her lips together tightly.

Scorpius eyed the girl trying to figure out what exactly she was getting at. “Well regardless to what you think is going on, which I can assure you nothing is going on, is it really your place to meddle into her business?”

The girl showing the slightest quiver on her face “Probably not but when I see my best friend start to play nice with her enemy and come in late at night wearing a Slytherin robe and then neglects to mention anything about her detention the next day then it becomes my business to be concerned.”


Scorpius remembering that he had given Rose his robe that night while in the Owlery took a deep breath and sighed “Well that sounds like an issue between you and Rose and I can assure you that nothing is going on to any extent except for the few words we happen to exchange during detention.” With those last words he sharply turned around and walked away.

Stacy stood still feared by the fact that Rose does have every right to hide anything that she pleases to from her. She told Rose everything but lately with the detentions Rose had started to tell Stacy less and less. Closing her eyes Stacy concluded that this was all in her head and that there was absolutely nothing wrong with their friendship, she also concluded that once the detentions ended everything would go back to normal and that she would get her best friend back. Shaking her mind free of those thoughts Stacy continued up the stairs to cater to Rose like she always did.


Scorpius lay in the grass under his favorite tree. The sun peaking through the branches and streaming on his body allowing comfort and continents to pulse through his body. He felt the warming sun on his face disappear as he heard footsteps come to halt beside him.

“Mind if I join you.” Spoke a soft voice.

Scorpius squinting his eyes open nodded his head. The girl laying down beside him didn’t speak a single word. Scorpius could feel the frustrated awkwardness that was in the air. Turning himself on to his side he propped his head up using his hand. Staring down at the girl, her blond hair looking even more delicate in the light and her face being as smooth as porcelain, unable to resist the urge he bent down slowly lightly touching his lips to hers, holding them there only for a couple of seconds. Raising his head just a bit he could see the smile that had spread across her face.

“I never meant to hurt you.” He whispered.

 Vivian remained silent “I just need time to figure this entire thing out.” Scorpius paused “I’m worried that I may lose you and I rather have you in my life mad at me then not have you in my life at all.” he finished.

“Time?” Vivian whispered.
"Just time.” Scorpius reassured. 


Scorpius was sitting in the laundry room shining shoes like he was instructed to do by the head house elf. Rose was sitting across from him still gloating about her triumph over Wizards of Wonder with Vampire Goddess. “Are you starting to wonder if they are just giving us random jobs to do because they are running out of normal detention activities?” Scorpius asked looking at his reflection in the shoe he was shining.

“What gives you that idea?” Rose asked.

“Since when does Hogwarts hand shine shoes?” He pointed out.

“Since now apparently.” Rose said with a matter of factly tone.

Both going back to their comfortable silence, Scorpius couldn’t help but think about the conversation that he had had with her friend. Something about that girl’s words just made Scorpius feel sick to his stomach. “It’s wrong.” Just the way that she said it, it made him feel like he was a parasite in the world of Rose Weasley. Not that he cared but he’d hope that maybe she thought of him as not exactly a friend but at least more than scum.

“So I ran into one of your friends today?” Scorpius said slowly.

“Which one?” Rose asked eyeing him curiously.

“Dark hair tall, she was carrying make up.” He said scrubbing away at his shoe.

“Oh that would be Stacy.” Rose said going back to her own work. “What exactly did you talk about.”

“You actually.” Scorpius said giving up on his task and throwing the shoes on the table.

“What about me?” Rose asked getting a hard edge in her voice.

“Well she basically said that by talking to each other it is wrong.” Scorpius leaned back in the chair crossing his arms and stared at Rose. Taking a deep breath Rose slowly put her own work down while she became very red in the face. Scorpius getting the idea that he just opened Pandora’s box quickly continued “It’s none of my business.”

Rose only shook her head and closed her eyes leaning back into her own chair. Attempting to calm herself down she said “I am so tired of other people getting into my business.”

“I thought you enjoyed the attention.” Scorpius casually said.

Flashing her eyes open she whispered “Would you enjoy never having a single minute to yourself, or never being able to hide anything? I mean I love my friends but they don’t seem to grasp the fact that I don’t want them involved in every second of my life.”

“Why don’t you just tell them that?”

“Unfortunately in my world that’s not an option.” Rose said a bit uneasily. Calming down some her face started to return back to her usual pale coloring.

Scorpius stared into Rose’s eyes trying to read what she meant by that statement after a moment he finally asked in an awkward voice “Are we friends?” 


Rose stunned by the question didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t understand the fact that less than four months ago she hated the bloke with a undying passion and now she is actually questioning if they were friends. Rose thinking back to the week before realized that she had talked to Scorpius more then she had any of her true friends. Slightly curious by what his response would be, Rose rebutted “Do you want to be friends?”

Gently taping his fingers on the table they both could feel the awkwardness surrounding them. It was as if the air had taken on a life of its own and sucked all the peacefulness from the room. Scorpius knew that by saying anything that was even remotely related to the word yes would be disobeying his father's order to stay away from Rose. Clearing his throat he sat up and reached for the shoes that he was cleaning and reluctantly answered “I don’t think that being friends is such a good idea…”

“Neither do I, but…” she rushed cocking one of her eyebrows up knowing that he had more to say.

“But” He continued “I would like to be your friend.”

Rose clearing her own throat now in order to hide the small smile that had come to her face by his statement “We really do have a way in making people’s lives complicated.” She said.

“No we have a way in making each other’s lives complicated no need to get other people involved.” He said looking back at Rose.

The second her eyes met his she knew exactly what he meant that in order to be friends nobody else could know. They both understood the fact that it wouldn’t be accepted by anybody for them to even say hi to one another while passing in the hall and for them to be friends was out of the question. Also their parents would forbid the thought of them even interacting with each other. A hidden friendship was the only option and now that they knew each other they really didn’t want to give up each other’s company so they both agreed to the terms that nobody could ever find out. 


Rose leaning forward picking up the rag and shoes “So have you talked to Vivian yet?” she asked changing the subject. 

Relaxing back into their work Scorpius said “Yeah about a week ago.”

Rose becoming very excited now said “Well start from the beginning and tell me everything and I might add that you are the world’s biggest prat for not telling me sooner.” 


Laughing by her over excited reaction Scorpius started to tell his story and for the first time they had had a conversation as actual friends. Both of which were fighting the temptation to smile about their new found friendship.


A/N so they are finally friends. YAY!!!! So first I wanted to say I hope you liked the chapter and that you will review. So I added in that scene between Scorpius and Vivian to show one of two things one that Scorpius has no clue what he is doing and to that unlike what he pretends to be he really does have issues with hurting people’s feelings also he is a bit of a romantic.

So did I play the whole friendship thing well I had some trouble writing that scene so please most defiantly review and tell me if I did good because this chapter was a struggle.  

Hope you enjoyed and I look forward to your feedback. I'm working on Chapter 9 now and it should be up soon. 

P.S who would you prefer Vampire Goddess or Wizards of Wonder?


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