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Bright Young Things by leopard
Chapter 2 : Chapter 2- Charlotte's Tale
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Chapter image by Chella@TDA

“Lily, darling are you all right, you’ve hardly spoken one word this morning?” asked mum in the car on the way to King’s Cross, with an anxious glance in my direction. Yet she then hurriedly focused her eyes on the road again- she had never been a very good driver and Petunia had point blankly refused to drive me to King’s Cross this morning. So, rather reluctantly she had agreed to brave the main road and take me.

I had refused to let Darren drive me, as although he was probably a much better driver than my mum I still didn’t feel comfortable in his presence. This was mainly due to the fact that I was still convinced that he was only with mum for the large fortune that my dad had left behind; but also because I could now hardly look him in the eye after seeing him parade around our kitchen in nothing but a towel wrapped loosely around his waist four weeks into the holidays.

I had stood there almost transfixed- how could he just saunter around the place and act as if he owned it? He could at least put on some decent amount of clothing- but my eyes seemed glued to his chest. He had an amazing six- pack. I couldn’t look away… oh gosh what if he saw me staring? He did see. I blushed scarlet, and tearing my eyes from his chest I ran from the room.

“Oh, I’m just tired,” I said. And this was very true; after my dream last night I had stayed awake the whole rest of the night terrified that if I went back to sleep I would see my father’s face again.

I had dreamt about that day before, for the few months after his death I used to wake up screaming every night. But, just because I had dreamt about it before didn’t make seeing his face any easier.

After what seemed like an hour of simply staring out of the window watching the countryside go by, trying to force my eyes to stay open and keep myself awake, mum came to a halt outside the station.

“Now have a good term, and I’ll see you when you get back for Christmas.” She smiled and gave me a rather awkward hug, I held on inhaling her scent and coffee smelling breath- I hoped that she would take care of her self while I was away. And, although I resented Darren, I was glad that he would be there to look out for her. I smiled back and was about to get out of the car when she held me back.

“Here… I bought this for you the other day when I was in London,” she said as she fished inside her handbag. She produced a small bag tied with a light blue ribbon; I took it tentatively, not really used to getting spontaneous presents. “It’s for being made Head Girl,” mum explained as she saw my quizzical look.

Inside the bag there was a small blue box and inside the box there was the most gorgeous silver charm bracelet I had ever seen! There were two small charms dangling off of it, one was a star and the other a lily.

I sat there looking at them stunned; the charms were so delicate- it must have cost a fortune.

“Thanks,” I said, probably a bit lamely, putting the bracelet on and giving her an appreciative smile, “it’s really pretty.”

“Well I hope you like it. I realized I hadn’t gotten you anything for becoming a prefect, so I hope this makes up for it.” Then, seeing the time she quickly shooed me out of the car and into the station.

I waved to her, as I was about to head on to the platform 9 ¾ with Erin’s cage perched precariously on top of my trunk on the trolley. A moment of darkness, and I was suddenly immersed in the billowing steam of The Hogwarts Express. I scanned the platform for any sign of my friends, but it was rather hard to make out anybody amongst the bustling crowd of people.

After a while, when I had given up looking for them and decided that I would find them on the train and was just about to start lifting my trunk on to the train when I felt and arm slide casually around my shoulders. Startled I turned my head and looked into the arrogant face of James Potter- just the boy I did not want to meet.

“So, Evans, I see that we are going to be seeing rather a lot of each other this year,” he said with a smug smile on his face.

“Oh please, you won’t last one day of being Head Boy; it involves putting in perseverance and commitment. Both of which you are severely lacking in.” I turned away grinning to myself as I left James standing on the platform looking slightly dumbstruck.

“Don’t worry mate, you have the whole year to work on her,” said Sirius Black who had just emerged from the wall separating the muggle world from our one, patting his shoulder sympathetically.

Just as I was about to get on to the train to find a compartment, there was a scream from behind me and I was knocked to the floor before I even had a chance to turn around, as the almighty force in the form of Charlotte collided with me from behind at full speed.

Charlotte Mason had been my best friend since the very first train ride to Hogwarts. She’s gorgeous- I’m talking big sparkly, bright blue eyes; chocolate brown hair down to her chest; the sweetest giggle ever and to top it off, not only is she beautiful but she’s also really clever and funny. You would think that with all of that going for her she would be as arrogant as Potter, but she’s not: Charlotte is the sweetest person you would ever have the pleasure to meet!

“Lily! Oh my god I’ve missed you so much! How was your holiday? I swear it’s been like forever,” she managed to get out in one breath. She pulled me up off the ground and into a tight hug. “Don’t worry about finding a compartment, Mollie’s already got one.” Then seeing James and Sirius walk past us without even a backwards glance from them, she said “has he been bothering you already… geez!”

“Not really, he just thinks he’s all that for being made Head Boy this year,” I explained as we wandered down the corridor of the train with out trunks behind us, trying to find the compartment that Mollie had saved us.

“Oh… and… wait who’s been made Head Girl? Don’t tell me,” she said as her eyes found the Head Girl badge, which was pinned carefully to my chest. “Congratulations! I knew it would be you!” she almost screamed with a triumphant smile on her face. ”Well it certainly wasn’t going to be Amber was it?”

“I don’t know, it could well have been given to that girl Anna from Ravenclaw- she was good as a prefect. Or to you or Mollie.”

“Speak of the devil,” said Charlotte as she opened the carriage door to see Mollie sitting in the far corner of the carriage looking out of the window to the platform.

Stowing our trunks above us, and setting Erin’s cage down on the seat next to me, I sank into the seat opposite Mollie as Charlotte sat down beside her.

Turning to look at both of us I could see that Mollie had been crying; she had puffy red circles around her bright blue eyes and her shoulder length blonde hair looked messy and unkempt- as if it hadn’t been brushed in a few days.

Following where her gaze had lingered out of the window I could see her usually smiley, round-faced mother standing on the platform clutching a chequered handkerchief and sobbing quietly into it while waving to both of her daughters on the train. Mollie’s younger sister, Lucy who was a second year Gryffindor had just boarded as well.

“My uncle.” She whispered as an explanation almost chocking on her words.

I looked over at Charlotte for some form of explanation as she had gasped was now cradling Mollie in her arms as she cried into her shoulder.

“What happened to her uncle?” I mouthed.

“You-Know-Who’s been after him for the past month. He must have caught him.” Charlotte said quietly over Mollies sobs. An expression of bewilderment was still upon my face. What was she talking about? Of course I wouldn’t know who ‘You-Know-Who’ was if she didn’t tell me their name! “… Wait you do know who You-Know-Who is, don’t you?”

I shook my head ashamedly- I’ve defiantly missed out on something here. Charlotte’s eyes widened in disbelief “You’ve really got to start getting ‘The Profit’ during the holidays Lily! I’ll tell you tonight.” She added in an undertone. Charlotte let go of Mollie who seemed to have recovered herself somewhat, and leaned closer to me, “I don’t want to tell you here in case I upset her,” she added jerking her head in Mollie’s direction who was busy drying her eyes on the back of her sleeve.

I looked Mollie’s appearance. Her usually sleek and shiny blond hair was very noted; there was no sign of that wry grin on her face which usually meant trouble was imminent, and her blue eyes had a dullness to them that was accentuated by the dark circles of stress and tiredness underneath. I hated seeing her like this. Yet I didn’t know what to say, so instead I leaned across and squeezed her hand tightly.

“So how was your holiday?” Mollie asked in a rather thick voice, obviously trying to restore some normality into the train journey.

“Well guess who got made Head Girl” said Charlotte giving me a pointed grin.

Mollie was clearly not taken aback. “That’s not really a surprise though. Lily is one of the cleverest girls in our year- not to mention the biggest teachers pet! Of course she would get it, I mean all the teachers practically dote on her.”

“That’s not true!” I cried indignantly, I hated being called a teachers pet and they would tease me about it incessantly. “I’m not very good at Herbology.”

“Yeah right!” Charlotte interjected, “What did you get in O.W.L’s? One E in Herbology and O’s in everything else! Come on Lily- I got E’s in most subjects.” I gave Charlotte a nasty look. Well it was her fault that she had chosen to spend all her free time in disused classrooms with Michael Collins (her boyfriend at that point) rather than revise for the exams.

The view outside had changed from small suburban towns to hamlets set in wide valleys and then gradually to wild windswept mores.

The trolley lady had been past a few hours ago and we had sat chatting about our holidays whilst munching on pumpkin pasties and chocolate frogs. As the lamps were lit we started to think about getting changed into our school robes ready for the feast.

As we begun to pull our robes out of our trunks, our carriage door slid open to reveal Sirius Black, James Potter and Remus Lupin already clad in their uniform, and behind them lurked Peter Pettigrew.

Sirius seemed to have grown a few inches over the summer and his shaggy black hair hung elegantly around his face. This growth spurt enhanced his already handsome features and (although I hated to admit it) made him look more gorgeous than ever. It seemed that Charlotte had noticed this as well.

Standing beside him, James, with his messy jet- black hair, which he had an irritating habit of ruffling, and tall muscular figure, looked almost just as hot (but I would rather die than let Mollie or Charlotte know that I had thought that). Yet his good looks were no compensation for his behaviour.

Remus, who was at least a head shorter than Sirius and James looked slightly weedy compared to them, but that was probably because would rather be wrapped up in a book rather than out on the Quidditch pitch. Although that isn’t to say that he wasn’t good looking in his own- rather reserved- way. Remus had a very gentle smile, and was the only one out of ‘the marauders’ or so they liked to call themselves that I felt comfortable talking to as a friend.

On the other hand, Peter was a chubby little boy with watery eyes that seemed to dart around as if he felt he was being watched. He looked more like a fourth year than a seventh year. Peter looked completely out of place standing with the most popular and handsome boys in school, and I guessed that his constant tagging along rather annoyed them.

“Admiring the guns Charlotte?” said Sirius flexing his biceps and winking at her playfully. Charlotte giggled and blushed bright red turning her head away from him so that he wouldn’t see the grin that had spread across her face. I saw Mollie glance curiously at Charlotte, as did I, she never usually acted like this around Sirius- they had just been good friends.

Admittedly, I thought that things might be slightly different between them this year after their massive fight at the end of last year, which ended with Sirius storming from the common room red in the face from shouting, and Charlotte weeping in the middle of the room. I can’t even remember what the fight was about- probably something very stupid; the pressure of exams in 6th year had been mounting and it was bound to break at some point.

But this was definitely not what I had expected.

“What do you want?” I snapped as James went to ruffle his hair again- that irritated me so much, and I still hadn’t forgiven him for his arrogant behaviour on the platform earlier.

“God Evans! No need to go all Professor McGonagall on us,” sighed Sirius exasperatedly. "We just came to warn you guys not to go down the fourth floor corridor tomorrow lunch time. Someone’s planning on letting off a crate of stink bombs that they bought over the summer.” A mischievous smile was playing around his lips and Peter snickered behind him, although Remus looked rather dubious about the prospect of getting a detention so early on into the year.

“And why would you come and warn us not to walk head first into one of you pranks?” asked Mollie with a shrewd look upon her face.

“Because we have had far too much experience being shouted at by Evans here, if she ever gets caught in the midst of one of our jokes, and we couldn’t be bothered to have an earful two nights into the start of term.”

“Ohh,” now it was my turn to blush.

They turned to leave, and on their way out, I saw out of the corner of my eye as I leaned back over my trunk once more, that Sirius glanced back over his shoulder at Charlotte and tussled his hair as James did when he was around me.

I had been planning on confronting Charlotte about what was going on between her and Sirius before the train came into Hogsmeade, but as soon as we had finished putting on our robes the train slowed to a halt and there was a mad scramble to get to the platform.

Charlotte promised that she would wait before getting into a carriage, as Mollie and I had to shepherd everybody out of the train and onto the carriages as part of our prefect duties before we could head off ourselves. The first years this year seemed unusually small- I never remember being that tiny! They all seemed positively petrified as the looming form of Hagrid appeared on the platform and was calling to them to follow him to the boats that would bring them across the lake.

As the last few stragglers hopped of the train, I headed towards the carriages where Charlotte was waiting with Mollie who had taken off before me.

I think, apart from me, there was only one other person in our year that could see Thestrals. He was a Ravenclaw who’s name was David Ledger. In our first year when neither Mollie nor Charlotte could see them I thought that I was going mad, yet when David told me that he could see them too I started to clam down and actually appreciate them.

I stepped into the carriage after them and stared Charlotte square in the face- she was going to answer our questions if we had to drag it out of her using Veritaserum.

“So. What on earth was that about? I thought that you guys still hated each other after last year?” Charlotte looked out of the window that was now being pelted with sleet with a furrowed brow.

“When you guys had all been collected from the platform at the end of last year, Sirius and I were the only people left waiting. It was a bit awkward at first because I didn’t know what to say to him- and I wasn’t going to apologize cos’ what he said was awful!
But, then after we had been waiting for a while he came over to me, and said that he was really sorry for what he said about me being a half-blood and all that, and that he didn’t want me to think that he was like the rest of his family with that pure-blood mania thing they have going on; and that he wished things could be back to normal with us because he hated the fact that we weren’t talking.”

“What did you say?” Mollie asked impatiently.

“I’m getting to that,” she snapped, “so I said that that was alright and that I hadn’t liked not talking either.”

“To right. You were miserable for a week after Sirius stopped talking to you.”

“Mollie, will you stop interrupting Charlotte and let her get on with the story?”

She smiled at me, “Thanks Lily, well then things were a bit better between us. So we decided to go into the muggle part of Kings Cross and get something to eat because I had some muggle money on me, then about half an hour afterwards my dad came so I had to leave. But then, two weeks before the start of term I got an owl from him and he said that he was going to Diagon Alley on the weekend and would I like to meet up?”

This time I couldn’t restrain myself and I blurted out “Oh my God! So like a date or something?! I’ve never heard for Sirius actually making the effort of writing to a girl to ask her out!”

“You hypocrite!” cried Mollie huffily. I grinned sheepishly and apologized to her, but I didn’t really care, because the fact that Sirius had actually made the effort to write to Charlotte and invite her to Diagon Alley was amazing! Usually he had so many girls following him around that he simply had to say the word and he would have one of them hanging off his arm.

“NO! Definitely not a date, just friends meeting up… to buy schools supplies.” The last part of her sentence was a bit pathetic, and even she knew this, so it trailed off at the end.

She was now fixing her eyes on a point out of the window determinedly not looking at either of us, in case we began to pester her for more details or tease her about her new crush on Sirius.

But luckily for her, before Mollie or I could open our mouths, the carriage lurched to a stop outside the castle gates. I stepped out and smelled the pine trees and the cold air whipped my face. The castle with its many turrets and towers and lights glimmering in the hundreds of windows came into view. I sighed; it felt so good to be back.

The three of us hurried up the stone steps and into the entrance hall, where Professor McGonagall was ordering the first years into a straight line.

“Lily, will you come over here?” asked Professor McGonagall spotting me walking towards the Great Hall, “you will need the password to Gryffindor Tower.” She looked over her shoulder to check that nobody was listening and tapped her wand on a blank piece of parchment that she had transfigured from thin air.

Tempus Bellum

She nodded at me and then returned her attention to the first years who had begun to mutter amongst themselves. Holding the piece of parchment tightly I looked back over my shoulder at the little girl as we headed into the Great Hall.

The hall was alive with the noise of people greeting each other; waving to their friends from other houses; looking at others new haircuts and talking about where they had been on holidays.

We found a space at the Gryffindor table between Lupin who had been conversing in low voices with the other boys and Amber Turner and Emma Willcock who were two other girls from our dormitory as Professor McGonagall filled in with the rest of the first years in her wake.

The Sorting Hat’s song this year was different. It focused on the houses uniting together for the greater good and to face the dark forces outside- I wondered whether this had anything to do with that person ‘You-Know-Who’ that Charlotte had mentioned on the train. But that morbid thought quickly slipped my mind as Dumbledore stood up to address the students including the first years who had, by this time, been sorted.

“Now is not the time to make speeches as I am sure that everybody is hungry and longing for the divine feast that awaits us: so tuck in!”

I looked down at the table to see it laden with every type of food conceivable. I piled a few pork chops, roast potatoes, green beans, and chicken legs on to my plate and then doused it all in gravy.

Amber who had been talking to Emma turned and looked across at my plate disdainfully, “Are you really going to eat all of that? I mean have you thought about the amount of calories in it all?”

Calorie counting was Amber’s new method of keeping her weight down that she had started using at the end of last year. Two years ago she had been bulimic to a point where she got so thin that she had to have a nasty smelling potion forced down her throat by Madame Pomfrey to stop her fainting- not that she needed to at all- she was thinner than everybody in the whole year. I suppose that she thought that boys found it attractive or something- personally I just thought she looked sickly.

“Yes, Amber. I’m hungry, and I don’t really care about calories to be honest.” I wouldn’t be able to deal with another whole year with her breathing down my neck about my eating habits. She sniffed at this remark and turned back to her conversation with Emma about the muggle boy that she had met over the summer.

Amber, with her long, silky golden-brown hair and chocolate brown eyes, tall figure and tanned skin look like a model out of a magazine, if it wasn’t for the fact that she practically starved herself and was now stick thin she would be one of the most beautiful people I had ever met. The pity with Amber was, that she could be extremely cleaver if she even put in the smallest amount of effort. Instead, she chose to play dumb to get attention from boys.

Unfortunately, her personality wasn’t quite as beautiful as her looks-she was an exceptionally jealous person and had the unpleasant habit of making up spiteful rumours about people who she feels threaten her or whom she holds grudges against.

Charlotte was one of the unlucky people to whom Amber had taken a particular dislike, as back in second year, Cameron Williams a Hufflepuff in our year, had dumped Amber for Charlotte. But by this time she had stopped caring about the pathetic rumours that circulated about her, and most people had stopped believing them.

About an hour later, with our stomachs considerably fuller and the tables much clearer, the babble of noise began to subside as everybody started to think wistfully of the four-poster beds that were waiting up in the dormitories.

Dumbledore stood up and looked carefully around the room, there was no twinkle in his eyes and he had a grave expression on his face.

“This year, the resilience and strength of the Hogwarts students and its staff will be tested.” His bright blue eyes occasionally rested on certain students around the room that was now deathly quiet, “We must put behind us any differences that we think there may be between us, and stand strong against the dark forces that threaten to penetrate this castles walls. I urge every single person within this room to not succumb or give into these people for the sake of ease. Remember that we are stronger if we stand united and so have a greater chance of defeating the enemy.” He paused, “Now on a lighter note, there have been some changes in staff this year. We will be glad to welcome Professor Byrne into our midst as the new Defence Against the Dark Arts teacher.”

“What! Why couldn’t they keep Professor Valga? She was a brilliant teacher!” said Sirius looking shocked.

“No she wasn’t,” replied Mollie, “you guys only liked her because she was part Veela!” Sirius and James began to retaliate but Dumbledore launched into speech once more.

“I would like to add that Mr. Filch has pinned up a revised list of banned artefacts from the school premises on the door to his office should anybody feel the need to check it. Additionally, I wish to remind everybody that the Forbidden Forest is out of bounds to all students and it should remain that way.”

His gaze rested on James and Sirius, who last year had secretly gone to investigate whether the rumours that there was a banshee living in there were true, but had come out supporting gruesome injuries. They both beamed back at him in response without a hint of embarrassment on their faces. “Now, off to bed. Pip pip.” Said Dumbledore abruptly, sitting back down at the staff table to resume his conversation with Professor Sprout.

Mollie and I jumped up from our seats, leaving Charlotte to walk up with Sirius and Peter, as we had to help marshal every one out of the hall along with Remus and James.

I stood by the door with James who looked rather unhappy to have to help first years rather than fire hexes at them, and waited until they had all gathered around us.

As we began to make our way out of the hall and up the staircase I saw Professor Slughorn just ahead of us talking to Professor Kettleburn, “You know I will sorely miss Professor Valga. Charming woman, I invited her to one of my little get togethers once. Said I would introduce her to an ex-student of mine who’s now…” But exactly whom Professor Slughorn was planning on introducing Professor Valga to, I never found out as he turned the corner into the staff room and shut the door.

Like most of the male population of Hogwarts, Professor Slughorn had been rather keen on Professor Valga and had made a point of inviting her every single one of his parties- indeed I had noticed that there had been a significant increase in the number of ‘get togethers’ that he had held last year.

We headed up the moving staircases with the first years in tow, looking wildly around them as the portraits on the wall turned and waved to them.

“I don’t remember being that excited about the portraits when I first came here,” said James coolly running a hand through his hair.

“Well, I suppose many of them are muggle born. I mean you are pure blood aren’t you? So, you would have known about this stuff long before you came here. I had no idea what anything was when I fist arrived. I was probably much more amazed by the portraits than they are.”

“I remember you screamed and hid behind a suit of amour when you fist saw a portrait move, on the way up to Gryffindor tower after the feast,” he said laughing. “You had to hold the prefects hand the whole rest of the way.”

“Did I?” I was shocked that he could still remember that, but as he said it, the memory came back to me.

We had reached the Fat Lady who guarded the entrance to Gryffindor tower and I took the crumpled piece of parchment from my skirt pocket to see the password.

“Oh shit! We don’t have the password.” He exclaimed, “hold on I’ll run back to McGonagall and get it from her.”

“Don’t worry I have it,” I called after him waving the piece of parchment, as he had started to hurry down the corridor, “Professor McGonagall gave it to me before the feast started.”

“Why didn’t she give it to me?”

“Probably because she thought I wouldn’t loose it in the space of an hour.” James looked rather put out by that, but I ignored it.

“Tempus Bellum” I said to the Fat Lady and the portrait swung obediently open to reveal Gryffindor common room. There was an audible intake of breath from the first years as they saw the comfy armchairs and the crackling fire burning merrily in the grate.

James ducked through the portrait hole and stood in front of the first years looking down on them seriously, “Now, before Lily and I show you to your dormitories, I have to lay down the law.” I looked dubiously at him. Where was he going with this? “There is a hierarchy. It’s essential that you all stick to it- other wise you will have to be punished most severely. If a seventh year comes in here you must immediately jump out of any of the chairs that you are sitting in and offer the chairs to them (or to any other year above yourselves) –especially if you are sitting in the armchairs by the fire…”

I cut him off short. He wasn’t supposed to be abusing his position of power to intimidate the younger years into doing what he wished and taking advantage of them.

“Don’t listen to him!” I said to the crowd of petrified kids, “You can sit wherever you like and there is no hierarchy here.” I glared at him, “You’ve been Head Boy for less than a day and you have already managed to scare the first years into believing that they have to do whatever the other years want!”

I continued to reprimand him the whole time that we were showing the first years the way to their dormitories, but my anger just seemed to amuse him. “Honestly Lily, you’ll thank me in a week or two when one of those little brats is hogging the armchairs playing Gobstones and you need to finish a five foot essay due for the nest day.”

Secretly, I understood what he was getting at, but that was still no way to talk to them, and as Head Boy he should have more sense than that. Before I could tell him this though, Sirius and Peter walked through the portrait hole.

As he headed off to talk to them, I proceeded up the stairs to the Seventh- Year Girls dormitories. Amber was unpacking, and, by the looks of it, her trunk was mainly full of make-up, hair and skin potions and dress robes, rather than actual textbooks or school robes.

Emma Willcock was lying on her bed; her black hair sprawled across her pillow, reading a long article about ‘The Weird Sisters’ in Witch Weekly. I looked over to see Mollie had the drapes shut around her bed. I wouldn’t disturb her.

Charlotte came out of the bathroom looking extremely irritated, shutting the door with more force than was probably needed, “Amber has taken up the whole cupboard with her stuff. Not one little space for anything of ours! I can’t take another year like last year! She’s insufferable!” she ranted to me shooting daggers at Amber across the room, who seemed not to notice.

We spent the next few hours ranting in hushed voices about Amber and her obsession with looking perfect; James and how he terrified the first years (irritatingly, though Charlotte took James’ side on this one saying “Look Lily, I know he annoys you, but he’s got a point. We have N.E.W.T.s this year, we are going to need to revise.”), and unpacking.

By this time, Emma had finished reading and had drawn the hangings around her bed, as had Amber. The sky had darkened and a fierce storm was brewing as the wind whistled outside. There was no one awake in the room but us and the dormitory was very quiet.

I lay on my bed looking up at the ceiling, “On the train, you said you would tell me who this ‘You-Know-Who’ person is?” I said turning to face Charlotte who was lying on the bed next to mine.

This thought had been bugging me since Dumbledore’s speech after diner. Our world was obviously terrified of them- what could they have done to be so feared that no one would even say their name?

I could see Charlotte tense slightly at this. “Do you not know anything about him?” she asked in a hushed voice. I shook my head, would she just tell me who he was instead of making me feel stupid?

She spoke slowly and deliberately as if she was choosing her words carefully, “He’s the most powerful wizard since Grindewald; some people say he’s more powerful than Dumbledore- but I don’t believe them. He’s a murderer. But he doesn’t just kill anyone… he kills muggle-borns, half bloods and even muggles. Says that the muggle- borns and half bloods don’t disserve to learn magic and that it should just be for the pure bloods.

The ministry has been trying to catch him for the whole summer. Nobody can stand a chance against him or his followers he calls the Death Eaters. If he wants to kill you, mark my words you will be dead in no time. I read that You-Know-Who had been after Mollie’s uncle because he was an auror and had tipped off the ministry about the whereabouts of some of the Death Eaters; he must have caught him.

You-Know-Who’s got all manner of creatures at his disposal ready to fight for him- even some of the giants; and the Daily Profit said that the dementors were now on his side too! He’s waging war on our world- just read the front page of the Profit and you’ll see what I’m talking about.”

"Do you know his real name?" I asked tentatively.

"... Lord Voldemort," she whispered, barely loud enough for me to hear.

She rolled over on her bed and was silent. I lay awake for what seemed like hours, listening to the wind howling outside and rattling the pains of glass, as Mollie’s muffled sobs slowly faded away.

Suddenly the thick walls of Hogwarts didn’t seem so safe anymore.

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