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Rainbow of Tears by jeighsone
Chapter 4 : The sign of Happiness
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I sleep well that night,I felt the huge weight been lifted into my armsI thoughtI saw a parchment on my bedside table.I opened it.


Meet me outside.I've got to show you something.

I showered and dress quickly.I wondered why I'm suddenly look forward on seeing Draco.Maybe were not that close since last night after he hugged me and comforted me while I cried.

I ran outside and looking for Draco.He's there,smiling at me.He walked into my direction.
"Close your eyes"he ordered.
"Why?"I said.
"Just do it",he smiled
I close my eyes and I felt Draco holding my hands.I felt a slight lurch into my stomach.
"Open it and look up"he said.
I opened my eyes and gasped.A sparkling rainbow is etched into the sky.I admired it's sparkling different colors then I remembered the note.
"Isn't it beautiful?do you know that Rainbow is a really good sign?"he smiled still looking at it.
Suddenly,it hit me."Your the one who send me the note!"I blurted out.
He just looked at me and held my hands tighter.
"Yes,I am,In every problems in the world,Phoemela,there's only hope.Like the rainbow,it shows itself after the storm last night,"he said.
Right then and there,I understood.
"I love you,Phoemela.Please give me a chance.I'll teach your heart to fall inlove again To the right guy this time "he said as he leaned down and kissed me on the lips.
Oh, god.Draco's inlove with me,I thought as I kissed him back.
He pulled apart and staring into my eyes.
"Will you give me a chance?"he asked.
"Yes"I said clearly.Draco smiled and kissed me again.

I know I'll be happy again.Thoughts of Dylan were coming down the drain although he still have a little special in my heart.All I know is my heart now is owned by Draco.He came into my life like the Rainbow into the sky wiping the rain away into the earth as he said into the note he'd given me.

Thanks to Kayla who never gets tired to read and reviewed my stories!!
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Rainbow of Tears: The sign of Happiness


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