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Never Again Lazerus by looneyleeleelovegood
Chapter 19 : New Darkness
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Characters or the universe in which they dwell.






Somewhere in the darkness, she was sure she could hear Silas crying… he must be hungry. The cries seemed far too soft though, as if they were far away, fading into the distance.






Another voice filled the void of cries, it could have been Severus’s voice, it was low like his ‘Mine Granger… you’re mine’ he whispered. Only this voice was not really like Severus’s at all, it was not that deep, melancholy tone that felt like velvet on her eardrums. It was cold, harsh… ragged somehow.






The darkness was lightening, and quite suddenly a dull throb started to burn at the back of her head and back. She heard the fluttery sound of her own breathing as her eyes opened just a fraction.






‘Sev-Severus?’ she croaked, her eyes opening fully. There was thick strand of pale orange light slipping through an overhead window above her. She turned her head, alien to the soft mattress, it was so unlike the one she had gotten used to on Severus’s bed. That one was hard, and supported her back that seemed rather more strained these days.






Her eyes fluttered again, the ceiling and the walls came into closer view. The flowery wall paper, the white lace curtains of the window, and a dark pair of hollow grey eyes.






A noise left her throat, something between a startled groan and a lost shriek.






‘You’re an entertaining little thing to watch Granger… especially when you are asleep’ Draco hushed as he sat beside her on the bed, one arm reaching across her and resting on the mattress at her side.






Hermione remained silent, aware that her chest was rising and falling fast from her panting breaths.






‘Oh Granger, hush’ he whispered, and dipped his head low, planting a very soft kiss on her cheek, he leaned his mouth close to her ear, and whispered gently ‘do you remember once, I told you that I wouldn’t dream of hurting you’ she gulped loudly, and felt hot tears begin to build behind her eyes ‘I wouldn’t dream of it Granger… you are far too precious’ he moved his face away again, and stared at her longingly, hungrily.



A movement shuffled by the door, and Hermione involuntary tore her eyes from Draco, and onto the young girl in the doorway, she was staring curiously at Draco.






‘Granger, this is my new friend Ophelia. Ophelia, this is Hermione Granger’ he said, and Ophelia moved her golden brown eyes over Hermione. They seemed to flash angrily for a second at the hand Draco had cupped beneath Hermione’s chin.






Hermione watched her warily, and her eyes widened as a few sparks of what looked to be lightening seemed to snap from her fingertips. Draco became aware of it too.






‘Now, now Ophelia’ he said, turning to look at her ‘Play nicely’ he whispered. She stared at him longingly, and at once the sparks stopped. Hermione thought, for just a moment, that she saw a Ghost of Bellatrix Lestrange behind that tiny smile.






‘Draco’ Hermione croaked, and he turned to her once again ‘I… I-‘she wasn’t sure really hat she was going to say, she didn’t’ know how to begin, or end. Draco smiled.






‘You want to know why I brought you here?’ he asked with that horrible, smug smirk ‘You want to know the story of my escape, of my time in Azkaban?’ Ophelia disappeared out of the door and Hermione felt her bottom lip begin to tremble.






‘Well Granger, now that you are here in this humble little place I’m sure I can give my story justice. But you, the part that involves you my dear will have to wait I’m afraid. My plans for you are far too good to share’ he stood from the bed, and Hermione shuffled herself up, keeping her knees firmly clamped to her chest. It was likely Draco had put a charm on the place that made it impossible to escape, she looked around the room helplessly.






‘You see Granger; my escape could have been fabricated at any time in these past five years. All I needed was for one slip, one simple, innocent slip up. You see, Voldemort taught me the ways of the Dementors, it’s a hard field to study, and many Wizards would rather leave their ways well alone. But Voldemort knew, he tutored me in their ways. I was able to keep my head so easily, while everyone else came in to Azkaban with hard set faces and demands of their innocence and within days became mumbling imbeciles. I stayed the same, I remained myself’ he began to pace the length of the room, staring at the terrified expression on her face.






‘What-what did you mean by ‘slip’?’ she stammered, and watched as his face pulled into a smile.






‘Ah yes… the little slip. I had been waiting for someone to make the smallest mistake for five years. Five years of visits from members of the Magical Law Enforcement Squad, students at the Ministry, St Mungo’s Healers, and most importantly the Minister of Magic himself… Kingsley Shacklebolt’ he watched Hermione’s reaction, perhaps hoping she would break down into tears or grimace. But she didn’t, she merely leaned her face in closer to hear the story.






‘Well don’t you know my dear, have you not heard about your dear Minister of Magic?’ Hermione’s brow furrowed, and her lips parted just a fraction in confusion ‘Two weeks ago, your dear Minister found himself in a very sticky situation when he came to pay me a visit, the visit ended with him falling in a pool of his own, steaming blood. Dying like a pig in the slaughter house!’ he spat. Hermione felt the blood leave her face and her insides seemed to tremble as he laughed.






‘Yes, Kingsley Shacklebolt, noted Auror, Minister of Magic, a member of the Order of the Phoenix, a great man! Who left the door of a high security cell open while I sliced his throat open and stole his wand!’ he laughed again, a cold, hard laugh. Hermione felt tears tickle the sides of her nose.






He approached her and cupped her chin once more, a noise left her throat that might have been a scream if she could get out it loud enough, but it died away with a sob.






‘Do you not remember my last words to you Granger? Do not remember the night I was captured, locked away? I warned you all, I said nothing could keep me away Granger, I can’t be defeated so easily, do you remember’ she nodded, her eyes crinkling up with tears ‘I said you would always be mine, and you shall be, you are mine’ his hands went from her chin down to her shoulders, he gripped her gently and pulled her closer to him, she was shaking violently.






‘I have plans Granger, plans that need to be fulfilled… and you will help me’ he hushed, her eyes widened ‘I need you, you are key to these plans of mine, and when we are through no one else will matter, nothing else at all will matter because You and I will have the world at our fingertips… and you will love me! You will bow down to the new Darkness that will take over this world’ he brushed a thumb over her lips and smiled.






He released her and left the room, she sat on the bed motionless, shaking from fear and shock. Her breathing was ragged and sobs threatened to break from her throat. She could see Severus’s face, Aurora’s smile and Silas in his Moses basket looking around the room with those wide, dark eyes. She gripped the bed covers hard, until there was a throbbing pain beneath her fingernails.






It seemed as if they were a whole world away.

Well there you have it, another chapter to be getting on with. I hope you enjoy! And please leave a comment when you have a second. Many thanks!

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