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Captive by artemisia
Chapter 1 : There's no place like London
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On the cold, dirty streets between digon ally and knockturn ally, ayoung woman sat on the cold hard ground playing a well worn guitar and singing. Occasionallypeople would stop and listen for a moment and throw a Knut or two intothe case she had propped open, but this didn't happen very often. Thegirl had been there for a few weeks desperate for money. The sun whichhad been slowly sinking finally dropped below the horizon and fadedinto night. The struggling musician finally packed up her belongings anddecided to look for a place to sleep. As she walked down the ally way,she was stopped by a tall man with a lecherous grin.

"I heard you singing today. Actually might I ask you a question?" hesaid while his ice blue eyes raked over her thin body.

"yes?" the woman asked warily.

"How much would you charge to sing at a dinner party?"

" Umm.. Twenty galleons per hour." the girl said just naming a randomprice. She didn't want to go any where with this creep, so figuringthat he would just turn her down, she ran with it. Anything to get himaway from her.

" Done." The man said sticking out his hand for her to shake it.The musician was speechless she didn't expect him to accept her price.

"I will expect you at my manor in an hour wearing something suitable,perhaps something green." He suggested still staring at her."

" Uhh ok. Where do you live?" she asked not realizing what she wassaying.

" Malfoy Manor, just floo over. You may change in our guest house soyou don't dirty yourself."

"Wow, thank you!" the girl said hoisting her case over her shoulder."see you at seven then."

"Until then."

The girl ran down the road ecstatic that she had found a gig. She hadbeen living on the streets ever since her long time boyfriend kickedher out, and this just seemed like a change in luck. But still she hada nervous feeling.

She was happy... That was until she realized she had no clothes. Sureshe had jeans and shirts, but nothing appropriate for a fancy dinnerparty. She finally pulled out the fanciest top she had and transfiguredit into a long, modest emerald silk green dress. She also transfigured an oldsweatshirt into a stylish fur wrap. She shoved her cloths into herguitar case ran inside the Leaky Cauldron and jumped into the preppedfireplace, her stomach twisting in anxiety, shouting the name of themanor.

She appeared in a huge dark mansion in a whirl of ash and green flameswhen she finally shook the debris from her and wiped her feet on themat, curiously set at the foot of the portal, she realized that notall was dark and still, her conscience screamed at her to run away,unfortunately she soon discovered that the fireplace was blocked. Theshadows started creeping towards her, she screamed for help but no one came. That entire night the onlything that responded to her pleas of help, was her own echo.

Authors Note: All Characters mentioned (except my own) belong to the wonderful J.K Rowling. This story will not have graphic scenes but it is rated Mature just incase. I do not wish to offend anyone, but if you disagree with the content, please leave a review and I will do my best to rearrange the story to be more reader friendly.

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Captive: There's no place like London


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