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Maybe... by CheeringCharm
Chapter 1 : Only friends
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“Lily! Hey Lils! You know what date it is this Friday?” The tall dark haired boy shouts and runs over to block the way for her.

“Potter would you please get the umph out of my way? I don’t want to talk to you and you know that.” Lily replies tossing her head back which makes her hair seem as if it’s on fire.

“Come on Evans! Please?” The tone of begging and the brown puppy-eyes just makes Lily angrier, how can he not understand? Idiot.

“I’ve told you no a thousand times just give up already!” Her voice sounds tired but yet amused at the boys stupidity.

“What could I do to change your mind?” He quickly asks changing his tactics, before she has time to say the words that are already on her tongue.

“Stop bothering me and please get out of my way!” She says before she’s any time to hear his question.

“You know I can only do one of those things”, James replies and steps out of her way to finally let her pass.

“Ha-ha very witty, but you know I’d rather go on a date with the big squid than with you.” She says with a fake laugh and a mocking voice.

“As long as I’m better than Snivellus!” He flicks in and continues to follow her.

“Just shut up already and leave me be.” That comment seems to have made her even angrier than before and it is clearer now that she has no desire to ever talk to the boy next to her.

“I can’t help that we’re heading in the same direction.” He says a sly I’m-innocent-grin on his face and in his voice.

“Ok”, Lily stops to look at him with grim eyes, “and then could you tell me where you are going?”

“Ehm”, James looks unsure and Lily takes his moment of silence as a confession.

“See you’re just following me you creep.” She spits the last word at him. He does not seem to take any notice of the insult but hurries to reply

“No, well maybe I was, but now I’m actually going to go to the… common room.” The moment of doubt shows the lie.

“Well then dear mister, you ought to be informed that the Gryffindor common room is in that direction.” Lily says in a voice dripping of false kindness and points at the passage way behind them.

James looks at her hand looking completely puzzled.
“So”… he says, “so, you are sure that you don’t want to go out with me?”

“Yes Potter I am one-hundred percent sure. Now would you please leave me alone?”

“As you wish my darling”, James replies with a little bow, “just remember that I will not give up until you are two-hundred percent sure.” He winks and leaves.

Lily gives a small sound of irritation, continues forwards, and then she sighs with relief, finally she had gotten rid of him, even if so just for a moment.

“Lily!” Someone shouts from behind her back asking for her attention.

She comes to a halt. What now? Had she not just a few moments ago made it very clear that she had no intentions of going out with Potter. Never Ever. She turns around quickly ready to give out to that moronic git…

But it is not the black untidy hair, the brown eyes and the annoying grin that she meets. Well it is dark hair and brown eyes but they are much kinder and honest than the eyes of Potter it is Severus Snape the boy that always has been there for her. The guy that introduced her to magic and helped her to fit in at Hogwarts. It is her closest friend.

“Hillu Sev”, she says with a smile

“I just found out something amazing! Please come with me I want to show you”, Severus is very excited and you can see that because his eyes are basically shooting out energy.

Lily lets out a small laugh at the way he looks and says “Oh now you made me excited but I really have to get to the library to finish that essay for Professor Macgonagall.”

“I thought you were done?”

“Well I was, until I realised that I missed out on the part where I could discuss different methods of achieving the same result of transfiguring into an animal but by other methods.”

“That can wait! You don’t want to poor over some piece of parchment when I have something this exciting! Its amazing Lils I promise you just have to come with me.” Severus grabs her hand and basically drags the laughing Lily with him.

“Ok Sev I guess that I could come with you, but it’ll have to be very quick because I really want to finish the essay today.”

“Oh, It’ll be very quick I promise!” Severus assures her, letting go of her hand he breaks into a run. Lily follows him but he can’t help but to every now and then he makes sure that Lily follows him. After they have rounded the left turn, fifth right turn and seventh staircase Lily has completely lost her sense of direction.

“Where are we going?” she asks Severus after she has caught her breath

“Wait, we’ll be there in just a moment”, the dark-haired boy replies. They proceed down the staircase and end up standing in a long corridor

“Come on Lily, this way”, the boy shouts and starts jogging. The girl follows but in a bit slower pace, she is clearly out of breath again.

“We’d better be there already”, she says in a threatening voice after a few minutes.

“Lucky for me that we just arrived then”, he says as he turns around to smile at her then points to a dark door and then he adds “Ladies first.”

Lily cautiously steps forwards to open the door, “It’s completely safe isn’t it?” she asks. The boy just looks at her. She looks back at him as she grasps the door handle.

“Of course it is! now stop being such a coward and open the door already.” He says with a big eagerly awaiting smile.

“Shut up.” As she opens the door she feels a bit scared but Severus excitement has rubbed off on her and she can’t wait to see what is
hiding behind the dark oak door.

“Come on, go inside”, he encourages her, “you know that I would never put you to any harm.”

“I know.” She says with a smile and steps into the room. The boy takes a breath of relief, now he knows that she trusts him, and maybe just maybe he, Severus Snape, could have a chance…

“Oh, Sev it’s amazing! But… how? Aren’t they supposed to be really hard to catch?” Lily asks sounding amazed at the sight before her.

“Yes they are but…” this was his chance; he would never have a better chance than this…

… “But you know that I would do anything for you.” He says in a rush. And as the words hangs in the air he feels a deep tension in his stomach. Severus stands there feeling a bit silly but that emotion is replaced with anxiety as Lily turns her green eyes to look at him. He quickly diverges look to anything but her. His feet, yes, that’s the perfect place to place your gaze when an angel is standing before you.

“Did you catch it?” Lily sounds surprised, Severus nods as an answer and Lily puts her arms around him in a thankful hug and says “Sev, you really are the best friend ever!”

Of course… he thinks to himself, of course, I could never be more than a friend.

“Can I pet it?” is the first question she asks after having let go of him.

Severus had struggled to put a straight face on after the embrace but he had had years of practising so now the smile was plastered on his face and he had after all gotten a hug. The thought of the hug made his smile a bit bigger than it had been just a minute earlier. Lily slowly moves up to the animal, she knows that they are supposed to be very shy. As she comes closer it backs away a bit but then she catches its eye. She tries to tell it that she means no harm and that she is a friend. She stretches out her hand and as if it had understood what she said it came closer, although a bit on its edge as if ready for flight any second.

“Do you like her?” Severus asks, of course he already knows the answer but he has no idea of what else to say.

“Oh Sev you know I do!” Lily replies while stroking her hand over the unicorns silvery skin. Severus takes the chance to come closer to her by petting the unicorn himself. Its skin is very soft and you can sense the heartbeats of the pure animal through the silver. He mimics Lily and runs his hands up through its mane the animal doesn’t seem to mind the attention, though Severus is not really focusing on the unicorn. Having Lily this close makes his heart pound like it wants to escape from his chest, his hands getting clammier and he just wants to run as far away as he can to prevent himself from saying something stupid.

“She is so beautiful” Lily says with a sigh, “How could you catch her, I would never be able to trap a pure animal”

“I didn’t trap her, he answers though he does not sound defensive, “I just wanted to show her to you, we’ll let her go and that is why I caught her to see the beauty of freedom”

“Haha Sev you sound horribly sweet! You make me nauseous” Lily says laughing

“haha…” Sev joins in.

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Maybe...: Only friends


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