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The Pink Haired Genie by Ali4077
Chapter 1 : The Pink Haired Genie.
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 Remus Lupin was sitting alone in the kitchen of number Twelve Grimmauld Place. Sirius was in bed with a hangover as they had spent the night in the company of the lovely Nymphadora Tonks, reminiscing on Marauder days and telling her what they got up to at Hogwarts. She also had a few stories of her own which still made Remus smile, even though it was the next morning.

He rose from his chair to pour himself another cup of coffee. It had an amazing effect on one when they were tired. He took a gentle sip of the scalding hot beverage when he noticed a blur of pink rush past the door.

He rushed into the corridor but found nothing there. This confused him, he had definitely seen a pink blur... or had he?

He dashed back into the kitchen to put his mug down, before venturing back out through the door. As he ventured along the corridor he noticed a piece of parchment under the troll umbrella stand. This was strange; he couldn’t imagine what it was doing there. Maybe it had blown under as Tonks had straightened it again after knocking it over, something she seemed to do often.

He gently pulled the parchment out and read it. It said, “Now you see me, now you don’t.”

A grin formed on his face, she was playing games with him. Maybe this was what he needed to brighten up what had been a dull start to the day. What was he supposed to do now? He looked at his watch and decided he should probably wake up Sirius, he wouldn’t be happy but that was the fun of it.

As he trudged upstairs he saw a pink blur again, this time leaving his room. Excitement welled up inside him as he ran into the room, especially when he saw another piece of parchment under his pillow. It pulled it out enthusiastically and read it. “Now you see me, now you don’t.” Remus scratched his head. It said the same as the last one had, this confused him.

He wandered into Sirius’ room and greeted by a pillow being thrown at his face. “Go away Moony.” Sirius grumbled from under another pillow, he really had drunk too much last night.

Remus laughed and threw the pillow back at him before using a levitating charm to levitate him out of the bed, and onto the floor.

Sirius yowled in pain as he hit the floor and then threw the pillow back at Remus. “What was that for?”

Remus was doubled over in laughter, unable to answer his friend. The whole situation was rather funny.

Sirius just rolled his eyes and stood up, putting a hand to his forehead as he had a throbbing headache. This however had been a bad idea, as standing up too quickly caused dizziness, which resulted in him toppling onto Remus, pushing them both to the floor.

This time it was Remus’ turn to yell in pain. “Oww! Padfoot you’re crushing me!” he yelled, trying to push him off.

“Serves you right.” Sirus mumbled, rolling off and crashing rather heavily to the floor.

Remus laughed and sat up, but was then aware of a rather familiar pink blob at the door.

“I see pink...” Sirius said, rubbing his eyes.

Remus rubbed his eyes too and was aware of Tonks standing there, a wide grin spreading onto her pretty face.

“Well well well.” She said, unable to stop grinning. “If you had wanted to be left alone, you only needed to have said.”

Sirius glared at her, before roaring with laughter. “Nah, he’s all yours cousin, I wouldn’t want a bore like him.”

Remus shot a sideways glance at his friend. “Excuse me?” he said, grinning. “I’m the bore? Who wouldn’t get out of bed?”

Sirius glared at him this time, “I didn’t need to be woken up.”

Both Remus and Tonks laughed as he crawled back into bed, and Remus then looked at her.

“I’ve been wanting to speak to you all day.” He admitted, but was stopped by her bringing a finger to her lips, in a “Ssh” motion. She then handed him another piece of parchment before dashing off.

“Now you see me, now you don’t. Come find me, in your usual place.”

“My usual place?” Remus said aloud, before being greeted by another pillow in the face and then Sirius’ muffled voice. “She wants you in the library you idiot. Probably for a kissing session she’s been discussing for weeks.”

Remus turned his head sharply in Sirius’ direction, cheeks burning red. “What?” he yelped. “Kissing session?”

Sirius burst into laughter. “Don’t play dumb with me Moony.” he laughed, “You like her, she likes you so get down there before I make you go.”

Remus hurried out of the room, still blushing furiously. It was true; he did like Tonks, but was it really that obvious? Also did she really like him?

He ran to the library but paused outside the door. Did he really want to do this? Of course he did... but what if it went wrong?

He decided to take a chance, and edged round the door nervously. The room was empty. “What?” he whispered, before sitting down and glancing round the room again. Why wasn’t she there?

“Nymphadora?” he called out and was then greeted with the familiar vision of pink as she landed in front of him.

"Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?” she grinned.

Remus couldn’t help but grin too, “Are you flirting with me?” he laughed.

“Yep.” Tonks replied, before jumping onto his lap and pressing her lips against his.

This startled Remus, but only for a minute. He couldn’t deny he had wanted to kiss her for quite some time. However, to his annoyance she then stopped, and pulled away slightly to look into his eyes.

“Remus?” she said.


“Don’t call my Nymphadora.”

“How about my pink haired genie?”

This made her giggle. “That’ll do.” She replied, before kissing him again.

Remus grinned, as he happily obliged to her lips being on his again, although he intended this kiss to last. Nymphadora was magical not only as a witch but in how she made him feel, genie was a perfect name.

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The Pink Haired Genie: The Pink Haired Genie.


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