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Draco's Christmas Carol by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 2 : The Ghost Of Christmas Past
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A/N: Here is chapter two :)


Draco was just about falling asleep when the portrait door opened. He slowly and grudgingly opened his eyes to see one of his best friends (yes he has best friends) Blaise Zabini standing over the couch.

“Watcha doing?

“Trying to sleep”

“Sorry, let me re-phrase; watcha doing here when you should be at the party?”

“Trying to sleep,” Draco repeated in an annoyingly, sarcastic and slow voice, “say it with me - trying…”

Draco only got as far as that because Blaise pushed him off the couch. Draco started laughing. “I’m sure Blaise that Hermione has already told you why I’m not at the party.”

“Maybe but that doesn’t mean I can’t come and try and get you to come does it? You should be at the party Draco.”

He stopped laughing now and just looked at his friend. “I don’t want to go to the party Blaise. I don’t get involved in Christmas activities so I’m not going and nothing you can say will change my mind,” Draco ended the conversation and lay back down on the couch. Blaise knew that he anything he said now would just be wasted and useless.

“Fine.” Blaise walked back to the portrait door but before opening asked, “what happened to the boy who was so excited about Christmas that his mother just couldn’t get him to sleep no matter what and he would wait try to wait up all night? He should be here.”

Blaise didn’t wait for Draco’s answer.


That feeling was back, like he was being watched, but he used rational thinking that it was nothing.


Someone was in the room. But who? He recognised the voice.

“Draco.” It was female so Blaise hadn’t come back and he knew it wasn’t Hermione. He knew there was only one thing he could do to find out he it was; he opened his eyes. It was the biggest mistake of his life. Draco screamed (a manly scream obviously) and jumped back, which caused himself to fall to the floor.

“Finally, I was beginning to think you would never wake up.”

“Pansy! What the hell are you doing in here!?” he shouted as he stood back up.

“Ok, first of all, I am not Pansy.” Draco stared at her like she was insane but before he could say anything, Pansy, or whoever she was, carried on talking, “I’m the Ghost of Christmas Past. I just look like Pansy so you would feel more comfortable around me.”

“Really?” Pansy/Ghost nodded, “and what the bloody hell would make you think I would feel comfortable around Pansy?”

She shrugged her shoulders, “first person I came up with who had something to do with you.”

“You obviously didn’t think very hard.”

Pansy/Ghost gave him a look which clearly said shut up. “Next, the reason I’m here…” Draco nodded, “… is because you need to get your Christmas spirit back. With my help and the help of the other two ghosts, Present and Future, you will or should. It depends on whether or not you listen to us and you will listen to us Draco Malfoy because we don’t want to have to come back next year.”

“I don’t want you to come back next year. I didn’t even want you to come this year! Not everybody has to love Christmas! Why can’t people except that and leave me alone!” Draco didn’t realise his voice was getting higher and higher.

“Because everyone misses the boy who loved Christmas, especially Blaise and Theo.” He sighed and shook his head. “So come on, to the past.”

The common room disappeared from view and in its place was a shop, the toy aisle to be exact. People were rushing past picking up toys for their children, Christmas shopping, they ignored Draco and Pansy.

“They can’t see us,” it wasn’t a question but Pansy shook her head anyway.

“Do you recognise that little boy right in front of us?” Draco’s eyes followed to where she was pointed. It was him.

“It’s me.”

She nodded, “seven years old”

Seven year old Draco was picking up toys and putting them back and going to new toys before putting them back and going to the toys he had in the first place, while his mother was standing next to him, watching with an amused expression on her face as was present Draco and Pansy. “I can’t decide,” he cried

She knelt down beside him and turned him to face her, “you can have anything you want for Christmas sweetheart.”

“But I still can’t decide!”

“Maybe you’ll get both Draco, you never know, so pick then we’ll see on Christmas, ok?” she smiled at her little boy and he nodded his head enthusiastically before turning back to the toys.

Present Draco watched his seven year old self go back to the toys and start picking things up again. A boy was near them, he was crying. Young Draco turned to watch him and Narcissa, older Draco and Pansy followed his gaze.

“I want that toy mummy!” he whimpered, tears falling fast.

“I know honey but we just can’t afford it.” this made the boy cry even harder.

Young Draco looked at the toy in his hand. It was the same one the boy wanted. He put it back and looked at his mother, “I don’t want anything mummy,” he turned to the boy and said, “I’m ok.”

Draco and Pansy were back in the common room. They sat on the couch and Pansy looked at him. After a while of silence he finally spoke, “I didn’t think it was fair that I got the toys he wanted. It wasn’t fair that I got presents; that I got what I wanted and others never. I got up on Christmas to find presents for me under the tree. I smiled and laughed and pretended I was happy but I wasn’t. That’s when I stopped liking Christmas. That’s why; because a boy couldn’t have what he wanted, because it wasn’t fair.” He sat back on the couch and looked at Pansy.

Pansy stared right back at him. “Wow. Who knew you could have a compassionate side, especially for muggles?”

Draco laughed a little, “don’t get used to it, it only comes out at Christmas.” His face turned serious, “tell me, why should I like Christmas?”

Equally serious Pansy said, “that’s up to you to figure out Draco.” she got up then turned around, “Ghost of Christmas Present will be coming soon. Good - bye Draco. Good luck.” and she disappeared.

Draco shut his eyes tight. Why should I like Christmas?

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