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Her Black Stilettos by magicfantasy
Chapter 2 : Blueberry Waffles
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I sat on my bed until 6 AM and then decided that I needed to do something I loved to cheer me up. Then I glanced at the clock and thought about how our elves would start cooking breakfast shortly. That's it! I thought. I loved to cook and I hadn't cooked in a while. So I sprang out of bed, excited and thinking about what I was going to make as I started on my way down to the kitchen.

I walked in and saw Woody and Briny and their large eyes turned to me. "No worries miss!" Briny squeaked. "We were just about to start breakfast!" Woody nodded frantically in agreement.

I half-smiled at them. "Actually, I was going to do the cooking myself this morning." They quickly glanced at each other; they knew how I loved to cook and they'd secretly been worried about me since I hadn't used the kitchen in so long.

"We will grab your things Miss!" they ran over to the largest cabinet and pulled out my neat pile of a folded apron, my bag of tools, and a few of my favorite cookbooks. I slipped the apron over my head and tied up my hair then washed my hands. The house elves were waiting expectantly for my directions.

"No, no." I shook my head. "I want to make this one by myself guys, thanks." They raised their tiny eyebrows at me as their eyes grew wide. Yep. I really was feeling good.

"I think I'll make blueberry waffles..." I rambled as I flipped open to the recipe page. After I said that, Woody and Briny zipped about the kitchen quickly getting out all the utensils and things I'd need.

"Guys!" I said with a big smile and a laugh. "I said no help! Now go, out, go take a break for a while." I pushed them out of the kitchen much to their dismay. Of course they didn't take a break. They went and got the cleaning things and started dusting and cleaning the house silently as not to wake my parents.

I smiled and shook my head, back in the kitchen. I propped the cookbook up on its stand and read the recipe. Flour, sugar, butter, blueberries...I read all the way down and then grabbed the big mixing bowl.

I had mixed a couple things together and then decided it was too quiet. I dusted the flour off my hands and wiped them on my apron. Then I turned and strode over to the large cabinet. I looked through the neatly arranged racks and found the cd player. I flipped through a couple cds before finding a Michael Buble. I small smirk appeared on my lips as I grabbed the player and cd and set them on the counter.

I was holding the spatula and dancing around the kitchen to "Sway" as Michael's beautiful voice rippled out from the player. I was currently standing and swaying back and forth, sometimes fast, others slow and holding the spatula up in front of my face like a mic.

"Well someone's in a good mood." I nearly jumped over the moon. With my face red as a cherry and my blood racing I spun around and faced my mom and dad, both cracking up at my reaction.

"Good lord people!" I shrieked as a hand flew up to my chest.

My mom chuckled as she said, "Smells delightful! What are you making?"

"Blueberry Waffles?" my dad was over looking at the cookbook.

"Yes." I answered with a wide cheesy grin. "Your favorite." I stepped over to his side.

"That's right." he said as he grabbed me and flipped me sideways.

"Ahhh, haha! Dad!....ha ha!...Put me down!" I said in between giggles as he tickled me. "S...St-Stop!" I laughed uncontrollably as he relentlessly tickled me.

My mom had joined him and proceeded to help him in his attack on me. I finally broke free and ran out to the foyer. I bent over, my hands on my knees, tying to catch my breath. It was then that another stupid memory had to creep up on me and ruin the fun.

It was cold in the common room as I crouched by the fireplace, trying to get warm. Why the hell did this place have to be under a lake? It only made it colder!
I flexed my numb fingers in front of the fire, trying to get some feeling back. I was staring into the flames, lost in thought when arms suddenly snaked around my waist. I smirked as I slapped them away.

"That's not very nice. Just trying to make you warmer..." Draco whispered, his breath blew gently against my ear driving me crazy.

"That's alright, I'm doing pretty well by myself thanks." I egged him on. I still wasn't sure if he really liked me or if I was just another one of those girls he'd use one time and then throw aside.

I relaxed my facial muscles so my smile disappeared and raised my eyebrows a tad, then turned my head in his direction.

He was watching me with narrowed eyes. Was I mistaken or did he actually look a little upset I'd pushed him off of me? I lowered one of my eyebrows and gave him a questioning look.

His glare softened a little as he tried not to change his expression. But I was determined to break his stare so I scrunched up my face and stuck my tongue out at him.

Damn. I'd almost gotten him. I stood up and turned toward him. I was sure this would work, but I didn't know what effect it would have.

"Aww" I said in mock sympathy. "Did I injure the poor Draco's feelings?" I gave him a fake sympathetic look. "You poor thing! You're so sensitive."

"That's it!" he said and leapt off the couch towards me.

"Eeeep!" I screamed and dove out of his way. Both of us scrambled to get off the ground, me to get away, him to chase me down. We must have chased each other around the common room for ten minutes before I tripped over someone's books and he quickly pinned me down.

"Okay" he was breathing hard. "Take...take it back..."

My chest was heaving against the floor. "Let me.....up and I...will...."

"Not a chance."I could practically hear the smirk he had on his face.

I flipped over underneath him and was surprised how close our faces ended up being. I took a ragged breath, partly stunned by his proximity, partly because I was still trying to recover from his pursuit.

As our breathing slowed, my senses became suddenly hyper-aware of Draco. Every shift in his movement, the swaying motion of his hair, I picked up. My heart started racing and it was harder for me to breath. Did he feel the electricity that seemed to flow through the air between us?

"I'm waiting."

For a second I wasn't sure what he meant. Then I remembered where I was. I gave him a smirk and said, "you'll have to beg me."

His eyes narrowed slightly again. And then his hands ran down my sides, making feel like I was on fire. He leaned in and whispered "I don't think so" and started tickling me.

"Dr-drac-c-o!" I couldn't stand it. But somewhere back in my head the fact that he was touching me registered.

"S-s-s-stop!...I'm...super...ticklish!" I managed to get out in between laughs. I squirmed underneath him, trying to break free, but as he sat on me, straddling my waist, I could go nowhere.

"Say it!" he demanded.
"S-stop! D-draco!"
"I won't until you say it!"

I could see that he wasn't lying and attempted to apologize.
"I-I'm s-s-sorry..." I could barely get out more than a whisper at this point.
"I can't hear you!" he said.
"I'M SORRY!" I could only get the words out if I screamed.
"Yeesh. Okay. No need to wake up the entire dorm." Thank heaven, the tickling stopped but my body was still quivering.

He looked at me as I came down from my ticklish high. Our eyes locked and neither of us broke contact as the mood around us changed. The electricity was back again. His hand ran up my side as he crouched over me, his knees on either side of my thighs. His hair hung down around his face, his beautiful blue eyes piercing my heart. His hand traveled the underside of my arm and when our fingertips touched, he hesitated before continuing along the top of my arm. My hair was sprawled out underneath me as I lay on the ground.

His hand slowed as it graced my neck and then traced my jaw line. Then he brushed my bags out of my face, all the while keeping his eyes locked on mine.

I knew this wouldn't last much longer. The tension was too much and one of us had to break soon.

His head bent closer and his breath hit the side of my neck sending shivers up my spine. His lips brushed my skin and I felt him smirk in response. My eyes fluttered shut as he kissed my neck and his lips brushed my skin again as he moved down to my collar bone. He planted kisses up and down my neck and across my collar bone as I tried hard not to moan. I licked my lips as he kissed the underside of my jaw. He bit down slightly on my neck suddenly, causing me to arch my back up into him.

His kisses kept climbing higher, first starting on the side of my jaw by my ear. He stopped there for a minute to nibbled and suck gently and, helpless to his expert touch, I sighed his name softly. His hands were working over my body, rubbing up and down my sides, around my back, down my hip and over my bare leg.

I could feel his tie down the center of my torso. My eyes opened slightly as my mouth fell open when he, surprisingly, licked my ear. I was propped up on my elbows slightly and I moved one of my arms up around his neck to pull him closer. His white school shirt looked so sexy on him. He had the sleeves rolled up to his upper arms and it was halfway undone from chasing me around the room. My hand slipped down his neck to slide down his chest. His abs were perfectly chiseled as if by an artist from stone.

He was teasing me. I knew it because he was now kissing me everywhere except my lips. It was starting to infuriate me. What was he playing at, teasing me this way? He was going to kiss me damn it.


No response, just kisses.


As my hand reached the top of his shirt, I grabbed his tie and pulled his lips up to meet mine.

It was incredible. Words could not describe the feeling of his icy warm lips on mine. It started slowly as the feeling built, both of us testing each other out, and then his tongue slipped across my bottom lip begging entrance. As our kiss deepened he groaned against my lips driving me even crazier. We gripped each other tightly not ever being close enough. I don't know how I managed to slip my hand between us and rip his shirt open. He tore my school vest off and now my thin cotton shirt was the only thing separating us. His shirt hung down around me as his bare chest pressed up against me.

Yes, we were still on the floor. Did either of us care? No, it didn't seem to bother us.


I'd never taken it any farther than that with him, I'd drawn the line at sex and now that he'd betrayed me, I was glad.

As I flashed back to reality I took my hands off my knees and stood up. My dad walked in to the room with his hands up.

"I give in, I swear," he smiled. I smiled back, still trying to pull my brain back to what was really happening.

"Good. 'Cause I need to check the waffles." My smile faded as I walked back to the kitchen, trying not to let that memory get me down.

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