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We made it through, but whatís next is a mystery by hogwartsfavoritecoupleh
Chapter 3 : Good Morning
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Yesterday, Harry woke up sore as hell and confused about where he was, this morning he woke up smiling like crazy and yet confused on why he was smiling. Again memories of the night before came flooding back to him but, these memories were more pleasant than those from the other night. Ginny had told Harry she loved him finally after all of those lonely months apart they were back together. Harry looked at the other beds and realized Ron and Mr. and Mrs. Weasley were still asleep Hermione was most likely awake because she wasn’t asleep in Ron‘s bed where she usually was. Harry got up, put on some clothes grabbed his wand and was heading down the stairs. Harry was walking down the stairs not slowly but not in a particular rush just enjoying his thoughts of Ginny. Then as Harry neared closer to the bottom of the steps he heard Ginny scream, his heart dropped at the sound and he sprinted down the stairs sliding into the common room where he saw Ginny hanging in mid-air.

“Ginny!?” Harry shouted.

He looked around the room and realized Bill had his wand out and was the reason Ginny was hanging upside down. The other Weasley brothers with the exception of Ron who was still sleeping were all standing around the room looking angry. Fleur and Hermione were standing by the portrait hole with looks of shock all over their faces.


“BILL! Let her down!” Harry roared. Bill wasn’t listening so Harry took out his own wand and muttered the counter jinx and Ginny landed in a heap on the floor.

“Gin!” Harry yelped as he rushed to her side to help her up. He took her in his arms making sure she was alright, but when he saw her face he knew she was very, very angry her face was almost as red as her hair and she had a deathly glare in her eyes.

“what the bloody hell is going on in here?” Harry asked the room “why were you upside down Ginny?” Ginny huffed and turned to Harry her glare fading slightly.

“ well Harry” Ginny started “ I woke up this morning in a different bed”

“okay….why?” asked Harry

“that is what I wanted to know” she said through clenched teeth glaring at her brothers

“ so I went to wake up Charlie and he was said to go ask Bill, I came down here and asked Bill why I was in their dormitory and he said” her face was getting redder and her eyes deadlier

“ that I wasn’t allowed to sleep in the other dormitory!” she turned around picked up her wand from the floor and pointed it at Bill.

“why” Harry asked again still confused

“Ginny put your wand down now and talk about this with us like an adult” Percy spoke up

“oh I don’t know Percy apparently I am not even allowed to decide where I sleep how am I supposed to talk like an adult when I’m not treated like one!” she yelled

“Ginny love put your wand down so I can finish hearing about how you ended up in the air” Harry said calmly trying to get a hold on Ginny. She shrank back into his arms lowering her wand

“Fine. Well when I asked Bill why I was not allowed to sleep in the dormitory where I went to bed last night and the night before he told me because you were in there” she had a fierce look in her eyes now as she continued “ and I asked him what that had to do with where I was sleeping he said because we are dating again we aren’t allowed to share a room, so I flipped out a little…”

“A LITTLE! Ginny you were trying to hex me left and right!” Bill roared

“Do not interrupt me William Arthur Weasley!” shouted Ginny “ as I was saying” she continued calmly but Harry heard the acid in her voice “ I got angry and started to yell and ask what we could possibly do in a room we shared with my Mum and Dad! He said he didn’t care that we shared a room with Mum and Dad that since we were neither engaged nor married we were not allowed to share a room. Then I asked why Ron and Hermione were allowed to share a bed let alone a room!” Harry saw Hermione blush furiously at that remark “And he told me it was because Ron is a bloke and Hermione is not his baby sister! So I tried to bat boogey hex him but it missed” she vented

“ And how did you end up hanging upside down?” Harry asked a little mad at Bill himself that he didn’t trust Harry to even let Ginny sleep in the same room.

“well when were coming down stairs we heard Bill yelling for Ginny to ‘relax’ he sounded pretty stressed so we ran down to see what was going on” Charlie stated

“ She was quite off her rocker” Percy said. Ginny was getting angry again.

“shut it Perce” muttered George.

“Anyway” Charlie continued “we tried to get Ginny to relax and to stop freaking out… we still had no clue as to why she was screaming and trying to hex Bill, but when he said that he was just trying to protect her and be a good big brother, I figured Bill brought Ginny into our room last night to keep her away from you and Percy figured it out too because he was shouting out how he agreed with Bill that it was for the best so Ginny started throwing hexes at him too” he sighed and continued “ I figured I had to step in or else they were going to hurt each other, George still looked like he had no clue what was going on so I told him that quickly what Bill did and then we went after Ginny trying to grab her from behind and that’s when she totally lost it and was throwing hexes every which way Bill and Percy were going back and forth with her and Gorge and I were trying to calm everyone down that’s when Bill hit her with Levicorpious I’m guessing to protect himself and she was upside down that’s when Fleur and Hermione came in through the Portrait hole and you came running down like a loon” Charlie explained.

“Sorry if I was acting like a loon. When I hear my girlfriend scream I come running, I get especially ‘loony’ when I walk into a room and said girlfriend is hanging in mid-air.” Harry said dryly. Charlie gave Harry a look that seemed to say ‘well-played.’

“ You gits are making me sound absolutely crazy!” Ginny said the acid still in her voice

“Ginny you have to admit you were a bit bonkers! But what I don’t understand is why you were freaking!” George said swiftly

“why? why?!” Ginny was shouting. Bloody Hell here we go again was all Harry could think. Ginny’s face was getting redder than before and her eyes narrowed on the cluster of red heads that was her brothers. “why am I so angry or why do I have such overprotective gits for brothers!”

“hey who are you calling an over protective git?” said a sleepy looking Ron as he came down the stairs oblivious to the situation before him.

“not now Ronald” whispered Hermione frantically. Ron looked around the room at his brothers looking afraid and angry at the same time, Hermione and Fleur cowering in the corner and Harry desperately trying to tame a deadly looking Ginny. Ron quickly realizing the intensity of the situation and realized not speaking was a safer option and went to stand beside Hermione.


“Ginny we are not overprotective its our job to make sure you safe!” Bill stated

“You lot may be my older brothers but you are too overprotective AND if it’s your job to make sure I’m safe why was I hanging in mid-air because of you?! This isn’t some random bloke who I fancy this is Harry. Harry, Ron’s best mate the guy you lot know that I have thought was amazing since I was ten! But he isn’t just Ron’s best mate anymore he is my Harry and I love him” she said proudly, Harry beamed at her “ and I’m not a baby anymore” she mumbled she leaned into Harry and he kissed her head while the Weasley’s were trying to wrap there heads around what Ginny had just said

“Ginny..” Bill looking rather apologetic started, but stopped when Ginny raised her hand

“Just listen for a minute, I understand that to you guys I will always be that little girl who would ride around on your shoulders, but I’m growing up and you have to let me. I know as older brothers you will always feel like it is your job to protect me but I have Harry now and we all know he is the protecting type” she winked at Harry and continued “you know I love you all and I know that you lot will always be there for me when Harry messes up” Harry raised his eye brows at Ginny “ alright if Harry screws up but contrary to popular belief he isn’t perfect all the time” again she winked at Harry “ so you lot can kick his arse when I say so and ONLY way I say so you hear?” she spoke loudly sounding just like Mrs. Weasley

“I think we can manage that Gin, you know we love you we just want to keep you safe and happy even is we act like gits while we are doing it” Bill said as he walked across the room Harry nudged Ginny forward and she ran into her oldest brothers arm for a big hug. Of course with George in the room there could never be a serious moment so he just had to yell:

“Weasley group hug!” the four other Weasley brothers ran forward and caught their oldest brother and youngest sister in a giant group hug. Harry, Hermione, and Fleur sitting along the sidelines rolling their eyes at their respected partners behaviors. When they broke away from the group hug Ron muttered to George

“since when is she exactly like mom she even sounds like her nowadays” that earn Ron a smack to the back of the head from Ginny and a Couch cushion to the face from Hermione.

“ow! ‘Mione your supposed to be my girlfriend your not supposed to abuse me!” he complained

“oh Ronald” she sighed as she sat on his lap on one of the couches

As the others were cleaning up the mess from Ginny’s tantrum Harry went to sit by Ron and Hermione

“So lovebirds how are we doing these days?” Harry asked smiling

“we are doing lovely thank you Harry” Hermione responded blushing

Ron smiled proudly and replied “we are fantastic, we barely fight at all… quite strange for us though, but I like not fighting the banter I am all for but not the fights I like you to much to fight with you” he placed a kiss on her temples and her blushed increased making her a slightly lighter shade than Ron’s hair.

Ginny came over then and sat down in Harry’s lap, surprisingly Ron didn’t even grimace.

“hello love all calmed down then?” he asked sweetly

“yes, these brothers of mine really know how to get me worked up” she huffed but then turned all smiles and she kissed Harry’s cheek and told him

“thanks for helping me out of my erm.. mid-air situation”

“not a problem Gin, I’ll always be there to help you out” he replied

Ginny leaned into kiss Harry but he became stiff and turned away

“Harry..?” Ginny asked confused

“sorry love your brothers are here and I have been given a lecture and a list on the things we are not allowed to do when they are around number one on that list is we aren’t allowed to kiss when they can see us” he replied sighing

“Defeated the darkest wizard of all time but is afraid to kiss me in front of my brothers because of a stupid list” she muttered

“you know it love” he replied smiling

“those stupid gits” she sighed

“sorry love, but I will kiss you later” he promised re-adjusting Ginny so he could stand he bent down to kiss her forehead when he was interrupted by Ron

“ugh! Just kiss her mate I’m not dealing with a pouting Ginny all day screw Georges list, just no snogging I may puke if I see that” he said as he lead Hermione to another side of the room. This time Harry bent down and touched his lips to Ginny’s for a brief moment and then it was over but it was a perfect kiss.

“Oi! Potter remember my list!” yelled George grimacing at what he just witnessed most of the Weasley men had the same face as George, Hermione and Fleur just smiled.

“Screw your list George!” Ginny replied in a scary tone her eyes narrowing

“yeah whatever, just no snogging I don’t think my stomach can handle that!” he answered

“I already said that George” Ron said matter-of-factly.

“whatever” George grumbled “where are Mum and Dad you would’ve thought they would have woken up by now they went to bed before us last night” he said

They all heard a voice clearing itself over by the stairs they turned to see Mr. and Mrs. Weasley coming down the stairs trying to suppress their laughter

“what’s so funny you two?” Percy asked

“nothing only that we have been sitting on the steps for a good half an hour waiting for you to realize us, since right after Ron came down actually but we heard quite a bit from our dormitory with all that shouting” said a smirking Mr. Weasley

“oh well uhm then you heard what we were talking about then right?” Ginny asked cautiously

“yes dear we did and we are so happy for you and Harry I knew you two would be back together before we left!” Mrs. Weasley exclaimed

“Thanks Mum and Dad I knew you would two would be happy for us” said Ginny triumphantly.

“of course we are happy you know we already love Harry” answered a quite Mr. Weasley

“But what we are not happy about” everyone held their breath for the wrath of Mrs. Weasley “is Bill you are an adult married for goodness sake you should not be hanging her upside down! And Ginny your brothers are over protective but that is no excuse to try and hex them, and the rest of you all of this fighting is un-acceptable I will not allow it do you hear me?” she said with a hint of disappointment in her voice. They were all quiet for a few moments until Mrs. Weasley boomed “ am I clear?”

She was meet with “ yes mum” and “okay Mrs. Weasley” from the young people in the room.


As they were finishing up their breakfast in the Great Hall, Harry saw Kingsley approaching from the head table and was instantly reminded that he promised him that he would tell him everything this morning. He also then remembered that he hadn’t asked the others to be there yet. Harry stood up and walked to Kingsley

“ Morning Harry” greeted Kinsley

“Morning Kingsley” he replied “I have to round up everybody but I will meet you in the Gryffindor common room in a few minutes?’ he asked

“very well Harry see you in a few” said a smiling Kingsley

Harry then started back towards the Gryffindor table and told all of the Weasley’s his plan and they all started to the common room except for Ron, Hermione, and Ginny who had said they would help round everyone up.

Ten minutes later Harry was looking around the common room it was strange to see the common room that had once held so many raging parties look so small. Harry looked at everyone that was there Kinsley McGonagall and the entire teaching staff, all of the Weasley’s even George, and then there was a few other faces Hagrid and Neville, Luna, Dean Thomas. Harry had asked them to be here because he felt after all that Neville had done and all the Luna and Dean had been through they should be here and he trusted that they would retell this story to Dumbledore’s army maybe not all of it but at least the important parts. With everyone Harry felt important to hear the this story in full there he began to talk with Hermione and Ron at his side.

Then Harry told them “well I guess we should start from the beginning.”


A/N: Don't hate me for ending it there! the story will be in the next chapter but i just couldn't get that Weasley scene out of my head! hope you like it! Read and Review next chapter should be up soon!



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