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Behind Enemy Lines by MidnightBlue_x
Chapter 6 : Sorry
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Disclaimer; I do not own anything but Victoria and fragments of this plot. Everything else is J.K Rowling’s.


how amazing is this chapter image? It's all thanks to Conspiracy. from TDA.


A loud smack echoed the room and Sirius pulled back, rubbing his cheek. “Bloody hell Vic” He groaned, before grabbing her arms and forcing his lips back onto hers. She struggled against his hold and when she realised he wasn’t going to let go, she aimed a swift kick at his shins. “Shit” He cursed, staring at an outraged Victoria. “What the hell did you do that for?”


Victoria shot him an annoyed look. “First of all; you kissed me, as in me, your brother’s girlfriend since our fifth year; two summers after you broke my heart. Secondly; you called me Vic, no one calls me Vic except for Regulus. And thirdly; well you bloody well kidnapped me didn’t you?” She snapped, Sirius held up his hands in defeat and took a few steps backwards. “I’m not another one of your pathetic whores Black. You had your chance with me and you blew it, Regulus is so much more than you ever were”


Sirius fell silent and closed his eyes before opening them a few seconds later. “Look, I’m sorry Victoria but I was just a stupid fifteen year-old back then. I really am different, I’m going to be twenty soon, trust me I’ve grown up”


“Why?” She asked, Sirius look taken aback. “Why am I here? I’m not a Death Eater, I didn’t hurt anyone so why am I here?” 


Sirius’s face calmed slightly before he took a deep breath and stated. “We need your help”


“With what?” She pushed, her eyes dancing with worry. “I-I can’t. I don’t know anything about this Voldermort guy”


“I really am sorry Victoria, but we don’t need information” He whispered, his voice dropping so low that Victoria could barely hear him. “We need you to get inside”


Victoria could hear her heart beating in her chest, she could feel her entire body shaking and her mind was working a mile a minute. ‘They couldn’t, they couldn’t.’ She repeated to herself over and over again. ‘They didn’t really need her, they were kidding. This was a dream; I’m still in my warm bed next to Regulus. I just need to wake up’


“Victoria?” Sirius’s warm hand appeared on Victoria’s arm. “I-I wish I could change their minds but you’re the only person who even has a chance of getting close”


Victoria fought back the sob threatening to escape her mouth. “I-I-I, Please let me go home. Please just tell me this is a sick joke Sirius, Please” She whispered, Sirius looked solemn and without even a need for words Victoria burst into tears. “He’ll kill me. It won’t matter that I’m pureblood or Slytherin” She said between sobs. “A-And Regulus will hate me forever, if he so much as knew about that summer he’d never look at me again let alone if I betrayed him and everything he believes in” Sirius’s hand slowly calmed hers and he looked genuinely sorry. “Why can’t you send one of you in? I don’t want to die because I betrayed the only man who’s ever loved me” She whispered, the tears now clouding her vision completely.


“I wish we could” Sirius whispered, burying Victoria into a warm embrace. “I really do”




A few hours later Victoria stirred, she’d obviously fallen asleep sometime between her sobs. She glanced around the room, noticing she was no longer in the same room. She had been moved into a much nicer room, it was painted a neutral creamy colour with a large window just like the last room instead this one looked onto a nice little courtyard and then in distance, she could see civilization.


Well…that was a tad dramatic; it was more like a tiny cottage thing at least half an hours walk away and then nothing. Not a single thing, she cursed again. What kind of person built a house in the middle of nowhere? Then again, the Death Eaters would never look somewhere like this.


Down in the courtyard she could three figures, instantly she could make them out; Lily, Potter and Sirius. The latter looked like he was screaming at the other two, dragging his fingers through his hair and kicking one of the peeling white chairs. The other two looked shocked; they were facing Victoria and had obviously noticed her in the window- they made no haste in point this out to Sirius.


He turned quickly, his face twisted in anger that quickly disappeared; he smiled and motioned for her to come down. She stared at him for a moment, before cautiously leaving the door and creaking down the stairs. The rest of the house was decorated similar to the second room, very neutral and bright. Placed upon the walls that ran against the staircase were multiple pictures of wizards and witches, most of which Victoria didn’t know but towards the very bottom, in a white frame was a picture of Sirius.


He was smiling brightly, a Gryffindor tie around his head and the castle in the background. Victoria guessed it had been taken in his last year. Slowly, she reached up her fingers to the glass and traced the outline of his face casually.


“Vic?” Quickly, she pulled her hands back and turned to face Lily who was watching her with a knowing smile. “Come on outside” She whispered, squeezing Victoria’s arm lightly before directing her into the courtyard.


Sirius, who had been sitting down facing the door, immediately stood up as soon as the door closed. “Hey” He breathed, moving towards her slowly.


“Hi” She replied, letting herself be moved towards the chair he had been occupying.


“Sit” He urged, nodding towards the chair. She quickly sat down, and stared over at Lily and Potter who were watching both of them with knowing smiles.


“How are you feeling Victoria?” James asked, breaking the awkward silence.


“About as good as you can feel after being kidnapped Potter” She replied in a half-joking tone. She’d never particularly liked Potter, she’d always felt that he was the reason that Sirius had changed. Victoria liked people for who they were, and hated it when people changed just because they thought they didn’t fit in or that no one would like them unless they did.


Victoria had liked Sirius, as…Sirius. The feisty Black who dared to be different, not the arrogant tool he’d become during his Hogwarts years. She wanted the old Sirius back, the one she could laugh with and act stupid with, but most of all she wanted the Sirius back that she loved.  


Authors Note; I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, I have parts of the next one written but after this I’m going to post the next chapter of Sugar Free Sweets before that comes around. Leave a review?

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Behind Enemy Lines: Sorry


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