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Of Love, Lies and Loss by Jenna822
Chapter 4 : Hugo
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Hugo Weasley
A story of: Loss

Hugo's story is one of tragedy, but he never meant for anyone to get hurt. He was a kind and bighearted man. And though Hugo was loyal and hard working, he had never been the brightest of men. It was that fact he sat dwelling on in the deep confines of the Ministry while he awaited his trial.

“Weasley comma Hugo,” came the voice of another man from just a ways down the darkened hallway.

Hugo let out a sharp breath and rose slowly to his feet. His eyes traveled around the nearly empty hall. Only Zellar comma Dorothea remained for a trial after himself. Briefly he sought out eye contact with the woman and the two exchanged terrified and supportive glances. The red-headed man swallowed back his fear and started down the hallway, the magical chains binding his feet making his pace rather slow. He held his head high as the man with the list eyed him over.

“State your name,” the man prompted.

Hugo wasn't sure if the man was being formal out of duty or spite. The other man was his roommate in school, his partner for countless Herbology assignments, one of his closest friends for seven years. “Hugo Arthur Weasley,” the man answered with a trembling voice despite his effort to keep it steady.

The other man scribbled down a confirmation and pointed coldly into the courtroom. He did not look back up at Hugo and Hugo did not blame him. Faced with the situation in reverse, he wondered if he'd be just as cold. Then again, weren't Hufflepuffs meant to be loyal to each other?

Hugo sighed as he pushed aside thoughts of school days and Hogwarts Houses. Those years were long behind him now and he had something much more important to attend to. He was determined to keep his head high as he slowly turned and started for the interrogation chair in the center of the court room.

From off to his left, he could hear his mother's loud and guttural weeping at seeing her baby boy bound in chains and headed for what could be his death. The man would not look up at her, but he was sure his sister sat by the woman's side, holding their mother's hand and putting on the brave, stoic face that Rose Weasley was known for. His father, of course, was not at the trial. The man had passed four weeks prior and was the unintentional cause of Hugo's walk of shame.

“Hugo Arthur Weasley, you have been brought forth today, the fifth day in the month of September in the year of our Lord, two-thousand-thirty-four, to face trial on the charges of one account of attempt at breaking into the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries and one account of negligent homicide on the part of Roger Theodore Davies. Have a seat,” the Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot ordered.

Hugo lowered himself into the chair beside him and gasped audibly as the chains binding his hands began to glow gold and wrap themselves around the arm of the chair. He hid the pain, refusing to allow it to show on his face, as the chains dug into his arms a bit too tightly.

“It's been brought to my attention that you have forgone the typical use of council in favor of defending yourself, is this correct?”

“Yes, Sir,” Hugo answered.

“You're a stupid man for it,” the Chief Warlock responded before quickly moving along. “On the charge of attempt at breaking into the Ministry of Magic's Department of Mysteries, how do you plea?”

“Guilty,” came Hugo's reply, resulting in a collective outburst of chatter amongst the Wizengamot.

“Settle yourselves,” ordered the Chief Warlock. “On what reason did you commit this act?” the man inquired.

And Hugo remained silent as he thought back to the day of his father's funeral. The image of his mother throwing herself over his father's casket was too much for him and his sister to bear. Having to watch while the woman's fingers were pried from the edges by Harry as the man attempted to console the distraught woman, it even brought tears to the eyes of the usually cold Rose. Hugo and his sister walked away from their mother, leaving her to the capable hands of her friends.

Tentatively, the man hugged his sister and she surprised him with a return of the comforting affection. “It shouldn't be like this,” Rose whispered to her brother. “He shouldn't have been there alone. He should have had back up. He shouldn't....” the woman was unable to go on. Hugo merely nodded at her words. He knew the story all too well. His father had rushed into the back room of the Knockturn Alley Apothecary before his back up arrived, responding to what he thought to be the distressed cries of a woman, only to find himself surrounded by no good thugs and petty criminals.

Ron's death had been instant, the family was told that repeatedly as though the trivial detail could ease the chasm of loss that the missing father created amongst them. Hugo had always thought his mother to be iron strong, but when she was given the news of her husband's death, Hermione had collapsed into a fit of despair that none could pull her from. Hugo couldn't bear to see the pain on the woman's face, so he made a choice. He was going to bring his father back.

“Mister Weasley, I asked you a question!” the Chief Warlock growled, pulling Hugo from his thoughts. “On what reason did you decide to break into the Department of Mysteries?” he repeated.

“I wanted a Time Turner,” Hugo answered.

“For what purpose?”

Hugo swallowed back air and shook his head. “My reason is my own. I've admitted guilt, you don't need reason.” The man's response sent the Wizengamot into an uproar of protests. They shouted and ordered him to divulge his reasons, but Hugo would not bring further pain to his mother by accusing her of being his motive.

“Very well, Mister Weasley, suit yourself but your refusal to cooperate will not bode well with your sentencing,” the Chief threatened. “On the charge of of negligent homicide, how do you plea?”

“G-guilty,” Hugo answered, his steady facade falling away.

“Please explain to the court how this act was committed,” the man continued.

“I gave the night guard a sleeping potion,” Hugo answered quickly.

“Did you brew this potion yourself or purchase it?”

“I purchased it, Sir.”

“Have you ever, on any occasion, brewed this potion?”

“Y-yes, Sir. At school I believe.”

“And you are aware that hellebore is a key ingredient in sleeping draughts?”

Hugo nodded his affirmation and closed his eyes tightly.

“And – Mister Weasley look at me – are you aware that some people can have allergic reactions to hellebore resulting in loss of breath, restriction of airways and, in some cases, death?”

“Yes, Sir, I am.”

“Did you, at any time, attempt to determine if Mister Roger Davies was allergic to this substance?”

“No, Sir, I did not.”

“Very well,” the Chief Warlock sighed. “On the charges of attempted breaking and entering and negligent homicide, this court finds Hugo Arthur Weasley guilty by his own admission. He is hereby sentenced to a term in prison spanning ninety-nine years or until the end of his natural born life.”

And with the slamming of the gavel, Hugo's freedom was lost.

A Note From the Author: Thank you for reading. I'll admit, Hugo is one of my least favorite characters so his story was a bit hard for me. Feel free to leave me some thoughts. Victoire is up next. :D --Jenna

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Of Love, Lies and Loss: Hugo


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