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Rainbow of Tears by jeighsone
Chapter 3 : Not All guys are the Same
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It rained all throughout the week so some of the classes needed to be done outside were canceled.I suceeded on avoiding Dylan everyday.I saw him holding hands with Pansy a couple of times and it didn't bothered me at all.After endless hours of moping and waking up in the middle of the night crying...I felt numb.I felt all my tears of hurt to Dylan were already shed.
I didn't bother with my looks anymore and devoted myself more into studying to drown all the hurt and sorrows I felt for Dylan.

I sat in one of the tables into the Library scanning into a dusty book for my homework on Professor Binns when suddenly someone sat beside me again.I collected my things preparing to transfer again into an another table when someone reached out and hold my hand.I noticed long fingers resting into mine and I looked up.

"Phoemela,why are you scared to me all of a sudden?"asked Draco Malfoy.
"Oh sorry..I thought your someone else.."I muttered as I sat down again.
"Your really acting odd this week,do you know that.You jump up when someone asked you a question."he asked peering into my face.
I just looked down.
"It's..Dylan isn't it?"asked Draco."Are you inlove with him?"
I stared at him.Am I that obvious?I wondered.
Draco chuckled."Don't be so surprised.I just noticed it,remember when you cried the other day?And the same day Dylan admitted to me that Pansy is now his girlfriend so I just figured it out."
"It's way over....really.I'm just not in the mood to talk into people..that's all."I said when I found my voice.
"Phoemela...don't let that thing affect you.Your young and Dylan is not the perfect guy for you"he said.
I stood up."All I know is....All guys are the same."I said as I turned my back unto him and stormed out of the library.
"Phoemela,wait up!!"Draco cried.Madame Pince glared at him and ordered him to get out of the library for not keeping his voice down.

I just walked not knowing where to go.I decide I'll just go into the garden.The storm stopped a while ago.I went outside and inhaled the air.It smelled of damp grass and earth mixed with my tears that flowed into my cheeks,

"Phoemela!"called Draco as he ran to my direction.
I turned around and headed into the lake.I don't want Draco to see that I'm crying again.
"Phoemela,wait up!"Draco called.
"Go Away!"I yelled.A loud thunder sliced through the sky.
Draco sure runs very fast.As a Slytherin seeker without a broom he sure move quickly.
He grabbed my arm."What's your problem?All I said is that Dylan is not the perfect guy for you!"he cried
"Oh,yeah?Well,in my opinion all guys suck,Dylan is a very good example!"I spat,tears falling down my face.
Draco stared at me."Why are you always like that,Phoemela?After Dylan hurted you,you assumed that he's like the other guys.Your crazy!"he said still holding my arm.
I choked back a sob."It's easier for you,Draco because your not me!Dylan hurt me so much!I'm so sick and tired crying my eyes out everyday and waking up in the middle of the night still crying"I yelled.
I dropped down on the ground,wailing sobs escaped from me.Rain fell down from the sky soaking Draco and me to the cold water but I didn't care.
"He really hurt me,Draco.All these years,I've wished that he'll feel the same way I did.I did everything just to make him love me,I sacrificed a lot.Then the next thing I know..he's inlove with somebody else."I whispered,sobbing.

Draco dropped down next to me and looked into my eyes.
"I'm so tired Draco.I 'm afraid to fall inlove again to someone and he'll end up breaking my heart.So whose crazy now?"I said.I'm crying harder now.Huge sobs shooked my whole body.I clutched my face hiding it from Draco.The rain soaked me into the skin,I shivered hardly.

I felt Draco's arm around me .I opened my eyes and I realized that he ....looked mesmerizing.
His hair were wet making it a dark color of gold,raindrops gathered into his lashes as he blinked them back as he stared into me.He guided me into the warmth of his arms eventhough his robes were soaked.I cried into his chest as I've done the other day.The time I saw Dylan kissing with Pansy.I can feel Draco's breath on my scalp as he rested his head into my hair,his hands gently rubbing my back.

"Just cry it all,Phoemela.I'm still here."Draco murmured.
I just cried harder willing the pain to go away.I thought my tears for Dylan were all gone but it came back harder than ever as I surrendered myself into Draco's arms,burying my head into his chest,holding into him.
After a while,I'm just hiccuping,Draco rubbed my back.I looked up on him.
"Not all guys will hurt you,Phoemela."he said.He touched my lips by his fingers.
"Your lips are getting blue now.I say we should get back to the castle."he said.

Draco's arm still around me as he walked me up into our common room and into the stairs of the Girl's dormitory.
"Sleep well"he smiled.
I just nodded at him.
He reached and hug me one last time.
"Goodnight"he said.He turned and go to the boy's dormitory.

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