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Til Death Do We Part by webeta123
Chapter 1 : To All The Years Of Our Life
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July 18th, 1999

Harry leaned his back against the back of the Burrow. He knew this was the only place where he could get a bit of piece and quiet. That was all he wanted. A peaceful life, with no Horcruxes or Death Eaters. He looked up at the blue sky, watching a single fluffy white cloud float by. The back door slammed open and Harry watched as Ron and Hermione walked out, hand in hand. Harry sighed contently. While they had chosen the most impromptu time to figure it out, at least they did. Harry was afraid he would have to use that broom closet that the Marauder's Map proclaimed was the place where his parents were thrown into and his mother finally admitted her feelings, of course he would never use it for that reason. Harry smirked at the thought.

“Where you thinking about the same thing I was or are you just off in your own little world?” Harry jerked up, his wand at the ready, and found it was simply Ginny leaning against the house also. He lowered his wand .

“Depends. Were you thinking about what ways you would have used to get Ron and Hermione to admit their feelings if not for the fact that they already did?”

“Actually no.” Ginny slid down to sit next to him. “I was thinking about the fact that you almost smiled.” Harry gave her a smile. “You never smile anymore.”

“After the memorials I might.” Harry told her.

“I can respect that.”

July 18th, 2000

Harry was sprawled across the couch that he shared with Ron, exhausted. His Auror training was very overly exerting on his part. His arm was off the couch and his glasses were hanging by an inch on his nose. He was drifting in and out of sleep when the door slammed open. “GAH!” Harry pointed his wand at the door, finding it was only Ron and Hermione, still mid-snog, not noticing him. “SERIOUSLY GUYS THIS IS GETTING ANNOYING!” The two broke apart, gasping for breath.

“Sorry mate we didn't see you there.”

“My coat is on the coat rack, the door was open, and my foot is on top of the couch. How did you not notice? Don't answer that.” Harry added. “I need a tea.” He slung his foot off the couch and onto the hardwood floor. He walked into the small kitchen and began to boil a pot of water, dipping a bag of Earl Grey into it. He leaned against the counter, letting his eyes begin to droop closed, when someone walked into the room. “If you two force me out of this kitchen I swear I will-” Harry turned and saw that it wasn't his overly hormonal friends, but Ginny. “Okay at least I won't be scarred for life with you.”

“I feel so loved.” Ginny hopped up onto the opposite counter, her legs on either side of Harry's waist. “So why would they force you out of the kitchen?”

“You don't want to know what happens on that counter.” Ginny hastily jumped off the counter with a disgusted look at it.

“He is my brother you know? I don't want to think about that.”

“To think we used to pray they would get together.”

“And now nowhere is safe.”

July 18th 2001

Harry was a twitching mess. The ring box in his pocket suddenly seemed a thousand pounds heavier than before. He watched as Ginny soared above him, diligently looking for the Snitch, her forehead glistening with sweat from the heat. After several minutes, he saw her catch the Snitch to the joy of the Harpies. He hastily pulled out his Firebolt and returned it to its normal size before jumping on and flying up to where she floated, holding the Snitch triumphantly. “Harry? What are you doing?” Ginny asked when she saw that Harry sat in front of her.

“Something I've been wanting to do for a while. Catch.” He threw the ring box at her, knowing her Seeker instincts would kick in and immediately catch it. Her breath caught. “Will you marry me?” Harry asked. Ginny did the only thing she could think of. She jumped off her broom and onto Harry's before kissing him hard. “Yes!” She said, accenting this with a kiss. “Yes!” She continued to do this for a bit before they heard.


“Payback Ron! Seven years of having to resist the urge to throw you in a broom closet with Hermione.” Harry yelled down to him.



July 18th 2002


“Kinda ironic isn't it?” Ron said as he watched Harry pace back and forth in front of the delivery room.

“What?” Harry asked.

“You're kinda the icon of good and...I'm gonna shut up now.”

“Good.” Harry growled through his teeth. A loud scream made both men turn towards the door. “Why'd they kick me out?”

“Considering you were threatening an Unforgivable on the doctor and half the nurses and Ginny wanted you out anyway.”

“What are they doing in there?” Harry asked to the door, ignoring his friend.

“Well vhen you try and have a small melon come out of you, it's rather difficult.” Harry looked up to see Fleur walked up to him, holding little Victoire's hand.

“I understand that, it's just...”Another scream reverberated through the hallway.

“Yeah that's always hurts to hear.” Bill told him. The door opened. “Mr. Potter?” The nurse asked.

“That's me.” Harry said.

The nurse smiled at him and opened the door a bit wider. Harry slipped in and saw his son for the first time.

July 18th 2003

“Happy Birthday James!” The one year old clapped his cake covered hands and gave the adults a toothless grin.

“He is soo cute!” Victoire cooed.

“Come here birthday boy.” Ginny said as she took a small washcloth to the boy's face and wiped all the cake off his face, only to have the little boy defiantly slather more cake on his face. “You're putting him to bed tonight.” Ginny told Harry in defeat.

“I was going to anyway.” Harry said as he snapped another picture of James. He loved taking pictures of the boy, probably to make up for the eleven years where no one cared enough to give him a picture unless absolutely necessary. “Smile James.” A flash of light shown for a split second in the room, illuminating James and everyone around him.

July 18th 2004

Another year had gone by and James was already two years old. Harry could hardly believe it. He laid back on the bed, the back of his head cradled in his arms. “Life is good.” Harry said to himself.

“How so?” Ginny asked as she also climbed into bed and laid her chin on his chest to look up at him.

“My scar hasn't hurt in years, except for when James threw his spoon at me and hit me in the head, I have the greatest friends in the world, even though it took them seven years to finally figure out the feelings they've had for years, and the most beautiful girl in the world is with me.” She seemed to wait for a comment that would ultimately contradict this, but after several moments of silence, she realized that Harry wasn't going to add anything.

“You are so sappy!” Ginny said as she hit him over the head.

“Yeah I know.” Harry said happily. “I really don't care.”

July 18th 2005

“Momma, when's the baby gonna be here?” James asked as he put his ear to his mother's pregnant stomach.

“In just a couple more months baby.” Ginny said as she ruffled the boy's hair.

“But why not now? He could be my birthday present!” James whined.

“James, I doubt you want me to go Muggle for your birthday.” Harry said as he walked towards the two.

“What do you mean Daddy?” James asked.

“Yes, what do you mean?” Ginny added.

“Well Muggles have a tradition where they spank the birthday kid for how many years they are.” Harry lifted James up by his legs and held him upside down to the boy's delight. “And then they spank them once more to grow on.”

“I'll be good Daddy!” James yelled.

“You'd better.” Harry gently put the boy back on his feet. “Now go on and finish getting ready, your aunts and uncles will be here soon and I don't think they want to see you in your footie pajamas.” Harry said as he straightened the front of the boy's bright red pajamas.

“No way!” He ran up the stairs to change.

“Muggles don't really do that, do they Harry?” Ginny asked as she pushed herself off the couch.

“Yep. That was the only way I knew how old I was growing up. Dudley took great joy in telling his father how many times he should spank me.”

“I'm sorry you had to grow up with that.” Ginny said as she ran her hands up his chest and around his neck.

“I suppose it could have been worse.” Harry responded.

July 18th 2006

“Gah ba la ba phlpp.” Albus babbled to a three month old Rose. Rose simply spit up, to Hermione quickly wiping it away.

“Happy birthday James!” Teddy said as he sat James on his shoulders and ran through the home.

“Teddy, don't run through the house.” Andromeda chastised. “You're giving him ideas.”

“Sorry Grandma.” Teddy said as he set the four year old on the ground.

“Ron!” Everyone turned around, trying to find the source of the yell.

“How much do you want to bet that they're wrestling?” Ginny asked Hermione as they walked towards the thumps.

“Five Galleons?” Hermione proposed.

“Sounds good.”

“Get off you lazy git!”

“That's Harry.” They opened the door and knew what they would see. Both men were wrestling on the dusty floor. Ron flipped them so that he now pinned Harry down on the floor, a drop of sweat falling off his nose onto Harry's glasses. “What are you two doing?” Hermione asked. Ron looked up, giving Harry the opportunity to flip them over.

“One, Two, Three! I win!” Harry got up and raised his arms in triumph.

“You two couldn't wait?” Ginny asked.

July 18th 2007

“Look Momma! Look at the broom that Uncle Ron gave me!”

“I hope Uncle Ron remembered to make sure it had better every safety charm or he gets bats up his nose.” Ginny said in a sweet voice that was laced with poison for Ron.

“I did.” Ron said hastily.

“Ah try. Ah try!” Albus cried.

“No Albus it's my bifday present.” James said through his missing front teeth as he clutched his child's broom protectively.

“Albus its James's broom.” Ginny told him.

“Ah try!”

July 18th 2008

“Bah lam ga me na!” Lily said as she crawled towards the pile of presents for her brother.

“Ah, ah, ah.” Harry said as he picked up the little girl. “You're not getting into James's presents, baby girl.” He set the girl on his hip and walked the two of them to the kitchen, where James was watching with fascination as the figurines on his cake began to play a life-like game of Quidditch.

“Kibba!” Lily said as she watched as the figurine Seeker fly around the cake.

“Who's ready for cake?” Ginny asked. The surrounding family raised their hands in unison. “That's what I thought.” Ginny put six candles on the cake before dimming the lights, highlighting the figurines as they flew about the Pitch.

They sang the birthday song, but at the end, Lily did something that surprised all of them. A large gust of wind flew through the room, extinguishing the candles. Ginny hastily turned on the lights, to see a piece of cake sitting on Lily's highchair table, the knife still standing in the cake. “Lily, why did you do that?”


July 18th 2009

Harry leaned his back against the Burrow, letting his eyes slid closed for a moment. He probably shouldn't be here on his son's seventh birthday, but he just wanted to take just a moment to relax. “Where have you been? James is looking for you.”

“I just wanted to relax for a second.” Harry replied.

“You couldn't wait until after your son's birthday party?”

“It's easier when there's a lot of people around, good for slipping out and sitting against houses.”

“Fun.” Ginny took a seat next to him and leaned her head against his shoulder.

“It's hard to think that a decade ago, we were recovering from a war.” The Trio had all gone through post-traumatic stress disorder in different ways. It had taken months for Harry to not wake up screaming. Ron's arachnophobia had gotten to the point that he couldn't even walk near the Burrow's garden until Hermione was forced to pull him into it so she could get some herbs. It seemed Hermione had taken the blunt of it. She became clingy to Harry and Ron, often asking them questions only they would know. When a psychologist asked the Trio why they did this, considering the boys did the same to everyone they met, they answered with the same response, “I just want to know they're real.”

“I guess it is kind of hard to think about. But now, everything's...good.”

“They want me to speak at the memorial.” Harry said.

“Are you going to?”

“Probably not.”

“I can respect that.”


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