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Smile by Soleil et Lune
Chapter 1 : Smile
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Disclaimer: All characters do not belong to me because if I was JKR I wouldn’t be a poor college student with only enough money left for one meal a day on her meal plan.





Gone, just like that. In one measly little letter, not even properly signed, no note of sympathy, not one ounce of compassion, they were gone. Sure, they used the term ‘We regret to inform you’ as if that’s a proper condolence. 




All she could do was sit in the middle of the Great Hall, all the noise becoming a silent hum as her world came to a halt. She couldn’t comprehend it; they were gone, just gone. Never again will she hug him or stare into her identical eyes as they baked cookies and blabbed about her sister’s new boyfriend.




A car accident, how could a car accident become such a brutal murderer? Certainly it couldn’t have killed them; she was in a car accident with her mother and sister when she was younger. They all walked away without a scratch.




Tears tried to surface as she read and re-read the letter over and over again. She took air in with gasping gulfs and didn’t realize that Marlene and Alice where trying to get her attention, or that half the Gryffindor table was watching her worry-eyed.




“Lily?” The last person she ever wants to see said her name, finally breaking her of her trance. She turned slowly, the tears suddenly raining down her freckled cheeks. Big, fat tears of salty water leaking into her nostrils and mouth, they glided down her neck, dripping off her chin. Gasping breaths shaking her slight form, and she turned to stare at James Potter, intending to tell him to sod off like always.




But she couldn’t. He looked heartbroken, she didn’t know why, but his eyes portrayed all the grief she was feeling. And before she realized what she was doing she was in his arms, her tears soaking his robes, her arms wound tight around his neck as he held her tightly.




Lily never told him why she cried in his arms that day, nor did she attend classes for the entire week. The professors were informed of her loss so she was excused, and Lily stayed in her dormitory once she returned from the funeral, never leaving unless it was to shower. She convinced Alice, who bless her soul could never refuse a friend of anything, to bring her food after every meal. Although Lily barely touched it, within a week her natural porcelain skin was ghastly and translucent. She has always been thin but now she was showing signs of becoming a tooth pick.




She laid in bed, staring out the window, it was a beautiful day for December and she hated it. Why should the world go on when hers was brought to a standstill so abruptly?  How morbid was all she could think. Her eyes followed the snowflakes falling from the clouds absentmindedly; her memories of the times she spent with her family seemed to be playing in her mind on a loop.




Suddenly the door flung open, swinging at such an alarmingly fast rate that it bounced off the wooden wall behind it and nearly slammed back closed. Lily barely moved, she was aware of the presence that now entered the room yet didn’t do anything to acknowledge them. Her eyes drifted to her alarm clock, it was a little after lunch, so it must’ve been Alice bringing her food. “Just set it on my night stand Ali.” Lily croaked quietly and went back to staring at the winter wonderland outside.




“Oh Lily.” It was not Alice, nor was it Marlene. In fact the voice was rather masculine and she knew who exactly the voice belonged to.




She sighed and with a lot of effort pushed herself to turn over and face the intruder. Unfortunately she had no energy to be her usually snappy self and asked in a weak voice, “Yes James?”




He came to her, sitting on the edge of her bed he gazed at her sadly. His eyes washed over her body, taking in her thin legs that her shorts revealed, and skinny arms, her protruding ribs that weren’t well hidden by her heavy shirt. Her hair was limp, her eyes lifeless and dull. It was as if she was a living corpse.




In fact, Lily somewhat wished she was a corpse, because then at least she’d be with her parents where she felt she truly belonged. A sob escaped her lips and she tightly crammed her eyelids shut, trying to keep the tears from escaping.




Suddenly the weight on the bed shifted and James was lying next to her, his arm wrapped protectively around her small waist and pulled her to him. He used his other hand wiping away the tears that escaped her makeshift prison.




She stood alone, a ways back from the crowd that had formed around her parent’s burial. She wasn’t supposed to be here, she should have been in Charms, trying to ignore Potter as he attempted to ‘Charm her’ as he put it. Ignoring the loud cries of her sister, Lily approached the twin caskets as everyone else fled the scene in a slow and depressing manner.


But suddenly the casket flung open, and there was her mother, lying peacefully with a rather large gash on her forehead. She was beautiful, even with the discoloration. Turning her gaze, she watched her father’s casket open as well, but he was awake, barely hanging on. He sat up so slowly, his body creaking and straining against his force. He turned his head to Lily, and she watched him smile.


Lily always loved her father’s smile, her own was much the same except his front teeth overlapped just ever so slightly. It was goofy of course, and he had always wanted to get it fixed, but he insisted on caring for his children’s teeth before his own.


His mouth opened, as if he was trying to tell her something, she could only make out on word, ‘Go’.



“Go?” She asked her father, taking a step closer to him and away from her sleeping mother.


His eyes widened at her movement, causing her to stop abruptly, he began moving his mouth like he was yelling at her, telling her to stay away. ‘Run Lily! Run!’


She blinked a few times; he was telling her to run? To run from what exactly? She glanced around, and then she noticed the other caskets, all opened like her parents’, with just one frightening difference. They were true corpses; worms have infested their bodies, their skin gone, only chalky bones left. They walked around though, and they all seemed to be going in one direction, and that was her.







Lily awoke with a start. Her heart was erratic, sweat caused her clothing to stick to her uncomfortably, and her hair was twisted into the hood of the shirt she wore. Glancing around, she realized it wasn’t her heavy blanket that held her down awkwardly, but instead an arm. And that’s when she heard his voice, he was whispering in her ear, trying to calm her down. He didn’t really say much, just the typical soothing noises one would make for a child having a nightmare.



And that’s when she realized what it was, a nightmare. A terrible nightmare was all it was. . . . But then, that meant, her parents were dead; they weren’t playing a cruel joke on their youngest daughter. They had truly passed on and out of this world and it was time to face the music.



Lily smiled, her parent’s loved music, and there was never a time at home without a radio on in at least one room, her father had a record player, he loved every kind of music, and it was always fun in the Evans household. A day never went by without at least a little dancing.




Lily jumped up. She turned to her new companion who lay next to her, taking in his confused expression with a smile. She noticed that he couldn’t help but smile back, and it was a rather beautiful smile to say the least.




“Come on James!” She exclaimed in a quiet tone. She grabbed his hand and pulled him up and off the bed with her. Dragging the young man, she flipped on the wizardry radio and kicked away the articles of clothing and shoes that littered the floor before she turned back to a very confused young man.




She smiled wide, the same smile her father had. And as James smiled with her she couldn’t help but think that she would love for her child to have such a brilliant smile as well.



“May I have this dance Miss Evans?” James asked, bending over at the waist and extending his arm.




Lily laughed happily and took his hand, “Yes you may.”


A/N: This story sort of just fell into my head, I recently had a great aunt pass away from cancer and I had to watch my cousin as her grandma passed and I used the dancing routine to help cheer her up a bit.


Hope you enjoyed and please review! :)

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