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I Could Be Your Hero by potterprincess07
Chapter 16 : Weddings
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A/N: After the last chapter, this one is a little plain, but it's mostly kind of a filler until more exciting things happen. Ironically, one of the reviews from the last chapter mentioned some of these things should happen, however, I did have it planned before reading that review. But it showed me that I was heading in a good pattern. I hope that you enjoy!

Update: This is yet ANOTHER revised chapter, again with not much changed but about an added paragraph or so added at the end to kind of merge this with the chapter that is next (I realize that some of these need to be done this way as I write the next chapter and figure out what's happening next). 

Thanks for your patience and enjoy! 

Hermione walked into the living room, feeling excited and sad at the same time. Her she was, about to end one chapter of her life and begin a new one. Then, as she reached the living room door, she suddenly stopped in her tracks.

“Mum?” she cried, not believing her eyes. “Dad?”

She rushed over to them, and said, “What are you doing here?”

Her dad stepped to where Draco was standing. He placed hand on his shoulder and smiled.

“You have found yourself a very convincing young man, Hermione,” he said.

“I’ve what?” she asked, feeling very confused.

Mrs. Granger smiled. “Hermione dear, I wanted to apologize for not being there when you needed me the most.”

By this time, Hermione had found herself sitting down.

“But you were so disappoint. In fact, furious might be a better word for it.” Her shoulders sank as she realized she was almost trying to convince them to be upset with her.

Mr. Granger spoke up again.

“I admit. When you told us your decision, I was disappointed. Then when you told us you were pregnant - of all things! - I was outraged. After all, your future seemed to be heading straight down the toilet. But then, your young man here, he makes a pretty convincing argument.”

She turned to Draco. “You did this?” she whispered. “When? How?”

This time, Mrs Granger spoke up first.

“I would never have wanted to miss your wedding, Hermione. You’re my daughter, my only child. I’ve already missed the birth of my grandson. I, well your father and I both, we don’t want to miss anything else. Draco here, made us realize that. Maybe this isn’t exactly how we would have planned on meeting him, but that’s in the past.”

The tears spilled down her cheeks before she could stop them.

“I think you and I should acquaint ourselves with our grandson, “ Mrs Granger nudged her husband.

Draco smiled. “Up the stairs, first room to the left. He should be awake soon.”

Once they had left, Hermione turned to Draco. “When did… how did you know?” she stumbled all over herself, tears still streaming, and her nose had started running, making her look quite a mess.

He sat down and gently pulled her into his lap.

“I didn’t mean for it to make you cry,” he said. “I thought that this would make you happy.”

She sniffed and looked t him. “I am happy. In fact, I don’t think anything could have made me happier.”

Then she gave him a curious look.

“What did you say to them? How did you ever…”

He grinned sheepishly. “You’ve talked more about them than you realize. It wasn’t hard for me to find them. And as for what I said, I explained how I was to blame for what had happened and I wanted to make an honest woman of you.”

“A what?” she said, pulling away slightly.

He shrugged. “It worked when Javier did it on Days of Eternity.”

A grin crept on her face. “Are you saying that you’ve watched that?”

He looked hurt. “I like it. Besides, how else am I going to learn how muggles live?”

She coughed at the thought.

“Draco, I don’t think that, well, Days of Eternity, is really the best way to learn.”

“Why not? It’s fascinating. I mean, in the past month, Javier wanted to marry Olivia, but Olivia was really having Desmond’s baby. In the end, however, it really turned out to be Xavier’s baby, but Michelle had changed the results to show that it was Desmond’s baby. And then meanwhile…” he stopped to catch his breath.

She arched an eyebrow.

“You honestly think that’s how things work in the muggle world?”

He shrugged. “If I’d have know, I would have taken muggle studies.”

She rolled her eyes. “You can’t believe all of that, can you?”

Their conversation ended there, as Mr and Mrs Granger walked back into the room.

Once they had reached the Ministry, Hermione and Draco walked inside, letting Mr and Mrs Granger trail behind, Mrs Granger carrying Scorpius.

“I still can’t believe that they’re here,” Hermione told him as they headed toward the Magical Legal Department.

“I don’t think your Mum can believe she’s here either,” Draco said. “I don’t think she’s put him down since she picked him up this morning.”

Hermione smiled. “I never knew she was so maternal. I knew she loved me and all, but I guess I was always buried in a book and I never really gave her a chance.”

A sad look crossed Draco’s face at that moment, which he tried to dismiss, but not before Hermione saw.

“Oh, Draco, I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m sure your parents would have made terrific grandparents as well.”

“My mother would have,” he said softly. “When I was little, she treated me much the way yours treats Scorpius. My father on the other hand…” he trailed off, as though he didn’t want less than pleasant memories clouding the happiness today was supposed to be.

“There you are!” Hermione and Draco jumped at the sudden outburst.

Harry and Ginny were standing there, Ginny’s hands on her hips.

“We’ve looked all over for you.”

Mr and Mrs Granger had caught up to them by this time.

Hermione breathed a silent sigh of relief.

“Harry, Ginny, you remember my parents. Mum, Dad, you remember Harry and Ginny. “

“Do you, Hermione Jean Granger, take this man, Draco Lucius Malfoy, to be your lawful wedded husband, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“Do you, Draco Lucius Malfoy, take hits woman, Hermione jean Granger, to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, through sickness and in health, for as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.”

It wasn’t until that moment that both Draco and Hermione realized, that even though they had a baby together, that they had never kissed in front of anyone else. It seemed strange and awkward to be doing it right now, especially in front of Harry and Ginny and the Grangers, but Draco didn’t care. He wrapped Hermione in his arms and tipped her back and kissed her softly, but firmly.

Harry and Ginny smiled and applauded softly, while Mr Granger beamed and Mrs Granger had tears running down her face as she alternated between looking at the two of them and at Scorpius.

The seven of them left the Ministry once the reached the outside doors, Mrs Granger stopped them.

“Your father and I are going to take Scorpius for the night for you,” she told Hermione, smiling brightly.

“But, but…” Hermione stuttered out, feeling like a moron.

“We figured that you deserved at least one night alone, you know. I mean, this is your wedding night.“

“If your mother’s reaction to Scorpius today was any indication, Hermione, she’s doing it mostly for herself, you know,“ Mr Granger kidded good naturedly.

“It was lovely seeing the two of you again,” Mrs Granger directed at Harry and Ginny as it seemed they were getting ready to leave themselves.

“Likewise,” Harry said, returning her smile.

But before they could leave, Draco stopped him.


Harry stopped, realizing that Draco had called him “Harry” rather than “Potter”.

“I have something I’d like to ask you.”

Harry merely arched his eyebrows as he couldn’t even begin to guess what it might be that Draco wanted to ask him.

“I have been thinking on this for awhile, and I want to ask you if you would consider becoming Scorpius’ godfather.”

Hermione tried to hide the initial shock she had at this announcement, as Draco hadn’t even mentioned this to her, but it made her feel happy that he wanted this, not to mention that it just seemed so natural for him to ask.

Harry seemed flustered as well at the sudden question, but regardless, he answered quickly and matter of factly.

“I’d be honoured,” he said.

Once Hermione and Draco got home, it felt strange to be there alone, without Scorpius. After all, even when they had been at school and shared the common room, it wasn’t as though they had lived together - exactly. There were all of those other people that were around, and this was just - different.

“Do you... do you ever regret the way that things turned out?” Draco asked quietly, later that night when they were alone, cuddled on the sofa.

“You mean, us, and... everything?” she asked, tilting her head to one side.

“Anything,” he said.

She looked him in the eyes and stared a moment before saying anything. “No. I said I wouldn’t have any regrets, remember?”

He paused a moment before he continued. “That wasn’t what I meant. I know you said that, but that was about.... I mean, being with me. After all, we’re married now,” he said, stumbling over the word as though it were foreign. “It doesn’t seem quite real, does it?”

Distractedly, she ran her thumb across the inside of the ring on the inside of her hand.

“No. But then, neither did having a baby. Or learning who you truly were. In fact, nothing from the past year seems quite real, even now.”

He was suddenly reminded of the innocence that had left them, in what seemed like a lifetime ago back at school, when in reality it hadn’t even been a year yet. 


Before he could stop himself, he brought his fingers up to the side of her face, where he softly caressed it. Her skin was so soft, and it had been so long since they’d been close in this way. 


Without speaking, they seemed to know what the other was thinking. 


Draco scooped Hermione up into his arms, giving her an incredible case of déjà vu, and carried her up the stairs. 


“I have to say I think that you get more beautiful every day,” he whispered. 


She shook her head. 


He answered her head shaking with a nod. “Of course you are. And I plan on spending every moment until sunrise on showing you.” 


She shivered slightly, remembering the last time this had happened. She felt a blush covering her entire body as thoughts of what he had done that time filled her mind.


His lips teased her earlobes, nipping at them slightly. He used his thumb to trail down slightly to slowly ease her shirt away from her body. 


She realized that she couldn’t wait any longer and reached her hands out towards his shirt, unbuttoning as fast as she could, only taking time to make sure that she wasn’t going to rip all of the buttons off. 


“You’re Mrs Malfoy now,” he whispered. “And I plan on making that true in every sense of the word.” 


As Draco began his journey of staying true to his word, only one thought came to Hermione’s mind. There was no going back now, no matter what happens

A/N: Well, there it is. Sorry this chapter is a little on the short side, but I figure that since the last chapter was a little on the long side, a shorter chapter is fine. 

I know there isn't that much of that scene, but I'd rather leave it to the imagination and sort of imply what is happening. 

I hope you enjoyed! 

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