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Son of Potter vs son of Bellatrix by magicmuggle01
Chapter 2 : The Stranger
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Frederick, Hermione and Ade found that they got on great together and soon they were talking away as if they had known each other all their lives. Ade explained that he was from a small country on the West Coast of Africa and apart from himself there was no one else in his family that had shown any magical properties. He had known that there was something about himself for years, and all the other children in the village where he'd come from would not play with him and had avoided him. Then when he'd received his letter several months ago explaining that he'd been accepted to Hogwarts School, it had explained a lot about some of the things that he'd been able to do. So here he was, on the train heading for Hogwarts.

When the twins had introduced themselves, Ade said,

'Where have I heard the Potter name before?' then his face lit up like a light bulb and he said, 'I know where, I read about a Harry Potter defeating some nasty dark wizard in one of my magical history books that I had to buy for school. You’re not related to him by any chance?'

'Yes' replied Hermione with a smile 'he's our father'.

'Wow' gasped Ade 'that's so cool, he defeated the dark lord. Maybe I'll get to meet him sometime. You're so lucky to have a father like him'.

'Yes were rather proud of him, he's the head Auror at the ministry of magic you know'.

'Auror' queried Ade with a puzzled expression on his face.

'Dark wizard catcher' said Frederick.

The three of them continued to talk like this for the rest of the trip to Hogsmead, until they heard an announcement over the wizard intercom that was connected throughout the train.


It was nearly dark by the time the train started to slow down as they approached Hogsmead station, the twins and Ade hurried to get their things down from the luggage rack and carrying their overnight bags they made their way towards one of the carriage doors and waited along with many others who were also waiting to get off the train. When the train had stopped, doors all along the carriages burst open releasing their payload. Boys and girls spilled onto the platform. Stepping onto the platform themselves both the twins looked about for their big brother James; they didn't have to wait for long because they saw him striding towards them. When he drew level with them he said.

'What were you two up to? It was to quiet on the journey down from London'.

'And hello to you to dear brother' said Hermione, ' we were busy making friends with Ade (indicating Ade with her hand). Ade this is our older brother James, James this is our new friend Ade he's from West Africa'.

'Hello Ade' said James holding out his hand.

'Hello James' he replied shaking his hand.

'Well the three of you had better head for the boats, the lake is the only way that you'll get to the castle tonight' said James.

'Which way do we go?' asked Frederick.

'See that big guy over there' James replied (pointing with his finger) 'with all the children milling around him'.

'Yes' came back the replies.

'Well you go with him, ok'.

'Ok James' the three of them chorused together.

So while James made his way to the station exit (and the horseless carriages), the three 11 year olds made their way over to Hagrid who could be heard saying in an anxious voice.

'There's three missing, where are they?'

Looking around he finally saw three people heading towards him.

'There you are thank goodness, come along now, you’re holding everyone else up'.

So the new first years made their way out of the station, following Hagrid. They went out the exit and turned left and crossed over to the other side of the dirt road onto a pathway that led down to the lake. Upon reaching the lake they saw that there were boats floating at the shoreline. They didn't appear to have any oars.

'How are we expected to get across the lake if there are no oars?' asked one of the new first years.

And Hagrid replied, 'These are magical boats, once they're all full they start to move under their own power towards the school (which you can see in the distance. Everyone looked and saw a splendid castle all lit up like something from a fairytale). They head towards a cave at the base of the castle and once there we disembark and walk up a stone stairway and emerge just outside the great hall upon which you will enter and be sorted into a house by the sorting hat.

They all got into the boats and once they were all full the boats set off by themselves across the lake. The journey was pretty much uneventful except one or two people saw a large tentacle emerging from the lake, and were a bit scared at first until Hagrid explained that that was the giant squid and also that it was harmless and wouldn't hurt them. And the giant squid seemed to confirm this the next time it raised a tentacle, it waved it as if to say hello to all the newcomers.

For once they made the crossing without anyone falling in. The boats entered the cave and gently came to a stop at the side of a large jetty. Everyone piled out and acting upon instructions from Hagrid, lined up three abreast and started walking up the stone steps that curled upwards until they came to a large door. The door opened by itself and everyone stepped through the opening. Once everybody was through, the doors closed and all present could hear what sounded like bolts being drawn across.

'The doors are sealing themselves until next years first years are ready to come across the lake' explained Hagrid.

The new influx of first years had emerged inside the castle and were only a hundred yards from the entrance to the great hall, where there could be heard the sounds of laughter and talking. A lady emerged from a side door and spoke to Hagrid.

'Thank you Hagrid'.

Hagrid then left and went through the same door that the lady had appeared from.

'I am Professor McGonagall, I will be taking you into the great hall and I'll be reading your names out in alphabetical order, you then go and sit on a stool and the sorting hat will be placed on your head and it will sort you into a house, which will either be Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin. The house you go into will be your home for the duration of your schooling and all in it will be like your family, you will earn points for achievements or lose them for misbehaviour, the choice is yours. Please follow me'.

Professor McGonagall then headed towards the door that led into the great hall. The large doors opened by themselves and everybody walked down the central walk way (being watched by everyone in the hall) and headed towards the top table, as they approached the first years could see a stool, and upon that stool there was a hat. McGonagall moved forward moved forward and consulting a list and lifting the hat up started to read out names.

Afferington, Silas, Silas jumped as if he had been stung by something (he'd not expected to be called first) and he moved nervously forward, he sat on the stool and McGonagall lowered the hat on to his head.

'Ah' said the hat 'a nice easy one to start me off tonight' and he roared 'Ravenclaw'

There was a loud cheer from the Ravenclaw table as Silas got up (heaving a sigh of relief) and went over and sat at his house table.

The next person up was Albina, Mercer, once the hat was lowered onto his head it said immediately Slytherin, the Slytherin table let out a loud cheer as Mercer joined them.

Professor McGonagall then shouted Lacumba, Ade and Ade took one look at the Potter twins and nervously walked up to the stool and sat down. McGonagall then lowered the sorting hat onto his head and once the hat touched his forehead it suddenly gripped Ade's forehead tightly and said.

'You come from a great distance and you have a destiny, you are a being of great power, great power indeed. But first you must learn how to master that power and learn to mould it into the shape that will help you on your way. You are brave and have plenty of courage I see. So the only house that I see that can help you on the path you need to follow is GRYFFINDOR roared the hat'.

An almighty cheer that went up from the Gryffindor house table and Ade went and took his place.

The sorting went on until McGonagall called out Potter, Frederick, when the name Potter was called out there was a deathly hush. Freddie (as he liked to be called) walked up to the stool and sat down, the hat was lowered onto his head and the hat said,

'Ah another Potter, your just like your father (difficult to decide where to place you) it's all there in your head, you would do well in all the houses. But like your father I suppose you want to be in Gryffindor?'

'Yes please' muttered Freddie.

'So be it, GRYFFINDOR' roared the hat.

And the loudest cheer of the night came from the Gryffindor table as Freddie joined them, earning a well done slap on the back from his big brother James. The next name was called out.

Potter, Hermione and there was another session of silence as the sorting hat was lowered onto her head.

'Ah, two Potters in one sitting never had that before. Well what to do with you, defiantly unsuited for Slytherin, with all your qualities your suitable for all the other houses, but where to place you, it looks like I have no choice but to place you in ...GRYFFINDOR' roared the hat.

And the roar and cheering that came up from the Gryffindor table drowned out the polite clapping that came from the other house tables, and Hermione walked over to the Gryffindor table and received a fantastic welcome. Once all the excitement had died down, McGonagall finished calling out the names (the last one being placed in Hufflepuff) she took her place at the top table and said.

'To quote a great headmaster' she waved her hands and said 'tuck in'.

And the four tables were suddenly covered in food.

There were a lot of sounds of people stuffing their faces with food and also talking with their friends, catching up with what they had been doing over the long summer holidays.

But all too soon it came to an end, and after the usual welcome back speech and other announcements, everyone started to head for their individual common rooms.

All the Gryffindor's headed up the stairs and along a corridor and arrived in front of the fat lady portrait, Whibble Wobble someone said (this was the new password) and the portrait opened to reveal the Gryffindor common room. Now the night was late and most of the students drifted off to their various dorms until James was the only one left. After a while (whilst he was sitting in front of the fire) he drifted off to sleep. Sometime later he was awoken by a mysterious sound, a sort of buzzing and humming noise and before him (in a shimmer of light) materialised another human being. When the figure had fully appeared he looked about him and then collapsed onto the floor unconscious. James stared for a moment at the figure and then rushed out of the common room to go and get the headmistress.



I hope you enjoyed this latest chapter. Please review and tell me what you think.


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