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The Dursley Freak by rey
Chapter 9 : Friends It Is
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So, after a very long one, here comes a slightly shorter chapter. But there's a very important scene in it. :) So please read and enjoy. :D

Disclaimer: Don't own a thing!


Friends It Is



Knock, knock, knock.

I wave my hand over my head, like there is something rapping on my skull.

Knock, knock, knock.

I moan. Why is it that, when ever I decide I want to have a late start, something or someone interrupts me? Why is life so bloody mean to me?

Knock, knock, knock.

Guess the knocking sound doesn't care.

"Argh!" I sit myself up, my wild curls falling in my eyes. I blow them away. But with no use, as they just come back even more determined to annoy me.

I gaze around our dorm. Marilyn is absent. Not mysteriously, though. It's seven in the morning. It's time for 'her' paper to come out. I swear, if it was a possibility she would marry the bloody thing. I then take a glance at her 'friend'. She would be quite pretty if she wasn't so... I don't even have a word for it, really. Next to her bed is Ophelia's. I always envied her poise. She is so elegant. Even while sleeping. I frown and, before I drift into some very weird mind area, advert my gaze to one of my best friends. Lee is snoring loudly, her head reclined to a strange position. Saliva's dipping on her pillow, as her mouth is wide open. Well, at least there's one messy sleeper worse than me.

Knock, knock, knock.


I twirl to the sound only to spot a beautiful gray owl knocking on our window with her pecker. I immediately notice a small note attached to her tiny leg. Curious, I open the window and let the owl in. The animal stays still as I take the parchment and stroke her. At least animals still like me. I finally let her fly off and take a look at the note. I examine the handwriting which spells my name perfectly neat. But I haven't come across it before. My curiosity so grows even more with unwrapping the paper. And then...

My heart stops.






In spite of everything, I had fun last night. I hope it wasn't that bad for you either. Even though you had to walk out with Hugo's vomit on your shoes. (I stop to take a look at my shoes, displaced somewhere by the bathroom. Which makes me remember my own vomiting of last night. Hugo's is still there, too. I moan.) Once again, happy birthday.






I put the letter down, shaking slightly.

Ok, you may be a little confused about what exactly happened last night. So I shall relive the disaster again. Just so you can mock me. Ain't I great?

Just to set the record straight, though, I didn't get drunk. Though I wish I did. Yes, I danced with Louis. But with all that happened with Faldo, it just didn't feel... I don't know. Right? No, that's not the word I'm looking for. I mean, I'm in love with the bloke for two years now. I am not to fell guilty for my dreams. But it did feel more dissatisfactory than it should have, considering the fact that I was dancing with (And embracing!) the Louis Weasley. When I think about it, I'm actually kind of mad at Faldo for making me feel miserable.

Ok, that's a lie. He did nothing. I'm the bad guy here. No use in trying to hide the fact that I'm scum.

Not to mention that the long awaited fight finally took place two feet from us. Just some random guys' discussion over their fists turning into a major mess. I hate to say it, but I knew it. It never fails to happen.


I detest parties.




And here I am again, faced with last night's events too early in the morning for it to be fair in any kind of way. And I am just as confused as yesterday.

First off, now I'm constantly thinking how much of a jerk I am. Not only did I fail to say the magical words to Faldo that would make everything all right, I also ignored him and danced with Louis right under his nose. Not that Faldo cares with whom I dance. But it was still plain awful of me.

Second, I tried to actually keep the party going, in spite of the fight, just so I could get myself together and enjoy my gift of Louis. That is, until Hugo Weasley vomited on my shoes. Which just so happened to be my favourite sneakers. So, not only am I a prick, but I am also so egotistic that it makes me sick. It was only natural that as soon as Lee and I got to our dorm, I vomited all over our bathroom.

Which reminds me of the only up side of this whole story. Marilyn must have stumbled upon it this morning.

I snicker, in spite of everything. But it doesn't last long.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Miss 'I'm to blame for the Weasley-Young break up'."

I advert my gaze from the note (Which I stuff deep underneath my pillow.) and to Marilyn. She's standing there, mocking me with her perfect smile and a fresh copy of 'Daily Hogwarts'.

"What?" I frown, confused.

"Oh, don't you pretend to be all innocent now, Dursley. It's too late." She levitates the paper right into my lap.

It only takes one painful look to discover my next big headline.






There's even a picture of my grumpy self standing on the side and it so appears as if I'm glaring at the smiling Louis and Dawn beside me.

Where the hell did she get the picture from!? I don't take pictures! Well, at least I try not to. Nothing to do with the fact that the camera despises me.

After a good minute, my brain finally comes across the real point of the whole situation. I lift my gaze, shocked. Marilyn examines me, unsure what to make of my startled expression. But that only lasts a second.

"And by the way, that's the last time I'm cleaning the bathroom!" She shrieks before storming to the said room.

This causes Lee to wake up. "Whaaa-? Where's the fire?!"

She then notices me and my pale face. "Oh, it's just a dream. Brilliant."

And she falls back to sleep.

I try to fathom the even more serious consequence of last night and the enormous possibility that I am to blame for it, too. It doesn't work.

I jump to my feet, only one person popping into my mind.




* * *




I knock for the third time, hoping someone will finally grace me with his presence.

Not happening.

Lost in despair, I point my wand at the entrance.

"What do you think you're doing?" The Fat Lady glares at me and not without fear.

"Alohomora!" I yell, ignoring her.

But, again, nothing happens.

The Fat Lady laughs. "Honestly, child, you are ridiculous. Who even let you study at such a prestigious school?"

My head is screaming dirty words, but I stay still. With an enormous chunk of effort, that is.

Finally, the portrait removes itself. Not before I stick my tongue at it triumphantly, though.

On the other side is the most disturbingly pale boy I have ever seen.

I storm in. "Get James Potter! Now!"

The boy runs off, terrified.

I didn't know I can be scary. Just another new trait I can put to good use, I'm sure. Oh, how sad am I?

After five painfully long minutes, James comes down the stairs, his hair messier than Roxy's (A new record!) and his eyes almost completely shut.

"Dora? Is that you?"

"You would know if you opened your eyes."

He smirks." Someone's grumpy.

I sigh. "James, be serious. I need you to be serious right now. I have to ask you something."

He frowns and motions to the couch.

I shake my head. "No, not here. People can hear."

"They can smell, too." He grins again.

I moan. Seriously, I'm going to burst into the ugliest cry the world has ever seen. Not only have I the worst headache ever and am potentially to blame for the biggest break up of the year (Heck, of all Hogwarts!), but James just had to decide now is the time to be funny with me. Doesn't he guess it's still too soon?

He must have noticed my death glare as he takes my hand and leads us out. "Follow me."




I sit on the chair in the Room that looks the most uncomfortable. It's my way of punishing myself for being a... well... a bitch, really. I know, I know, that's a bad word. But right now, I don't think I deserve anything better.

"What's going on, Dora?" James looks at me with concern.

It doesn't help. It only brings back memories of the day that he attacked me and Faldo protected me. And when I...


I pick my head up, completely muzzy. "Hm?"

"What's wrong?"

I bite my lip, hesitating. Is James really the right person? I mean, in terms of getting the real truth, he's the best person. But in terms of telling him why I need the information... Do I really want him to know?

I stare at him for a moment, seeing a deep and clear worry in his look. I breath out.

"Did Louis and Dawn break up last night?"

I await a pause. A confusion. Secretly, I await a firm yes. But...

"No." He answers straight.

My heart drops.

I know. What was I thinking? It was bound to be just another one of Marilyn's ridiculous lies. But still... I was hoping... Ok, I know I'm the worst person in the world. I hate myself right now. Trust me.

"They broke up a week ago."

My mouth falls open and I glare at James with shock. "They what?!"

James frowns but then suddenly a small smile appears on his plump lips. "Dora, is there any chance that you, oh I don't know... like Louis?"

Oh, no. I though he would somehow ignore the fact that I'm out of breath and shaking and sweating... Or chalk it up to my weirdness. I know, it's outrageous. I'm in shock, ok?! I'm not thinking straight!

"Um, I..."

He walks to me and slings one hand over my shoulder. "Why didn't you tell me? I could've help you. After all, Louis is not only my cousin. He's one of my best mates."

I look at James and his beaming face. He actually supports me. He doesn't think I'm crazy. He doesn't judge me. He apparently thinks it's ok.

And in that moment, that one crazy moment of my almost break down, I hug him tightly. He stays stiff for a second, confused and startled. But then he answers back, pulling me in gently.

"Thanks, James." I mumble into his pajamas.

I hear a small smile in his voice when he answers. "Anytime, cousin."




* * *




So, it's official. Louis is single. I just now understand Scorpius and his crazy plan to seduce Rose. I mean, Louis was single before. And I was in love with him even then. But I never though it was possible for him to like me. I know Scorpius felt the same. Now, I'm in danger to jump the Soulmate train. I hope I don't go that crazy. But miracles are happening. Just look at Louis there, sitting alone. Without Dawn. It feels so... surreal.

"Earth to Dora." Roxy scoffs. "Saint Bludger, you're on it again, aren't you?"

"What?" I cough.

"Well, can you blame her?" Lee beams at me. "I mean, if I just found out Sam's single, I would not only be daydreaming, I would..."

"Thanks, Lee." Roxy snorts. "Not up for your vivid visuals."

Lee laughs.

"I feel sick and happy at the same time, somehow. It's odd." I breath out.

"I know." Roxy says.

I stare at her.

"Um... I mean, you look pretty weird, too. It shows." She tries to escape the interrogation.




I notice a few dirty looks thrown my way. I guess people still read these crappy articles. And what's even worse, believe them. No! I wasn't one of those people! I was just... Confused. Is all.

"Guys, Harry Potter is here!" We hear someone yell at the entrance of the Hall.

Suddenly, it's as if it was just announced that Death Eaters are attacking us. People scream. People cry. People run out.

Roxy sighs. "The annual Potter DADA class."

"Oh, cool. I missed the last one." Lee smiles.

"That's because you were busy with your devil cat." Roxy retorts with a shudder.

"Hey, it was a nice cat!" Charlie protests.

"Then why did you get rid of it?"

"I didn't get rid of it! She... wanted to live in the woods. With her family."

"Sure." Roxy snorts again and I laugh as we follow the flow of people to the most visited class of the entire school.

Uncle Harry's one hour babble about dark arts.

Not to say that he's a bad teacher. On the contrary. He's great. When he gets to actually teach. 'Cause it usually turns into war story telling. Students here are not very original.

As we take a spot in a less crowded group near the Lake, I finally get a look at my uncle. If I had more of them, I'm sure he would still be my favourite.

I remember the first time we met. I was very confused as to why he was so famous.




The second of November, 2017


I was sitting on our couch between my ecstatic mother, all ready to meet Harry Potter (Even though, a week ago she didn't know anything more about him than that he was dad's cousin with loose ties to each other.), and my pale father. Yesterday I heard him mumble something to the extent of 'stupid karma and it's stupid ways'. Let's just say he wasn't very trilled when my bottle incident happened. And I was beginning to think it had less to do with me actually being 'special', but more with the fact that he now was forced to turn more to said cousin.

A loud 'pop' interrupted my thought and the most peculiar looking man appeared in our living room. Of course, I already knew how he looked. There were plenty of books to research about him. But not 'our' books. Mum was excited that dad bough a few magical ones  when he was feeling especially guilty and depressed over his previous life. I, of course, until a few days back, didn't know anything about them. Therefore, nothing more than 'You have an uncle. He lives far away.' about Harry Potter. And that also turned out to be a lie. He lived just outside London.

And so I took my best look at the stranger that was my uncle. He was... how to put it... Interesting, shall we say? He had thick black hair that was sticking in unusual directions (To what I could relate, since my curls weren't always docile.), a gray coat over a black suit, funny shoes which looked a lot like snickers (Which I assumed were not. Since adults didn't usually wear snickers... That often.) and had a backpack over his shoulder (Didn't grown ups carry brief cases to work?). His free hand was bandaged and it looked like a pretty serious wound. His glasses seemed more round to me, just because no one wore glasses like those anymore. They were all mostly in rectangular shapes.

He glanced at me directly. I had no idea what he would do next. I was a little scared. Of his reaction and of the fact that I may turn out to grow into someone like him. He was weird. I didn't want to be weird. But then, he smiled. It was a smile of understanding. A smile of reassurance. A smile of support.

"You must be Dora."

I didn't know what to say. It wasn't a question. He knew who I was. We just never met.

He took a look at my parents but quickly returned his attention to me. "You look exactly like your mother. Only..."

"I'm a blondie like my dad." I sighed.

People always said that. It was beginning to annoy me.

Harry Potter laughed and nodded his head, like he understood my impatience completely. Like he related to me somehow. And in spite of me, I wanted that to be true. Maybe then I would feel less isolated and lost.

He walked to me and put a hand on my shoulder gently. I gazed into his eyes. They had the most amazing emerald color.

"Don't worry, Dora. You'll be just fine."

His warm smile sent a calm feeling through my body. And in that moment, even though I was never as freaked out by anything as by the fact that I was suddenly so drastically different, I was at peace. I felt safe.

Harry Potter had a gift of making me feel normally weird. And I was beginning to appreciate it.

And even though everything he had done in his turbulent life didn't amaze me, since it didn't have anything to do with my life, I  understood why he was apparently so loved by everyone. Harry Potter was a modern day knight in shining armor... Well, in a dusty gray coat, which I assumed was black underneath all that dirt. But still. He was amazing.




I smile fondly at the memory only to be interrupted by said uncle who coughs loudly.

"Hi. For those of you who don't know me (Do those people even exist? I mean, really.), I'm Harry Potter. And I'm here to teach you something about defending yourselves, in case a dark wizard attacks. Or, you know, just a very drunk one with his wand loosely pointed at you."

The mass laughs. I do too, in spite of the fact that there's a big guy crushing my foot.

"So..." He begins but immediately gets interrupted.

"We want a Golden Trio story!" Someone shouts from the crowd.

I look around and find it to be Scorpius. I glare at him. He just shrugs, innocently. But then my gaze falls on Faldo, who's looking at me. I instantly turn away.

"Wow, that's a new record." Uncle Harry laughs.

"Mr Malfoy, this is completely rude of you." Headmistress says sternly, gaping at him from uncle Harry's side.

"Sorry." Scorp answers meekly.

"No, it's ok." Uncle laughs. "I know they enjoy that more."

We all sit on the warm grass and prepare to be amazed. It's still quite wicked hearing all these stories. Even though it makes me feel like a such underachiever.

Uncle Harry begins his story in a slow pace. But as he goes further into it, his voice becomes more intense and his look scarier. I feel like no one's even breathing.

"He's such an amazing guy." Charlie whispers.

I smile as he goes to explain how he and his friends escaped from the Gringotts bank.

"Yeah, he is. He truly is a hero. With a very messy hair and an unusual love for horror films."

"Oh." Roxy sighs. "Don't remind me. "The Saw marathon is still printed deep in my mind."

"You'd guess that after everything that happened to him, he would want to live peacefully and boring." I smile.

"Well, that's uncle Harry, for you." Roxy nods. "At his core, he's a very weird guy."

We laugh quietly just to not get hissed at by angry Potter fans.

I look at my uncle again with admiration. I wish I'm brave like him. My life would be so much more like the way I want it to be. Well, maybe someday... After all, we do share some genes. Who knows...

Nah, who am I kidding? I'm a chicken.




"Dora!" Uncle Harry shouts my name and signals for me to reach him after the story's finished.

It's bloody hard with him being who he is. The three of us somehow manage to do so, in the end. Charlie stares at him, while Roxy and I are doing all the hugging.

"Missed you, uncle." We say in unison.

"I missed you, too, girls." He looks at the crowd. "My children appear to be hiding from me. I hope it's just because of their detentions."

I grin.

He then looks at me with warmth. "I have something for you."

Uncle Harry gives me two packages. I take them curiously.

"For your birthday." He smiles. " I know you don't usually take presents. But make this one exception.The brown one is from the Potters and the yellow one from your mum and dad."

I smile and kiss him on the cheek.

"Happy birthday, Dora. "

"Thanks, uncle Harry."

He sighs. "Gotta go, see if I can catch my offsprings. They're really playing hard to get."

We all laugh.

He gives us another hug (While Charlie's melting, of course.) and walks off.

"You guys seriously have the coolest family." Charlie notes dreamily.

"You wouldn't say so if you spent even ten minutes with my grandfather." I sigh, remembering the one time dad tried to get me to see the said man and my grandmother.

Yeah, short lived. The shortest.




When I get back to my room, I sit down to open the presents. It's not like I hate getting them. But I feel weird when I do. Like I always have to give something in return and it has to be even bigger than my own. Yeah, I'm peculiar like that. Shocker!

I first open uncle Harry's. It appears to be a book. I turn it around to read the title.

"The Jungle Book".

I chuckle and open it slowly. On the first page, there's a note.




Even though we believe you will recognize yourself in these stories, we still hope you give people more chances. There're not half as bad as you think.

Happy birthday!


Uncle Harry and Aunt Ginny




I smile as I put the book away, lovingly and sigh. I really feel as if I'm a Mowgli, not able to adapt to normal, social life, always yearning to go back to the wildness. Even though I never lived in a jungle. Well, if you don't count the one in my own head.

I reach for the second box and unwrap it, curiously. Funnily enough, it's another book. No, there are three books, actually. But first, I read the letter.






I know how much you claim that your room doesn't need cleaning, just so I don't enter it. But sorry, it had to be done. Anyway, when I was sniffing around (Yes, you read that right!), I found these. I know how whiny you can get. My lovely genes are guilty of that. So I wanted you to have these and remind yourself that now you're probably the happiest that you have ever been. I know how much I complaint about your "social life". But I'm actually proud of you and that you now have real friends. They are very important, Dora. Do everything to not loose them. I hope you don't mind my silly old self too much. Dad says hi and to not overdo yourself. We love you.


Mum and Dad (No, I didn't let Dad be the first one signed.)




I smile to myself as I put the letter down and open the first book.




My diary, 001 (Yes, that's not a number, but a code. This is a secret so no one, and by no one I mean you mum, can't read this!)




I chuckle again and open a random page which is slightly crumpled.





Oh, Havens. School is so annoying. I'm great at it, but I hate it. You know why? Every time I come here, even though I pretend it doesn't hurt, someone calls me a stuck up, or a brat, or an unwanted hag. I know I can be a little selfish with homework. But that's just so that people try and do them on their own. I have their best interest in mind. 'Cause if an elementary school homework is too much for them, what's going to happen when they get to University? Oh, that' right, they'll be too stupid to even get into one.




I close the diary, feeling a little sick.




Oh, I was bad. Real, real bad. No wonder no one wanted to be my friend.

I look up at the sky and it's shining lights. They somehow make me dizzy. And my heart starts to hurt. It actually hurts. What am I doing?

That's it. I jump up and run out before my mind comes up with a reason to stay still, like always.




I walk into the Great Hall, happy to spot Scorp, Al and Faldo just in time as they are leaving. I approach them. Faldo looks at me coldly. I shudder a little.

"Dora!" Scorp exclaims. "Tell me, wasn't that party great?!"

I frown at him.

"Ok, so it ended in a fight. Big deal. You still got your present, right?" He winks at me.

"Guys, I really need to go now." Al says, apparently in a hurry and waves at us before disappearing.

"We should hurry, too." Faldo says to Scorpius.

"Where are you going?" I ask him, but he doesn't have the chance to answer because Scorp does instead.

"To the RoR. Having our third piano lesson." He smiles enthusiastically.

"Can I come with?" I almost plead.

Scoprius flings a hand over my shoulder, smiling. "Of course. It will be good to have an audience, for a change."

I glance at Faldo but he's not looking at me. I sigh. This won't be easy.




* * *




"Slower, Scorpius. You're going to rape the poor thing." Faldo stands above him, huffing.

I sit nearby and watch them argue and agree several times in a row.

Clearly, Faldo is not very patient. Or maybe it's because of me. Maybe he doesn't want me here. Ok, scratch the 'maybe'. It's obvious I'm making him sick.

"Better now?" Scorpius tries again.

Faldo just nods.

After Scorpius plays the intro successfully (He's actually very good. Not jealous!), Faldo calls it quits.

"That's enough for today. You're doing great."

"You wouldn't tell from the look on your face." Scorp grins.

Faldo frowns. I shudder again.

"I'm just tired." He explains.

I stand up and smile at Scorpius. "You really are good, Scorp. Don't worry."

He smiles. "Thanks, sis."

I grin.

"But-I have to go! Quidditch and all. Duties, duties."

He waves and runs out, lost in his own world, with Rose's name written all over it, I'm positive.




And so, the longest, most awkward silence begins. I don't know what to do. Looking at him feels hurtful somehow. Talking to him... Well, I'm pretty sure he won't answer. So I'd just look stupid. But then again, the silence is killing me!




Finally, with no idea what I'm doing, I sit on the piano chair and press a key lightly. The sound breaks the dead air.

Faldo doesn't react, though. I try to recreate the song again, like Scorpius did before me. But it just sounds awful.

"You're doing it wrong." Faldo finally utters.

"What?" I stare at him, startled that he actually speaks to me.

"Here." He takes a place on the chair, beside me.

In a moment of my confusion, I feel that frisky winter day smell again. And it calms me down. But just for a second. Because his look unsettles me. He plays the piano, just a few notes, and then stops abruptly.

"Now you try." He says sternly.

I shallow hard and try to copy him again. It doesn't work.

"You're too bluff. Try again."

I do. But, just as before, it ends in a disaster.




Faldo sighs heavily. But then, he takes both of my hands and places them above the keys.

I look at him. Just because suddenly, I feel hot and cold at the same time. What is he doing? Or better, how is he doing it? Faldo doesn't notice my confusion, though, as he steadies my fingers on the keys with his just above mine. And so, I play the note perfectly.

Just as I begin enjoying his warm touch, he pulls his palms away.

"Try now." He repeats.

I sigh lightly and do so. But this time I get it right.

He nods his head looking at the piano. "Better."




Then finally, having lost all of my patience, I burst.

"I'm sorry, ok?!"

He blinks a few times and turns to look at me.

"I'm sorry I turned you into this, this cold, annoying prick. I know it's all my fault. I'm sorry. I am. I was a jerk, too. I was..."

But Faldo interrupts me. 'Cause he's... Laughing?

I stare at him, confused.

"You think you're responsible for the way I turned out?" He finally settles for a genuine smile.


"Blue, it's not your fault. Trust me. Yes, I was a little hurt. But it lasted for a day. I wasn't angry at you. I was angry at myself. That's why I apologized."

"But I..." I look away for a second. "Why were you avoiding me all these days, then?"

"I wasn't. You avoided me."

I frown. But then I search through my memory. Only to find that he's completely right. As usual.

"Oh." I say meekly.

"So you say I'm a cold, annoying prick, ay?"

"Oh, Havens." I sigh. "I can't even say sorry like a normal person."

He smiles. "Well, that only proves that you're not normal, then. And, who wants to be normal, anyway?"

I gaze at him. His look is warm, his smirk approving, his face glowing. He reminds me of a male angel. Not that there is such a thing. No, not even in my imagination!

"So, you're not mad that I run away at my birthday?"

"I know I scared you off. I understand." He nods. "You didn't expect to hear that from me."

"Exactly!" I exclaim and yet again find that he completely gets me.

Which makes me nervous.

"So, does this mean your offer stays?" He asks, insecure.

I bite my lip.

Faldo wants to be friends with me. Ok, so this is completely ridiculous to the point that I think I must be dreaming. But then again, it makes more sense than any of the things that happened lately.

I offer him my shaky hand and he accepts with a smile.

"I don't know why we didn't do this before." I wonder out loud.

"Probably because I'm an annoying, cold prick." He beams.

"Argh, you're never going to let me forget that, will you?"

"Not a chance." He mocks.

I don't even realize that we are still holding each other's hands.

Mum will be proud. 'Cause Dora Demelza Dursley just got herself another friend. Which reminds me... I have to find Tate and apologize to him, too. Well, this isn't so bad as I thought it would be.

"We should probably go." Faldo suggests after a whole minute of us shaking each other's hands.

I drop mine quickly I stand up. "Definitively. My stomach craves pumpkin pie."

"Blue, you'll never change." He says while we're exiting the Room.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" I return snappily.

"You'll always be a needy crybaby."

I gasp. "Jerk!"

He laughs. "Glad you're back to your weird self."

I give him a long look. "Glad you'll always annoy me. Even if it's just a little."

He smirks.




And it's a beginning of a wonderful friendship...

Yeah, right. Maybe we're friends now. But he'll always be Faldo. And I'll always be a weirdo. But who cares? Apparently, Faldo enjoys it. And maybe I do too, just a little bit.

Don't judge me. I'm hungry. I speak nonsense when I'm hungry.

But deep down, beneath it all, I know we'll be just fine.




A/N: Aaaaand... They're finally friends! :D It took them long enough, didn't it? :)

I hope you enjoyed it. I think it's one of my personal favourites.

But tell me what you think. :)

P.S. The next chapter is almost done! And the one following that is already started and planed out. I thought you'd like to know. :)


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