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Typically Me by LunaLuver
Chapter 3 : Friends
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                                        Carly Jones and Luna Lovegood



*Rewritten 6-4-12




I thank all of you who are coming back, again for your patients, and I proudly present the long a waited next installment....... 





Knock, knock, knock........


Knock, Knock.......








Startled awake I sit up way too fast before getting my bearings and can't help but scream out. "What the bloody - Argh!" Before falling over the side of my bed and landing with a loud 'thud'. Very dignified huh. 




So much for sleeping in. Instead of being snuggled in my nice warm bed, I am now lying on the floor with my covers twisted around me in heap hoping who every was stupid enough to knock on my door, on my day off no less, has enough smarts to run away. Very fast.




Unless I have to be, I am not a willing morning person.




Knock, Knock




"I'M COMING!" I shout finally manage to untangle myself and stand, giving my comforter a kick for good measer before walking down the hall. Trying to rub the sleep from my eyes I unlock the door, open it and before seeing who's on the other side start to ask.




"What - " But that's all I get out once I see who had the nerve to wake me up.




"You must have a lot of Wackspurts in you're ears if you didn't hear me knocking until now."






"Luna?" She is the last person I ever expected to find out in the hall, but she's also one of the few that could change my mood in an instant. "What are you doing here? I thought you weren't coming back from France until next week?"



"I finished my work sooner than I expected, so I decided to some back early." Luna replyed with a smile. I take a few second to actually look at Luna and I have to say France agreed with her. Her golden hair is falling out of the messy bun she has it pulled back in, and she's clearly been out in the sun because her skin has a beautiful tan. Luna still looks like the Luna I knew back in school, just with a hint of maturity that if you didn't know her well you'd never guess any Lovegood could possess.




"So, can I come in?" she asks after a minuet.



"Of course come in, come in." Taking a step back so she can enter my flat I notice she must have come straight from, well wherever it is she came, from because she's pulling two rolling suitcases behind her. One slightly smaller than the other. "You can just leave them by the door." I say motioning to her bags.






"Thanks." Luna says rolling her bags next to the potted plant I have sitting a few feet from the door. She slides off the light coat she wearing and I see she has on a pair of simple jeans and bright yellow tee-shirt, with her signature Nargle repelling charm necklace. Glancing up I see she's also wearing her radish earrings, I can't help but smile every time I see those. Who wouldn't be best friends with a girl who at the age of  twenty three is still wearing her radish earrings from fourth year?




"Come here you." I demand practically running over to her and enveloping Luna in a hug. "I missed you so much! You can not go away again for six weeks!




After returning the hug with he same enthusiasm Luna pulls back laughing. "I have to say I agree with you, as much as I enjoyed France, I missed all of you here in London very much."




"And Neville I presume?" I tease smiling, as we walk into the kitchen and I take two mugs out of the cupboard before starting the coffee maker.




"Yes," Luna answers in a soft voice, a slight blush coming to her cheeks. "Neville too."






I chuckle a little at Luna. Her and Neville are, in my opinion, the most perfect, and cutest,  couple I have ever seen. Even more so than Harry and Ginny. They are two people who don't let the world dictate to them how they should be, or what they should do. They believed in each other when not many people did, they fought together for what they knew what right, and after a little pushing from a few very well meaning friends, myself included, they finally saw how great they were for one another. The Auror and the Naturalist/Journalist, who would have thought.






"He doesn't know I'm back yet," she continues, sitting down at the table while I fixed both her's and my cup of coffee knowing just how she likes it. "I wanted to surprise him when he got home from work. Oh thank you that looks wonderful." Taking the cup I offered her from my hand.




Sitting in the opposite chair I take a long sip from my cup. Ah, I can now start the morning without wanting to murder anyone. Win win  all around.






"Well I know he's going to love coming home and finding you waiting for him. Ever since you left Neville has been pouring himself into his working, poor bloke is terribly lonely. He'd been hard at work on a rough werewolves assignment and he invited me to join him in it a couple of weeks when he goes up to Oxford to see how things are progressing ."




"Elizabeth that's wonderful!" Luna exclaimed placing her cup on the table beaming at me. "You're really moving up in the Auror Department."




"Well I don't know about that, I'm just happy to get away from all that paperwork for a little while. Bloody hell, is that the time?" Looking at the clock for the first time I'm surprised to see it's past nine thirty. "I didn't think I slept that late."




"We should probably get going if we're going to find you a dress." Luna pipes up mater of factly walking over and uncovering Sierra, who apparently has been sleeping all this time."




"How do you know that?" I ask curiously standing up and taking both empty cup and placing them in the sink. " And wait a second....We?"




"Neville mentioned it when we talked last night, not like I didn't know you'd wait until the last minute because of work." Luna had taken Sierra out of her cage and was softly stroking her wing, to which my snowy owl was cooing quite contently. She always did love attention."That's why I came here right after I arrived in, thought I'd lent you hand and do some catching up."




"Luna you are brilliant!" I exclaim grinning at her. "Give me ten minuets to get dressed and we can go." Running out of the kitchen and down the hall to my bedroom I fling my door closed and pause to look at the mess of sheets piled on the floor beside my bed. Merlin, I am one clumsy girl. I see why my mum never liked the idea of my riding a broom. Deciding the sheets can stay where they are, I walk to my closet  thinking about what I should wear. No reason to get dressed up today, just two girls hanging out and doing the one thing we love more than anything else, shopping. Taking my cue from Luna, I decide on a pair of dark wash skinny jeans and a pale blue long sleeve tee with sketched flowers running along the hem.




After pulling my clothes on I pop into the bathroom, add a dusting of make-up and some lip gloss, then grab my wand from my nightstand. I wave it over my hair muttering a quick spell that takes my hair from an out of control mess, to flowing waves of blonde. And because I simply don't feel like battling my closet to find my shoes, I accio a pair of black flats, which land neatly in front of my waiting feet and slip them on. 




"Okay I'm ready." I call out walking down the hall to the living room where Luna is sitting on the couch flipping through a magazine.






"That was fast." she comments as I'm putting my wand in my purse and slipping on the coat I wore yesterday.




"When there's shopping involved I'm always fast." I grin watching Luna as she grabs her coat and opens the front door.




"I fed Sierra for you, she's such a sweet owl."



"Thanks Luna." I smile locking the door. "Of everyone she knows you're probably her favorite visitor."




"Oh that's nice, she's defiantly my favorite owl to visit." Luna says in her signature dreamy voice.




I can't help but wonder just how many owls she goes around visiting. It might be best if I don't know the answer to that.




"So," Luna starts to say breaking into my thoughts once we reaching the front door to my building. "For your dress I was thinking something in sun colors..........."











Four hours, two caramel macchiatos, one Caesar salad, six dress shops, two shoe stores, (and finally after putting my food down and tell Luna no I will NOT be wearing anything at all yellow) I finally found the perfect dress. Luna and I first started in Diagon Ally, then moved on to muggle shops where luck finally decided to favor me. I guess because I'm muggleborn I've always felt more at home shopping in the muggle world, not to say I haven't found some really killer shoes the magical way.




"I love it." I can't help saying once again, looking at my reflection in the full length mirror. Turning in a slow circle I watch as the skirt swirls around my ankles softly. I decided on a full length dress seeing as the wedding is black tie, and likely to go late into the night. The gathered bodice and wrapped waist fits my figure perfectly, going down to a beautiful flowing skirt. All in a lovely shade of periwinkle. Luna found a pair of silver sling backs  two doors down from where we are now and insisted I buy them even before I had a dress. I swear it's like she knew exactly what I'd be finding to go with them, I wonder if she's part seer. That could explain a lot.




Smiling softly Luna replies in her wonderful serine voice, (that I have tried, and failed to imitate many, many, times) "You look quite lovely. I told you we'd find just the right thing."




"And the best part is," I add stepping away from the mirror and back to the dressing rooms. "It's something I'm going to love finding an excuse to wear again." Closing the dressing room door behind me I unzip the dress and carefully step out of it so as not to rip it. In my bare feet I have to tip toe just to keep the hem off the floor. I have found over the years, that if it weren't for heels women would not be able to wear beautiful long dresses, because all dresses in the world are way longer than they have any business being.




The sales lady comes over and asks if she can ring it up while I finish dress. I hand the dress over the door to her and quickly pull my jeans and tee back on, then head back out and find Luna who is looking at a display of wraps.






"You really should get this to got with the dress." Luna says as I walk over, holding up a shimmering pale grey with, if my eyes aren't fooling me, a tings of periwinkle running throughout. "Being just the beginning of April, you're going to get cold."




"I don't know Luna, I've pretty much spent all my fun money for the month." Reaching out to feel the wrap I'm surprised at how much warmer it really is, and I do get chilly this time of year when the weather can't make up it;s mind what it wants to do. I take after my mum that way. "Oh what the hell," I say laughing pulling Luna over the check out counter before she can find me anything else. "It does go perfectly with the dress and I'll be able to use it with other things I have. This too please." I tell the sales lady handing her the wrap. She rings up my purchases and I had over my credit card. I might end up regretting spending all this money latter in the month but I doubt it. With all the work I have, I don't think I'll be doing too much.




"There you are miss, have a wonderful day." Says the sales lady as she hands me the dress bag which I take, and separate shopping bag with the wrap which Luna takes along with my new shoes. I think she's secretly hoping I'll lend them to her some time. Which I probably will seeing that ever since our Hogwarts days we've always borrowed each others clothes. Now I know what you're thinking; Why would I want to borrow Luna Lovegood's clothes? This is the girl who looked like a silver, though be it very cute, Christmas tree at Slughorn's Christmas party back in fifth year. Luna has a very unique aspect on life and clothing and buys things I would never have the juts to, let alone wear. So when the time arises and I'm feeling daring, (You should see me on girls night once a month. But that's a story for another time ) that's when I head to Luna's closet. 




"Tell me more about what you'll be doing tomorrow." Luna asks once we're out of the store, crossing the street to a small park. "After all these year I thought if anyone wanted to harm a Malfoy they would have done it by now."




"Yours, mine and everyone else's thoughts in the Auror department." I agree with a small snort. "I think that the Malfoy's are just scared because it has been such a long time since any threats were made against them. I can't blame Astoria thought, who would want there wedding being ruined by some 'retired' Death Eaters wanting to stir up trouble on what should be a day for the Malfoy family history books."




"Yes, that on top of making sure no Trilups attack the wedding cake, she must be very stressed. Lets sit on the bench over there." Luna suggests pointing to a spot under a tall tree that's blowing in the breeze.




Hold back a chuckle I glance over at Luna. "Can't be too careful about Trilups." I agree smiling now and she looks my way.




"Such a shame they like cake so much, it's the people in fancy clothes that bring them out you know."






"No I didn't know that." I answer suppressing the urge to just reach over and hug the stuffing out of her. That right there is why I love Luna so much.






"But any other time they are very sweet creatures." replies Luna in a seriousness as we both sit down. "They come around Daddy's house sometimes."




"Speaking of sweet creatures," I ask. "Did you find any on your trip?"




"Several yes, but some of them were just your more normally magical ones. I've already started to write my piece for The Quibbler about everything I saw. I wont tell you all about it now because it would take a very long time, and I want you to read the finished product. Daddy said my article will be the cover story for the next edition."




"Oh Luna that wonderful! I can't wait to read it!" I exclaim giving her a hug. "But can't you tell me just a tiny bit?" I start begging, pouting my bottom lip playfully.




"Of course!" Luna agrees sitting up a little straighter. "I was hiking through part of the wine region, someplace you really should go if you get the time because its just beautiful, with a some other naturalists I meet in the village and we stumbled across two mother unicorns with their babies."




"Oh my, that must have been amazing." I can't help but interject, eyes lighting up. I love unicorns, and the fact that they like witches more than wizards. Score on for us. I haven't seen one once since my Hogwarts days.




"It was," Luna continues." The babies couldn't had been more than a few days old, so sweet and perfectly gold. I even managed to go up to one of them a feed her an apple. It was an amazing trip."




"I imagine. So you're still going to continue writing for The Quibbler I presume." To which Luna nods. "And spend some much needed time with you're neglected boyfriend, and other friends?"




"I've really been homesick for all of you." She agrees as we both watch a couple of squirrels playing. "And it's nice to be back speaking english all the time, some things sound very strange in french. Like Crumple-Horned Snorkack. It is just not that same."




"I can defiantly believe that." I laugh thinking about all the french people she must have left very puzzled and confused.



"Elizabeth, Luna! Oh my Merlin!"



Turing our heads we both see, running from across the other side of the park smack through the playground area and nearly taking out a five year old, Carly Jones.




"Luna I thought you were still in France!" Carly yells finally reaching us, and pulling Luna to her feet in a bone crushing hug.




"And you," She says, turning towards me blue eyes sparkling in the sun, still holding onto Luna who looks like she's having trouble breathing. "I called and you never called me back." 




"You call me only yesterday. " I laugh, before waving my hand around us. "And as you can see, my dear Caroline, I have been out all day." Watching as her nose wrinkles up and she gives a little "Hmph."  I can't help but smirk. Carly hates being called by her full name, she only allows her parents and aunt, who suggested the name to begin with way back when, to call her that. Anyone else always gets a sharp look and the "Hmph". But it's so worth it to annoy her.



"It's smashing you came back early, we just have to get together soon and catch up!" Carly is saying after Luna tells her briefly about her trip. "I wish I could stay and chat now, but I'm running late for a meeting with some designers."




"Are they new ones?" I ask, knowing how much Carly loves to keep her store fresh and with it. Always the latest and greats thing in the fashion world can be found there.





"Yes and they are truly brilliant, if not a bit high strung." She replies with a sigh, tucking a strand of auburn hair behind her ear.




"Sounds like someone else I know." I mumbling under my breath. Catching the faint smile on Luna's face I can tell she heard me.




"Shoot! Now I really have to run." Carly says again looking at her watch and starting to walking a few paces before stopping. "Oh I almost forgot, my aunt wanted me to invite you to the big game next month. She's holding six tickets for us. You guys want to come?"



"Hell yes, are you kidding me!" I shriek coming to my feet getting extremely excited. "It's the most talk about match all season, I wouldn't miss it for anything."




"Neville and I would love to come too." Luna adds.



"Fabulous, I'll let her know. See you later." Carly smiles, before turning around and running down the sidewalk. Bright red trench blowing out around her, black pumps click, clacking loudly.




"Mind small children!" I call out, to which she raises one hand straight in the air and gives a small wave, never looking back.



"Ah," sighs Luna contently smiling, as we're both gathering up our purses and bags from the bench. "It's good to be home."






"Yes it is," I agree putting an arm around her shoulders and leading us in the direction Carly went. Then, adding with a mischievous smile, "Let's go see what other trouble we can get ourselves into before the day is out."











This is my favorite chapter so far, a filler perhaps, but I wanted something before the wedding and this was a chance to get to know a little bit more about Elizabeth. Plus it introduced Luna to the story and I simply adore writing her. And we have a new OC! Our resident fashionista for Typically Me, Miss Caroline 'Carly' Jones. Can any of you guess who her aunt is? The next chapter is where things really start to pick up. And you know that smoking hot guy on the banner? You're finally going to meet him! =D


So until next time, readers!




p.s. Please with chocolate frogs on top leave a review in that  box at the bottom of the page. Your feedback is very helpful and appreciated. I love hearing from anyone who's taken the time to read my stories. :)












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