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Living a Lie. by Miss Haggan
Chapter 21 : Epilogue
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Hermione woke up the next morning feeling strangely faint, she sat up slowly and took a sip of the water on her bedside table, she took a few steadying breaths and checked the time, it was 9:15 Harry must've decided not to wake her up, sighing she steadily walked to the bathroom swaying slightly as she did. She held onto the sink as she tried to get washed with one hand, but in the end she ended up getting frustrated and used her wand instead. She then got ready and headed down the stairs.

“Morning Harry” She said as she walked down the stairs.

“Morning, gorgeous” He replied smiling at her, then he looked worried “Are you OK? You look pale.”

“Yes” she whispered kissing his cheek. “You know I love you very much?” She asked looking for reassurance.

“Of course, and I love you too” He replied and kissed her again. “Are you sure you're OK?”

“Yeah I just needed to know that you know how much I love you” She replied and walked into the kitchen.

Harry wasn't convinced though and kept an eye on her all day, but for the rest of the day she seemed fine. But what he didn't know that Hermione was feeling increasingly weak and tired.

They had just ate dinner and Harry, his kids and his dad were sitting enjoying some muggle comedy's, whilst Lily and Hermione washed the dished, just as she had gotten half way through them when she felt dizzy and sick, her vision had blurred and the room spun. She couldn't hold on any longer and everything went dark.

“Hermione” Lily said worried and she crouched beside her. She checked that her breathing was OK and saw that her face was pale and clammy.

“HARRY!” Lily screamed as loud as she could.

“What?” He asked as he rushed into the kitchen. Then he saw Hermione lying on the floor. “Hermione” He whispered and rushed beside her “Hermione wake up” He said shaking her gently. “What happened? He asked his mum.

“In don't know. We were just chatting when she suddenly feel to the floor.” Lily explained.

“What could have happened?”

“I don't know. Has she been ill?”

“Not that I can think of”

“Harry, you're going to need to get her to the hospital” Lily said, Harry nodded his head and scoped his limp wife into his arms.

“Disable the wards” Harry ordered, and James done so. Harry looked at them with sadness in his eyes and disappeared with a pop.


Harry waited; he waited for what felt like an age, pacing up and down outside of her room. The healers had been working on Hermione for twenty minutes, they had been running in and out of the room doing blood tests and getting the head healers. It had been absolute agony for him watching them all rush around him and not being able to get anything out of them.

“Harry” Someone called, he turned to see his parents worried faces as they rushed towards him.

“Where are the kids?” He asked.

“They're with Sirius, Remus and Dora” Lily replied.

“What's happening?” James asked him.

“I don't know” Harry sighed. “There have been healers all over the show, but none of them have been able to tell me what happened to her.”

“She'll be fine” James said positively, and Harry nodded absent-mindedly as a response.

“Mr Potter” A voice said, which made Harry and James spin around.

“I'm Hermione's husband, I'm Harry” Harry said as the healer looked between him and James in confusion.

“OK, Harry if you could follow me, I'll explain to you what happened to your wife, and then I'll let you see her” The healer said and walked back into the room, with Harry following behind her. “Now Mr Potter, your wife collapsed because she is severely anaemic, she has been given blood replenishing potions and we also did some other tests, your wife is almost eight weeks pregnant, which is the source of her anaemia”

“She's pregnant!?” Harry asked shocked.

“Yes, congratulations, She's through there” The healer said pointing to a small side room. Harry nodded and walked in still shocked.

“We've just woke her up, Mr Potter” Another healer said and walked out of the room.

“Hermione, you scared the life out of me” Harry said giving her a kiss on the lips.

“What happened? The healer said I'm anaemic” She asked, confusion on her beautiful face.

“You collapsed in the kitchen whilst you were washing the dishes, and I brought you here and they ran a series of tests, and they found out you were anaemic. And they found the cause of the anaemia, you're pregnant” Harry blurted out in a rush.

“Harry love, slow down, it sounded like you said I was pregnant”

“I did” He whispered sheepishly.

“Oh My Merlin” Hermione gasped a weird, happy smile was appearing on her face. “How, when?”

“The healer said you were almost eight weeks”

“Our Anniversary, Harry we’re having an Anniversary baby” She screeched happily hugging him.

“I know” He said equally as happy. “It's not too soon is it, after the twins?” He asked.

“Not for me, but that may be why I'm so anaemic, but I'll be fine, I have the best husband in the world looking after me, Harry I really want this baby, it would make our family complete”

“I want this baby too, I was just making sure”

“Harry I would be crazy not to want another one of your children” She said sincerely looking into his emerald eyes.

“Same” Harry breathed and shared an intimate kiss with his wife.

“I'll be back shortly, I'm just going to let my parents know” He smiled and stepped out of the room and into the waiting room.

“How is she?” Lily asked when he'd entered the room.

“She's fine” He replied blissfully.

“What's going on?” James asked suspiciously.

“Well the reason she collapsed is because she's severely anaemic, and the reason for that, is she's pregnant”

“She’s pregnant?!” They asked shocked. Harry nodded dumbly.

“Were both really happy about it.”

“Congratulations” James said, and Lily nodded she couldn't speak so she gave Harry a hug instead.

A couple of hours later, James and Lily were back at home putting their grandchildren to bed, Harry had wanted to stay at the hospital with Hermione, who was being kept in overnight for observations. They had just gotten James to sleep, which was a difficult task because neither Harry nor Hermione were here and he wouldn’t settle.  Next was the twins, James walked in first and was taken aback by the cuteness of his two youngest grandchildren, they were sitting in Celeste’s cot, side by side and holding hands, they looked hopeful at first, but when they recognised their grandparents their hopeful look turned into one of sadness, followed by big watery eyes and quivering bottom lips that were stuck out.

“You guys are so cute” James whispered walking over to them giving each one a big kiss.

“Do you remember Harry at that age?” Lily asked.

“Of course, I remember it like it was yesterday” James replied looking at his estranged wife. “I remember you sitting on the rocking chair, rocking Harry to sleep. Your beautiful hair flowing over your face, your bright green eyes focused on Harry, a large smile on your face.” He stopped short and realised that those feelings were arising again; he looked into Lily’s eyes and took a deep unsteady breath. Feeling uneasy he walked out of the room and down the hall at a fast pace.

“James” Lily said as quietly as she could, she followed him down the hall and into his bedroom.

“Lily, please” James said, barely able to look at her.

“No James, it’s time we done this, you have avoided me since that one night we spent together, that one night where I felt like I was your wife again, where I felt like you loved me”

“I do love you, with every bit of my heart. I get Goosebumps around you, I feel nervous and giddy at the same time, I’d get a swooping feeling at the bottom of my stomach each time I see you’re beautiful face. It’s just…” He stopped dead not knowing what to say next.

“Just what James” She whispered, her lip quivered and tears started to escape from her eyes.

“No, please don’t cry” James said, he felt awful. He hated it when Lily cried.

“I feel like I’ve lost you forever James, I love you so very much, but I hurt you a lot last year and I am very, very sorry for ever doing that to you. You’re my strong protector and I pushed you away when I needed you the most, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I fell asleep whilst crying, wishing your strong arms were wrapped around me, protecting me from any harm.”

“That’s just it Lily, I couldn’t protect you. I couldn’t protect you from the pain of losing our daughter, I couldn’t protect Harry from that building collapsing onto him, and I could protect Isobella from that killing curse. What use am I to anyone when I can’t even protect any of you?”

“Oh James, none of this was your fault, despite some things I may have said. What happened with Harry was unavoidable, he wouldn’t let anyone help him, and with Isobella it was a freak accident, James you are the head of this family you’re the protector. Harry is so like you, he’s strong and like you is a protector of his family, but I know he still looks to you for guidance. Everyone in this family needs you, and I need my husband back.” She had stepped towards him and snaked his arms around her waist.

“I’ve missed you so much, I’ve been dreaming of a time when I can hold you in my arms again” He whispered.

“Then be my husband again”. She asked looking into his hazel eyes; he sighed and nodded his head. “Really, we’re back together?” She asked in a surprised, excited tone.

“Yes of course, Lily you’re the love of my life I cannot lose you.”

“You never will, I promise, we’ll be together forever.” They smiled at each other and kissed, neither one wanting to move from the perfect moment that had been created between them.

 Two weeks later and Hermione was well rested, and after taking daily doses of blood replenishing potions and she felt much better, now being ten weeks gone her stomach started to swell and she looked bloated and there was a healthy glow coming off her.

Today Hermione was traveling to see Ginny, against Harry’s wishes of course. Hermione had felt deeply disturbed by Ginny abandoning Louise and she wanted to know what Ginny’s motives were and how she could be so selfish.  Hermione had travelled to America, where Ginny was renting an apartment, after following the directions that Harry had given her she found herself in a little town on the outskirts of New York she found a small derelict building with an apartment above it. She smiled and put away her directions and knocked the large door, and waited for a few minutes before Ginny answered.

“Hermione!” Ginny exclaimed shocked

“Hi mind if I come in” She said and barged passed her. She calmly walked up the stairs and let a sheepish Ginny follow her.

“How did you find me?”

“My husband is an Arour, in case you had forgotten”

“What are you doing here?” she asked rudely. “I don’t want to see anybody”

“Tough, Ginny you abandoned your daughter, do you expect everyone to just leave you alone?”

“She’s better off with my parents”

“Except your parents can’t cope, Louise is with your parents three days a week, George and Angelina two days a week, Ron and Luna one and me and Harry one, the poor thing keeps being shifted from pillar to post, it’s not good for her”

“Louise? Her name is River”

“Ginny will you focus, your mum and dad are too old to look after her, Ron and Luna have Emmet, Harry and I have our four and it’s unfair for George and Angelina to have to look after your baby.”

“You and Harry have three, two boys and a girl”

“I’m pregnant with our fourth”

“Oh, well she is much better off with you lot than with me”

“Why Ginny? Tell me why that is”

“Because I am sick, the reason why I am not allowed back to work is because I am mentally unstable, I am suffering from severe depression and I have to see a psychiatrist, I am suffering post natal depression and I am getting help to move on from Harry”

“You still love Harry, don’t you?” Hermione asked, shocked at her sudden outburst.

“Yes, and it hurts me knowing that it’s my fault we aren’t together anymore” She sighed and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“Ginny, what happened to my best friend?”

“She grew into a bitch” Ginny replied, and Hermione let out a small giggle.

“Look, I can’t help you with your feelings for Harry, but I can help you with your feelings toward Louise, when you get better you can come back and be a proper mum to her.”

“I can’t Hermione”

“Why Not?”

“Hermione do you know what it’s like to look at your child and feel nothing for her? Do you know what it’s like to have your baby growing inside you and wish it wasn’t?”

“Honestly no. I love all of my children” Hermione replied holding her small bump.

“What’s it like?” Ginny asked, and Hermione looked at her curiously. “What’s it like to be Harry’s wife, to have him hold you, love you and protect you, have his children?”

“Ginny you don’t want to do this”

“Yes I do just tell me”

“It’s wonderful, he’s an amazing husband and the best father in the world, and he would die for us. He almost did”

“What when?”

“It was last summer, he fought Bellatrix Lestrange and a building collapsed on to him, he was in a coma for weeks, his chances of survival were minimal and yet he managed to pull through, only to be told that his sister had been murdered by the same woman that had tried to kill him” She said, then realised she was crying.

“You really love him don’t you?”

“With every beat of my heart.”


After an hour of talking, Hermione had arrived back home, she walked into her kitchen to find the Weasley’s all sitting there.

“She’s not coming home any time soon, she’s mentally ill”

“What do you mean?” Arthur asked her.

“She has post natal depression, she feels nothing for Louise.”

After a while of chatting amongst each other for a couple of hours before the Weasley’s all left  and soon it was just Harry and Hermione lying in their bed together.

“She still loves you” Hermione murmured.

“What?” Harry asked puzzled

“Ginny still loves you”

“Oh” Harry said, and he squirmed uncomfortably.

“She’s seeing a psychiatrist to help her move on?”

“Hermione I’m not comfortable with this”

“She used to be our best friend, Harry and she is alone.”

“By her choice babe, Ginny is estranged to us now she didn’t want to know us after we left school, and if she comes back and faces her responsibilities then I will help her in any way I can, but she made her choices and now she has to stick with them, it’s harsh I know, but we can’t do any more for her.”

“She still loves you” Hermione insisted.

“Why is that important?”

“I don’t know”

“Yes I did love her once, but now there is only one woman in this whole entire world that I will ever love, and that is you”.  He said, he looked at her thoughtfully before he stood up. “I swear” he sang.

“Harry what are you doing?” Hermione laughed and he put on their cd player. he pulled her up and into his arms.

I'll love you with every beat of my heart I swear” He sang once more, twirling her around the room.  They danced like that into the early hours of the morning, each one thankful for the other, and for what they had, because nothing was going to tear them apart.

A.N Well that’s the end of this story, Hermione is pregnant once again and Ginny is reluctant to look after her baby. Please tell me what you think. The song that Harry sang was called I swear by All-4-One.

SPOILER: There will be a one-shot on the birth of fourth Potter baby.

I enjoyed writing this story and I hope you enjoyed reading it.

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