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Speaking in Rainbow by dream_BIG
Chapter 7 : Vibrant Yellow
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Why me? WHY, MERLIN, WHY?!

“Mmffth.” I pulled my cheek off of my pillow and gazed blearily through the darkness towards the vague direction of Logan’s crib.

I hate how the stupid charm only works until six a.m. I mean, if you wanted to make a good charm, at least be thorough about it!

Useless shit. I cursed under my breath as I pushed the blanket off of me and swung my legs over the side of the bed. Suddenly, something around my waist tightened, and that’s when I realized that I had somehow, unknowingly, become James Potter’s teddy bear during the night.


“Washappening?” he mumbled groggily.

“Getoffame,” I slurred, picking his hand up and tossing it to the side.

“Ishcold,” he groaned, inching closer and burying his face in my back, snaking his hand around my stomach again. “Tooloud.”

“I need,” I yawned hugely, “to get to the baby.”

“Shutituuuuuuuuup!” James whined. My eyes instantly sparked in anger – I hate whiny voices.

“I’m trying, you little shit!”

“Jeez.” He blinked reproachfully up at me. “Don’t have to be so angry.”

“I’m sorry,” I said in a sugary voice. “Do you mind getting off of me so that I can shut your baby up?”

“My baby?” he asked disbelievingly as I shuffled over to the crib and fished Logan out of it. “It’s yours, too!”

“I bet it got your annoying genes,” I said resentfully as I swayed from side to side and bounced up and down.

“Excuse me, but I don’t posses annoying genes in my beautifully crafted body,” he said haughtily, sitting up and watching me. He came across slightly blurred to my constantly moving vision.

“Oh, I seriously beg to differ.”

“Do you guys always argue this loudly at six a.m.?” Jasmine asked sleepily, sitting up and scratching at her crazy bed-head.

“Yes, it’s tradition,” I snapped, setting a now-sleeping Logan back in his crib. I stretched, cracking my back and letting out a contented sigh. Running my fingers through my surprisingly smooth hair, I crossed over to the bathroom. “I’m taking a shower.”

“I’ll come,” James hurriedly slipped in behind me.

“Oh, that’s just – EW!” Jasmine exclaimed as I closed the door.

“What are you doing?” I hissed, my eyes flashing at James.

“You’re not leaving me in there with your deranged cousin!” he sounded appalled at the mere idea.

“But Logan’s there – with my deranged cousin, oh shit!” I whisper-yelped, pulling the door open, expecting to see Jasmine standing over my baby with a ten-inch knife or something equally dangerous.

But she was on the floor, looking owlishly up at me. “What?”

“Nothing.” But I left the door open as I crossed over to the sink and pulled out my toothbrush.

Well, you can’t be too careful around this girl. You never know when she’ll snap. She’s dangerous to the society, she is. She seriously needs to be locked up. In a huge, windowless vault. Wearing a straightjacket. Or maybe eight.

Yeah, eight sounds good.

I brushed furiously at my teeth as I crossed back over to the doorway between the bathroom and the room and leaned against it, raising my eyebrows briefly at James, who was watching me in amusement. He just shook his head and walked to the sink as well, and I scowled.

I’m not even going to think about last night. And if he brings it up, I’ll…punch his face or something. But I’m not talking about it. And definitely – definitely – not going to think about it. Nope, not me. Who’s thinking about last night? Definitely not me. Not at all. Not even a little.



“About last night…” James began hesitantly as he trailed after me into the kitchen.


I turned around and sent my fist swinging towards his face (what? I decided I would punch his face, didn’t I? It was a good plan), but he jerked out of the way just in time, gaping at me incredulously.

“What was that for?!”

“I don’t want to talk about last night,” I informed him flatly, turning around and opening the refrigerator door. I fished out eggs and some milk, then dug through the cabinets for some ready-made pancake flour as James continued to be appalled behind me.

“Well, you didn’t have to punch me,” he finally managed.

“I missed, didn’t I?”

“Yeah, only because I have mad athletic skill and managed to dodge it,” James said, still sounding shell-shocked.

“I just…don’t want to talk about it,” I muttered furiously, swinging a pan onto the stove and lighting it as I prepared the pancake batter. My movements were methodic and smooth, but my mind was whirring, my brain in fifty different places at once. Logan, who was currently banging on his high hair. Jasmine, taking a shower. Nana, taking a shower. My Uncle and Aunt, both getting dressed.

James. Staring at the back of my head. Trying to figure me out.

Hopefully failing.

“I just wanted to apologize,” James finally said. “I was totally out of line…don’t know what I was thinking, I mean, you’re right. I have a girlfriend, and my actions were totally and completely uncalled for – could you at least look at me?”

I turned around exasperatedly, “What?”

“Why are you so pissed?” He asked.

“I’m not pissed,” I declared angrily. He raised an eyebrow.

“Fine,” I sighed heavily. “I guess I am pissed. It’s just – you went way too far last night, okay? It was just too much, and –”

“I’m honestly really sorry and I promise it won’t happen again,” James cut across sincerely. “Marauder’s honor.”

Marauder’s honor? Was that supposed to be reassuring?

“Don’t kid yourself; you could never be a Marauder.” But I turned around to grin slightly at him, so he knew he was forgiven.

“I have the names of two of the greatest Marauders of all time, so I beg to differ,” James shot back, looking perceptively relieved and hoisting himself onto the counter next to the stove.

“Names don’t mean anything,” I said dismissively. “I told you that already. You make your own name and stuff.Just read a fairy tale and you'll learn all about being happy with who you are. Or maybe you'll learn not to ever eat things that strangers give, you...”

"What are you talking about?" James asked me, looking at me like I was insane.

I turned around to look at him incredulously, letting out a short, breathy laugh. “I forgot you’re deprived.”

“Oi, I am not deprived.”

“Anyone who doesn’t know fairy tales is deprived. How did you grow up, anyhow, without fairy tales?”

“Well, we had different fairy tales. You know, like Babbitty Rabbitty and her Cackling Stump –”

Excuse me? Her cackling what?” I laughed.

“Stump, Aurora, stump. What’s so funny?” James asked indignantly.

I shook my head, trying to stifle more laughter. “No wonder you’re so incredibly screwed up.”

“I am not screwed up, thank you very much –”

“Uh-huh. This coming from the guy who decided that,” I mimicked his deep voice rather horribly, “‘maybe just needs to get me out of his system.’”

He scowled. “I’ll get you for that.” He hopped off the counter just as I finished flipping a pancake onto a plate, and actually came at me, looking distinctly menacing. I decided that, in order to preserve my well-being, I should just high-tail it out of his general vicinity as fast as I could, so I darted away with a squeal, my spatula brandished in front of me to ward off the evil Potter.

“Get away from me!” I wiggled my spatula threateningly as I backed away from him. Logan let out a happy screech and stuck both of his hands into his bowl of baby-cereal. He then flung some at me and James. It lodged itself into both of our hair, but I decided that I would worry about that later and instead focus on the deranged boy currently intent on ‘getting me’ for my comment.

“I’m going to make you beg for mercy, Reese,” he promised me as I turned around the table and shoved chairs out of my way.

“Don’t even think about it, Potter – AUGH!” I screamed, turning around and trying to run out of the room as Potter lunged towards me. But Potter’s quick, annoying, snitch-catching arms shot out and grabbed me around the middle before I could move even half a foot.

“Put me down!” I screeched, kicking my legs around and waving my spatula through the air as he hoisted me up.

“Beg!” He retaliated, leaning back so that my feet flailed towards the ceiling. I screamed again, and Logan echoed back, flinging more baby cereal into our hair.

“Let me go, James!”

“I said beg, woman!” He spun me around so that the room became nothing more than a dizzy blur. I screamed again, and Logan started wailing loudly. He chucked the cereal bowl at us, and our heads became a lovely mix of baby breakfast and hair.

“I’m not begging!”

“Then I’m not putting you down!”

“But I’m your wife!”

“Don’t care. BEG!

“I’m the mother of your bloody child, for god’s sake –!”

“What the hell are you guys doing?”

I froze mid-kick, my mouth comically open in the middle of a sentence and my eyes wide as me and James simultaneously swiveled our heads around to look at my extremely shocked family members, who were all gaping at us.


A particularly large glop of cereal fell from my hair and landed on the floor with a satisfying splat sound that resonated around the room in a bright yellow color.


“Arguing?” I said weakly.

“Morning entertainment,” James suggested.

“Why do you have breakfast in your hair?” Nana asked.

“Logan wanted to join in as well,” I said, and, as if on cue, Logan let out a gurgle of agreement.

“Do you do this every morning?” Uncle Tom asked warily.

I laughed awkwardly as James set me on my feet. “Of course not, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Are you always,” Jasmine thought for a second, and a light smirk unfurled on her face, “this…physical when you argue?”

My face blossomed red. “No.”

Dumb bitch.

There was a short silence.

“So, who wants breakfast?” James asked brightly, clapping his hands together. Logan mimicked him, and James turned around to send him a grin.

“Breakfast,” Nana smiled warmly, “sounds great.”

I smiled weakly and turned back to the stove, the only thought running through my head: oh my god.



James shot Uncle Tom a scared look and inched even further away from him as Uncle Tom shouted directions at the basketball players on the screen.

I swear that man worries me. I mean, honestly – they can’t hear you, Uncle Tom. You do know that, right?

“…Aurora?” Nana finished. I turned around to look at her, my face blank.

“Er – sorry, what?” I asked sheepishly. She smiled at me and put her hand on mine.

“Your tea’s getting cold, dear.”

“Oh.” I blinked and looked down at the cup I was clutching. “Right.” I took a sip, setting it down and smiling slightly at the three of them. We’d decided to let Uncle Tom and James get some ‘bonding time’ (Tom’s words, not mine), and were currently sitting on the kitchen table, ‘catching up’.

Which basically meant that Aunt Lucy, Nana and Jasmine gossiped while I sat there and tried to look interested.

“Sweetie, I don’t mean to pry or anything,” Aunt Lucy said hesitantly, “but…are you…happy?”

I looked at her for a second. “Um, of course I’m happy. What makes you think that I’m not?”

The three of them exchanged glances, and I hid my scowl behind another sip of tea. I hate it when people think they know me better than I do. No one knows me better than me, okay? Are you the one that lives in my head every day? No. That would be me. So shut up and wipe that damn superior look off of your face.

“Well…everything seems a bit…rushed. Dear,” Nana added hastily, glancing quickly at Logan, who was sitting quietly (for once) munching on little pieces of cereal.

“Of course it’s not rushed,” I said innocently. “I’m eighteen, Nana. I’m old enough to make my own decisions.”

“I’m not saying that you aren’t!” Nana said hurriedly. Jasmine smirked and sat back with a satisfied smile. Whenever Nana started protesting her real intentions, it usually meant a long, tedious lecture was in store. “It’s just that…well, you’re awfully young, Aurora. Don’t you think it’s a bit soon to have a husband and a baby already? You must have already been pregnant at around seventeen, and that’s just…so early. Not to mention that it’s definitely not legal to get married at seventeen, so that means –”

“It’s legal if your parents allow you,” I said, my voice sharper than I had intended. “I got pregnant with Logan after I got married, Nana. At least think about who you’re talking about before you insinuate things. You know I’m not like that.”

Whoa there, tiger. Calm down.

“Well…I’m a little hurt that none of us were invited to your wedding, too,” Aunt Lucy chimed in, adopting her ‘sad’ face.

This counts as emotional blackmail. Can I please throw these people out now?

“It was really small, Aunt Lucy,” I sighed. “Just our very immediate families. I just…” Think Slytherin, Aurora! Emotional blackmail them right back, damn it! “Well…I knew you guys would start judging me if I told you, and that’s just not fair to me! No one these days takes into account that two people might just be getting married because they’re in love. They keep thinking that it’s because someone got pregnant, or some other legal issue. I just wanted to be with James. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.”

Damn, I’m good. I should totally be made an honorary Slytherin.

Um, just kidding.

“No,” Nana protested quickly, her eyes wide, “we’re not judging you, love, we’re just…concerned about you.”

Oh sure. Pulled the ‘concerned adult’ card. That’s the solution for every bout of nosiness.

“Why would you be concerned, Nana?” I asked in the most sweetest voice I possessed. Sugar literally dripped off of my every word.

“We walked into a full-blown fight this morning,” Jasmine said snidely. “It’s a cause for us to be…concerned.”

I laughed lightly. “Me and James weren’t actually fighting. We were playing around. We’re still young, you know, and that entails stupid games of tag, and hide-and-seek, and tug-of-war…” I shrugged as though it was obvious, “me and James just have lots of fun together. That’s the best thing about him – he can never be actually mad about anything. Any time I say something stupid, he just turns it into a game. Tickles me until I beg for mercy or something like that.”

The fact that I’m suddenly so good at lying has started to seriously worry me.

“Oh,” Aunt Lucy looked perceptively shocked. “Well. That’s…that’s okay, then.”

“Honestly, you three,” I laughed again. “You worry just too much. I love James, and James loves me. We’re happy together in our little family. Really happy.”

This whole ordeal is the biggest mess that I could have landed myself in. Obviously, me and Potter are going to be done with each other by the time these four months are over, and Logan’s going to be completely gone. So…then what am I supposed to tell these people? Hi, I lied to you about my whole life?

Yeah, more like hell no.

Should I just Obliviate them? How am I going to get something this large to be erased from their memories? Shit – I suck at Memory Wiping Charms!

Crap. I should get practicing on that. Maybe it’ll be easiest on Jasmine, since she’s such a daft idiot. I mean, it’s just four muggles that get Obliviated, right? Not a big deal, right? Right?

Is that even legal? Hell, who cares if it’s legal?

Oh my god, I CARE IF IT’S LEGAL! Of course I do! I’m a law-abiding magical citizen! A law-abiding magical citizen, damn it

Just put me in Slytherin already, Merlin! Take me to Hell!

“Aurora, you seem awfully distracted,” Nana said worriedly, and I snapped out of my internal despair-fest and focused my eyes on them again.

“I – sorry,” I said lamely, giving them a weak smile. “I’m okay. Just tired, you know, with Logan and all…”

“He doesn’t wake up at night,” Jasmine said right away, sounding smug at having picked up my lie.

“You wouldn’t know, Jasmine darling, you were too busy snoring away to hear anything,” I said in a tone as teasingly light as I could. Nana and Aunt Lucy laughed and Jasmine scowled at me, although she did look a bit worried. I cackled like an evil Slytherin inside my head. Might as well perfect it, since I’m going to Hell anyway.

“Oh love, I’m sorry for even thinking that you were unhappy,” Nana said, patting my hand again, “I’ve never seen you glow like this before. You’re so in love and so content with your life it’s practically infectious!”

I smiled weakly. Yeah…okay.

writer's block really sucks :| but hopefully i'll get over it. inspiration is always great :D

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