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How I met your father by TheProphecy
Chapter 1 : How I met your Father
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 “Molly sighed, looking out at all the happy couples, a small smile played across her face. She held a bunch of roses; ready to give to anyone who looked unhappy. She loved Valentines Day the most out of all the holidays - ”

“Mum, I thought you said you hated Valentines Day when you were younger, and why are you telling the story in third person anyway?” Ginny interrupted her mother’s tale.

“Well, I’m sorry if I wanted to seem less awkward.” Molly said disgruntledly to her daughter, who was sitting in her nightdress on the bed. Ginny had been getting ready for bed and despite now being eighteen and on the verge of moving out, she had asked for a story she had never heard, how her parents had met.

Molly sat on her daughter’s old and worn bed looking at the faded Harpies posters.

“Fine, I’ll do it properly this time. Well, I suppose about the only truthful fact I told you was that it was Valentines Day, and yes I hated the façade, it was dull to me. I never got much interest and I never really felt that any one noticed me, let alone liked me.”

“Except dad?” Ginny cut in.

“All in good time Ginny. Anyway, so this particular Valentines Day I stood waiting outside my classroom when some horribly rude boy came over and pinched my bottom. I of course turned around, intending to slap him but…well things didn’t go quite to plan.”

Molly’s face reddened at the memory, Ginny leaned forwards inquisitively, just like she had done when she was younger, Molly noted.

“Well, instead of slapping him like I meant to I turned around and fell over, right on my bum!”

Ginny giggled at this, “Oh, mum that must’ve been awful!”

“Well that’s what I thought, everyone was laughing at me and the boy had run away cackling, I just sat there a small tear threatening to run down my cheek, when I looked in front of me and there was a pair of feet stood there.”

“Was it dad?” Ginny interrupted.

“No, not dad. It was Richie Jones, one of the most gorgeous boys I had ever seen.”

“Oh” Ginny slumped back into her bed disappointed.

“Dad will appear soon.” She smiled at her impatient daughter. “Well after that lesson of making eyes and a bit of flirting, he asked if I wanted to go for a walk with him. So, naturally I did. We went down to the lake, it was fairly pleasant, we talked, flirted and laughed a bit. We had just started to walk the perimeter when suddenly, he pushed me up against a tree.”

“Aw, mum! I don’t’ want to hear all the gory details!" Ginny’s face contorted with disgust.

Molly smiled at her daughter’s horrified face, “Okay, well let’s just say he got a bit much and I didn’t like it. Every time I told him to get off me he just seemed to…well…hold on tighter.” Molly blushed for what seemed the thousandth time during this story; she was starting to remember why she had never told it before.

“Anyway, I was struggling to get out of his grip, when suddenly he passed out, just like that” She snapped her fingers. “And behind him was you father, with his wand out, a cute little grin and his glasses askew like always.”

Ginny smiled, despite her mother’s lovey expression. “What happened next?”

“Well, I rushed into his arms, giving him a big hug for saving me. Then, we had to decide what to do with Richie, in the end we dragged him along the floor with our wands all the way to the hospital wing.”

“I bet he had a headache.” Ginny said dryly.

“Oh yes he did.” Molly smiled. “Anyway, after that Arthur and I spent the rest of that day together and we’ve been inseparable ever since, Haven’t we Arthur?” She called as her husband walked past the door.

“Oh…what…yes Molly, what ever you say.” He called out distractedly.

Ginny giggled, “Goodnight mum.” She said as her mother went to the door. “Mum!” She called.

“Yes dear?” Molly poked her head back round the door.

“When did you know you loved dad?” Molly thought for a moment,

“About a year later.”


“He kissed me.”

Molly left the room with a small smile on her face, spotting her husband sitting in his favourite chair. “Arthur Weasley, I love you.”

“What’s brought this on?” He asked putting down the Daily Prophet.

“Nothing, I just realised I haven’t said it in a while.”

“Alright then, I love you too my Mollywobbles.” Molly kissed him on the cheek and settled down in her chair next to him. With Celistina Warbeck on and her husband by her side, she happily started to charm her knitting for next Christmas. 

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How I met your father: How I met your Father


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