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A Bump In The Night by prettywishes
Chapter 6 : Rumors Fly
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A/N: It's kinda sad that it took me so long to update considering that all my chapters are already written...but I sort of kinda forgot. Sorry! And if you read could you take the time to leave a quick review?

 Lorcan Scamander was unable to fall back asleep after Lily had been called out of bed in the middle of the night. As the red head’s best friend she knew that she should have insisted that she come along, even if it was just to figure out what had caused the commotion. Rolling over in bed she knew that there was nothing she could do, Lily was probably already being lectured on whatever it was that had caused her to get called down.

“Everyone up!” The voice and the light that came from the wand that accompanied it caused Lorcan to sit up and bed. The others in the room stirred after a moment muttering things about why they would ever have to get up at such an early hour. After what had happened with Lily the blonde was awfully curious about what was going on. Climbing out of bed she slid on her slippers and pulled on a jumper before following several others down into the common room.

As soon as they reached the common room it was clear that something was wrong, they weren’t the only ones being roused, it appeared that the entire house was in the process of making their way out their beds and towards the common room. One of the prefects took control of the situation, climbing up onto one of the couches in an attempt to get the attention of all.

“We’re all heading down to the Great Hall.” She instructed. “This isn’t a joke, so don’t stray off or there will be serious consequences to pay.” The prefect added, making it clear that this was serious business. Lorcan shoved one of her pigtails into her mouth, sucking on it as she followed the swarm of people making their way out of the common room.

Once they’d made it out into the corridors of the school she turned about and began to search the crowds for her twin, Lysander. Lorcan was sure that if anyone knew what was going on it would be him as he always seemed to know all of the rumors before the rest of the students.

“Lorcan!” Her brother’s voice caused her to turn, and soon the girl was walking side by side her brother. His face seemed very serious, and the girl quickly grew worried that whatever had happened was bad, and that it had involved Lily.

“Lily got called down to McGonagall’s in the middle of the night.” Lorcan explained, hoping that Lysander might be able to elaborate more on what had happened.

“Lorcan, I’m pretty sure that her brother got murdered.” Lysander muttered, keeping his voice low as he whispered the news into her ear. The news caused Lorcan to pale, but it wasn’t as bad as what happened next. The boy next to them had managed to overhear what the two had been whispering about, and thought it would be helpful to share with the rest of the Ravenclaws.

“Did you hear, there’s a murderer running around the castle?!” He announced. And in the blink of an eye the organized mob transformed into chaos.


“James-are you alright?”

A voice caused James to turn, relaxing when he realized that it was the one person that he could use the most at a time like this. Professor Lupin, or Teddy as James had always known him, had always been the big brother to the eldest of the Potter clan. It was odd to see him at a time like this, sure he was a professor but he had only started this year and sometimes it still caught James off guard to see him in the castle.

 Taking a closer look at the man he couldn’t help but notice that Teddy was oddly dressed rather normally considering the time of night. Everyone else he’d seen that night had been going about in bed clothes, and here was Teddy fully dressed. A smile crossed his face for a moment, as Teddy would be the type to get fully dressed before venturing out of his rooms.

“Did you hear about Albus?” James questioned; his voice oddly quiet for once. Teddy had always been part of the family, and it was almost as though he’d lost a brother as well. When the older boy nodded James stood silently for a moment, not sure what else he should say.

“I know that this has to be hard for you James.” Teddy explained. If it had come from anyone else it would have annoyed James, but there was something about the way that Teddy was that made it alright. “Do you want to go back to my office?” Teddy offered. “I can make some tea or something…maybe grab some cake from the kitchens.” He offered James a soft smile, knowing that it had to be hard to digest such startling information.

“Sure.” James muttered, knowing that it had to have been the best of the options that had presented themselves to him. Sitting around with Teddy was better than his weeping family or the pitch that he could hardly stand to look at anymore.

“I know that you don’t want to hear this James-but I am really sorry that you lost your brother.” Teddy mentioned as the gangly teen picked himself up off the floor. James merely nodded, knowing that he was going to have to get used to hearing that phrase an awful lot. As soon as word got around school he knew that it was only going to be a constant stream of people saying that they were sorry for something that they couldn’t even control.

“I know you are.” James muttered, stuffing his hands into his pockets before he took off down the hall behind his Professor. He glanced out towards the pitch one last time, and he could have sworn that he saw some sort of light. Shaking it off he figured that he’d be better off with Teddy anyways, and he stumbled forwards to keep up.


The Quidditch pitch was completely dark, and while Harry hadn’t been expecting much he’d been expecting James to be smart enough to at least use some sort of light while he was flying. But Albus’s death the evidence that he hadn’t done the best job raising his children. One was dead, another in tears, while the third was flying about the grounds of Hogwarts alone and in the dark.

“James!” Harry called realizing that if he’d thought this through better he would have brought along a broom for himself. For all he knew James could be hundreds of feet off the ground, Harry knew that he’d always preferred to go higher when he was flying. Sighing, he brought his wand back and forth across the sky for a few moments, sighing when he realized that he wasn’t going to find James this way. He’d always been the most stubborn and he wasn’t just going to pop out of the clouds and show himself after he’d purposely tried to get away from everyone.

Taking a deep breath he took a moment for himself, realizing that the cool air was awfully refreshing. His mind wasn’t working in the normal way, and he doubted that he’d even fully processed all that had gone on. While he was out here hunting down his son, there was someone inside hunting down Albus’ killer. The though made him sick, but he knew that he needed to focus on his living child now and grieve later.

It didn’t take him long to realize that he wasn’t going to get anywhere on the ground, if James had even realized that he was here he was obviously avoiding him on purpose. While he doubted that anything would happen to him while he waited here for him, he knew that he had to play it safe. He was going to have to take to the sky again, something that he hadn’t done in quite a while. The boys were beyond asking him to practice with them, and Lily had never really shown any interest in the sport.

Recalling that there was a good deal of Quidditch equipment stored right on the grounds Harry made his way over towards the sheds under the stands where the brooms had always been stored in his day. Giving a harsh laugh he wondered if they would be the same brooms that had been around when he’d been in school. They had hardly worked well enough to carry his wiry frame back then, and he doubted that he’d have much success now.

Walking across the dark field he tried to keep the light pouring from his wand focused on the sky rather than on where he was going, hoping that he might be able to catch a glimpse of his son darting around in the air. Reaching the shed, he pulled on its door only to realize that it was locked.

“Alohamora!” He cast, not surprised when it easily opened. He wondered why they even bothered with the lock when even the first years could probably break in, but he doubted that broom security was a top priority for the school. Taking a step into the shed he reached out for one of the brooms, only to find that there were none. His brow creased, as he could have sworn that this was where they kept the brooms. Before he could figure out where things had gone wrong a spell struck him in the back and he fell into the shed, his eyes vacant. 

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A Bump In The Night: Rumors Fly


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