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Twinkle Toes by ellemae17
Chapter 2 : Surrounded by Idiots
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My brothers are idiots.

Worse then that, they’re attractive idiots. So while I’m standing at the barre trying not to die of embarrassment, the other girls in my class are blatantly staring out the window at them as they wrestled playfully in the parking lot.

After class ended around four, while everyone was changing and packing up, Miss Laura called me over.

“Lily, darling, how are things at that school of yours?”

“They’re okay.”

“We miss you around here; it’s an awful lot of talent you’re wasting at a school with no dance team.”

“Academically it’s one of the best schools in the country Miss Laura. That’s why it’s so private.”

“If it’s what you want dear. I was curious though, have you considered additional schooling after…Hogwash?”

“It’s Hogwarts”

Really, it’s not that hard of a name to remember.

“Yes, well, Juilliard would be very interested in a girl with your talents.”

“Juilliard, Miss Laura?” It sounds like a disease.

“It’s an American school, one of the best for performing arts in the world. I could send them a video tape of you performing, if you would like.”

“I’ll consider it.”

“This isn’t something you should take lightly child. It would be an excellent opportunity for you.”

“Thank you Miss Laura.”

I left quickly. I changed into some baggy jeans and a loose tank top and rushed outside to meet Albus and James, the latter currently attempting (and succeeding) to chat up a couple of girls from my class while Al watched on in amusement.

“What are you guys going here? I usually walk home after class.”

“Aww Lily, aren’t you excited to see your darling older brothers?” James asked, smirking. The girls from my class swooned.

Yeah, that’s right, swoon! I didn’t think people actually did that.

“I see you all the time James, you still live at home.

James blushed heavily and Albus started cracking up, sliding closer so he could high-five me.

I knew there was a reason he was my favorite brother.

“I-I-I…” James spluttered unattractively. The girls from dance made faces and started to leave.

“See you tomorrow Lily.” I waved back half heartedly.

“Seriously, why are you guys here?” I asked the boys.

“Dinner at the Burrow tonight. Gram is throwing a party; apparently Teddy and Victoire have some news.” Al winked when he said the last bit. I rolled my eyes.

“Get in the car already!” James yelled, already starting the engine and getting ready to back the car out.

Sometimes I wish Al had bothered to get his license. James driving is a little scary.

Al and I quickly slipped into the back of the car, neither of us wanting to ride in front with James. I put my dance bag on the floor and shoved it under the seat, out of view from my nosy cousins. I examined myself in the rearview mirror, taking my hair out of its severe bun required for dancing and adjusting my tank top.

No one outside of my immediate family (excluding Uncle Ron, Aunt Hermione, and Roxanne) knows that I dance. I’ve never really felt the need to tell them.

The Weasleys as a whole are very naïve when it comes to Muggles. I didn’t want to deal with the questions and comments, especially from Uncle Percy’s girls. Molly and Lucy (Molly especially) can be very critical.

Needless to say, we don’t get along very well.

The house is over run with people, as usual. My brothers stayed outside to throw around the quaffle Fred is playing with.

Speaking of Fred…

“Lily!” I turned around to see Fred’s little sister (and my best friend) running at me, her curly black hair cascading behind her as she threw her arms around my neck.

I love this girl.

“I missed you,” she squealed in my ear, jumping up and down in excitement.

“Roxie, you just saw me yesterday.”

“For, like, ten minutes when dad stopped by your house to talk to Uncle Harry about expanding the shop.” I grinned and hugged her again.

We headed into the house. I kept an eye out for my parents, and was not surprised to find them in the kitchen, mum helping Gran with the food and dad drooling over the treacle tart in the oven.

“Hi mum!” I called, heading over to give her a hug.

“Hi sweetheart. How was class?”

“Great as usual. Do you need any help?”

“I’m fine here baby, you and Roxie head outside and enjoy the sun. And keep an eye out for the Scamanders, Luna just sent her Patronus saying they’re nearly here.”

I nodded and left the room with Roxanne, stopping to kiss my dad’s cheek on the way out. Outside, we saw five people coming up the front walkway.

It was Luna Scamander (my godmother and namesake), her husband Rolf, their twin boys Lorcan and Lysander, and Lorcan’s best friend (and Roxanne’s boyfriend) Eddie Finnegan, who usually spent the last few weeks of summer with them.

Roxie shot me a hopeful look, and I rolled my eyes.

“Go on, I’ll be fine. Have fun with your boyfriend.” She hugged me and ran off.

I couldn’t resist. “Not too much fun!”

She flipped me off.

I couldn’t blame her.

It’s chapter 2! (Or 1, seeing as the last one was more of a prologue) Don’t forget to write a review and let me know what you’re thinking, they’re great motivation to write more.

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