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Keeping the Secret by ob sessed
Chapter 8 : An Anomaly
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Chapter 8 - An Anomaly

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Sirius Black:

I didn’t know why I was here. I just know that this being here was not voluntarily.


Definitely not.


Actually, I was roped in and guilted into coming out here. All because my mates think I’m a massive prick. Merlin, I don’t even know what it was about her that made me so angry to the point that all rationality and thought just leaves my mind completely. It was like she just brings out a side of me that I didn’t want to see and by force of habit, I pushed her away by being a prick.


Not that she wasn’t a massive bitch to me also.


Nevertheless, here I was standing in the trees watching her like some creepy stalker. She was shaking herself back and forth. I could see her lips move but I couldn’t hear what she was saying. She had obviously been crying as her eyes were bloodshot and puffy, and she was still sniffling a bit. She closed her eyes and sighed.


I took a step forward and the sound made her flinch instinctively, but then she laid her head back onto the ground and sighed again. Odd… but when did Deora Grunnion ever do anything that resembled a normal human being? The girl was psychotic—I should bloody know, she only punched me three times!


I took another step forward into the clearing. “Deora, what the hell are you doing?” I asked curiously.


Her breathing stopped and her face furrowed in confusion. She finally cracked open an eye and instantly breathed a sigh of relief when she saw me. Wow… I think that was the first time she’s ever been glad to see me.


“Oh good lord,” she murmured more to herself than to me. “I’ve never been so happy to see you there. I was actually expecting a tall cloaked man wielding a large scythe.”


I stared at her blankly. “A what man?”


“Oh never mind,” she said as she got up off the floor, dusting off the dirt from her trousers. She looked up at me suddenly, her blue eyes staring intently at me. “What are you doing here? I mean… why are you here?”


“I… I don’t know,” I answered truthfully. “I was ambushed by Lily and Dorcas, and then Peter even shoved me into a wall for being a massive prick to you, which mind you, hurt quite a lot… Not that I’d ever tell him. Anyway, we all split up trying to find you and I got designated the Forbidden Forest because according to Dorcas if I died in here then it wouldn’t be that much of a loss.”


I was rambling, I know. Her piercing blue eyes have always made me nervous that I couldn’t help but talk out of my arse. It was like she could see through every lie I wove… not that I was lying by any means. Peter did shove me into a wall.



“I guess that’s what happens when fire mixes with fire,” Lily murmured as soon as Deora had stormed out. I was staring at the portrait hole in a state of numbness, anger, shock, and regret.


“Mate…” Remus said slowly. I tore my gaze from the shut portrait hole to the four people sitting there. Remus looked at me disappointedly, but Lily, Dorcas, and Peter were glaring at me. I’ve never seen Peter look so furious with me before… not even when I stuffed onions down his boxers, which was actually bloody hilarious.


Not the time, Sirius. I groaned inwardly.


“You… are… such… a… PRICK!” Dorcas yelled at me. I flinched from the sound resonating throughout the common room. By now, the entire room had stopped talking and were staring at the lot of us. This time, I didn’t enjoy the excess attention I was getting.


“You have no idea, do you?” Peter was yelling now too, which was only adding to the surrealism of the whole situation. “Her dad’s dead, you twat! And she blames herself everyday for it and here you are, using it against her!”


Peter glared at me one last time before Dorcas, Lily, and he stood up and began walking towards the portrait hole. It took me a few moments to pull myself together and realise the effect my words had on Deora.


I was an absolute ponce! Bloody hell!


I raced out after the three of them with Remus close behind me. “Peter, wait! I didn’t know, mate. I didn’t know!”


“Just leave it, Sirius, I don’t want to hear it,” Peter said, shoving me into the wall. My shoulder hit soundly against the solid brick wall and I fell to the floor. Merlin, when the hell did Peter get so strong?


I got up slowly and rubbed at the sore spot. “I deserved that, didn’t I?” I said to Remus, who chuckled softly. Yup, I did.


“Look guys, I’m really sorry, what can I do?” I pleaded with them. Despite what Deora thought, I really wasn’t a horrible bloke. I cared, you know?


“Well we’re going to go find her,” Dorcas said through gritted teeth. “I suggest you try the Forbidden Forest since losing you in there would not be that much of a loss to us, but if Deora is still missing by morning, let me tell you… there will be hell to pay!”


“Dorcas,” Lily chided softly.


“Whatever, let’s go,” Dorcas sighed exasperatedly. The three of them left leaving Remus and I standing there.


“Bloody hell,” I said.


“Yeah, good luck with the Forbidden Forest, mate,” Remus grinned before slapping me hard on the same spot Peter had shoved me in. “I’m going to go find James.”


With that, Remus stalked off leaving me to my task. Brilliant friends I’ve got.



Deora stared at me before throwing her head back in laughter causing me to revert back to the present. She wiped away an imaginary tear and as soon as her eyes fixed on me, she started laughing again.


“I’m sorry, it’s just… this whole situation, what Dorcas said and Peter shoving you is all so bloody ridiculous,” she explained.


I shoved my hands into my pockets and grinned back. “Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” She nodded. “Look Deora, I’m really sorry about earlier, okay? I didn’t know… about… you know. Peter filled me in and… Merlin, I’m bad at this…”


“Shut up,” she said, the upper corners of her lips curving slightly. “It’s not your fault, I was a horrible cow to you as well. I guess it was only right for you to… remind me of what happened. I did that to you as well, didn’t I?”


Oh yeah, she did. She had interrupted my… snogging session with Layla, and then began screaming at me. Something inside me just snapped. In that moment, I was fifteen again in my parent’s house. My mum was standing in front of me screaming at me about how I was such a useless child, how I was worthless and a disgrace to the Black name. The anger inside me just bubbled over. She had reminded me of a time in my life I wanted to forget, reminded me of the…  She just reminded me of a bad time and in that moment, I wanted so badly to just shut Deora up, to just make her go away… to make her understand. Although looking back on it now, I probably shouldn’t have pinned her up to a wall. I can’t remember why I even did that or what I was even thinking in that moment. It was as if all rational thought had just left my brain.


Noticing my somber expression, Deora quickly began to ramble, “I’m sorry, Sirius! I mean… I don’t know why I’m so mean to you all the time. I mean I guess you’re not that much of an arrogant prat… although you are. A lot of the times. I mean… Wow, this is the world’s worst apology. Ugh! All I’m saying is… I don’t hate you. I’m sorry and… well… yeah.”


It was my turn to laugh uproariously. “That was a really horrible apology, but thank you. I don’t hate you either… you just drive me mental. Literally.”


She chuckled, “God, we’re both royally messed up, aren’t we?” Then she looked around at our surroundings. “And now we’re stuck in the Forbidden Forest and will probably get eaten by a giant snake.”


“Don’t be such a Drama Queen,” I rolled my eyes at her. “We’re not going to die and there are no giant snakes!”


“YOU don’t know that,” Deora huffed, crossing her arms across her chest.


“Right well, I suppose you’re right about the being stuck part, I guess there’s no point in trying to find our way out in the dark,” I pointed out.


“Right, so we’re stuck… here. Together,” Deora stated before slumping back down onto the floor and murmured, “bloody brilliant, this won’t be awkward.”


I walked over to sit by her. “So…”


So. Awkward. What the hell was wrong with me? Alone with an attractive girl in the Forbidden Forest? That should be totally up my alleyway! Although the fact that it was Deora Grunnion might have diminished any desire to chat her up… not that she was unappealing. I mean Deora was well attractive, I guess, but… the girl was bloody mental. I don’t date girls with baggage… not that I’d date her. I was just… fuck. What am I talking about?


“You alright there?” Deora smirked, cocking her head at me.


“Brilliant, splendid,” I mumbled.


I was going mental. Seriously and utterly mental.




Deora Grunnion:


“I’m sorry, didn’t quite catch that?” I said smiling. He seemed to be struggling with something and I wanted to know what it was. Yeah, yeah curiosity killed the cat or whatever, but I wasn’t a bloody cat now, was I? Stupid Muggle saying.


“Nothing, I think the Forest is driving me mental,” he said pointedly.


I chuckled. “It seems to have that effect on people, I was talking to myself earlier!”


Now, why the hell did I just say that? He already thinks I’m mental, no need to prove him right, Deora, you absolute twit!


He grinned up at me, his dark hair falling over his eyes and I had the sudden tingling in my fingers to push it back for him. But his chuckle stopped me just in time. I quickly clasped my hands tightly together. “Why am I not surprised you talk to yourself?”


“Oi!” I exclaimed, feeling the same surge of annoyance I usually feel towards Sirius come back. “I hope you’re not insinuating I’m mental, Black!”


“No, what! Never! You? Insane? No way!” he feigned shock as he put up his hands dramatically.


I rolled my eyes at him. “Yeah, well you aren’t the poster boy for normalcy either, mate.”


“I can admit to it, can you?” he raised his eyebrow challengingly.


“Fine, I’m bloody psychotic, you happy?” I snorted at his smug expression and promptly shoved him over.


“Ow!” he cried out, rubbing at his shoulder. “What is it with people shoving me today? It bloody hurts, alright?”


“Awe, is itty bitty Sirius Black all hurting? Does itty bitty Sirius need a hug?” I mocked him in a cooing baby voice.


A glint of mischief appeared in his eyes causing them to darken as he leaned in closer to me. “Itty bitty Sirius could use more than a hug,” he winked.


I stared blankly at him, feeling the warmth emanate from his body before shoving him back onto the ground. “Twat.”


Sirius began to guffaw loudly as he rolled over onto his back then pushed me over so I fell smack face-first into the mud. I rolled onto my side and wiped the dirt off my face before turning to send him a glare.


“Seriously unnecessary,” I growled at him.


“We’re even now,” he smirked. I hate his smirk. Stupid bloody ‘I’m Sirius Black and so bloody fit’ smirk… shit. Did I just say he was fit? Well okay, I’ve always known that. Nothing new. No need to dwell on it… stupid jerk.


He chuckled softly. The silence lingered in the air, but neither of us felt compelled to talk. I was glad for it, because I was tired and drained from today, from arguing with him and from being such an emotional mess. All I wanted to do was just forget today happened.


I looked up at the stars, the night sky so clear from where we were lying down and the speckle of stars shown brightly against the dark canvas. I remembered a time when my dad and I used to lie outside in the yard watching the stars. He was never good with astronomy so he used to make up names and stories for them. Each time, I fell soundly asleep in his arms and he’d carry me back inside the house.


My heart ached. I really missed him.


“Deora, are you okay?” Sirius asked me, his voice barely above a whisper. I didn’t look at him, but I could feel his gaze on my face.


“Yeah, just… tired,” I lied. I knew he knew I was lying as well by the way he was still staring at the side of my face. I wanted him to stop. I felt like his eyes were burning holes into the side of my face, which was not a very comforting feeling, mind you.


I could hear him move and sigh before he turned back towards the sky. After a few seconds, he pointed to a star straight above us. “Look, that’s Andromeda… you can only see her in the fall.”


I looked at him in surprise. “I didn’t know you knew astronomy!”


He chuckled, his eyes still locked onto the star above us. “I don’t, I just know certain stars… you see, Andromeda is also my cousin. My favourite cousin actually.”


“Oh,” I said, unsure of what to say since I thought he hated all his family members.


“She got away,” he continued. “And she was my inspiration, you know? Her bravery and courage? I mean she was a Black and she married a Muggle! That takes some serious balls!”


I couldn’t help but laugh. “She sounds like an amazing woman.”


“Oh, she is!” he was more animated now. “She was beautiful! And she always stood up for me whenever I did something wrong or whenever Mother yelled at me for… whatever. She encouraged me to be better… better than my family.”


“You are better than your family,” I said quietly.


“Thanks Deora, that means a lot,” he said. I could feel his gaze on me again and this time, I turned to look back. His eyes were undistinguishable in the darkness, which only intrigued me more. And terrified me at the same time… his gaze was too intense for me… I just…


“Soo!” I exclaimed loudly, turning back to the stars. “Sirius is a star, isn’t it? Are all your family members stars or something?”


“Pretty much,” he laughed, the moment completely gone... 


“Original,” I laughed. “Better than my bloody name… Deora Darling Grunnion! What the hell is that?”


“Darling? Really?” Sirius snorted in amusement. I smacked him in the shoulder. “Sorry, sorry! It’s lovely.”


“No, it really isn’t. My parents were mental when they named me,” I smiled, thinking about my family. Kooky was the word to describe the Grunnions. “My dad used to look at the stars with me too, you know? Except he made up names and stories… like Andromeda, I think he named her Missus Teacup—cause she liked having tea—and that she had an arranged marriage, but then had a sexy affair with that star whom he named Mister Superstar… and yeah, my dad wasn’t the most creative of folks.”


Sirius began laughing loudly. “Your dad sounds hilarious and Merlin, Andromeda’s going to love that!”


“What! You’re going to tell her?” I asked, mortified. “She’s going to think we’re all insane!”


“But you are, love,” he chuckled. “And no, she’ll find it endearing.” He yawned soundly. “Let’s get some sleep, the quicker we fall asleep, the faster we can get out of this dingy place and the safer I am from getting the crap kicked out of me by Dorcas.”


I snorted and agreed silently. I turned my back to him and lay my head onto my hands. It didn’t take long for me to fall fast asleep, as the strain from the day had finally come crashing down upon me.




“Deora!” Nudge. “DEORA!” Nudge. “Oh for Merlin’s sake, Deora Darling Grunnion” Shove!


I rolled over onto my face with some force, and spluttered mud out of my mouth. “Oi! What the hell was that for!”


“You really are one of the deepest sleepers ever!” Sirius groaned, putting his hands to his head. I snorted at him and sat up straight, stretching out my arms and feeling the cricks in my body.


It was so bloody sunny! When was Scotland ever this sunny? I strained to look up at the sky that I was only a few hours ago staring at. I felt the warmth on my skin and turned to see that Sirius was staring amusedly at me.


“What!” I snapped.


“You’ve got mud on your… well… it’s everywhere, really,” he laughed as he came over to wipe some mud off of my forehead.


I felt like I was being baby-ed so I shoved him off. “I’ll have a shower when we get back, just leave it!”


“Alright, alright, you’re well grouchy in the morning,” Sirius observed. I merely stuck out my tongue at him and slowly stood up, stretching every part of my body as I went. Merlin, sleeping on the ground was really not conducive to a person’s wellbeing. I turned back to look at Sirius, and this time, he was staring at me with an odd look on his face.


“What is it now? Do I have mud on my arse or something?” I asked him tetchily.


He shook his head. “Huh? What? I wasn’t staring at your arse.”


“So there’s no mud?” I asked, cocking my head to the side to stare at him curiously.


“Mud? No,” he mumbled. “Just on your face.” He then picked up his jumper. “Come on, let’s go. They’ll be wondering where you went.”


“Dorcas is going to eat me alive,” I groaned at this realisation.


“Please, she’s going to kill me,” Sirius pointed out, which was true. She really was, but only after she’s castrated him. Although, I felt like Sirius didn’t need to know that bit. It’s for his own good.


“So, did you sleep well?” Sirius asked conversationally. It was weird that we were talking like… we were friends, but I much preferred this to fighting with him. That was mentally and physically exhausting.


“As well as lying on twigs and leaves and mud can be,” I answered truthfully. He chuckled in silent agreement. We walked like that for a few seconds. It was also weird how easy it was to just be around each other without having to talk. I could very much get used to being friends with Sirius. Well maybe, if he wasn’t annoying and if his sole purpose in life wasn’t to piss me off to no end. I mean I think this was the first bloody time we actually got on… for more than an hour. I think this was actually a record! I mean neither of us have tried to kill each other yet. I guess the killing and violence was more on me, but I bet if I were a bloke, Sirius would have punched me at some point by now.


“I think the mud suits your face,” Sirius said, pulling me out of my rambling. There was a playful lilt to his tone, one I did not particularly like.


Excuse me?” I scoffed.


Sirius laughed, his voice echoing in the still morning air. “I was joking, Dee, calm down. You’re kind of pretty.” His face blanched as soon as he said it.


“Kind of? Oh right, well thank you so much, Black!” I spat at him, speeding up my stride away from him.


“Wait! I meant… you’re… I mean… you’re not a troll or anything!” Sirius yelled after me. “I mean… you’re prettier than a troll!”


I stopped in my tracks causing him to walk straight into my back. “Prettier than a troll? Wow. I thought you were supposed to be a smooth talker! But no, you’re just an insufferable twat!”


“Oi!” Sirius exclaimed defensively. “I am not and I was joking! Seriously… I was just… err…”


I rolled my eyes and began to walk again leaving him behind, but I could feel him speeding up to catch up to me.


“Dee! Merlin, you walk fast!” Sirius cried out. “I’m sorry, alright? I’m an idiot, can you please slow down now?”


Ugh! He is sooooo annoying!!! But I did stop walking. For some reason, I did.


He finally caught up to me again and smirked at me. “I’m growing on you, aren’t I? Admit it, you kind of like me!”


“What?” I stared at him incredulously. “Are you… what? Are you serious?”


“Well you know, I am…” I slapped him on his sore shoulder. “Owch! Fine, stupid joke. Sorry!”


“Such an idiot, I swear to Merlin,” I murmured to myself. “I don’t even know why I bother talking to you.”


“Because you find me irresistibly charming and so dashing,” Sirius offered, to which I slapped him again on his shoulder.


“Oi, woman! You need to bloody stop doing that!” he cried out irritated. “Seriously, you cannot keep punching people whenever you’re mad or annoyed! Is that why that tosser, Jeremy broke up with you? Did you abuse him? Owch! Stop hitting me, you psychotic bint!”


I was fuming now so I decided to glare at him threateningly. “Stop talking about things you don’t know about, okay? What happened between Jeremy and me has nothing to do with you!”


“Oh, that’s hypocritical!” Sirius scoffed at me. “Here you are, telling me not to talk about other people’s relationship when you go running around the castle telling people about Layla! You don’t know Layla so shut up!”


“Don’t tell me to shut up!” I cried out indignantly.


“Really? And what are you going to do about it?” Sirius asked, that mischievous glint returning back into his eyes as he walked forward towards me. With each step he took, I took one back. It was like a tango that I did not enjoy in the least bit. Before I knew it, he had me cornered against a tree. He leaned in closer till his lips were inches away from mine, his breath tickling my skin. “Tell me, Dee. What are you going to do about it?”


I felt my breath hitch in my throat and it seemed my brain had suddenly taken flight and left my body. I was unable to think coherently or even say something witty to throw him off. I felt a humming and warm feeling from my left pocket, and suddenly, I was overwhelmed with the need to reach forward. I took my hand and put it to the back of his neck, and with a force I didn’t know I had, I pulled him towards me, his lips crashing down onto mine. At that precise moment, I knew I was lost. My brain had officially abandoned ship.


Sirius, at first shocked at the contact, quickly fell into the moment and snaked his arms around my waist pulling me against his hips. My hand, still on the nape of his neck, quickly found itself curling into his dark hair, deepening the kiss. I could feel the need growing in the pit of my stomach and as he nipped at my lower lip, I groaned against him. It was only when Sirius’ hand slid under my shirt that my brain decided to return back.


I shoved him backwards staring wide-eyed at him, and then without thinking, I kicked him in the shin before I began running towards the castle.


Oh holy hippogriffs! What the hell did I just do?

author's note:
hey quick update!!! i got really excited by the cliffhanger so i wrote this really fast... and let's just say, the story has just taken off!! it's about to get crazier, weirder, more dramatic and a lot more dark stuff. what do you think will happen next?? no idea!? GOOD! :P just kidding. so as per usual, guys. i want to know your opinions and your general comments. favourite lines??? favourite bits??? do review. i mean deora just kissed sirius!! THAT'S HUGE!!!!! so review, it makes me happy and only encourages me to update faster!! 

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