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The Drastic Change of Hermione Granger by jrchalut
Chapter 9 : The End of Summer
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Draco slammed the door closed as he stalked into the room. His mother, Narcissa, looked up at the noise with a scowl on her face. She wasn't one who agreed with dramatic shows of emotion. She stood up and brushed off an imaginary speck of dust off of her dress before she spoke.


"Draco, must you storm through the house slamming doors and acting like a toddler? I know you know better than that. What has you so riled up that you have totally forgotten yourself in such a way?" Narcissa said coolly, it would never do to show to much emotion when one is talking to someone.


"I'm sorry Mum, but you have to understand! They are keeping her from me! She's mine!" Draco fumed, pacing back and forth across the parlor room floor. He suddenly stopped and slammed his fist against the arm of the couch, which let off a plume of dust. "I want to see her today, NOW!" Pouting, he spun around and flung himself on the couch that he had just hit.


"Draco, you know you need to be patient. They just don't understand what all happened this summer and won't unless Hermione tells them. It is a good thing that we have escaped and are away from the Dark Lord and that all three of us are safe. You'll see her soon enough, school starts in two weeks time." Narcissa reminded Draco.


"Yes Mum, I know, but can't I--"


"NO! Under no circumstances are you to sneak out to see her again! You risked much last time and I don't want the risk to be taken again. If you are found, you are dead. You know this! How many times do I have to tell you?" She interrupted. She still felt the terror of finding out that Draco had used the Black family tie to the house to leave and visit Hermione. She was very thankful that he found his way back without being caught, but had to explain the joys of such an adventure was not worth the risks. The Dark Lord has spies everywhere, Draco was lucky he wasn't spotted or captured.


"Yes Mum." Draco replied. "Of course you're right, I'll just wait these two weeks."



Hermione's sessions were going well, she was opening up to Healer Hauck more and more each time. After the first initial visit, Scott and Jane met with their daughter's healer and the three of them had decided that Hermione should meet with the healer three times a week since school was starting back up soon and they wanted to have some groundwork layed out before Hermione was back at Hogwart's. Today was Hermione's last appointment with Healer Hauck before school started.


"Hello Hermione! You are looking good today!" Healer Hauck said as Hermione entered her office.


"Thank you! I feel good today!" Hermione replied with a smile. She was indeed looked better. She had gained back some of the weight she had lost during her confinement and her skin had a sun kissed look to it from spending so much time out of doors in her mother's garden. There also was a peace around her that hadn't been there in past visits.


"So, what do you want to talk about today?" Healer Hauck asked as Hermione took her normal spot on the easy chair next to the window.


"Umm, do you think I could tell you about, well you know, the bad part of my capture? I know all I ever say I want to talk about is the good and try to forget the bad, but I need to tell someone all of it." Hermione said quietly.


The healer sat up a little straighter at these words and paused for a moment to gather her thoughts. "Are you sure you're ready for this? We don't have to talk about it unless you are absolutely sure."


"Yes, I'm ready now, but I want to keep this just between the two of us for now, I don't want my parents to know." The teen replied.


"Of course dear, I would never divulge information that you are not read to share with anyone."


"Okay, then here we go. I just going to say it all at one time so it's easier to get out. Is that okay?"


"What ever you are the most comfortable with is fine by me."


"Okay, It started when I heard a noise outside..."


Hermione continued on and on, talking about the repeated rapes and tortures from Voldemort and his Death Eaters, the starvation techniques they used and how sweet Draco was when no one was looking. How he suck into her room with the help of his mother to doctor her wounds and to sneak her bits of food. How he held her when she cried about being used so brutally and how he saved her and helped her escape her prison before she succumbed to the Dark Lord's desires. How they fell in love and how that love had changed even his father's perspective on things. There was more for her to tell, but she wouldn't divulge anymore without Draco and Narcissa's presence. It was by far the best session so far and Hermione walked out with her head held high, for the first time since she was captured, she felt like herself again and couldn't wait for the Hogwart's Express in the morning.



Things at the Burrow were hectic as the countdown for the new term at Hogwarts drew closer. Tempers were short and the building seemed to be getting smaller and smaller the closer they got to bed time. Molly was determined to have everyone ready on time this year and not to be scampering around at the last minute trying to get everything done. She was a force to be reasoned with this year and everyone was giving her space to do what she felt needed done. When she finally had a moment to breathe, she sat down at the kitchen table with a mug of tea and the newest copy of Witch Weekly. As she perused her magazine, there was a tapping at the window. Looking up, she noticed an owl, which was odd because it was an unfamiliar one and it wasn't time for the post. She opened the window and took the letter form the owl, which promptly flew away. Mumbling about rude animals, she returned to her seat and began to read the letter. All the color washed out of her face as she read the contents. She got up quickly and rushed to the fireplace and was off. She was so intent on her mission, she had forgotten all about dinner, the wash and anything else except for the importance of that letter.



A/N: Sorry for such a long wait for a not so long or great chapter...I'm trying to write through some writer's block and a nasty head cold. Hopefully it'll come easier to be now that they are finally going to school!!! Yeah! Now the plot will really take off and it should be much better from here on out! Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a review!! I love, love, LOVE them!! Until the next chapter...Happy Reading! ~Jess


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