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Messes of Men by Roonyskatoony
Chapter 23 : Kiss of Life
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 The amount of looks we received in the corridors as we walked past, Ace’s arm now slung loosely round my shoulders, a faint smirk on his lips at the way people created a line for us to walk through.


"Don't you just love the little people,” He grinned. I laughed.

"It depends," I said.

"According to them, I murdered my brother. Seeing as I really wish I had I'm not going to do much to stop the rumours." He said. I nudged him.

"You're such a prat," I said.

"Oh you have no idea,” He smirked.

"This is so not going to go away for ages. The two super powers have united," I said sarcastically.

"Oh yes they have,” He chuckled as we walked into the dining hall. I swear it pretty much came to halt as we walked in, people simply staring at us open mouthed.

"Definitely one for the album," I said.

"Without a fucking doubt,” He said steering me over to Slytherin table.

We sat down together in Ace's usual place. No one ever so much as touched his seats so it was easy to get a place.

"You do know I refuse to sit with your friends don't you?" I said.

He shrugged.

"Bros before hos,” He said.

"Good 'cause then you won't mind me going back to the people I actually like. I'll see you later eejit," I said getting up, kissing him on the cheek (which I think actually took him by surprise) and going to intercept Hemera who was just coming into the hall.

"Come on midge," I said moving my hands onto her shoulders and guiding her to Gryffindor table.

"I'm not a midget!” She cried defensively. I laughed at her.

"If you say so," I said.

"Why's everyone looking at you...more than usual,” She frowned.

"Because I just pinned Ace down against Slytherin table and started frantically tearing off my clothes," I said sarcastically.

"Ah, lovely,” She said.

"Oh my god! Iris over here!" Ali said calling me over. I moved to her and sat down, Hemera by my side.

"Are you dating Ace?!" Kim said immediately. I shrugged with a small smirk.

"I might be," I said. Ali let out a squeal.

"OMFM!” She cried.

"You what?” Hemera said in horror.

"He's just so charming you see," I said sarcastically.

"And incredibly fit!" Elsa said obviously failing to note the sarcasm.

"But...why?” Hemera said.

"Time for a change," I shrugged.

"Ace doesn't date!" Ali said.

"Well he does now," I said.

"I'm sorry do you mind moving? That's my seat," came a snippy voice. I turned to see Mary glaring at Hemera.

"It's not your seat. She's sitting there," I said calmly, my eyes showing my irritation. She looked at me before she sat down next to Ali.

"You're so lucky" Nora said excitedly.

Ha! Lucky?! I'd sunk to dating...well date a pervy prick with an ego to large for his head to get the attention of some moody bastard. Lucky. Yeah right.

“Oh what being the world’s number one bitch?" Mary muttered.

"No. Iris is dating Ace. Ace Aimes," Ali said smugly.

Why did everyone always do that? Ace, Ace Aimes. Everyone already knew who Ace was there was no need to confirm it with his surname!

Mary dropped her bread roll and turned to stare at me, her mouth slightly agape. Putting up with Ace would have worth it just for that look. It was simply classic!

"Ace?” She choked.

"Yeah," I said casually.

Her jaw hardened.

"Ace doesn't date,” She said flatly.

"Well he does now,” Hemera said obviously rather enjoying Mary's look.

"That's absolute crap," Mary said getting to her feet and stalking over to Slytherin table, over to Ace who was now laughing with his idiotic friends. We all watched as she moved to him, her arms crossed over her chest as she spoke to him. He glanced at me, sending me a grin from across the hall before he turned back to her, shrugged and gave her a reply. Mary then did something that no one had been expected and slapped him across the face. I really did think this was very funny but Ace just rolled his eyes as he retorted. Seeing as my lip reading skills are crap the only word I managed to make out was ‘slag’ before Mary stormed out of the hall.

"Oh Merlin," Elsa grimaced.

"What was that about?" Sofia, an Asian girl from Hufflepuff, asked.

"Well she was sleeping with him wasn't she? She likes him but obviously it's Ace and well...Ace doesn't date...until now. I mean she's like with Sirius and she like totally loves him but she's been like crushing over Ace for years," Ali told me.

"How did you know that?" Elsa said.

"Remember Laura? She told me...before she left school," Ali said. Laura had been 'one of the girls', I'd thought she was rather entertaining but Mary, being Mary, didn't like her...made you wonder why she'd ever tell her anything.

"So...she's been cheating on Sirius?" June said slowly.

"Oh god no but she has a crush on Ace too...I should really go talk to her," Elsa said. I nodded.

"Go on," I said. She sent me an appreciative look before leaving.

Lunch was a long affair before class started again. Ace sauntered up to me as I left the hall with the girls in tow. I looked at him, raising an eyebrow and he looped an arm around my shoulders.

"You know babe you could look a little more impressed. Be happy love, you’re dating me,” He murmured in my ear as we walked ahead of the girls...and his friends who just seemed to be tagging along for the ride.

"Oh god I'm just so happy!" I said sarcastically.

He chuckled.

"Don't you think I'll be playing your doting boyfriend. I'd have no reservations dumping you very publicly,” He said. I smirked at him.

"Not if I beat you to the punch darling," I said. He chuckled.

"This is going to be fun,” He grinned.

"How's your cheek? It looked like she slapped you pretty damn hard," I pouted. He chuckled again.

"Nothing you can't make better I'm sure,” He said suggestively as he pushed open the door to our defence against the dark arts room. 

Everyone turned to look at us as we walked in. I swear if this were a movie we'd be in slow motion with fans giving us that 'windswept' look. Unfortunately this wasn't a movie but the effect was pretty much the same.

We were slightly early which really was a rare occasion.

"Ok so I was thinking seeing as we're already doing this, why not do it properly?" Ace murmured as we sat at the back of the class. Him perched on the edge of the desk while I stood, his hands either side of my waist.

"I'm not sleeping with you Ace," I murmured back flatly. He chuckled.

"You might do eventually but I mean seeing as we're doing this why not do it for real? There's not much difference,” He said kissing my neck.

"Are you like terminally ill or something?" I laughed moving my hand against his forehead.

"Nah,” He said.

"You’re really serious?" I said raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah,” He shrugged.

I frowned at him before I also shrugged.

"Fine. Not much difference," I said simply.

"Good,” He said before he kissed me.

I don't know where he got the idea that this whole thing gave him permission to do so but I didn't resist him although I was the first to break away.

"I don't wanna be in class,” He said against my neck. I laughed.

"Oh what and you expect me to leave with you? No doubt there what everyone would think we were getting up to," I said.

"Well you see I was suggesting that we gave them something valid to..." He started.

"Do I see an 'n' and a ah...of yeah 'o'. I think that spells no," I said flatly. He pouted.

"I'm a horny bloke,” He said.

"Like I didn't already know that," I said rolling my eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes at me,” He said poking me.

I did it again and he pulled me against him grinning.

"Go on, do it again. See what happens,” He said. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"I don't trust you," I said.

He grinned.

"And you shouldn't do either,” He told me his hands moving to my arse.

"Don't you even think about it," I said.

"Oh I've thought of far more than that,” He said.

"You’re so pervy," I said rolling my eyes.

"Ah ah, was that an eye roll I saw?” He said.

"No," I said grudgingly.

"No I didn't think so either,” He said before he kissed me again.

"I'm sorry do you mind? Just because we're going out doesn't mean you can stick your tongue down my throat every five seconds," I said breaking away.

"Oh just shut up will you?” He said irritably kissing me again.

"Idiot," I muttered against his lips. He smirked.

"Talk about a flipping PDA," I muttered.

"You can stop muttering too while you're at it. What's a PDA anyway?" He said.

"Public displays of your cause it would be more like 'public displays of..." I started.

"In fact I think we should ban talking altogether," Ace said, his voice returning to its normal level. I rolled my eyes.

"And there you go with the eye rolling again,” He said.

"Oh shut up," I snapped.

"Talking?” He said. I whacked him round the head but he simply kissed me again in response. I think he really was enjoying himself. He smirked against my lips as we kissed...that was until a very loud sound snapped through the classroom. I looked up and Ace turned slightly. I think the source had been someone slamming a book against the desk. I think that someone may have been Sirius who was now glaring at us.

"Ah this just got a whole lot better," Ace grinned turning back to me, kissing my neck as if we'd never been interrupted.

I pushed him off eventually, smirking at him.

"Don't think this is going to be easy love," I said in his ear before I walked back over to the girls.

"That's disgusting," I heard Katy mutter from where she was standing with Lily, Annabel, Franny and Hemera. I sent her a smirk and she rolled her eyes at me. Professor Moore appeared minutes later and the class began. 

“Wow...looks like we’ve got a full class today,” Professor Moore said in surprise as he rechecked the register, frowning slightly. Yes, it really was that much of a rare occasion.

“Well anyway, I guess we should start then,” He said carefully setting down the register, still managing to look a little perplexed.

“My god he’s so gorgeous,” Ali breathed.

I chuckled pulling out my notepad and my quill.

“She was talking about Ace,” June laughed.

I glanced over at him and he smirked back before turning back to talking to Cane.

I shrugged and turned back.

“It’s not good for his ego,” I chuckled, pushing my robe off my shoulders and over the back of my chair. I usually wore it with just my shirt but it was kind of cold today so I had my jumper as well. Thankfully today was a practical and we’d be going to the duelling arena with the rest of the year.

“So...seeing as my birthdays coming up...” Ace said as he threw an arm over my shoulders as we walked behind everyone else. Oh shit.

“Yes...?” I said slowly.

“Do I get something...special?” He said suggestively.

“You’ll be lucky if you get anything at all,” I muttered.

He pouted.

“But...” He said.

“I’m not your whore,” I said flatly.

He smirked, opening his mouth to speak.

“Yeah, just shut up,” I interjected. He chuckled.

“I’ve got an idea,” He murmured in my ear.

“What kind of idea?” I asked.

“A very good one, come,” He smirked wheeling me off before I could protest, leading me off into the next empty corridor without anyone noticing that we’d slipped off.

“What are you doing?” I laughed.

“Nothing, I just don’t wanna go,” He said.

“Well I do,” I laughed.

“Meh, no you don’t, I’m hungry, let’s go get something to eat,” He said.

“Ace!” I cried as he began steering me off again.

“We can always slip back in late ok?” He pouted.

I rolled my eyes.

“Fine,” I said.

“So...” He started when I heard what sounded like a mix between a sob and screech.

We both turned abruptly before a whirl of colour seemed to appear out of nowhere, jumping on Ace.

“What the...get off!” Ace snapped, wrestling what now appeared to be a woman away. 

“Oh Ace!” She sobbed.

Ace stopped dead.

“Mum?” He said slowly.

The stout woman pulled him back into her arms.

“Oh Ace I thought I’d never see you again!” She cried.

By now my eyebrows had disappeared up into my hairline.

“What...what the hell are you doing here?” Ace demanded, unwrapping her arms and holding her at arm’s length.

She only came up to about his chest, her thick curly hair framing her face and dressed in a skirt suit in pale blue with a matching hat and a large black handbag clutched in her hands.

“Well...A...Aiden...” She started as she pulled a handkerchief out of her sleeve.

Ace’s gaze snapped up, zeroing on a small boy behind her.

“What are you doing here?” He growled.

“I’m a wizard you eejit,” The boy replied.

“No you’re not. What the...fuck off!” Ace snapped.

“Ace don’t talk to your brother like that,” a tall man who I supposed to be his father snapped.

“You...You shouldn’t even be here!” Ace cried.

“He was going to start at the beginning of term but he was sick,” His mother said continuing to dab at her eyes.

“B...No!” Ace cried.

“Nice to see you too,” Aiden said.

“Oh Ace we thought something had happened to you!” Ace’s mother sobbed. I turned to look at him but he ignored me, glaring at his younger (well considering the boys size that seemed a correct assumption) boy who smirked back, holding up his middle finger which his father lowered with an irritated sigh.

“Aiden,” He snapped.

“Who’s ‘at?” Aiden asked motioning at me.

Ace stopped glaring at him, turning to me as if he’d forgotten I was there at all.

“Oh have you got yourself a girlfriend?” His mother asked sounding delighted.

He closed his eyes, clenching his jaw.

“Mum,” He said flatly.

“Sorry, I’m Iris, Iris Tear,” I said politely offering a hand.

“Oh...well...I’m Doreen, Ace’s mum,” She said shaking it.

“This is Alfred and this is Aiden,” She said motioning at the other two in turn.

“Pleased to meet you,” I said pleasantly.

Then all of a sudden Ace’s mother simply began crying again.

“Oh for fuck’s sake mum, shut up,” Ace said in aggravation.

“Don’t be so bloody rude,” I said.

He looked at me.

“This is none of your business,” He snapped back.

I raised an eyebrow and he scowled.

“Mr and Mrs Aimes...” a voice started when McGonagall appeared.

“What are you doing out of class?” She asked when she noticed Ace and I.


“We...need to speak to Professor Moody,” I said.

I knew full well that Moody wasn’t in school, he was with the order, I’d had to send him a patronus last night due to one of my visions.

“Professor Moody is out of school,” She told me.

“Oh...oh dear,” I said.

She looked at me.

“Miss Tear, back to class, Aimes, this way,” McGonagall said shortly.

“But...” He started.

“I’m afraid the headmaster is away at the moment but if you have any concerns please contact me. I’m sure Ace will take good care of his brother,” McGonagall said starting off with his parents and Aiden, Ace tagging moodily behind.

Somehow I really doubted that.

Well that was...certainly unexpected. I’d known that he’d left home, heck everyone knew that but I didn’t know why and I still didn’t, they didn’t seem to be particularly awful people.

I walked back to Defence against the Dark Arts, thankfully managing to slip back into the room without anyone noticing.

The rest of the day was mostly uneventful other than the fact that people simply would not shut up about Ace and I.

“You like make the best couple,” Ali told me.

Funny how five seconds ago James and Lily had been the best couple (note the way that’s bold and italic).

“Oi, Iris,” came an irritably voice.

I turned, unsurprised to see Ace.

“Yes?” I said.

“I need to speak to you,” He said gruffly.

Ali and the rest of the girls exchanged significant looks but I simply ignored them.

“Let me guess, this has something to do with what I saw this morning,” I said as we walked away.

“No one needs to know,” He said clenching his jaw.

I raised an eyebrow before I sighed, crossing round in front of him and forcing him to come to a halt.

“What’s so awful about them?” I asked. 

He scowled.

“It’s none of your business,” He said moodily.

“Wow Ace, you delivered that traditional line perfectly,” I said clapping sarcastically. He looked at me before he chuckled slightly, moving his arm around my shoulders.

“You know Iris, you irritate the hell out of me most of the time,” He told me. 

“I’d be concerned if I didn’t,” I answered.

“I’m serious though, as far as you know, you have no idea I even have a family,” He said.

“Why?” I said.

He scoffed.

“They’re muggles for fuck’s sake, wh...” He started.

“You’re disowning your family because they’re muggles?” I said slowly. 

“They’re not my family,” He said tersely.

I turned and looked at him in disgust.

“So you’re disowning the only people who’d ever actually ever give a shit about you for the sake of your ‘reputation’?” I said.

“Oi Ace,” came a voice.

He turned before chuckling as the rest of the boys came up to us.

“Alright Iris?” Cane smirked at me.

I raised an eyebrow slightly, simply shrugging it off with a cold look.

“Simply spiffing,” I muttered sarcastically, as usual never quite able to meet his gaze.

“Well I’m pretty sure we both have far more important things to be doing,” I said distractedly, pushing a hand through my hair before turning without waiting for a response.

“Oh Iris!” that oh so familiar voice of Pearl called.

Oh dear god.

I stopped, grimacing slightly.

“Yes?” I said.

“Erm...ok just...err...I had it written down...” She said slowly.

“Maybe it got lost,” Elliot smirked, his eyes focusing on her chest.

“Oh yeah!” She cried before actually looking down her shirt, pulling a note out after a moment. Oh Merlin, fix this child.

“ wasn’t for you...” She said, looking at the name on the note.

“Whoops!” She cried.

I just looked at her.

“Come on Pearl,” I sighed.

“Wait a minute,” She said sticking the note back into its previous location.

“...what else do you keep down there?” one of Ace’s friends said.

“A write things,” Pearl told him cheerfully.

Yes Merlin, it really is rather urgent.

“Is that all? I’m sure you could fit quite a bit more down there,” another one said stupidly nudging the others slightly.

“Well I could but then sometimes I forget about them, like during Quidditch the other day...” She started.

“Pearl darling, this isn’t information you generally share with people,” I pointed out.

“But they asked,” She said.

“Yes, but you don’t indulge them else you’ll end up like Mary and we don’t want that now do we?” I said moving my hands onto her shoulders.

“She actually called me dumb!” Pearl said.


“Yeah well...” I said before leading her off.

“Ooo! And Lily’s going to tutor me! Because I was saying that I was hopeless at everything and she said I wasn’t and then she said that she’d help me...I like Lily, I’m happy she’s with James now. They look happy together,” She babbled.

“They do,” I conceded.

“Oh look there she is now! With James! I like him too, he makes me laugh...and Sirius although you two shout really loud...and Remus is really smart and then Pete makes funny noises,” She beamed.

“Yeah,” I nodded slowly. 

“Lily!” She cried before skipping off.

I don’t know how many times I’d have to say this but I really do think there was something really rather drastically wrong with Pearl. I walked into the dining hall, sitting with the rest of the girls.

“Ok so Iris, how does next week sound?” I heard Kim say distantly.

I looked round.

“Pardon?” I said.

“For the fundraiser,” She reminded me.

“Oh yeah...err...sure, hell why not? We’ll need to get a few flyers and stuff out,” I said.

“We’ve already made them,” Her twin sister, Nora told me.

“...Right...ok, so the sooner you put them up, the better really,” I said distractedly.

I had this really irritating prickling feeling running through me, a bad one.

“This is going to be so amazing!” June said excitedly. 

“So you’ve already picked our colour schemes...” Kim started.

“Wait, what?” I said.

“Mary said you’d...” Nora started.

My eyes narrowed.

“I’m quite sure she did,” I said.

 “ in you didn’t pick them?” Ali said sounding horrified.

“It would appear that she’s a liar,” I said dryly.

This also meant that whatever she’d chosen, even if I did like it, I’d have to change it, simply to make a point. I picked colours. Not her. It was a sign of my status and it was something she had to earn first...funny how earlier I’d been so against the whole thing but it was yet another competition, something that I certainly was not losing to Mary.

I therefore had to make it look like I was actually interested, eventually settling with the combination of dark blue and gold; funnily enough I did end up getting a little caught up in it. I left eventually; thankful that I wasn’t actually tutoring Ace this evening, exhausted simply didn’t even cover it.


“So which do you think look better? This one or this one...I’m thinking this one, it goes with my eyes,” I said as I stood before the mirror switching the dresses.

“Hemera,” I said testily turning when she didn’t reply. 

“Great,” She said absently as she turned over the page. 

“You’re not looking!” I moaned.

“They always look great! I don’t need to look,” She cried in aggravation.

“What’s wrong?! Why are you all snappy all the time, I’m the snappy one,” I whined moving to sit next to her.

She looked at me.

“Don’t give me that look! It always means something that I never get!” I cried.

She laughed slightly before sitting up.

“Has anyone ever told you you’re exceedingly vain?” She said.

“It’s been mentioned in passing,” I said sweetly.

She chuckled.

“So...Ace,” She said.

“...yes?” I said.

“So...Ace,” She repeated with more emphasis motioning for me to continue.

“...what about him?” I asked.

She rolled her eyes.

“You lied! You said you’d NEVER go out with him!” She laughed.

“Yeah well...circumstances change,” I sniffed.

“And what’s more is you liiiiiike him,” She said.

I simply wrinkled my nose.

“Are you serious?” I said. 

“Yes, I am. I may not have my mind reading crap anymore but I don’t think it could get any more obvious. What’s more, he likes you too,” She said.

I let out a snort.

“Ace only likes himself...I’m a little less sparing with my affections...” I mused.

“You spend ALL your time together!” She laughed.

“It’s only to piss Sirius off,” I scoffed.

“Mmm,” She hummed amusedly.

“Stop doing that!” I cried in aggravation.

Funny thing was, although I actually genuinely enjoyed being around Ace (I liked to think the feeling was mutual) and although we did tend to do a hell of a lot of random snogging just for the sake of it, I really didn’t see Ace like that. It was easy being with him because it was easy to just be honest with each other...not to mention his presence caused a significant decline in Alec’s declarations of love (I don’t think he much liked the idea of being beaten to a bloody pulp...).

“I can be around a guy without falling for him,” I reminded her.

“I know but you do tend to do a hell of a lot of snogging...and man it looks like you mean it,” She teased.

“He’s a good snog, what can I say?” I said matter of factly.

She rolled her eyes.

“And S...” She started.

“You do not speak that name in my presence!” I interjected somewhat shrilly, getting up.

Bloody two faced, big headed, hypocritical, self serving...bastard!

“Yep still obsessed with him then,” She sighed.

“I am not obsessed with him!” I cried turning on her.

“Sure you aren’t...hence the reason you plan your day around how best to piss him off,” She said.

“He does it too!” I retorted.

 “I know, it’s ridiculous...and painful to watch,” Hemera said.

“He’s a bastard! Oh and you know Mary’s not even interested in him, apparently her parents are trying to help set up her engagement to some rich guy! Not that aforementioned million/billionaire knows of this...I don’t think,” I said.

She laughed.

“Well I guess that’s just what you call ambition,” She chuckled.

“All they do is shag! It’s disgusting and everyone knows it too, he’s turned into a man whore Hemera! Oh and then get this, she told ALL the girls too wear green today as in she was picking colours, that’s my job! And you know the annoying thing is I was going to pick green!” I snapped.

“...I see why Ace spends so much time shoving his tongue down your throat, I’m sure it makes things a lot quieter,” She breathed innocently.

I glared at her.

“No one listens to me!” I moaned.

She laughed.

“Iris, they’re colours,” She said.

“It’s not just colours! She’s planning a full blown revolt!” I cried.

She looked at me before she simply burst out laughing.

“’There’s a problem in the flower arranging committee’,” She giggled.

“Hemera!” I moaned unable to stop myself laughing too. 

“You complain endlessly about it! I thought you’d want to be overthrown!” She laughed.

“I do but I can’t make it look like she’s beaten me!” I complained.

“Ok fair enough but seriously could you just get changed already? We’re already late,” Hemera said.

“I bet Sirius’ll get her loads of flowers...just to be annoying,” I scowled.

“Mmm,” Hemera hummed having now returned to her book. I had no choice but to get changed after that, moving down to the entrance hall where the stall was. They’d actually outdone themselves. Kim and Nora may have been a pain in the arse but they sure knew how to organise something.

It was a large tent like fixture in the corner of the hall. When you entered through the front you were met by the rows of neatly presented roses, split into colours with the meanings of each group in elegant gilded writing flickering on the back wall along with a list of prices.

Even I had to admit it was beautiful...and more importantly a huge success.

We’d been about the school, sticking leaflets around the place and other such things.

“Merlin I didn’t think Pearl could actually count,” I heard Elsa say to Mary who gave a snicker.

Pearl funnily enough was actually in her element. I swear the girl may have been dim but when it came to numbers and business there didn’t appear to be anything she couldn’t do.

“Oh Iris,” Mary said sweetly when she saw me.

“Enjoy your break,” I said in the same sickly voice.

“Will do...I should really find Sirius actually,” She ‘mused’.

I simply ignored her moving next to Pearl.

“Hey,” She said cheerfully.

“Hey,” I said as I pulled on the specially designed apron. It was more show then anything else.

People were already queuing right out of the place despite the fact that there were several people working at a time.

“You know all you have to do is pick a bloody colour,” I snapped becoming more than a little impatient with an annoyingly indecisive third year. They did pick eventually, much to my relief. Other than that it did run pretty smoothly. I half expected Alec to jump up at some point with a thousand red roses or something equally horrifying. He didn’t, in fact since threatening to jump off the Astronomy tower he’d been enjoying regular sessions with the new school councillor. You couldn’t help but feel sorry for the woman, having to listen the woes of teenage angst.

I moved off up the stairs, yawning slightly, there were four more days left of the flower sale and if it continued to go this well then I really doubt we had many problems. I pushed open the door to my dormitory, letting my hair down when I stopped, frowning as I saw Katy standing in the middle of the made my skin prickle.

“ you mind?” I said raising an eyebrow, trying to move past her.

Her smirk simply widened into a grin. 

“No not at all,” She said pleasantly. I eyed her suspiciously.

“What?” I sighed eventually.

“Oh nothing,” She said lightly.

I paused before slowly turning back towards my bed.

“So...I hear you’re going out with Ace now,” She said.

And then when it bloody hit me. The Bet. She’d won.


My eyes widened as I whipped round to face her.

She beamed at me.

“Now, I’ve made a nice selection of t-shirts for you for the next few weeks and you’ll be ever so pleased to know that I’ve only got two requests,” She said lightly.

I just looked at her in horror. Shit no!

“First,” She said displaying a shirt that I hadn’t noticed in her hand.

“I’ve taken the trouble to write a heartfelt message over your wardrobe for the next few weeks,” She smiled.

My gaze flattened at the letters stamped across the chest. Fluorescent yellow letters spelling out ‘SKANK!’, charming.

“They glow in the dark,” She said happily.

“I’m not wearing that,” I said flatly.

“Oh yes you are. Secondly, as you can see on the back, my second request...or demand whichever you prefer,” She said turning it around.

My eyes scanned briefly over it...

“No way in hell!” I cried.

Printed in large capitals was the message ‘Ask for anything. I can’t say no’ followed by ‘Yes seriously, I can’t: if I put up a fight just call Katy’ that would ever happen.

“Lovely isn’t it,” She sighed happily.

“There’s no way you could make me do it,” I said coolly. 

Her grin widened.

“See here’s the thing. I can. You wouldn’t want your diary falling in the wrong hands would you?” She said.

I looked at her before I laughed.

“Kats darling I don’t keep a diary,” I said.

“They don’t know that,” She said innocently.

Good point.

Well...this was just fantastic...I was fucked.


Now I’m not one to be easily mortified but there was no other way to describe this torment. I couldn’t even put anything over the t-shirts, as in physically couldn’t. This led to me being absolutely freezing, irritable and not at all happy.

Katy also made a point to post round school about her plan so absolutely everyone knew about it...and believe me, they used it.

Katy however had managed to fail one major point. Although I had to say yes, she didn’t say that my actions had to comply with that. So for example, when some random idiot came up to me with a load of his friends and asked me to shag him I could quite easily say yes...and then hex the crap out of them. This actually made things rather fun to be honest, in fact by halfway through the first day I was even contemplating doing this more often. 

In the end Professor League banned me from saying yes, claiming that she’d make me run 10 laps if I refused to say anything else. I then simply insisted it was due to an agreement I’d made and insisted that I was loathe to break it...she then told me to go run aforementioned which I replied in the affirmative. I think I was very close to pushing Professor League into a nervy b.

“Tear get your arse...!” She started.

“Yes Professor,” I said pleasantly.

“Iris I really think you should stop...” Lily started quietly once she’d landed beside me.


I pretended to look thoughtful before shrugging and giving her a smile.

“Yes Professor,” I said.

She let out an aggravated cry before all but storming off the well...that was unexpected.

Everyone simply stood there before turning back to me.

“FINE! You can bloody stop!” Katy cried in aggravation.

I grinned at her.

“Thank you,” I beamed.

She glared at me.

“Now if you don’t mind I think I’m going to go have a nice warm bath,” I said pleasantly, letting my broom drop before moving round them and back to my dormitory. Well I certainly wasn’t getting any flowers from Professor League.

I was delighted to return to my dormitory and spent a great deal of time showering and redressing. The snow was shin deep and I had been absolutely bloody freezing.

When I returned back to class I was in a far better mood, so much so that even went to Charms. I don’t think I’d ever been so pleased to wear a robe.

I think Professor Charles nearly had a heart attack when she saw me. I sent her a pleasant smile before walking into the classroom...then I remembered why I’d been avoiding charms. I sat next to Sirius.

I ignored him as I sat down, pulling my things out of my bag.

“I thought you’d be with Ace,” Sirius muttered under his breath after about 5 minutes.

I turned to him. 

“I thought you’d be in a broom closet by now,” I retorted acidicly.

“Why would you even go out with him?!” He snapped angrily.

“Why would you bother going out with a low down slag like Mary?” I retorted.

“Oh...wait gosh I know, because you go together so perfectly,” I said pleasantly.

“I mean it Iris, of all the people you could have fucking chosen...get rid of him,” He said.

I smirked.

“Don’t like it now do you?” I pouted.

“This has nothing to do with me! Iris he’s a bastard and a user...” He started.

“Oh what like me?” I challenged coldly.

“I’m saying this as your friend!” He snapped.

“My friend? Really?” I said.

 He glared at me.

“Because that’s rich isn’t it? You ask me to come and live with you and then spend your Saturday straddling either your slag or your broom,” I hissed angrily.

He didn’t say anything.

“So don’t you talk to me about loyalties, if we’re supposedly such good friends perhaps you should try fucking acting like it,” I snapped before getting up and moving to another table away from him, taking Lily’s seat next to Franny as she was still currently speaking to James.

The lesson felt like a ridiculously long one as I sat drawing. 

“I hate him,” I scowled as I watched him move off with Mary, his arm slung around her waist, his hand sitting lightly on her arse. He even managed to look rather pleased with himself...if he thought I was mad about the match then...well he was wrong! I was so over that, sooooo over...ok so maybe I wasn't.

Neither Lily or Franny dared to say anything contrary to this.

“He’s an idiot, I don’t know how she could bear to have him stuff his tongue down her throat every five seconds,” I grumbled.

“Cheer up,” Hemera said cheerfully appearing at my side.

My scowl deepened.

“Go be optimistic and cheerful away from me, your sunny rays are dampening my mood,” I said. 

“Ah one of those moods,” She sighed.

“I swear if I have to sit next to that idiot again...” I growled.

“You look really nice together,” Franny said.

I turned and glared at her.

“Inappropriate timing Franny, you have to wait for her to vent about how horribly unfair it is, that she has absolutely no idea why this happened etc etc,” Hemera told her.

She knew me too well.

“So instead of allowing her to continue out loud let’s talk about something more Lily and James’ lack of conversation skills of late,” Hemera said cheerfully.

Lily turned beetroot.

“James and I enjoy a great many perfectly pleasant conversations,” She sniffed.

“’So...did you like Charms?’,” Franny said.

“’ was good’ cue blush,” I said ‘shyly’.

“’That’’,” Hemera finished delivering one of those delightfully awkward Potter lines.

“ least I can talk to him!” Lily shot out her cheeks flushed.

“Christ Lily that could actually been seen as offensive,” I said touching a hand to my chest.

“I’m sorry,” She said guiltily.

I rolled my eyes.

“Then you had to go ruin it. Be mean woman, go kick a puppy or two,” I said.

 Lily looked at me.

“Ok we’ll start smaller,” I sighed.

“So back to the important things; Lily, when things get awkward just exhibit some of those clever little brain cells, take the initiative and just bloody snog him,” I said flatly. 

“Because you’d know all about that,” I heard a voice mutter.

“Bite me,” I threw over my shoulder at Katy.

“Screw you,” She retorted.

“Ah and you’ve brought along Freaky too, how delightful,” I said sarcastically, my eyes running over the girl by her side. She was actually nicknamed Freaky, it summed her up perfectly. She rarely spoke...just glared...more so when around me, I think it was safe to say she didn’t like me much. She somehow managed to mix dark black eyeliner, lipstick, chocker necklaces, clunky boots and weird hippy environmental weirdness into one look. She fashioned her school robes to look like...god I don’t even know what and then went and added bright cheerful looking daisies to the equation. She looked like she belonged in a bloody crypt.

Freaky’s eyes flickered over to me before veering into a roll.

“Oh...hey,” Frankie said meakly.

Freaky looked over at her before blowing a strand of dark black hair out of her eye in a perfect indication of boredom.

“Anyway Lils, we have something for your meeting next week,” Katy told her before pulling out a large folder.

I looked at it, raising an eyebrow. It was covered in large smiling yellow flowers that bounced about was so made me want to destroy something...whoever knew stationary could bring such strong feelings of hatred?

“It says all about our new demands...oh and these, do you lot mind passing these round?” She asked producing a handful of flyers. I rolled my eyes.

“Well isn’t that lovely, say hello to your other unfortunate ‘friends’,” I said condescendingly.

Katy looked up at me.

“At least my friends know the difference between...” She started.

“Yeah yeah whatever, ciao,” I said turning on my heel and walking off.

“Oh and Hemera darling I really thought we’d gotten rid of those eyeball earrings for good,” I said lazily turning back to her.

“Really?” She said innocently.

I rolled my eyes unable to stop myself chuckling slightly before walking off. I walked off towards the courtyard on the other side of school in search of Ace who I’d rather stupidly lent my transfiguration book.

“What Iris Tear?” I heard a voice say as I rounded the corner.

“Oh yeah, I’ve had her 5 times, if you think she looks good now you should see her in...” The idiot continued...who was this prick?!

“Then I told her we couldn’t keep seeing each other, she was choked up ‘bout it but...”

“Five? Really?” I said as I rounded the corner to see Ace plus contingent of idiots and random git who seemed to be currently providing the entertainment to the good majority of them besides Ace and Cane who were lounging by the cloisters smoking. 

They all looked round when they heard me, Ace looking unsure whether to pretend he’d never had the cigarette or try to remain looking ‘cool’.

My eyes grazed over the blonde kid telling the oh so delightful stories, his eyes now considerably wider.

“Oh no, go ahead, I was enjoying myself,” I said ‘enthusiastically’.

“Oh...well...” He started.

I rolled my eyes turning away from him and moving to Ace, completely ignoring the smirk Cane gave me.

“Text book,” I said holding out my hand.

Ace frowned at me, exhaling the smoke before speaking.

“Do you really think I carry textbooks around with me?” He said flatly.

“I have Transfiguration next,” I said irritably.

“Since when did you ever actually go to class?” He chuckled.

“Unlike some people I do have a future in mind...outside of Azkaban,” I said pleasantly.

“Ouch,” He said sarcastically. 

I rolled my eyes, taking the cigarette out of his hand.

“Stop blowing smoke in my face, it’s not appreciated...and tell your friend to shut up about how devastated I was after apparently being shagged and chucked,” I said taking a quick drag of it before dropping the cigarette and snubbing it beneath the tip my black heel that were so horribly inappropriate for the large expanses of Hogwarts it was painful...funnily enough in this instance I do mean that metaphorically. I’d coined a very useful charm to make all my heels a great deal more comfortable...and less likely to mutilate my feet.

“What’re you doing here?” Elliot said moving to beside me.

I raised an eyebrow.

“Why? Is it bothering you? Because if it is I can always stay longer,” I said with a quick fake smile.

“Bros before hos and all that...” idiot whose name I didn’t know who I’d recently decided I disliked greatly said.

“Oh for fucks sake shut up,” Elliot said in exasperation rolling his eyes.

“I’m sorry what is your name?” I asked the boy.

“The ladies call me Ju...” He nodded at me.

“Oh they do, do they? That wouldn’t happen to be your mother would it?” I said.

I saw Ace smirk slightly.

“Nah,” idiot said.

“Oh, gran?” I asked.

“No,” He said irritably.

I raised an eyebrow, looking up and down his rather scrawny figure.

“Must have missed your name before,” I said sarcastically. 

He looked at me before grinning.

“So are you going to be useful or have you just come here to nag?” Ace said.

I turned to look at him.

“Ah right...” idiot started.

“Shut up,” We all said before he could get going.

“Nag, why?” I asked.

 “Well you could invite a few of your ‘friends’ and we could have a...little party,” He grinned.

“Ah great idea...” idiot started.

“Ok I swear the next time you open your fucking mouth I’ll hex the crap out of you,” I snapped at him.

He immediately shut up.

“And no,” I said.

Ace rolled his eyes.

“Now seeing as this is really shit company and your very presence makes me want to kill something...I think I’ll be going,” I said glancing at idiot.

“Wait you're not still doing that yes thing are you?” Ace said getting to his feet.

“Why did you have a request because you know I’m always willing to do anything for my special boy,” I drawled sarcastically.

“Funnily enough I do, catch you lot later,” He threw over his shoulder moving his hands onto my waist and steering me off before I could say anything.

“He’s a prat isn’t he?” He grinned.

“What, idiot?” I said.

“Yeah, fuckin’ hilarious though,” Ace chuckled.

I rolled my eyes.

“Hilarious isn’t the word I’d necessarily use,” I muttered.

He chuckled.

“Who is he anyway?” I asked.

He shrugged.

“Randomer, think he’s planning to be ‘one of the gang’,” He said.

I rolled my eyes.

“What did you want?” I asked.

“You know what I want,” He smirked.

“...Other than that,” I said flatly.

“I need a favour,” He told me.

I raised an eyebrow.

“So you’re asking me?” I said.

“Yeah. Tell Leda...” He started.

“Oh shit!” I cried.

He paused.

“What?” He asked.

“Ace you nearly got the girl pregnant,” I reminded him.

“...and?” He asked.

 “And now you’re going out with me,” I said.

“...I think I may have noticed that love,” He said slowly.

 “Ace you say you don’t date even though she may have been going to give birth to your baby...and then go and date a bitch that she doesn’t like,” I said.

“...Am I supposed to be concerned by this?” He said after a moment of simply looking confused.

My gaze flattened.

“Yeah. If it was me I would have hexed the god damn shit out of you,” I said.

“Well it’s a good thing it wasn’t you isn’t it,” He grinned cheerfully.

I rolled my eyes.

“You know you could at least...” I started.

“Don’t you give me shit about being nice to people, who told a certain suitor to jump off the astronomy tower?” He said.

I glared at him. 

“You love are a hypocrite,” He grinned.

“I don’t nearly get people pregnant and then say ‘well it’s not my problem’,” I said.

“That would be ‘cause you don’t have the right equipment love, remember who wears the trousers in this relationship,” He said.

My eyes veered into a role.

“I’d feel sorry to any kid fathered by you,” I muttered.

He scoffed.

“You’re kidding me right? Lucky bugger, I mean with my athletic abilities, tall dark and handsome shit and general ladies would be safe. Aimes men are a different breed of bloke,” He told me.

“It might be female,” I pointed out.

“Nah, there hasn’t been a girl born to the family for 200 years,” He said casually.

“Yes but there’s still the possibility...” I started.

“Shut up, it’s a boy. Not that I actually want a kid...maybe I do...just skip the whole disgusting sick, shitting...drooling...general baby faze and skip to the bit when they’re not all little and annoying,” He said.

I laughed. He grinned looking thoughtful for a moment.

“You know our kids would be pretty fuckin’ amazing,” He mused.

“Are you hinting at me Aimes?” I asked.

“Nah, you’re bad enough as you are let alone with the excuse of being hormonal and pregnant and crap,” He said.

Don’t ask me why we were talking about kids all of a sudden.

“Pregnancy looks awful,” I said making a face.

“Ha shame! I don’t get pregnant!” He cried.

"Well obviously," I said rolling my eyes. 

“Think I don’t get is why anyone would ever want more than one kid,” I said.

“Or 7,” Ace chuckled.

“Or 7,” I agreed.

“My aunt and uncle have 10 kids,” He told me.

“10?! You’re kidding me right?” I said.

“Nope. My families fucking huge,” He said making a face.

“Christ, maybe it’s genetic after all,” I teased lightly.

Never actually got to find out what it was the Ace wanted me to tell Leda...


I frowned slightly as I once again attempted to work out what on earth it was that I was supposed to be doing for Transfiguration, my fork poised a little above my plate.

“You tell her,” I heard a voice hiss.

“No! You do it!” I heard another one reply rather frantically.

“I’m not telling her! She’s less likely to bite your head off,”

“Why me?” I heard Hemera moan.

“I thought I just illustrated my point?” the other said. 

“It’s your problem!” Hemera argued.

“You know I’m not deaf,” I said flatly looking up to see Hemera and Katy moving along Gryffindor table towards me.

“Oh...Iris,” Hemera said lightly.

“What?” I said.

Hemera sat down next to me.

“Hmmm that looks really good!” She said evasively reaching over the table and helping herself to some food as Katy sat down looking a little on the nervous side.

“What’s wrong?” I said slowly.

“Katy’s cat got Tupps pregnant,” Hemera said lightly without looking at me.

“You don’t know that it was Dog! There are plenty of tomcats around should have had her spayed!” Katy argued.

“WHAT?!” I exploded.

“It was not Dog!” She cried.

“Was he neutered?” Hemera asked.

“ is irrelevant!” She cried.

“How do you know?!” I demanded.

“Well she went missing right?” Hemera said.

“Yeah...that doesn’t prove anything!” I cried.

“...and Dog was getting into more fights the usual...” Hemera continued.

“B...” Katy and I started.

“...and she won’t let him anywhere near the room,” She said. 

“Th...” Katy and I began again.

“OK so let’s think about this...” Hemera started.

“You...!” I started turning on Katy.



“YES! IT’S NOT MY FAULT...” She started but I cut her off, chucking one of the bread rolls at her closest to my hand.

“...BLOODY PREGNANT!” She cried chuckling it back.

I glared at her.

My poor cat. God only knew what her kittens would look like, if Dog was anything to go by they’d end up as horrible mangy balls of...fluff!

I gathered up my things and marched out of the hall despite the fact that everyone was now staring at us and going off in search of my poor pregnant cat...this was so unfair! I was fucked, I had no idea how to deal with kittens, pregnant cats...what the hell was I supposed to do with them for crying out loud...I wonder if Madame Pomfrey knew anything about them...or maybe I could go to the care of magical creatures professor...who just happened to hate me so much that after 4 lessons refused to teach me any longer...this wasn’t fair!

Now I thought about it she had been acting a little strangely of late and I had been wondering why she was heavier than usual...crap.

This put me in a very bad mood.

“You’re a bloody pain,” I told her when I finally found her beneath my bed.

Funnily that was the least of my problems as I soon discovered the next morning. You see for some odd reason people seem to sight yelling with the only word that everyone could make out just happening to be ‘pregnant’...well they just jump to funny I was soon to discover.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” Ace cried catching me on the stairs as I started down to breakfast.

I looked at him in confusion.

“Pardon?” I said.


My eyebrows predictably disappeared into my hairline.

“What?” I said.

 “I thought you were just generally pissed off at Sirius I didn’t know he’d actually fucking screwed you!” He cried. 

“Wh...what the hell are you talking about?!” I demanded.

“The fact that the whole school thinks that I’m a father...would be a father....either that or they think it’s Sirius’...or possibly Alec though I kind of doubt that blokes ability to isn’t Alec’s is it?” He said.

“Wh...NO!” I cried.

“Why didn’t you tell me?!” He insisted.


He paused.

“So you’re not...” He started.

“No!” I cried indignantly.

“Oh...well that’s ok then,” He shrugged. 

“What the...why would people think I’m pregnant?!” I cried as we walked together down towards the hall, glancing down at my stomach.

I didn’t notice the whispers that immediately began to circulate.

“Well I dunno. I just get up this mornin’ and Ell’s all going on ‘bout how truly fucked I’m gunna be,” He shrugged.

“Well you would have been...if I’d been pregnant...and if it was yours,” I said.

“I can tell you, I’d never been so pleased that I hadn’t shagged you, didn’t have to worry about it being mine,” He grinned at me.

I looked at him.

“You’re such a prat,” I breathed.

He beamed, slinging an arm round me.

“Come on pregs lets go get you something to eat,” Ace grinned.

“Don’t call me that! I’m not pregnant!” I cried.

“So you haven’t screwed Sirius,” He said.

“NO!” I snapped.

“So...I don’t get why...” He started.

“Ah shit, it’s because of cat's pregnant,” I said bleakly.

He looked confused.

“Right...” He said.

“Katy and I were talking about in the dining hall...I’m guessing they took it the wrong way,” I said.

Upon reflection it must have sounded odd...

“This is so stupid,” I moaned as we entered the hall, not exactly failing to see the eyes that immediately turned on me.

“Meh it’ll blow over, remember it was bad when everyone thought you were a heartless bitch for telling Alec to jump off the astronomy tower...that blew over!” He said cheerfully.

“Does my misfortune amuse you or something?” I scowled.

“Yeah. You know it would help if you kept your mouth shut, told you all that talking was bad for you,” He grinned leading me over to Slytherin table.

“What you looking at?” He snapped at a group of girls who immediately began gossiping the moment we sat down in his usual spot.

They immediately shut up.

“Hmmm never knew you could be so useful,” I smirked at him.


“Ok so I swear the next person who looks at my stomach is going to be hexed so badly they can’t see anything,” I growled.

Hemera patted my hand.

“It’ll blow over,” She said comfortingly.

I let out an aggravated cry.

“Like I’d get myself pregnant anyway!” I cried.

“Well you wouldn’t be the one getting yourself...ok I’ll shut up then,” Hemera said trailing off when I turned to glare at her.

“It’s not fair,” I muttered.

“Well think about something positive like...erm...well Tupps is ok,” She said.

My scowl deepened.

“Bloody slut of cat,” I muttered.

“Well what about asking Professor P...” She started.

“She loathes me,” I said flatly.

“Well...” She started.

“OMM! Iris!” came a sudden cry.

I turned somewhat tersely.

“What?” I growled when I saw Pearl.

She paused, catching her breath.

“Well Ace was like walking down the corridor...” She began.

“Pearl I really don’t give a damn if...” I started.

“And then Sirius was like yelling at him! And then he punched him!” Pearl said.

...oh dear...

“So then Ace punched him back...and then Sirius punched him back...and then Ace punched him again...and then Sirius got out his wand and did that levi thing and then Cane hexed him and then James hexed Cane and then Elliot hexed Remus...for some reason...and then Ace hexed Sirius...and now Sirius looks rather dead...” Pearl said.

“...What do you mean Sirius looks ‘rather dead’?” I asked.

“Well Ace hexed him and then Sirius dropped and made this funny noise...and then he didn’t do anything...” Pearl said.

I stopped. Even with Pearl’s awful description this didn’t sound good.

“And then he started bleeding like everywhere! Then McGonagall was shouting and Madame Pomfrey and took him up to the hospital wing,” She said somewhat hysterically but I’d already started off, running through the hallways and up the stairs until I came to the hospital wing, pushing open the door.

Everyone immediately turned to look at me...there were an awful lot of people split into to two very distinct groups. Ace was sat closest to the door looking pretty much furious, his arm sat in his lap, flexing his fingers as he glared at the opposite end of the room blood staining his shirt, surrounded by Cane, Elliot, Idiot I didn’t like, Daniel a few blokes from Ravenclaw and a few more also in Slytherin, most of the members of Slytherin quidditch team, Elsa, Tara Tight, Cathy Green, Regina Polar, Sam Cady and Leda. The other side surrounding one of the hospital beds, with Lily, Franny, Ali, Mary, June, James, Remus, Peter, the majority of the quidditch team, a few Hufflepuffs, Andy Kirl and a few others whose names I didn’t know.

Much to my relief Sirius was now sitting up...I had to say he didn’t look too good. I started towards him, feeling relief sweep over me despite the residues of what now appeared to be needless worry when I stopped, noting how Mary was sitting on Sirius’ bed, her hand lying on his cheek.

Well it would appear he was already well looked after. I couldn’t help the slight bitterness that moved through me before turning to Ace, sitting down beside him.

He looked up slightly, seeming ever so slightly confused.

“He better not be really hurt,” I growled at him under my breath so that only he would hear.

He looked at me as I pulled his arm onto my lap before turning away looking just as pissed off as before.

“RIGHT THAT IS IT!” A voice cried moment after the doors flew open to reveal an irate McGonagall flagged by Professor League.

“I AM SICK OF THIS!” She snapped as she came to a stop between the lot of us. Oh dear, that couldn’t be good.

“You and you! As soon as you get out of here you’re in detention...” McGonagall started pointing between Ace and Sirius.

“Hate to interrupt and all but I’m quite sure both of them are in detention for the rest of the year anyway,” I pointed out. Both McGonagall and Professor League turned to look at me.

“How is it possible that you are always in the middle of these things?” Professor McGonagall demanded.

“I just arrived, this has absolutely nothing to do with me,” I said.

“Well what is this about then? Huh?!” Professor League demanded.

There was silence...although funnily enough a few of them looked at me...I really had nothing to do with this!

“Explain!” McGonagall cried.

Again silence...

I sighed, playing with my hair as I leant back in my seat. For some reason leaving just then didn’t seem like such a good idea. I yawned when I heard what sounded an awful lot like a scream. I turned abruptly, my eyes darting round the room and then to the door a strange hysteria building in my chest.

“And another thing!” I heard Professor League start but I was never to hear exactly what that thing was because I promptly slid off my chair, that bright light pushing forward, sweeping me away before I hit the floor.

I landed in utter darkness, my eyes failing to adjust to the unnatural lack of light for a good few minutes. When I had part of me wished I hadn’t. Cepheus.

He was curled up in that corner as usual, silent this time but rocking as usual, hugging himself.

“I’ll ask you one more time, where is it?” a voice hissed, slicing through the air.

I turned, my eyes falling on a tall haunty looking figure before he spoke again.

“Lumos,” He said, allowing light to erupt from the end of his wand before guiding it towards the ceiling where it remained. Cepheus immediately curled up closer, burying his face against his knees to protect his eyes from the sudden light.

“Now,” the man said, kneeling down before him. He was a Deatheater that much was obvious although I did not know his name.

“I’ll ask again. Where is the child?” He asked, his voice deadly soft.

There was silence before I heard a small choked sound, only realising it was a melody after a few moments of straining to hear it.

“They think they know but they know not, laugh at them, smile at them for...” Cepheus started but the man simply moved to his feet, pointing his wand at the bedraggled man, hitting him with the cruciatus curse. Cepheus let out a cry, the sound reaching an unnatural pitch.

I don’t know how long this continued, time moved on quite a bit faster in my visions but eventually a single word escaped the Cepheus’ lips.

“WITCH! Please stop, stop, I beg you,” He gasped, sobs constricting his words.

 “A witch?” the man said.

“Witch, yes witch,” Cepheus nodded.

The man’s gaze swept over him before turning out the light and striding out. I hesitated before following him out, hurrying to catch up with him.

“Ah, Hades, I was just about to send for you,” A cool voice said. I looked up to see a large table, Voldemort sat at the head.

“I apologize my lord,” He said with a slight bow.

“Sit,” The dark lord ordered briskly. He did so; beside a tall rather sever looking man.

The meeting continued and I made sure to memorize the words spoken, ensuring to catch any information I deemed useful.

“My lord,” He said eventually after one particularly long discussion.

Voldemort turned to him, motioning for him to continue.

He bowed his head slightly before beginning to speak.

“I have managed to glean some information from the Cepheus prisoner concerning the child which I suspect...” The man began.

“Now is not the time to settle the past, Hades,” Voldemort snapped.

“Yes but my lord I feel this is important. The child is...” He started.

“The bastard child of your unfaithful wife: you dealt with the matter long ago and it is now resolved,” The dark lord said.

I don’t know what caused my skin to prickle so but it did.

“ lord, I feel that this would have greater benefits to us,” The man continued despite the chuckles and snorts now circling the table.

The Dark Lord simply chuckled.

“Ah and how so?” He asked.

“I think this child may be gifted,” He said.

Voldemort simply looked at him for a moment.

“My lord is aware that there are very few left, my wife was the sister of the great prophetess Ava and I think that perhaps this child may have somehow inherited this. I have reason to believe she is also a witch and am quite sure that she would be attending Hogwarts,”

 I was jerked out the vision unexpectedly, feeling the cool stone against my back.

It wasn’t possible. They couldn’t be speaking of me and felt right...I didn’t understand; it simply didn’t make any sense.

“It’s probably just due to her...condition,” I heard a voice say above.

My condition...?

“What condition?” I heard Professor League say.

“Oh well...she’s pregnant,” the other voice said.

Oh shit! I opened my eyes, blinking a couple of times as I sat up.

Professor League, McGonagall and Madame Pomfrey were simply staring at me...I really would have commented but at that moment I had more important things on my finding Hemera and then possibly sending a few patronus’ to Dumbledore and Moody. I’d learnt quite a bit, most of which I’m sure would be rather useful and I didn’t have time to worry about the small matter of people thinking that I was pregnant...I would have to sort that eventually though...

I got to my feet easily, pulling my wand out as I turned and moved to the door.

“Iris!” Professor League said.

 I ignored her, conjuring my patronus, the small bird, fluttering onto my outstretched hand.

“Hemera it’s important, I need to speak to, meet me on the seventh floor, usual place...and everyone’s fine by the way,” I murmured quickly before letting my patronus disappear, pocketing my wand as I hurried up the stairs moving to the bare stretch of wall where the room of requirement lay.

“What’s...?” Hemera started.

“I don’t know, I don’t know but...I just had a vision and...this guy was torturing Cepheus and he was asking where some child was and then he was talking to Voldemort and...Hemera I think he knows about...about us,” I said somewhat panicked.

“How do you know that?” She frowned.

“I dunno just...just call it a feeling,” I said.

She nodded slowly before sighing.

 “I know,” She said simply.

I paused.

“What?” I said.

“They know that there are a few like us...well actually there’s very few of us but...I don’t see how they know about you...” She said chewing her lip.

“But...” I started.

“Did you catch any names?” She asked.

“Hades...or something weird like that but Hemera...I...” I started.

She let out a sigh.

“Oh,” She said.

“He doesn’t know about me as such but...can’t you just see for yourself?” I asked.

She nodded.

“Details?” She said.

“I don’t know when it was but it’s where they keep Cepheus, there was a whole load of them, like one of those meeting things and...Hemera am...who is he?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything for a long time and I was just about to speak when she finally spoke.

“He’s a friend of my father's, Cane’s dad...and urm...he err killed your mother,” She said. 

Long enough? :P 

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