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The Truth by Phelia Fraz
Chapter 5 : The day ends
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The ride on the Hogwarts Express seemed longer to me than usual. There was no lady with a cart of candies. There was no first years running up and down the aisle, and no Slytherins cursing them. There no was Ginny to talk to no Ron to get on to and no Harry to comfort. All there was was me and my now brooding potions teacher Snape. The silence was getting to me. It was letting me think about the death of my parents which was the one thing that I did not want to do.

"What do I tell them?"

"Ms. Granger I do believe that even you can realize how hard a question that is to answer." I stared at him for maybe a minute to long before the realization hit me.

"I am sorry Professor. What I should have said was what do I tell the authorities about you? What school do I attend? What class do you teach?"

"Ms. Granger the school that you attend is Hogwarts school for the Advanced and Gifted. I thought that you would know this."

"Professor would the muggles know about the school though?"

"Yes of course Ms Granger. We have to allow your grades to be sent to the muggle world if you would like to pursue a muggle education after hogwarts. We will be staying at the building the school is in while we are in the Muggle World. But since you seem to know nothing about it I will have to inform you about everything it seems. Tell me your first class."



"Muggle Studies"

"Advanced History. In that class you will be going over the theory of Evolution, and studying the Ancient Civilizations. Last year was Evolution this year is Civilizations."




"Do I have to answer that one?"


"Ditto to my last sentence."


"Music" At my disbelieving look he continued. "Well there really wasn't anything else for it and all private and public schools offer music. And Drama is Divination. Well did you expect it to differ into something important?"

"Well what about P.E.?"

"Our first years take P.E."

"The Flying classes?"


"Well what about Driver's Ed?"

"That is in your 6th year your apparation courses."

"Well how do you not let in those students that apply?"

"We test them at their houses. The Minister knows who we are and what we are and every time a new one is elected the old one is oblivated. There is a law that since our students are so far ahead that no one is allowed to go onto our property unless allowed my the headmaster. so we are never troubled by the police.'

"Didn't they want to tell me about my parents deaths?"

"Yes but a former alumni works in the police department for issues like this. Tonks."

"Oh. So then I guess that we have everything figured out then right?"

"Well almost. The reason that I am the one to bring you is because you are in the Slytherin section of the school. Now before you protest in the official records of our school I am the Chemistry teacher and Slytherins are those who chose our school for it's chemistry program. I am your Head of House and our Colors are Green and Silver. Also all of our students wear a school appropiate uniform which we need you to change into. You know where the bathroom is and here you go."

He handed me a catholic looking school uniform. With a white button down shirt and gray almost silver pull over vest. A skirt that was just over mid thigh length. The skirt was the same color as the vest. The socks were just below the knees and were a very slytherin colored green. My shoes had a small heal and were plain black. I had on a tie that matched the socks. When I looked at myself I realized that I did match perfectly the image of a catholic school girl. I also decided that Slytherin colors looked good with my complexion. Though I would never admit it while growing up my favorite color was always green. Don't get me wrong though I don't dislike my houses colors.

When I returned I realized that we were almost there. As I reached the compartment the train stopped causing me to fall on the floor right beside the professor. He helped me up and when I looked outside the window I didn't see the train Station.

"We decided that you wouldn't like the apparation from the school to the next school that we would need to have time to talk to make sure that you were okay. Since you talked about your classes and not the death of your parents I have decided that we are ready to go straight to the school. We will be staying at the school and awaiting for Tonks to show up. Now I need you to follow me up to the front of the train."

"But Professor my bags?"

"I have them shrunken and in my pocket with mine. If you wouldn't mind." He reached for my old school robes and clothes that I had just changed out of. he took a small bag put them in it and shrunk it also adding it to his pocket. "Don't worry we are not going to apparate. There is a door on the train that remains locked. It leads us to the school. There is also one in Hogwarts but the Headmaster wasn't sure you were ready yet. I believe that you are so here we go. He opened the door and allowed me to walk right though. I was in a room with a few other people Mrs. Weasley was one of them along with Tonks. When the Professor walked though he didn't seem surprised to find me in Mollys arms. I wasn't crying but she was.

"Molly forgive me but you are not to be here. You took a vow."
"To not speak of it. You know that I work here Severus."

"Please Professor I ran to her not the other way around."

"Fine then. Now I need you to leave Molly and finish your job. Also you are relieved from your duties here until we return to the school. Before you say something you know that I have the Authority to do this. Also you will still be paid for your regular hours. Think of it as a special vacation. Tonks will you come with us? We need to take Ms. Granger to her room." With that he left. I said my goodbyes to Molly then Tonks and I followed him.

"How have you been riding with that horrible man?" She asked me.

"Fine he wasn't so bad really. We talked about what I am going to tell people and what my classes are."

"I see that you have to act like a chemistry nerd."

"Don't laugh at me Tonks. I don't look to bad in these colors anyway. Where did that man go?"

"Don't worry I know where we are going. The way the school is set up you would sleep in your houses dorms. But since muggles know nothing of magical steps the guys and girls have locks on their dorms. Also your head of house and another teacher of the opposite sex stays in the dorm. The first room beyond the lock is theirs. Your other teacher would normally be called Professor Victor. There is a lock on both sides of the dorm so people can't get in or out without her knowledge also you would have a strict bedtime. Obviously this is all a set up in case someone would try to come here and check up on things each house has a hidden door back to the school so that we could get all of the students here. This place has wards like Hogwarts except that muggles see a real building instead of ruins. Also If Voldemort were to attack we could get the kids here and hide them from him."

"Whoa this is very extensive. Have we ever had to evacuate the school before?"

"Yes when Grimwald was trying to attack. We had the muggle police believe that someone from here had robbed the store down the road once so we brought most of the children here a couple of years before your first. I was a sixth year then. we don't like to do it but sometimes we have to."

"Where have you been? I have been here for ten minutes. We have to get her to the house Tonks you have been here for two hours don't you think that will bring someone here?"

"Oh shut it Snape. Why don't you let me take her to her room?"

"Fine I put her bags in the teachers room since it is the biggest."

"Well lets go." Tonks opened the door and we walked just beyond and turned into the first room on the left. It was huge. It had it's own little kitchen and bathrooms and everything. There was even a small TV. "Well this is your room sorry that you can't explore it but we do need to leave. Don't worry Snape will never come in here. He really isn't all that bad he just has to act like it. Also you do not know me once we leave this school I am just a officer. He is the only person that you can spend time talking to."

We found him waiting in the common room. Together we walked to the door. Once we got outside Tonks started to walk in front of us bye about 5 feet. We got into her squad car and I felt a little bit scared. Not that we were going to my house but with her driving. I have seen her on a broom, but luckily she was a good driver. We reached my parents house in an hour and a half. I lived outside of the city. If they were surprised to see my home they didn't act like it. My parents were dentist and very good ones. As were their parents. We were well rich. Richer than the Malfoys because no one in my family ever stopped working. We had doctors and lawyers and almost every high paying job going back generations. We also were land owners and had renters and everything. If I never wanted to work a day in my life the money wouldn't run out until my great great great great grandchildren had great great great grandchildren. My ancestors were great investors. And now it was all mine. I am not quite sure how I feel about it.

"Well home sweet home right?"

They just looked at me. I know that they weren't expecting me to be so put together but did they really want me to start crying? When we walked into the house the staff were already lined up at the door. I really didn't know that they would all be here today but since they were I needed to once again take my place in the house though this time it was as the one and only head of the house.

"Richard please tell the cooking staff that we will would like to have our evening meal at five-thirty sharp and I would prefer if we had veal tonight with a salad as a per-course instead of soup. Also for desert please make a lemon cake. The professor will tell you which type of wine for him and the officer for her. I of course just want juice. Susan please call my parents lawyer and invite him to dine as well ask him to bring the will. Also please set up my room a room down the hall for the Professor we shall stay here tonight. You are all dismissed."

"Ms. Granger I am sorry but we need to stay at the school."

"No sir not tonight. I need to stay here tonight you understand? I am sixteen years old I need at least one night here in a familiar place before I have to make so many decisions. Tonks I am sorry but I will need you to stay here with me as a member of the police during the reading of the will. After all DFS should be coming within the next day or two to take me away."

"Albus will not let them..."

"I will not let them that is why my lawyer shall be here. Between all of us we shall find a way to stay out of their custody and allow me to attend school."

The way that Tonks looked at me was like I was someone she didn't know. Of course how could she know me? I was one of if not the richest person that she would ever meet, and now that I had no guardian I was powerful to an extent. Well at least until the government took everything away. If I was to be sent to a foster home then my property could be taken away from me. At least with no guardian it was mine with a government appointed one it was theirs. Well lets see how I get out of this one.

"My lawyer will speak for me in the muggle world, but I will need the headmaster to speak for me in the magical world. But no matter what no one must know who I am. I can't let a bunch of money hungry wizards or witches trying to get custody of me to get my money. I won't let it happen I will sign it away to someone before I do that."

I turned away from them and looked for a member of my staff, "Jenny please the Professor to his room and the officer to my room." Turning back to Snape and Tonks I smiled. "Now don't get me wrong I do love what you are wearing but you are not dressed to have dinner here at the Grange. Now Tonks Jenny will show you my closet and you are to pick anything that you want to wear. If need you can make them your size. Snape Jenny will call for John to help you pick out some clothes." I looked at Jenny and saw that she had just left. A moment later she returned with an older man. "John oh how good of you to join us. Please help the Professor choose something of my father's that is appropiate for dinner with Mr. Johnson. If you need anything I will be taking a stroll around the lake near Ashtons Hill. But please I would prefer this time alone." With that I walked out of the room. I knew that it was incredibly rude of me, but I didn't think that I could keep smiling for much longer. Ashtons Hill was one of my favorite spots at the Grange it was very green with willow trees and beautiful flower beds. I walked half way around the lake and sat at my favorite bench near a lovely willow. My father had at one time built me a bookshelf here. He put it in its own little building so as to keep the books safe and filled it with all of my favorites. Instead of putting on a lock my father let me lock it with magic to assure me that neither he nor mother would ever get into it. I hid my diary here. I only ever shared this bench with Victor. Oh how my mother adored him if only I could have as well. He was a sweet boy and the only one that she had ever approved of. But then again she had rarely ever met Ron and Harry. Even though they were my best friends I just couldn't let them know about the Grange. I wanted them to like me for me not the money that I had. And with Ron not knowing about my wealth it didn't stand in between us. Though really nothing actually stood between us but him and all of the girls that he kept fucking. Why must I love him and not Victor? It would make mother so happy if it was the other way around. It took me a minute to realize that I had tears flowing freely down my face. My mother would never be able to be happy with who I chose. She would never know.

I checked my watch and hurried back. I took a small passage into my rooms and was thankful to find that Tonks was not in them. I took a quick shower and changed into something more appropriate for my status. Blow dried my hair and straightened it. Then quickly put on my make up. I hurried out of my room and into the sitting room near the dinning hall that I knew Jenny would have taken our guests. As I arrived so did Mr. Johnson, and his new assistant.The boy couldn't have been more than 26. "Ah your newest I presume? Well everyone lets head to dinner.

After dinner we went into my father's study where Mr. Johnson read my parents will.

"Ms. Granger you are left the Grange the estates in Paris, Egypt, Texas, New Zealand, Argentina, China, Germany, Brazil, Rhode Island, and the Bahamas. You are also left the estate in India, but your mother wishes for you to sell this and give the money to the staff equally. Also you are to keep all of the staff and you are not allowed to cut their wages for a period of two years. If at that time you would like to you may. Your parents also wish for you to have a guardian appointed by them to make sure that you don't go into DFS. They want it to be someone from your school.So your temporary guardian will be the staff member that brings you home." As he continued I looked at the Professor he looked quite taken back by this.." But that member will not be able to touch your estate they will only be there until you turn 18 or are adopted.Or something else happens you will know what this means. Also I am to give you this letter from your mother but you are not to open it until after their funeral. So that is when I will give it to you. Also your father wanted you to give the tenants a month of rent free living every December like he did." Mr. Johnson looked at me. "Do you have any questions?"

"Yes. I don't want my estates touched and I still want freedom. Would it be better for me to keep a guardian of be adopted?"

"Hermione, it would be better for you to be adopted. Since the Professor is listed as a temporary guardian the government can still if they want to control your estate by putting you in foster care. If he had been made your true gaurdian, but your parents didn't know who would bring you home and as your full guardian they would have had access to your estates. Something they didn't want you to have to go through."

"Thank you Mr. Johnson. now about the funeral arrangements..."
"Ms. Granger they are already taken care of. Before your parents went on the trip your mother made me a call and had me set up everything for her and your father's funeral." This was from the younger lawyer. "Of course we still need to set a date but the coffins are picked out and paid for as well as the plots. I propose this next Friday. I will contact your family friends to inform them of the tragedy."

"Thank you sir. Now I must bid you fair well. Tonks," I turned to her when the lawyers packed up and walked out of the room. "Will you be staying with us tonight or will you taking your leave as well?"

"Umm Hermione you know that I wish I could stay but if I did then the department might think that I know you. I need to be leaving."

"Alright Alfred will show you to your car. Would you like me to be sending a driver behind you to make sure you don't get lost? No okay then please take care. Professor you may follow me to the west wing." With that we left and Tonks was escorted out by Alfred. I did not say a word to the Professor it did feel a bit like the walk that I had taken with Moody earlier that day. When we reached our wing we said our goodbyes. As I walked into my room and changed into night clothes I look back on the day. I can't believe that only a few hours had gone bye since I had had parents. Only hours ago I was at hogwarts. It seemed like days. I fell asleep wondering what was in that letter.

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