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Insula de Absentis Spiritus by SunSation Gal 07
Chapter 1 : Prologue
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Yes, I am back with yet another story. It was a plot bunny that would not leave me alone until I at least started writing it. And it’s my first next gen! Never thought I would write one but here I am! Now this story was actually inspired a lot by the Danish film Island of Lost Souls which I recommend watching if you can find one with subtitles and the score is very reminiscent of John Williams. Anyway, onto the prologue and I hope you guys enjoy it! Oh, and here is a cast list of those in the follow prologue. I’ll do this for every chapter since these are the people that I have in my head when writing. and thanks to .asperity for the amazing chapter pic!

Aron Stover -- Jensen Ackles
Espen Holden -- Eric Bana
Kara Yager -- Rachel Weisz
Soren Bigsby -- Sean Bean

Disclaimer – I do not own Harry Potter.


We’ve got him.

That’s all that the note he had received an hour ago had said, but he recognized the handwriting very well since he had seen it many times before. Which was why Aron was now hurrying across the city, at night in the cold rain towards the empty storehouse on the outskirts that served as the Legion headquarters. Not that anyone actually knew what the Legion was. Only those that were in it knew what it was and they had all been born into it. His parents had been a part of it, he was a part of it, and if he ever married and had children he was sure that they would be part of it too. And Aron already had someone in mind that he would love to have children with, who incidentally would also be at this meeting.

He ran out from under the eve of the bakery and ran across the cobblestone street, not bothering to try and cover his head to protect it from the rain. He had to get to headquarters. After all these years, they finally had him. Lightning streaked across the sky as he crossed the street, lighting up the storehouse that he was running towards. Once he was under the eve that covered the bolted front door, he knocked on the door before running a hand through his hair, shaking off the excess water. He dropped his hand to his side as he heard the small peep hole being unlocked before a familiar face was peering out towards him. Aron inclined his head slightly and the face disappeared from the hole and the door to it closed before the door itself was unlocked and opened for Aron to enter.

“How did you find him, Espen?” Aron asked as the other man closed and locked the door before coming to walk alongside Aron.

“He wasn’t covering his tracks nearly as well as he should have been,” Espen replied as the two men walked quickly up the small, wooden staircase in the storehouse. “Found him holed up just outside of Hillerřd,” Espen added a few moments later as the two men walked through a pair of open double doors and into a large room on the second floor. Men were milling around the room, muttering to themselves and looking at something at the far end of the room.

As they moved further into the room, Aron was able to see what they were looking at, or rather who they were looking at. Chained up before the large window and unconscious was Soren Bigsby, a necromancer that they had been after for years. His head hang down onto his chest and his long hair concealed his face from them. “They gave him enough sedatives for twelve men.”

Aron looked over at Espen beside him. “And that is enough?”

Espen nodded and opened his mouth to speak but stopped as light footsteps echoed through the room. The two men turned and Aron found himself smiling towards the only woman in the Legion, who walked through the crowd of men with ease, her head held high and a large, worn book in her arms. She caught Aron’s eye as she passed where he and Espen stood and the corners of her mouth twitched upward.

All the men in the room watched Kara stepped up to a wooden podium that was set up before where Soren was chained up, setting the book down upon it. She looked towards Soren, her expression blank as she looked at the unconscious man. Unknown to all in the room, Soren’s eyes twitched and flickered open.

“We are all in agreement that this man has committed crimes against humanity,” Kara began, her voice level as she spoke. Aron stood watching her, unable to keep down the small smile on his face. “For these crimes and to protect the all those that are not in this room and remain blissfully ignorant of the dark forces at large, the council has called for your death.”

Kara then looked down and opened the large book that she had brought in, her eyes taking in the ancient handwriting upon its pages. She turned to the page she needed and rested her hands upon the book as she read the writing, the foreign words echoing through the room. The men in the room all watched as the pages before her began to glow, bathing her face in pure white light. She closed her eyes a small breeze blew through the room and the light disappeared. For a moment, she simply stood there before opening her eyes, her gaze fixed on Soren. She then moved around the podium and towards Soren, planning on completing the execution order.

But when she was a foot away from Soren, he quickly lifted his head, showing them all that he was awake. He stood up as many of the men moved forward to help Kara, Aron included as he watched in horror as his right hand was set upon Kara’s head, but Soren stopped them by lifting his left hand and a strong wind knocked them all off their feet and the podium over. They tried to get up again to help but found themselves stuck on the ground, unable to stop Soren as from his hand white ribbons of energy wrapped around Kara’s head and she began to scream in pain, pain so severe she fell to her knees before Soren.

“KARA!” Aron yelled from his position on the ground, staring at the scene in horror. Soren was slowly killing her. Aron looking around the room desperately. There had to be something that he could do. He spotted the book on the ground not far from him and crawled over to where it lay, his heart pounding in his chest as Kara continued to scream. He turned to the page that she had been on at the podium and began to read, his voice barely heard over Kara’s screams and the wind that blew through the room and kept them all on the ground. The pages began to glow as he spoke and Aron yelled as he suddenly found himself in agonizing pain.

As he collapsed to the ground beside the book, his last hope of helping Kara fading, he heard Soren laughing at him. With his hand still on Kara’s head, who was still screaming in pain, Soren looked towards Aron. “Foolish Aron. You are not strong enough to use the Book. You will be the next to die.”

In that moment, something changed in Kara and Soren noticed this. All the men in the room watched as Kara struggled against the pain of the spell to lift her arms, her hands faintly glowing with golden light. Soren saw this and shook his head. “No,” he muttered and the blue energy around Kara’s head flared brighter. Her screams turned into a yell and she forced her arms forward and Soren was struck by a ball of golden light that pushed him away from her and right out the window behind him. The wind in the room disappeared and all that was heard was the sounds of the storm outside. Aron, still in pain and panting as if he had just run several miles, pushed himself up to his feet just in time to see Kara drop her arms down to her side.

“Kara,” he breathed out in relief as he began to walk towards her. She collapsed to the ground, deathly still. Aron shook his head as he hurried towards her. “No, no, no,” he muttered as he dropped to his knees beside her. He took her shoulders and pulled her into his lap. He reached up with one hand and caressed her cheek. “Kara?”

No answer. Aron shook his head as he was overcome with grief, pressing his face into her hair as he sobbed. She was gone.

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