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Sugar Free Sweets by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 2 : Jellybeans
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Disclaimer; Except for Lauren, Melissa and parts of the plot nothing in this story belongs to me. It is all the work of J.K Rowling.


Rumours passed quickly through the school of reasons why Melissa had fainted- everything from teenage pregnancy to eating disorders and attention seeking, but nothing anywhere near the truth, but even more of a hot topic was why exactly Remus Lupin had carried her up to the Hospital Wing, people thought he was perhaps the father of this non-existent child, another idea was that he fancied Melissa- possible but unlikely, and perhaps oddest of all some people had developed that Melissa and Remus were long lost siblings.


Melissa wasn’t used to being gossiped about or have rumours about her spread around, she and Lauren had always been so careful as to avoid it that it was rather well…odd for her. She was good at ignoring it though, and laughing about all the ridiculous ideas that people had come up with and how gullible people were as to believe them.


Inside, Melissa knew that as soon as Madam Pomfrey dismissed her she would be in out in the open for the whispering and giggling as she’d seen so many times before among her fellow peers, and well she was scared. Scrap that, she was frightened for her life about how people were going to treat her and the kind of lengths people would go to in order to find out the truth. It almost made her want to stay in the Hospital Wing until she graduated.


When she voiced this to Lauren, she thought Melissa was being overly dramatic and threatened to drag her out of the wing kicking and screaming if she had to. Knowing that her friend was dead serious, she decided not to mention it again and quickly went back to finishing off her dinner.


“Miss Sanchez, it’s vital for your health that you finish all your meal. Otherwise your sugars may drop to low again and this time the effects could be much worse” Madam Pomfrey cut in just as Melissa went to push away her mashed potato with a side of chicken, She’d never really been a fan of mashed potato really but they- except for corn and sweet potato they were really the only carbs she could really eat for dinner as Madam Pomfrey didn’t seem to think that cake was suitable.


Grudgingly, she pulled her plate back towards her and slowly finished off her potato much to her disgust.


“Wipe that smirk off your face girl” She whispered furiously to Lauren as her plate became clean.


“Yes, sir” Lauren replied, saluting Melissa who glared at her before picking up the Witch Weekly that Lauren had bought her. A few moments of silence, Melissa found herself being pelted with jellybeans. “Pay attention to me loser” Lauren taunted, hitting her friend with one of those disgusting black jellybeans right in the hand.


“Hey!” Melissa cried out in outrage, picking up the jellybeans that had been previously thrown at her and chucking them at Lauren who was almost doubled up with laughter. “You’re hurting the sick girl here” She cried, this set Lauren off again.


“You can’t claim that anymore sweetie, I think you’re getting better”



The next day Melissa was once again woken up at an ungodly hour (also known as 8am) by Madam Pomfrey. After testing her Blood Sugar Levels with a little prick of her finger, she grabbed out her insulin- which was what her pancreas was not making properly, therefore messing up sugar levels. The clear liquid was stored in a device that looked similar to a muggle pen which then Melissa only needed to join a small 6mm needle to and she was ready.


She didn’t feel quite comfortable giving her injection herself and so Madam Pomfrey agreed to do it for her, but it was important that she knew how to do it herself before she’d be discharged. She was just about to start her breakfast when the wing doors swung open, she was able to catch a quick glance of a bloodstained shirt before Madam Pomfrey pulled her curtains shut and stormed off towards the injured person.


So this person had obviously been a victim of either an attack or been part of a duel that hadn’t ended very well on his side, it was the saddened whispering that she could barely hear through the curtains that confused her.


“It’s getting worse” A deep voice whispered, Melissa silently stepped out of her bed and slipped into the chair which was placed that bit closer to the curtain so she could listen in. This wasn’t usually something she’d do, she understood that everyone deserved their privacy but she truly just wanted to check whether this boy was alright, maybe it was the Hufflepuff inside of her.


“I know, He’s knows that he’ll be on his own again soon and it’s worrying him” A second voice replied even lower than the first. “We need to be there for him Padfoot, It’s all we can really do for now” The room became silent as the two voices slipped through the door.


The voices, they were James Potter and Sirius Black which meant one thing…


The injured boy in the bed next to hers was Remus Lupin.


Authors Note; Okay, there are a few thing that I’d like to point out about this story, One being that I myself am a diabetic so I didn’t  make this stuff up. Two, although this is much shorter and a bit of a filler compared to chapter one it is a very important chapter. Three, school has started up again so my free time for writing has gone down in quite a large amount but I will try and make time during the weekends. Updates for other stories; Currently working on updating TTWAS, then La Malediction before a few other updates.

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