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Penultimate Year by GREX101
Chapter 4 : I Guess Violence Is The Answer Sometimes
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   Marion glared at Kyle with eyes of steel as the blonde girl he was with backed away in fright. Kyle stumbled back and put a hand to his lip. When he moved it away from his face, blood stained his fingertips. When he looked up the cut on his lower lip dribbled a small trickle of blood that fell to his chin. The music stopped, the people hushed, and everyone stared around at them. Lily and James re-entered the room when the music stopped and saw the commotion.


   “So? What have you got to say for yourself?!” Marion shouted, the only sound in the room. Everyone stared at Kyle, anxious at what he would say. Kyle scowled and straightened up.


   “Look, babe, it’s not what it looks like.” He said nonchalantly, sounding half-arsed. Marion flared up even more.


   “Don’t give me that! It’s exactly what it looks like! So are you off with other girls every time I turn my back, or just on special occasions?” she shouted.


   “Hey, it’s not that big of a deal! Can you really expect me to just stay here and wait for you on holidays?! I get lonely you know!” he screamed back, spitting a bit of blood onto the dance floor. Lily and James had now cottoned on and angrily strode forward next to Sirius behind Marion, but she stopped them from coming forward any further.


   “Yes!” she cried. “That’s exactly what I expect you to do! I do it all year round! And don’t give me that! I’ve been here for 3 months. I was right here and as soon as I turned my back you’re rubbing up against some other girl!” The blonde in the shadows shifted awkwardly and looked down to avoid being noticed.


   “Well you just left to go running off with your buddies like goddamned usual! Shit, Marion you always put them first!” he argued, but he didn’t have a leg to stand on. James was trying furiously to break free of Sirius’ hold to punch Kyle, but wasn’t having much luck.


   “I cannot believe my brother was right about you! You arsehole! You – you good for nothing, cheating, slimy bastard!” Marion screamed. Sirius attempted to keep her back, but he couldn’t along with the efforts of keeping James back too, who was flaring up worse than Marion at Kyle’s words and apparent lack of remorse. She made for Kyle again, but another familiar face smacked him in the jaw and held him up to the wall by his throat. Val, who had witnessed it all, had his hand clamped steadfastly around Kyle’s neck. He leaned in and whispered menacingly into his ear.


   “I knew I was right about you, lowlife. You’re never going near my little sister again!” he looked back at Kyle and he smirked before letting him go. He let Kyle fall as James followed him, with a sulking and sour faced Marion tucked protectively under his arm. Sirius and Lily left behind them along with an angry Johnny, a shocked Mischa and Ryan, and a heavily embarrassed Persephone.


   Later that night, Marion sat in the living room with Lily and her sister on either side of her. She hadn’t said a word since she got back. Val went straight up to his room from which they heard a door slam, followed by several thuds as if he were punching the wall. Persephone had left for her own room mumbling something about packing and leaving early due to her ‘total humiliation’ at the hands of her ‘overly hormonal’ daughter. Ryan was helping the Potters pack their things, since they were guests in his house and he didn’t care for his future mother-in-law too much, and James and Sirius were standing in the doorway of the living room. They didn’t know what to say. Marion was just staring; her eyes unblinking as Lily and Mischa tried in vain to get her attention or even to just say something.


   “I’m sorry, Marion.” Lily offered, rubbing Marion’s arm comfortingly.


   “Why are you sorry? It isn’t your fault.” Marion muttered, finally looking up.


   “I’m sorry because you didn’t deserve it.” Lily insisted. Mischa nodded and cuddled into her too.


   “Didn’t I?” Marion questioned coldly. “I knew Val would never think that he was being unfaithful unless he had reason to believe it. I knew deep down it was all too good to be true. It’s just so frustrating! That’s a whole year of my life I’m not going to get back.”


   There was then an abrupt knock at the door and the kids all looked at one another in confusion. James and Sirius turned and looked down the hall at the door. Whoever it was knocked again. Marion didn’t seem too bothered and continued picking at her nails absentmindedly, but Mischa and Lily looked at the boys expectantly. They nodded and walked down the hall silently. Sirius opened the large, picturesque carved wooden door to see a familiar blonde figure standing there angrily with dried blood still staining his lower lip and chin. He glared at who answered the door.


   “Move it, you two.” He growled. As he tried to pass them James stuck up a hand.


   “I don’t think so.” He stated calmly. Kyle rounded on him.


   “And what are you going to do about it, four eyes?” he growled. Sirius grabbed his shoulder and spun him around to face him.


   “Why are you here, arsehole?” he asked. Kyle smirked at him.


   “Have I ever told you guys how much I hate that accent?” he laughed coldly causing Sirius’ nostrils to flare. “Not that it has anything to do with either one of you, but I’m here to settle something with my now ex-girlfriend.”


   “Actually I think you’ll find where she’s concerned, it has everything to do with both of us.” James sneered. “Leave her alone, she’s a good girl. You’ve done enough.”


   “Maybe you two idiots did hear me; I’m here to settle something with that bitch. I didn’t come here with the intent of asking your permission, so move or I’ll make you!” he made to move past them again, but Sirius firmly grasped his shoulder and pushed him up against the door frame, restricting his movement.


   “What did you just call her?” James asked threateningly. When Kyle didn’t answer, Sirius jolted him.


   “He asked you a question, you waste of space.” He cried, causing Marion and Lily to stick their heads around the door. Kyle smirked at Marion.


   “I called her a bitch, and I’d call her it again for free. You think you can embarrass me like that bitch? In front of everyone I know you SLUT!” that was all he got out before Sirius was kicking him repeatedly in the gut. James was all for it at first, but when Sirius took him down from the door frame and pushed him outside, punching him in the face over and over again, he protested.


   “Sirius, don’t! He’s not worth the effort or the trouble.” Sirius didn’t stop. Kyle was still putting up a fight against him although everyone knew that he was fighting a losing battle. Sirius was a lot stronger and had more stamina. Kyle may have looked stronger but Sirius played quidditch and had the upper body strength of a silverback gorilla. Marion ran outside after them. Kyle launched himself at Sirius and knocked him off his feet. He tried to pin him down, but Sirius was still smaller and quicker and dodged out of the way. He wrestled his way to the top and put Kyle in a chokehold. Marion tried to figure out how best to break them up, but they were moving too much for her to see a safe opportunity.


   “Black, stop it! I know he’s a total arsewipe but he’s had enough.” She pleaded. Sirius stopped for a moment and looked at her.


   “Please, I don’t want you in trouble.” She whispered in a shaky voice. Sirius took one more look at Kyle.


   “I hope one day you realise what an idiot you’ve been.” He spat out before ushering Marion inside and shutting the door behind them. He had a cut lip and some bruising on the abdomen from being tackled but other than that he was fine. He looked around at the others before walking past them and up the stairs to his room to begin packing his things. He needed to clear his head. Marion, Lily and James stood bewildered at the bottom of the stairs.



   About an hour later, Sirius was still alone in his room. His things were piled on the bed and he was lying on the floor, repeatedly throwing a ball at the wall, and catching it when it came back. It was dark and he had been doing it for at least an hour but he had to do something to get his mind off of Kyle and what he had done to Marion. He wasn’t really sure why he had cared so much. It must’ve been because he had known what Kyle had done was disgusting and wrong. And Marion was his friend, well, she was under it all. Plus he didn’t think he would wish what Kyle had done on his worst enemy come to that. And he had mocked James to his face. That was never taken lightly when it came to Sirius. He was a lot more decent that anyone gave him credit for. Maybe that was it. He was trying to prove himself to be a good guy. Well whether it had worked or not, no one had come up and spoken to him since it had happened.


   Then there was a soft knock on the door. At first, Sirius thought he had imagined it, until he heard it again. He reluctantly raised himself and sighed in annoyance as he opened the door, expecting to see James ready to shout at him for having been so recklessly impulsive, but the person in front of him was shorter, prettier, and a lot sadder looking than his friend. Marion looked slightly hurt by Sirius’s reaction to her.


   “Oh.” He said, kicking himself internally. “Sorry, I was expecting James.”


   “Oh.” Marion said, lulling them quietly into an awkward silence. Her turquoise eyes darted around for a bit as she wondered what to say, and then remembered why she was here in the first place.


   “I just came up to say thanks, you know, for defending me. He didn’t hurt you too much did he?” she asked with concern, looking at his lip which had since swollen and stopped bleeding. Sirius shook his head.


   “I’m fine.” He managed, “You deserved to be defended. He was a real class act.” He added sarcastically with a bitter roll of his grey eyes.


   “I know. Don’t I know how to pick ‘em?” she joked.


   “Don’t blame yourself. It’s not your fault he didn’t know a good thing when he had it.” Sirius assured her, for once in his life looking sincere.


   Marion smiled gratefully and chuckled a little. Sirius was glad to see she actually did have feelings despite the fact she often tried to convince him and most others that she didn’t. She had spent such a hefty amount of time dedicated to making him look miserable in front of people, that he had assumed that she was indestructible.


  “Well, thanks.” She said again, and then she took Sirius by surprise. She leaned up and kissed him gently on the cheek. It was quick, and finished almost as soon as it started, but Sirius was amazed. His eyes widened and he didn’t even try to hide his surprise as she walked away. He backed into the room again, feeling even more confused now then he had before. He lifted a hand to his cheek, succeeding only in a visual replay in his mind of what had just happened.


   ‘What the hell?’ he thought.


   The next day, they put all their things in the living room and Mischa, Ryan and Val were doing apparation trips with the bags as the others waited in the kitchen. Each trip took about 10 minutes as they were going so far, and it was far from a pleasant experience, but it was the safest way to get home. Persephone stood with the Potters and said nothing while the two marauders stood with Johnny, and Marion and Lily stood by the door. They were speaking in the lowest voices possible, not drawing attention to themselves.


   “You did what!?” Lily exclaimed quietly, although Marion had explained what had happened many a time already.


   “I kissed him on the cheek, Lils, just to say thanks. It’s not a big deal, it’s not like it’s going to change anything. It’s not as if suddenly the whole world melted away and we fell deeply in love.” Marion mocked.


  “It may not be a big deal for you or for me but to Sirius that could mean anything. You know what he’s like; he’ll never let you forget it. And giving the upper hand to him isn’t a good idea.” Lily protested.


   “What upper hand?” Marion asked, “I don’t fancy him and he knows that so we shouldn’t have a problem. He’s a better guy then you give him credit for, Lils. Both of them are.” Lily was stunned into silence. She hadn’t seen that coming. She was thinking of something to say when Val, Mischa and Ryan came in, saving her the trouble.  The visitors all lined up along the wall of the living room. Persephone, and Mr and Mrs Potter disappeared immediately without goodbyes while the others were hugging their friends and family, not wanting to ruin the moment. Val grabbed Marion and Lily and stood with them in the centre of the room. Mischa took Johnny and Ryan took Sirius and James as they were to be dropped off at Potter Manor separately. That strange squeezing feeling gripped the teens as they disappeared into the darkness.


   With a pop they reappeared, Johnny, Marion and Lily at Preston House to be met by Persephone, and James and Sirius at Potter Manor where Mr and Mrs Potter were waiting for them. Mischa and Ryan had just dropped them without sticking around, so didn’t appear by their sides. Persephone approached Lily and her children, dusting off their clothes as debris from the trip had caught hold of them.


   “I wish that Val would be more careful.” She muttered as she shook at the teen’s robes, “That travel dust always gets on my nice, clean carpet.” Marion swatted her mother’s hand away.


   “It’s dad’s carpet.” She said fiercely before leading her brother and friend up the stairs.


   Back at Potter Manor, James and Sirius were sitting in silence in James’ room. Normally Sirius would have sloped off to his own room but he didn’t like unpacking and his suitcases were waiting, full of clothes, on his bed. It was dark but neither could be bothered to get up and turn on the light. Typical boys. Neither was speaking until James broke the silence.


   “Hey, Padfoot?” He called, Sirius only turning his head lazily towards his friend. “Why did you really go for Kyle like that? Seriously.” He asked.


   “Because he’s a total tosser and he had it coming.” Sirius answered simply. James raised his eyebrows. Sirius found his silence suspect.


   “What? Why did you think it was?” he questioned. James shrugged.


   “I dunno.” He lied, although both knew what he had been thinking. Sirius carried on looking straight ahead of his as the silence swooped over them again.

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