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Scarlett by LadySarahMalfoy
Chapter 2 : Beginnings
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A/N: Scarlett sort of looks like a younger version of Kate Winslet in this chapter! See you at the bottom

Draco Malfoy was sitting in the Slytherin Common room, reading the Daily Prophet, alone for the first time since the beginning of term, now finally on Christmas break. He sighed and threw the newspaper on the table. Crabbe and Goyle walked into the common room and Draco groaned.


“Hey Malfoy! Wanna go to Hogsmeade? I heard that there was a girl from Beauxbatons staying in the Three Broomsticks” Crabbe laughed 


“And she’s defiantly a looker, Metamorphmagus though. Speaks English too by the looks of it” Goyle added.


Draco lifted his eyebrows and shook his head, and smirked “Crabbe, Goyle, We’re only in Third year and we’re already looking at French girls?” Draco smiled at the thought of having a beautiful girl on his arm, Potter and Weasel-bee looking on, jealous of course “Pansy would probably kill me but, do tell me more about this girl. Blood Status? Preferred hair colour, eye colour. Y’know the likes!” Draco fell back onto the green couch, Crabbe and Goyle looked at each other then sentences started to pour out of their mouths


“She keeps her hair ruby red, green eyes, really pale skin, almost white, bit scary if you ask me” Crabbe said, Goyle nudged him in the ribs and he finished “She’s a half-blood, muggle mother. Don’t know the name of her parents. Really gorgeous girl though, I’d defiantly go for her” Goyle smiled dumbly, Crabbe nodded and Draco smirked and pulled on his coat and hat and walked out of the Slytherin Common Room.

Scarlett stepped out of the three broomsticks, pocked the letters she had just received from Fleur Delacour, her best friend. Who would have ever though that the popular, beautiful, French, Beauxbatons princess could’ve ever been friends with the outcast. Scarlett pulled her coat tightly around her body. Her hair turned a straight chocolate brown; she sighed and concentrated on her normal curly dark red hair. A rather overweight old man passed by and noticed her hair changing


“Oh my word! A Metamorphmagus! I’d never thought that I’d ever see one in my life! My dear girl would you mind showcasing your abilities?” Scarlett took a deep breath Great! An adoring fan! Just what I needed today! She groaned and turned her hair a bright yellow then white and back to dark red. “Oh splendid! Thank you!” He turned on his heel and continued in his former direction. Scarlett shook her head and turned up the street just to see three boys, the middle one, a blond, pale and drop-dead handsome, stopped in his tracks and punched the boy on his left and started to speak to him in an annoyed way, Scarlett enlarged her ears under her hair to hear what he was saying


“Are you kidding me? ‘A looker’ hugely understated Goyle! She is friggen drop-dead beautiful!” Scarlett shrunk her ears and walked unusually fast away from the three boys. Who she saw in her peripheral vision hit each other and walk after her. She walked all the way out of town before stopping near the shrieking shack.


Scarlett heard them slow down and come up behind her. She turn before they got more than five feet closer to her, they stopped as she turned and glided over to them she held out her hand to the blonde “Scarlett Evans Snape, Half-Blood, Metamorphmagus”


The blonde took her hand “Draco Malfoy, Pure-blood, these are Crabbe and Goyle” They both waved dumbfounded at her. Scarlett stepped back


“Would you mind telling me why you’ve been following me?” The three boys shuffled their feet and looked down but Draco was the first to look up and speak


“I wanted to meet you, I heard you were form Beauxbatons and that you’re a Metamorphmagus. I know see that it’s true but now I have more questions about you. Snape is your last name? As in Severus Snape?” Scarlett looked up, Crabbe and Goyle were running off into the distance


“What’s with them?” Draco shrugged “but yes, as in Severus Snape, he’s my dad” Scarlett smiled “And how could one forget the Malfoys? Top of pure-blood society, practically royalty by wizard standards!” Scarlett shook her head “I’ll try to ignore the fact that your family worked for the man who killed my mother as we become friends Draco” Draco looked at Scarlett to who turned her head to the forest where a redhead and a girl with bushy hair were coming out.


Scarlett smiled and stood beside Draco as they came closer. “Malfoy picking on you girly? I would be understandable, stupid racist that he is!” Scarlett scoffed and Draco clenched his teeth


“Watch it Weasel-bee, no need to turn a pretty girl like this against good mannered thoughts, and you and little Miss mudblood over there better respect those above them” The bushy haired one laughed and walked straight up to Draco


“I hope you don’t mean yourself” Draco’s smirk faded and he looked to Scarlett now with bright red and black hair who burst out in anger


“You both are horrible! Weasly! First off the fact that you have something against Draco doesn’t mean that you have you make everyone else think like you do! Second, you should respect Draco, not because he is above you but it’s simply common courtesy! And you” She pointed to the brown haired “I know it’s wrong that he called you such a horrible name, it doesn’t mean you have to react like that! Seriously ridiculous!”


The two Gryffindors were speechless as Draco and Scarlett walked off. “Scarlett, that was amazing. I’ve never seen someone stand up to Potter’s favourites! I could kiss you!” Scarlett raised her eyebrows at his comment and sighed quietly, “Metamorphmagi can’t control their anger as much as you can, and what they were saying just boiled my blood!” She shook her head “I need to go to the school, I have to talk to”


Draco suddenly went pale and pointed to something behind her, Scarlett turned and saw a huge cloaked figure “Dementor” Draco yelled, Scarlett held up her wand and pointed it at the creature “Expecto Patronum!” A swan burst from the end of her wand and the Dementor fly backwards and disappeared into the forest. Scarlett pocked her wand, “Draco I need to go to the castle, come with me please” Scarlett took the dumbfounded Draco’s arm and pulled him all the way up to Hogwarts.


When reaching the door Draco had finally come to his senses and words were coming from him like screams from a mandrake. “What the heck was all that? How did you know how to produce a patronus? You’re only in third year! Why do you need to be here at Hogwarts right now?” Scarlett turned on him and groaned, let go of his arm and answered his questions “Look that was me defending myself and you from getting a dementor’s kiss. I know how to produce a patronus because I learned! I need to talk to Professor Lupin and my Dad! Is that alright with you?” Draco nodded “I’ll go tell Snape that you’re here, you should probably go see Lupin first” Scarlett thanked him and quickly kissed his cheek, leaving him standing in the entrance hall.


Scarlett knocked on Lupin’s door “Come in” she opened the door to see the professor sitting, reading the newspaper and at seeing her he dropped it and stood up “Lily?” he asked, Scarlett shook her head and smiled lightly, the professor regained his composure before she started talking “Hello Professor Lupin, I am not Lily, as you can see I am a Metamorphmagus, but yes I am Lily’s child but not James’, I’m Snape’s. I was wondering, since this seems to be your area of expertise, if you could tell me why the dementors have been picking on me?” Lupin nodded slowly



“If I have heard right, Scarlett, you not only are a Metamorphmagus but also a seer of fate, and that would be the exact reason why the dementors have been picking on you. You not only have your own bad memories, more so than most people your age but you also have the worst memories of the people around you, because you’ve seen them. You also have a lack of happy memories, tell me, when you produced your patronus earlier today” Scarlett looked at her feet “Yes, I know, Scarlett, but please, what memory were you thinking of?” Scarlett turned around and looked out the window as Lupin came beside her and put his hand on her shoulder



“I was thinking about when my Dad took me away from the Orphanage, I didn’t know then, but it was the same place where Lord Voldemort was. After learning that, the memory of him taking me away became happier. I didn’t want anything to do with the man who killed my mother” Scarlett sighed.

Lupin nodded. “Do you want to take the image of your mother or does it seem natural?” Scarlett pursed her lips, and twirled her hair between her fingers, the colour changing over and over again but the colour always returned to red. “I think it’s natural, because in a way it reflects me. Back at the orphanage my hair was black, I didn’t have any friends, I was alone and scared. When I was out my hair turned red, I don’t know why” Lupin nodded and took his hand from her shoulder


“You know Scarlett, your mother was a great woman, I never agreed with her and your father being together, but they never married. Although now that I see you, I know that you have potential to become a great witch, though you will have a hard battle to prove yourself the brightest witch of your age against Hermione Granger”

Scarlett laughed “I am far more advanced than her, I mastered Occlumency when I was eleven, the patronus charm when I was twelve, I could brew a successful bottle of Liquid Luck when I was twelve. In other words, I’m as smart, experienced and successful as any average seventh-year, if not smarter.” Scarlett crossed her arms “Also simply by looking at you I could tell that you’re a werewolf, can she do that?” Lupin shook his head laughing slightly “I would have thought Severus wouldn’t educate his child as much as himself. It has been good to meet you Scarlett, I hope our paths cross sometime in the future, I am curious to know where your knowledge will go” Scarlett and Lupin shook hands.



“Hey Harry! Guess what? Malfoys got his eye on a Beauxbatons girl! Typical huh?” Ron flopped down onto the couch in the Gryffindor common room “But that’s not the worst of it! She’s a Metamorphmagus, you should have seen her! Malfoy insulted us as always and we talked back and she exploded! Her hair tuned a bright red and it had black in it and she mouthed off to me and Hermione! I’ll get that girl back I tell you!” Harry raised his eyebrows at his two best friends, The Golden Trio as they were called. Hermione rolled her eyes and continued with her story “She said that we should respect Malfoy, like its ‘Common courtesy’ what a load of dragon breath! She doesn’t even know who I am! “The Brightest witch of our age’ I bet she hasn’t mastered half the stuff I have!” Hermione smirked. Harry just kept quiet



Draco was sitting on the staircase in the entrance hall simply thinking. She’s not only a half-blood but also elegant, beautiful, smart and accomplished. Come on Draco man, ask her! A part of Draco was pushing him to the limit but another part was arguing Sure, Lucius would agree but she goes to school in France, Pansy would murder you and she probably doesn’t feel that way about you Draco agreed more with the second voice but the first was very convincing Then, why did she kiss him? Draco’s hand went to his cheek, still warm from Scarlett’s soft, full lips DRACO! Stop thinking about that! It was the cheek and she’s French! They always do that!




Draco shook his head just in time to see Potter himself “What do you want Potter” He spat the name like it was a dirty word, Harry raised his eyebrows, Draco sneered “You know Malfoy I thought for a second there I thought I saw a face mixed with confusion, understanding and compassion. Wow! I wouldn’t have ever thought you could feel those things” Harry laughed, Draco ignored his jibe and muttered under his breath “I actually do have feelings, Potter, unlike you?” Harry’s face turned red and he opened his month to comeback on Draco.

Before he got the chance Draco stood up and smiled “Scarlett!” He yelled. Harry turned and saw a girl with brilliant red hair, though darker than Ron’s. Her skin was an alabaster white with made her hair and dark green eyes stand out more than ever. She glided past Harry, who watched spellbound, to Draco, who took her hand and she kissed both his cheeks. Harry watched as the girl laughed and threw her head back making her hair seem like fire in the light. Harry decided that this girl was the one who was confusing Draco earlier, no wonder she was beautiful, even more so that any of the girls who were at Hogwarts. Ron walked up beside Harry looking at the red haired girl too. “He must really like her, I mean look at him. I’ve never seen Malfoy so soft or serene before, I wouldn’t blame him though she’s gorgeous, but she’s got a temper” Ron observed looking to Harry who was confused, Ron waved his hand in front of his friend’s eyes “She looks familiar, but I don’t know where I’ve seen her before...” Harry pulled out his invisibility cloak and he and Ron disappeared underneath it, and followed after Draco and the mysterious girl.

Scarlett laughed, Draco smiled as he saw her hair turn a bright yellow, “Hey Scarlett, hair” Draco touched the top of her head and laughed. Scarlett smirked and her hair turned a bleached blonde and her face still plastered with a smirk replicated Draco. His jaw dropped and Scarlett laughed and almost fell off her chair in the Hog’s Head. Scarlett kept laughing as her hair turned fire-red again and her face was once again her own. “You should have seen your face!” She laughed; Draco downed the last of his butter beer while Scarlett was still laughing her head off. Then Draco saw the chair beside her fall over “Uh Scarlett, what the heck was that? “ Scarlett stopped laughing and rolled her eyes and motioned for him to lean in “On three stand up ok?” Draco nodded “One, Two” Scarlett reached her hand behind her “Three” She yanked her hand and Harry and Ron fall on the floor looking sheepish “Potter! Weasel- bee! Didn’t your mothers tell you that it was impolite to eavesdrop?” Harry stood up and Draco looked down at him, smirking. The three boys drew their wands “Stop it would you three! I don’t think Aberforth would appreciate an underage duel in his bar?” Scarlett looked to Aberforth who crossed his arms and nodded. Draco lowered his wand and turned away with Scarlett “Watch your back Potter” He and Scarlett left the bar. Harry and Ron looked at each other and trudged back up to Hogwarts planning their next attempt to find out who Scarlett was.

The next day Scarlett met Lupin in the Defence against the Dark Arts room. Lupin had the Boggart cabinet out. “So are you ready to face your fear Scarlett?” He opened the cabinet. A black mist started to emerge and it took form of a pale, red eyed, bald man. Lupin’s eyes filled with terror he looked over at Scarlett who held up her wand with an extremely determined look on her face. The Voldemort-boggart raised his wand and pointed it at Scarlett. His lips formed “Avada”

But Scarlett cut him off “Ridikulus!” She yelled and the dark lord was wearing a pink dress with flowers on his head. Lupin waved his wand at the boggart and it flew back into the closet and it locked it in. Lupin looked to Scarlett who was now shaking violently her wand still held up. Snape immediately barged in the room, Lupin quickly left. Snape put his hand on Scarlett’s shoulder.  “It’s time to go back home” Scarlett nodded and her hair turned auburn, her eyes brown and her skin as pale as ever.

Draco knocked on Scarlett’s door in the three broomsticks. It opened revealing Scarlett with her new appearance, stuffing clothes into a bag; an open music box was playing the theme from Swan Lake. Draco walked in and put his hand of her shoulder “You’re leaving?” He asked, Scarlett nodded and turned to grab more clothes from the closet. “Why? I mean you could come to Hogwarts” Draco smiled lightly and Scarlett sighed and shook her head gently. “As much as I want to I can’t. I don’t belong at Hogwarts. Not even at Beauxbatons for that matter but I cannot go to Hogwarts” Scarlett turned towards him; the room went quiet except for the music coming from the box. Draco stepped towards her and she stepped out of the way and behind him “I know that you feel for me Draco but, you cannot understand me, no matter how hard you try, I’m sorry” She kissed him lightly on the cheek, he turned to look at her, but when he turned she was gone, along with all her things, dissparated, leaving only the music box...      



A/N: dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww isn’t that so sweet???? Please review I love it when you do! ~Sarah

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