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Fallin' by Mischief_managed18
Chapter 1 : The Beginning
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IT'S ROSE!! ^^^

Beautiful chapter image by the amazing wingsatmidnight at TDA!! 

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, the basics of all these stories is the property of the AMAZING JK Rowling. :)

Hope you enjoy.


My name is Scorpius Malfoy. I’m 11 years old and I’m about to start my first year at Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I’ve looked forward to this day since my father first told me I was a wizard.


Here’s the story. My father is Draco Malfoy and my mother was Pansy Parkinson. I come from a long line of purebloods so my father was expected to marry a pureblood. He never truly loved my mother, but he married her so that his parents would be happy. Little did he know that she would leave him before I was even a year old for another man who also had money like we did, but who was able to tolerate her and be around without arguing with her constantly. His mother passed away when I was only 4 years old because of the stress of the war, so I barely remember her, and his father is locked away in Azkaban, because he was a huge follower of Voldemort, and is due to pass away at anytime. I can’t say that growing up being raised by just my father was ever easy, but it’s all I’ve ever known.


As I said before, I’m a Malfoy. My entire family has been in Slytherin for generations and I know that my father expected me to be as well. I couldn’t quite tell if it was what he wanted for me, but I know that he expected it. Although I would never admit it to him, I longed to be in Ravenclaw. I wanted to be in the house known for their smarts and not their cunning. I wanted to be the Malfoy that broke the chain and that proved that we weren’t ALL as bad as everyone thought.


So here it is, September 1st, and it’s the start of my first term at Hogwarts. I’m standing on platform 9 ¾ with my father and he looks like he’s at a loss with what to say. Luckily the clock began to chime 11 so I quickly hugged my father and promised to write as I grabbed my trunk and owl and hopped on board. I walked slowly down the corridor trying to find an empty compartment and finally found one as I was nearing the end of the first car. I walked inside and slid the door shut behind me, storing my trunk above the seats. As I sat in my seat I realized how fast this had all come. It finally started to sink in, I was going to Hogwarts!!


The train began to move slowly and I began to grow nervous, I mean it was finally happening! I realized that I might have the compartment to myself but the thought came too early. A crying (but still really pretty) redhead came bursting into my compartment and slammed the door behind her nearly giving me a heart attack. She turned around and I realized she had thought the compartment was empty because she quickly covered her face.



My name is Rose Weasley. I’m beside myself with excitement because today is my first day of school at the most amazing school ever, Hogwarts. You see, I’m a witch. My parents have been telling me for years that I was a witch so that when I started to develop my powers but wasn’t able to control it, it wouldn’t freak me out too much.


My mother and father were married shortly after the war ended, and they had me a few years later. My brother followed shortly after me, and he’s not due to start school for another 2 years. My brother and I are very close, but there are times that we fight like all siblings. I prank him quite a lot, but I always seem to get away with it. It’s a skill I posses, I like to think I get my smarts from my mother. Oh right, I guess I should mention the fact that Hermione Granger is my mother and is one of the most brilliant witches of her time. My father is Ron Weasley, who is Harry Potter’s best friend. My parents have always provided me with everything possible and then some.


I stood on the platform with my parents and brother and my brother was beginning to look pissed off at the fact that he was supposed to be spending another 2 years at home alone with my parents. My father was standing there awkwardly as my mother was lecturing me on everything including boys, courses, professors, making friends, and oh yeah... boys. Finally the train whistle went off and I gave my parents huge hugs. My brother gave me a look then went to hug me as he whispered something in my ear.


“You’re going to be in Slytherin.” He said.


“F off Hugo!” I hissed into his ear.


“You know it’s true. You’ve always been the sneaky, cunning one.” He said.


Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Crap! I thought to myself. I was going to be in Slytherin! I blew kisses to my parents as I grabbed my trunk and owl and ran to jump on the train, fighting back tears the whole way. When I looked back I saw Hugo smirking and it made me even more upset. Despite me trying my hardest to fight back the tears, they still came flowing down my face. I suppose I get the emotions from my mother. I looked down and ran to the nearest compartment, which appeared to be empty. I slammed the door shut behind me and looked up to see an extremely hansom blonde boy looking up at me with a look on his face like I had just given him a heart attack. I looked back to the compartment door debating whether or not I should go find another compartment.


“Don’t go.” The boy said.


I slowly turned around still looking at the ground. I had no idea what to say, I felt so awkward.


“I’m s-s-sorry I’ll stop c-crying I’m just upset.” I heaved out.


God! Why was I such a mess around cute guys? I looked up and quickly wiped my face trying to smile despite wanting to continue crying even though it was a stupid reason to be crying. I looked around and decided I would sit across from him. I smiled at him then looked out the window trying to avoid eye contact. I knew I looked horrible a at the moment.  I glanced over at him and he was staring at me.


“I’m Scorpius.” He said, putting out his hand.

“Rose.” I said.


“Rose? That’s a beautiful name.” He said.


I felt myself blush uncontrollably cursing my father for giving me his ridiculous genes. I sighed to myself, this was going to be an interesting train ride.


Alrighty guys well this is my first story. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Read and I would love you forever if you review!! Be harsh please, I want  to know what you guys think so be honest and be brutal so I can fix things. :) Thank you!!

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