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Another Skywalker by EighthWeasley
Chapter 11 : George's Intersting Discovery
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At the meantime, George, who had been showering in the lower level shower, stopped and was about to go into the downstairs den when he heard Ron’s voice.

“Heather, I have to..”

“Have to what, Ron?”

“I have to tell you that I...”


“I....” he leaned over and kissed her, and, while George couldn’t see that, he knew from the shifting of body weight and the slight noise what was going on. Not for her entire fifth year had be been snogging Hermione Granger not to know subtly noises kissing made.

“Ron...” Heather started, then George heard her reach up and press her mouth back to Ron’s. A moment later, Ron gave a slight noise which could only classify as a groan.

“God, Heather. If Harry knew what we were up to...”

“He’d say job well does, as I imagine he’s up doing the same thing with Hermione about now.”

George stuffed his fist in his mouth to keep from cheering. It was about time Hermione and Harry made it. He’d have to congratulate her the next time he saw her.

It was quiet for a moment, and George knew the snogging had started again. Ron was, after all, a Weasley, and certain traits had to been the same across the board, such as the trait of never leaving the number of kisses at two.

“Ron,” Heather started huskily. “This couch is poking me. Let’s go somewhere else.”

Ron must have agreed, because George heard their footsteps starting for the door. He Disapperated up to his bedroom, where Fred was sitting on the bed, grinning ear to ear.

“Well, Ron’s not so much a pansy as we thought,” George stated, as Fred stated “Hermione and Harry finally got their heads on straight and started snogging.”

The twins grinned. “About time,” each stated as the other told what he had witnessed/heard.

“Where did Ron and Heather go, anyway?” Fred asked. George shrugged.

“Let’s go find out,” Fred stated.

“Oh, leave him be, I have a feeling that he’s getting good and snogged, which is more than I can say for myself since we took off from Hogwarts.”

“Damn,” Fred stated, crawling back into bed.

“At least it happened while we were home.”

“Probably the best thing to come out of this visit,” Fred agreed.

“We’ve got that meeting of the Order tomorrow...”

“Heather’s of age,” Fred stated.

“Not in England she’s not, and you know Dumbledore will never let her in. She’s a Potter, therefore she’s already in enough danger.”

“I just hope she’s going to be okay this year.”

“She’ll be fine, she’s Harry’s twin, remember?”

“You’re right,” Fred admitted. Then, “Do you know who Ginny’s been getting all those owls from?”

“Dean Thomas, as least, that’s what Ron told me.”

“All right. Remind me to send him something that will make him itch.”


“Goodnight George,”

“Goodnight Fred.”

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