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With Sirius Black by Owlpost68
Chapter 1 : Prologue with Sirius Black
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A/N: Here it is my version of what has happened in the life of Sirius Black. His brother certainly had his secrets, why shouldn't Sirius have his own? Read and find out what they are, with Sirius Black.

Edited 3/3/2016

Disclaimer: I do not own anything you recognize.

Chapter 1

Prologue with Sirius Black

Azkaban 1986, 8 years before the legendary escape from a supposedly inescapable prison.

Well, today seems just like any other: cold, dark and depressing. The one thing that is different is the unusual ability to sleep. But, it’s a sleep filled with dreams of friends; the dead, the double-crossers and those who believe me the double-crosser. Not great, but there’s nothing that’s good, anymore, let alone great. I’m getting used to it, though. I’ve found that the Dementors that swarm my cell can take away good thoughts and hope…but not truth.

Truth is what allows me to cope being where I am, instead of that good for nothing rat of a traitor.

Truth reminds me of things I was taught; things I wasn’t even aware I was learning, at the time. Now, thanks to what remains in my head, I’m able to plan a way out of here. But hope goes out the window because I still won’t be free…I’ll be tracked. I’m almost thankful there’s no hope…it’s just something that would make me lose my head.”

I have my Animagus ability, but I haven't been able to do it in here, yet. I've been close, but I have a feeling that it'll still be years. I'll have to practice constantly. If I don't, my ability won't last long enough to get away. Try: I’ll have to practice constantly. If I don’t, my ability won’t last long enough to get away.

I almost laugh thinking of Moody, ‘Constant Vigilance,’ he’d say. Who would have thought a lesson from an Auror would be helping a prisoner of Azkaban?

I sit in my cell, curled in a ball, my head on my knees, and, like everyone else in here, lift my head when I hear the prison door creek open and slam shut. I sit in my cell, curled in a ball, my head on my knees, and, like everyone else in here, lift my head when I hear the prison door creek open and slam shut.

I put my head back down; it’s just the Minister of Magic making his 6 month rounds to all the prisoners. This must mean its mid-summer. None of us can tell here, it seems to be the same temperature all the time. I've been keeping track though; it's one of the few things that keeps me sane… unlike the others I hear, sometimes.

Bellatrix. She seems to be taking prison pretty hard. I yell for her to “shut the bloody hell up!”; I’ve even gotten some of the other prisoners to do the same.

My life has gotten pretty bad if this is what I have entertainment

Eventually, I hear the Minister pause between the cell he was just at, and mine.

This is my other form of amusement.

He makes me start chuckling bitterly whenever he does this.

During these visits, I scare the bloody hell out of him every single time.

The fool.

I’m not the one you should be afraid of.

It's my only joke I've been able to play throughout all these years, and the absolute only time I can laugh at all.

I laugh like a maniac at the Minister because he thinks I was the one that blew up those people, that I'm still dangerous, when the one he should be looking for is still out there somewhere, probably living among the rats until its “safe.”




Summer of 1993. Escape with Sirius Black.

I look down at my paw deciding trying to decide if it looks clean, but it’s too damned dark. The good thing about being able to turn into a dog in Azkaban isn't just the fact the Dementors can't affect me as much… no, it's that I can clean myself more often. It still grosses me out, but it gets the job done. Now that I can stay this way for hours, I’ll just wait for the right moment when I can kill the man I was sentenced for.

Mid-lick, I hear the distant voice of the Minister and reluctantly turn back to my human form. Turning back always means being affected by the Dementors’ hope-sucking ways.

I know it will take a while for the Minister to get to me; it gives me time to think about how to interact with him. I don't laugh as much as I used to. It’s gotten old after 12 years.

Eh, maybe I'll wing it this time… might be more interesting this way.

I hear the tell-tale pause between cells again. I shake my head; I thought for sure he would pull himself together at some point over the years, but apparently not. I've stopped most of my laughing too. Go figure.

His pale face appears behind the bars I need to slip through to escape and he nods, “Black.”

I nod slightly back in acknowledgement, “Minister.”

My eye catches a glimpse of The Daily Prophet in his hands, tapping his leg nervously with it.

As nonchalant as possible I ask, “Are you finished with that? Kinda miss doing the crossword” I point toward the paper.

He jumps in surprise and nearly drops it, “Oh yes, I've already read it. Here; haven't even looked at the crossword.”

He puts it on the floor next to the bars. It’s almost like he doesn't want it anymore, now that I’ve mentioned it. Just fine with me; it gives me something to do other than clean myself...

“Thank you Minister.”

“Yes, well, I better... better... better go,” and practically runs away; bloody coward.

Once he leaves I snatch up the paper greedily, put it in front of me, and turn into a dog.

Sunday, July 31, 1993.

That date.

I stare at it for who knows how long.

Harry's birthday, he must be 13 then. Merlin, has it really been that long?

Ok… now, is there anything interesting in this paper? Ads… couldn’t care less about them; crossword… Merlin, no… I hate the bloody crossword; the Ministry… not really, unless it’s about Peter making some slip-up, which I’m half expecting… an article about a sweepstakes winner. Eh… why not?

Wow, huge family; The Weasley's… Something about the name clicks and I stare blankly at the page while my brain works frantically, trying to remember them.

They were part of the Order!

Yes, it has to be them. I remember when Arthur’s wife Molly was pregnant with some of these kids. The twins look exactly like Gideon and Fabian, just younger. The Prewetts were legends when we first started Hogwarts. Yep, they have to be directly related; I can see that they're even trying to prank one of the brothers in the picture. One of the twins whispers to another brother with glasses, who turns a darker shade of newspaper…clearly blushing. He quickly looks down then up again, all outraged, and smacks the twin on the back of the head. Both twins laugh their heads off.

Judging by the reactions I'd say they just told their brother his fly was down when it wasn't. For the first time in years I wish I could laugh, but the Dementors are too strong.

I scan through the rest of the kids in the picture and see a little redhead girl that could've been Lily in her 1st or 2nd year… my stomach clenched with familiar grief. Next to her is a slightly older brother holding something that’s clearly trying to hide from the camera, but the boy has ahold of him too tightly.
It looks like a rat. Wait… something’s wrong with it.

For one thing, he's really scraggly. Another, his paws don't seem to look normal…

My eyes widen in shock. I watched the picture for several minutes just to be sure. Finally the boy held it still long enough… Bloody hell! I'd know that little, scrawny runt anywhere! This is it, this is the sign I didn't know I was waiting for.

A week. One more week and I’ll be out.

It’s only been 5 days, but I can’t take it anymore. I wanted to leave earlier but if I had done it that day, I would have been caught. Security way too high because the Minister was there.

The Dementor passes my cell and, knowing there won’t be one for another few hours, I slip through the bars as a dog. The other prisoners are too busy rocking, moaning and staring blankly into the space of their own demented minds to notice me. Now, I’m on my way to something resembling freedom. I continue to focus on my truth. If the Dementors get any whiff of hope they’ll swarm to the cell and stay there for hours until it’s gone.

I make it outside, but it’s barely any better. It’s cold and the salty air stings my eyes. Still, I plunge into the icy water and hear myself whimper. Bloody hell it’s cold!

I’m lucky its summer or this probably wouldn’t work at all.

Swimming through the freezing waters surrounding Azkaban, I try and concentrate to keep my mind working, focusing on getting to the land. If I don’t I’ll run out of motivation to keep going. I can’t let the bastard run free while I freeze my tail off and let myself drown.

The first place I'll go is to Godric’s Hollow. James and Lily wanted to be buried there if anything happened. I bitterly remembered how I laughed and said it would never happen.

Panting and exhausted, I think to myself, ‘Almost there.’

I have to try and see Harry after Godric’s Hollow. I definitely remember Hagrid telling me Harry needed to go to his Aunt’s house.

So cold, and I can barely see from the salty water stinging my eyes. My stomach churns from drinking too much of it as the waves crash over me. It’s as if the ocean knows I escaped and is trying to keep me from my goal.

Forcing myself to stay focused and not on how tired I am, I remember how James begged Lily to let me go with him to meet her sister and brother in-law, as his dog, for moral support. I know where they live.

Just a bit farther.

Lily's sister looked like a horse about to give birth. It was a good thing I was a dog and couldn't say anything, but James just blurted it out anyway.

I think I see land.

Harry must look so much like him.

No, just floating wood, but that must mean there’s something more soon.

I'll be sure to get Harry something to make up for my not being around as his God father. Merlin it’s cold.

But in the meantime, I'm going to get the bloody little rat of a bastard.

A tree appears not too far away and a burst of adrenaline surges through me.




A/N: Well here's the first chapter, just an opening to the story really. Can you believe this whole story used to be a one shot? I've been able to break it into at least 4 chapters, maybe more if I edit and change some things. I haven't ever gone into too many dark scenarios like people in Azkaban, but Sirius's situation's different. Let me know how I did :) Thanks for reading! and I respond to any and all reviews which are greatly appreciated with happy dances. Thanks!


*Some things were referenced from the book Harry Potter and the Prizoner of Azkaban, I don't think there was a specific quote though.

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