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A Wish Gone Amiss by njrox1220
Chapter 5 : A Discussion
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After the movie, Harry and Ron left, saying their goodbyes to Hermione and her friends.




            Once Harry and Ron were a distance away from the theatre, Harry asked Ron, “How?”




            Ron responded, “Edmund needed to get the stone in order to take down the Olympians. All he had to do was kill the vampire clan. What do you not get?”




            “No, I mean…how did you get Hermione to like you? You didn’t use a spell or potion, did you?”




            “Of course not! What do you think of me? I just used my Weasley charm.”




            “No. Really?”




            “I’m serious!”




            “Alright! Alright! Congratulations, part of the plan is complete: Hermione broke up with Greg, and she can actually bear to be in the same room with you.”




            “Ha. Ha. Very. Funny.”




            “I know.” Harry gave a mischievous smile.




            A week passed. Another week passed. Nothing changed besides the fact that Ron and Hermione were best friends: virtually inseparable. Ron thought it was the perfect time to ask Hermione out on a REAL date. Sure, they went out, but they went with Harry or Hermione’s usual group of friends.




            After Ms. Bradley’s calc class, Ron approached Hermione. She was talking with Emma and Monica.




            “Hey, um, Hermione? Can I talk to you in private? I need to ask you something.”




            “Sure,” Hermione looked utterly flabbergasted.




            They met at the end of the hallway where no students were in the vicinity of.




            “So, I was wondering, would you, Hermione Jean Granger, like to accompany me, Ronald Bilius Weasley, on a date this Friday night?”




            Hermione turned bright red. Ron feared that she would say no.




            “I’d love that,” Hermione responded with a tender smile.




            “Brilliant. I’ll pick you up at seven?”




            “Sounds great,” Hermione smiled and reunited with her friends.




            Ron glanced over at Hermione and her friends; they were all smiling and giving imperceptible glances at Ron. Hermione looked surprisingly happy that Ron asked her out.




            After school, Ron rushed to the hotel that he and Harry were staying at.




            “HARRY! I have to tell you something!” Ron burst into the room, tripping and fumbling on several objects at a time.




            “What?” Harry looked annoyed at the sudden hyperactivity that Ron had supplied.




            “I asked Hermione if she wanted to go out on Friday, and she said yes!” Ron was grinning from ear to ear.




            “Good job, Ron! If only you could have done that when she was a witch; it was obvious that you liked her. The whole school knew, and when you failed to ask her to the Yule Ball, all of Hogwarts was-”




            “Alright! I get the idea!” Ron interrupted.




            “Okay, I was just saying...” Harry was holding in laughter. “You do realize that tomorrow is Friday, right? January 29th? You have about two weeks…”




            “Oh my God! I haven’t actually thought about that. How am I supposed to make Hermione fall in love with me in two weeks, without using any potions?”




            “That’s your problem, no offense, but this is entirely your fault! You better fix it! Hermione is my best friend along with you, and now, she doesn’t even know me! How do you expect to live on at Hogwarts without Hermione? Ginny and the rest of your family don’t even know she exists!”




            “Harry, calm down! I know it’s a rush when it finally comes to you, but I’ll take care of it. Whatever I have to do, I’ll do it. If I have to fight off a thousand dragons-or a thousand Malfoys- to make Hermione Granger love me, I’ll do it! I won’t let either of you down,” Ron was trying his hardest to put out all the fires that he ignited.




            “Look, I’m sorry for yelling at you. I guess I’m just worried about February 14th.”




            “It’s cool, we should get to bed though.”




            “Alright, good night.”




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