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Draco's Christmas Carol by TheHeirOfSlytherin
Chapter 1 : Christmas Eve
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A/N: The good thing about resubmitting stories is that you can start again; fixing, editing and reading all over again. So, welcome back to Draco's Christmas Carol. I Hope you love it all over again, even though it's no longer Christmas :)


Christmas. The holiday Draco hated the most. Well people thought he hated it, but just because he wasn't into it didn't mean he hated it. Draco just didn't get the point of Christmas. Why did the wizarding world celebrate a holiday that was for some muggle religion thing? It wasn't even for what it was supposed to be for now anyway, it was about buying people presents. Draco didn't need to wait for Christmas to get a present, if he wanted something he could easily go and buy it. Others used it as a good excuse to have a party and get very, very drunk. Again, Draco could do that whenever he wanted (although not in school obviously, he was Head Boy and he had to set an example didn't he?). For kids Christmas was about some fat, jolly man in a red suit bringing kids presents. That was another thing Draco didn't get; why did people get excited at the thought of a stranger coming into their house after supposedly "watching" them while they had been sleeping? That just creeped Draco out. He shuddered


Draco turned around to see who the voice belonged to, although he really didn't need to (he'd know that voice anywhere). Hermione Granger.


"Then what was with the shudder?"

"I don't get it. Father Christmas!" he clarified after seeing the confused
look on Hermione's face

"What's not to get? Santa comes on Christmas eve, leaves presents under the tree, drinks his milk, eats his biscuits then leaves. Simple."

"I'm not stupid. I don't get why people believe all this just to get presents. The guy doesn't even exist."

"Draco if witches and wizards and vampire and werewolves and a load of other supernatural beings can exist, why can't Santa?"

"It's creepy"

"you're basing your theory on Santa Claus not existing on the fact that you think he's creepy?"

Draco nodded his head.

Hermione scoffed and was about to say something until she saw the look on Draco's face and changed the subject, "have you changed your mind about coming to the Christmas Eve party?"

Draco shook his head.

"Why don't you like Christmas?"

Draco sighed. He'd been asked this loads of times but could never come up with a better answer besides "I don't know, I just never did."

"You have no Christmas spirit. You need to find some Draco even if it's just a little. Christmas is a wonderful time; you don't know what you're missing out on."

Hermione said goodnight to Draco and left the head's common room to go to the party. Draco lay down on the couch and stared at the ceiling, wondering if he was missing anything.

Draco shook his head again. Hermione was always making think things through, checking if he was wrong about anything. She did it so much (even if she didn't know it) that it was seriously starting to get on his nerves.

"Gotta stop listening to Granger! Gotta stop listening to her!" Draco repeated this in his head again and again until he finally believed that it had sunk in.

Draco was glad he decided against going to the party. He was supposed to be at home but his parents decided to take a last minute holiday to Paris and Draco did NOT want to be there. Draco's instincts told him no and he always listened to his instincts.


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Draco's Christmas Carol: Christmas Eve


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