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The Real Potters: Where It All Begins by LadyMalfoy23
Chapter 7 : Quidditch
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“Harry, hurry up the match starts in five minutes,” Nicole hollered up the stairs to the boys’ dormitories. Nearly two months had passed and Nicole decided only a week ago to finally let Harry out of the dog house. She did however cease all communication with Malfoy. Their relationship took a sour turn for the worse. Every opportunity placed before Harry and he was spent fighting, but Nicole just stopped caring. In the matter of months since that dreaded double potions lesson, Nicole and George’s relationship had made itself very public around school and with Hermione’s help she was getting great grades.

“HARRY!” Nicole was just about to march up the stairs when he ran down grabbing her hand as they rushed out of the portrait hole. Harry continued dragging Nicole all the way down to the pitch while she complained about how he took so long to get ready. With Nicole tripping twice and Harry dragging her to her feet, they barely made it to the pitch to see the Quaffle released and the teams zoom off in different directions.

“Today could not be a better day for the first Quidditch match of the New Year.” Lee Jordan’s voice was amplified across the pitch. “Welcome one and all to the kick off game; Ravenclaw versus Gryffindor!”
The crowds’ cheers erupted from the raised stands surrounding the game as Lee started a commentary of the match.

“Alicia Spinnet is first to snag the Quaffle and quickly passes to teammate, Angelina Johnson, who just barely avoided a Bludger attack her way from Jaden Smith. She then shoots and SCORES 10 points for Gryffindor!” Nicole grabbed onto Harry’s shoulders and was jumping in the air cheering as Hermione rolled her eyes but also clapped enthusiastically.


“Keeper, Sean Stevens, passes to Mathew Spencers and. . . Ooh that one is going to hurt in the morning.” Fred Weasley sent a Bludger flying straight for Spencers knocking him off his broom just before he scored a goal. Loud cheers from the Gryffindor fans were subtly drowned out by echoing boos from the Ravenclaws.
The game carried on, pass after pass, goal after goal, and finally when the score was Ravenclaw 40 to Gryffindor 60 something happened. “Timothy Shall, Gryffindor Seeker, shoots off past the hustle of the game into a steep dive quickly followed by Joshua Patterson of Ravenclaw.”
Harry pointed his arm in their direction. “I can see the Snitch!”
Nicole was on her tippy toes, squinting in the direction Harry pointed and indeed there was a small glint of gold rapidly flying feet away from both Seekers.

“Oh no! Patterson is passing, he is going to catch the Snitch and we’re going to–” Nicole stopped as a Bludger crashed into Patterson, knocking him drastically off course.
“Thanks to George Weasley’s brilliant Bludger attack, GRYFFINDOR WINS! Shawl has caught the Snitch for 150 points!” Lee thundered over the field, and then quickly leapt from the commentator’s box. He was found rushing up to the teams with the rest of Gryffindor as the team Captains shook hands. Nicole and Harry pushed their way through the crowd of people, most of which were congratulating George on the attack. Everyone knew that if it had not been for that Bludger, Gryffindor would be just as upset as the Ravenclaws right now.
Nicole spied George a few yards away craning his neck as if he was looking for someone. He didn’t seem too interested in the many people shaking his hand, patting his back, and rushing over for hugs. Once eye contact was made, he made his way over as politely as possible to the shy girl standing away from the main commotion near the team. She noticed him smiling at her and shoving his way over and her heart melted. When the crowd seemed to diminish he started to speed up and was scooping Nicole into his arms.
She quickly wrapped her arms around his neck as her feet left the ground. Nicole was never expecting it when his lips came crashing down on hers. She began to relax and ease into the kiss after the initial shock wore off. She stood surrounded by those she did and did not know as they all witnessed their first kiss!
Nicole was brought back to reality when their kiss was cut short due a group of idiot boys George knew cheering and whistling. As she was lowered to the ground she couldn’t help but smile and roll her eyes at them as George slung his arm over her shoulder proving she was his and he was hers. She blushed and began enjoying the house victory with the rest of her friends.
Out of the corner of her eye she saw a tall blonde running at full speed from the pitch. She felt a twinge of guilt course through her body noticing it was Malfoy closely followed by Blaise. She watched them run all the way to the lake before immersing herself back into the celebration.


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