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Intertwined by Ravensdaughter
Chapter 34 : Goodnight and Welcome
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“And that’s goodnight from us here at Potterwatch,” announced Rachel’s voice over the radio from the magical microphone from their secret location.

“And remember,” said Lee, “Be careful and support Mr Potter.”

“Well said River.”

“Thanks Rose,” he replied. “That’s it from us at potterwatch. Oh- and remember the next password is Hogwarts. You’ll need it to tune in tomorrow night.”

George flicked the radio off and looked over at Fred. “She’s fine,” he said sitting back down next to his brother. Fred hadn’t seen her in a while and getting anxious had made him a little snappy for the last few days. “Let’s go and see them,” said George and they both stood up and apparated to the, not so secret to them, place where the radio show had been broadcasted.

A brown door with an ordinary door knocker and letter box was now in front of them. They knocked on the door together and waited as someone came to answer the door.

“What’s your name?” asked a voice from the door that they knew.

“This is Mr Weasley-”

“And Mr Weasley-”

“At you service,” they announced through the door.

“How did we meet?” asked the voice again.

“Lee we know it’s you- we met you eight years ago in Diagon Alley collecting school equipment and you were hiding behind a table outside Florean Fortescue’s trying to sneak off to nick some ice cream like we were.” They answered together clarifying that they really were who they were.

They heard a cat meow in an alley way behind them and looked out to see the street behind them. They turned back and saw Lee Jordan open the door.

“Hello you two,” he said cheerily at their presence. “That was a good day,” hye said reflecting on when they'd met.

“Until we were caught by Mr Fortescue,” added George.

They walked through the door way and Lee shut it again. The voices were heard in the living room. The door opened and rachel stepped out. Fred looked to his brother who was staring at him in a way that said 'I'll see you later then'.

 “Hello,” she said as the others went to talk to the others. "Do you want to talk to the others?"

“Hello,” he answered in the same slightly breazy tone she had used, as though a weight had been taken of his shoulders. "And no I want to stay here with you." She smiled and leaned up and kissed him lightly before they went inbto the other room were there was another couch and they sat down on it together. They went back to kissing, after crashing on to her lips, picking up from their last intense one and ended up lying, ahough slightly cramped, next to each other still stuck to each other by their mouths unyielding and a hard soft feeling of their lips together.

“How’ve you been?” Rachel asked after they had finished kissing as they lay there holding each other.

“I missed you,” he replied simply.

“Same here,” she answered back.

“How’s everyone else?” she asked.

“Worried but coping- Gin hopes you’re ok,” he said.

“I’m good as long as you and everyone is," she replied settling into his arms and chest on the couch.

“Same here,” he chuckled as he echoed her earlier sentiments.

“Come back soon,” she asked quietly with her head on his chest.

“Of course- In three days?” he asked.

“That sounds good,” she said smiling lazily.

“Ok,” he said. Getting out of his lying position she followed suit and he walked out the door and a few second later his brother did as well and they went back home.

“See you soon,” he said as he kissed her.

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