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A Forgotten Weasley by Lucy Weasley
Chapter 1 : In Which You Meet The Other Weasleys
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Prologue or In Which You Meet The Other Weasleys

July 30th 2019

I don't own Harry Potter or his world.

Chapter image by JaydScarlett @ TDA

Hi. My name is Lucy, Lucy Weasley, if you want to know, although you probably don't. I'd bet 10 Galleons, 5 Sickles, and 11 Knuts that you don't know, much less remember, anything about me. Even if you do, you probably don't care. Personally, I don't care that you don't care. I'll tell you anyway. I'm here to tell you about my family, friends - life in general. Before I start telling you anything, I should introduce my family, because there's a helluva a lot of them and I don't want you confused. The easiest way to show all of them is to take you on a tour of a normal Sunday afternoon at the Burrow.

First off, you see the kitchen right when you walk through the door. You might want to dodge that room completely if unless you're getting a snack or something, because there's always a lot of women in there. You might want to tuck in your shirt, comb your hair, shine your shoes- whatever- before you even grace the doorway of that room… Over by the stove is Nana Molly- she's in charge around here. If you make anyone mad, just don't let it be her. Ever. She has seven kids, so that woman has a high pain tolerance and doesn't put up with anything. If you're looking for slightly safer territory (but not much), you'll see five women- my aunts and mother. It's like the soldiers compared to the General… it's not much, but something.

The one with the long red hair is Aunt Ginny. She's the youngest of Nana Molly's kids, and she played Quidditch a long time ago. I think she should have stuck with Quidditch, but now she writes in the newspaper. She's married to Uncle Harry, you know, The Boy Who Lived. I think it's silly they still call him that because a bunch of other people lived, and he isn't a boy any more. Come on, people. I guess old habits die hard.

Next to her is Aunt Hermione who works in Magical Law. If she ever says the word spew to you, I suggest you run far, and you run fast. She's got brown curly hair that I always wanted to pet when I was little. I know, I'm weird. She's been around the longest after Aunt Ginny and Nana Molly because she was friends with my Uncles Ron and Harry when they were in school.

My mum has brown hair, too, but hers is straight and shiny. To my displeasure, mine is not. Mum is really funny and sometimes crazy. I asked her once why she married Dad (he's not at all funny or crazy, he's rather boring), she told me he kept her focused and made her happy. Ppht. Yeah right. Personally, I think she married him for his family.

Anyway, Aunt Fleur has straight and shiny hair too, but hers is really light blonde. Aunt Fleur was the first girl to be married into the family, so she and Nana Molly have a special relationship. I've never really heard much about it, but they used to hate each other. Then, something happened, and they're really close now.

The last aunt is Aunt Angelina- she's got black hair and is really tall. I mean, it's not even natural for someone to be as tall as she is. Just like Aunt Ginny, she used to play Quidditch, but now she works at WWW, the joke shop. Aunt Angelina used to scare me with all her yelling at Uncle George, now I know that's how she says 'I love you'.

Now, (thank goodness) we're leaving the danger zone to go in the sitting room. This is where the men sit. Don't get me wrong, it's not segregated or anything. The men just prefer to sit together. I don't even really know what they do probably watch Quidditch on the new television (there are so many Muggleborns in the family now that they decided to get my grandparents one for Christmas last year). Uncle Harry and Uncle Ron are always cracking jokes to each other.

Anyway, first up we have Nana Molly's other half, Granddad. He's bald, obsessed with Muggles, and actually puts up with all of us. The man is great, even if I think he's a little mental. Sitting with him are his sons, all five of them. Oh, and Uncle Harry, he's the only non-Weasley uncle. I'll start with him because hopefully you all know him, unless you've been living under a rock or in Hagrid's hut or some place equally disgusting.

Uncle Harry is married to Aunt Ginny and is best friends with Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron, the other part of the Golden Trio. He's the one that defeated Lord Voldemort, saved the world, and got the girl, yada, yada, yada. I love him but could he be more modest? (Please note the heavy sarcasm, people.)

Next to Uncle Harry is Uncle Ron, his best friend. Uncle Ron is slightly tactless but lovably so. People tell me I'm like him but I don't buy it. I can only hope… He works with Uncle George and Aunt Angelina at WWW. He is also married to Aunt Hermione, yet another confusing union. My Uncle George says it was pity, again, I think it was for the family. You never can tell with all of the confusing adults in my family.

On to the next uncle, Uncle George. Uncle George is married to Aunt Angelina, he owns WWW and is almost always good for a joke. He's most of the cousins' favorite uncle. There's always an empty seat between Uncle George and my dad. That's because Uncle George had a twin brother, my Uncle Fred, who my cousin Freddie is named after. He died in the war against Voldemort, so the seat is empty for reverence or something.

My dad, Percy, sits on the other side of the empty place. My dad has red hair (like all the Weasley brothers), but he is the only one with curly hair. Of course, I got his hair, although mine isn't as curly. My dad blames himself for Uncle Fred's death because he left the family until the end of the war. It was a stupid thing to do, but blaming himself for his brother's death is even stupider. I know he gets depressed sometimes because I heard him talk to Mum about it once.

Uncle Bill is the oldest uncle, he used to have long hair, but he cut it off when his hair line started to recede. He works at Gringotts, just like his wife, Aunt Fleur. Uncle Bill has scars from the war, but we don't really notice them anymore.

The last uncle is my favorite, Uncle Charlie. He never got married and he lives in Romania. He has always studied dragons there, but he's getting ready to move back home. He always has a good story tell.

Now we're heading outside to meet the cousins. I'll start on one side of the yard and work my way around. First we have the 'babies', they aren't really babies anymore, but that's what we call them. They're the youngest three in the family, Lily Potter, (Harry and Ginny's daughter) Hugo Weasley, (Ron and Hermione's son) and Louis Weasley (Bill and Fleur's son). Lily and Hugo are eleven, and Louis will be in a couple weeks.

Lily has red hair like me, although hers is straight. She has two older brothers, so she's been toughened up. She's the leader of the three, even though Hugo is older. She loves Quidditch (in this family you have to, it's basically a requirement) and plans on trying out for her house team as soon as she can.

Hugo has curly red hair too but his is dark red. He's quiet, and usually follows, rather than leading. When he gets angry, well, you might be better off in the kitchen.

Louis is the baby of the family- he even looks the part with his light blonde hair and blue eyes. He's somewhat self-confidant. I can even see him being flirty when he's older. He probably would be called Lou, but I was born first so I got that nickname! Yay! (Shut up, it's better then Lulu). I sometimes call him Izzy instead, just to tick him off. He really hates that.

Behind them is Izzy's sister, Victoire, the oldest, with Teddy Lupin who isn't a Weasley. He might as well be, though, which makes it kind of weird. He is Vic are dating. Vic has light red hair and blue eyes-everyone says she's beautiful. She is a bit like Nana Molly but a tad bit nicer (don't tell her I said that, though). She's nineteen and was in Gryffindor. Teddy is Harry's godson-both his parents died with my uncle Fred. He is twenty-one and was a Hufflepuff when he was in school. Teddy can change his appearance whenever he wants, and today, his hair is bright green and spiky. He's nice and all, but not my type.

So we'll leave them to their snogging and move on to Roxanne, or as we call her, Roxy. Roxy is Uncle George's daughter but you wouldn't know from by looking at her. She looks exactly like her mum, dark hair, eyes, and skin. Roxy is fourteen and a Hufflepuff, she's on their Quidditch team as a Chaser. She's like Hugo in a lot of ways but she's slightly wilder. She hangs out some with me and James, I'll get to him later.

After Roxy we have Rose and Albus, or as I call them, Red and Al. Rose is Hugo's older sister, and Al is Lily's older brother. They've been a pair practically since the womb. Both are thirteen years old.

Rose is in Gryffindor, and is a good mix of Uncle Ron and Aunt Hermione, she is smart but hot-headed. She also has a short-temper. Rose has the same hair as Hugo with gold-brown eyes, I know, isn't is disgusting how nice she looks?.

Al is in Ravenclaw, he plays on the Quidditch team too (lots of Weasleys on Quidditch teams, we could have our own if they'd let us. The headmaster is still considering our proposal on that subject.) Al is Uncle Harry in miniature, I mean that as seriously as I can mean anything. Albus is the quiet voice of reason to Rose's not exactly well-thought out plans. He gave me the creeps as a baby because he wouldn't make any noise.

Leaning against that tree reading is Molly, my older sister. She turned seventeen in April and barely uses her magic. She of course got the good genes, Dad's brains and ambition, Mum's looks and curiosity. She's highly inquisitive and smart, Ravenclaw all the way. When she was four she asked so many questions Dad finally said "You know, curiosity killed the cat." To which innocent Molly replied, "how?". Mum had to explain while Dad went to his room for 'alone time'. She never gets asked if she's a Weasley, she has Mum's brown hair and hardly any freckles. She's a good sister I guess, we get along fine, mostly.

Up in the tree is Dominique, who we call Dom, and Fred II who we call Freddie. Both just turned sixteen and in Gryffindor. They are the merry pranksters of the family.

Dom is Vic and Izzy's sister. Her hair is bright Weasley red and wavy. Both Delacour-Weasley sisters keep their hair long though in different styles. Vic's is loose or in a up-do, Dom's is always in a pony-tail or braid. Dom is the only Weasley with Delacour blood that doesn't like to be looked at. She really doesn't like boys much either, she says Freddie is enough boy for her to handle at the moment.

Freddie has Weasley hair too, though it's darker then Dom's or mine. He has darker skin like Roxy. He's one of the nicest boy cousins. We all get along with him the best. He's also Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Both Dom and Freddie are fairly easy-going. They plan on working at WWW when they leave Hogwarts.

Doing a handstand on the lawn is my cousin James, or as I like to call him 'Jimmy, Jamie, Jamsey, James'. He doesn't appreciate my humor. James is fourteen and in Gryffindor. He has dark brown hair and hazel eyes that Uncle Harry says come from his granddad. James is my soul-brother, my back-up, my partner-in-crime. We are half of the next Marauders, as Uncle Harry calls us, the other half is the Scamander twins who are in my year. Lysander is a Ravenclaw, Lorcan is a Slytherin. Dad wasn't too happy about that but what can he do? Their mother is a old family friend and I've know him since we were born. Besides, he isn't evil or anything. Just highly ambitious and a little moody at times.

Now last but most definitely not least is me. Lucy Minerva Weasley, the tragic heroine who-have you ever noticed that heroine is spelled a lot like heroin? Just take off the 'e' and you have a highly addictive drug. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, Lucy Minerva Weasley, fifteen-years-old, Gryffindor prefect. Ha, ha, everyone's a comedian. No, I'm NOT a prefect, but I AM in Gryffindor. I'm shortish- 5' 4'', and everyone says I have a pretty mild temper. Like I said before, people say that I'm like Uncle Ron, but I don't really see where they get that…I play Beater on the Gryffindor Quidditch team and James plays Chaser. Aunt Ginny held it over Uncle Harry for a week when they got the news. My cousins call me Lu, Luce, and if I'm annoying, Lulu. Nana Molly tends to call me Lucy Minerva!, complete with the exclamation point. I've got the Weasley hair in massive bunches of curls, hazel eyes that I need contacts to see straight with, and the best family anyone could have. Or at least, that's what they tell me. Sometimes, I'm not so sure…

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