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Keeping the Secret by ob sessed
Chapter 7 : When Fire Mixes with Fire...
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Disclaimer: I do not own anything about or related to Harry Potter, that belongs to JK Rowling. I own OCs, plot, etc.

I'm soooo sorry for the LONG wait, guys!! I've been super busy with the new year, work, and just general life drama and events. I hope you like this new chapter. It's a bit... crazy, I warn you now! xD

Chapter 7 - When Fire Mixes With Fire

this gorgeous chapter image is also by the great aphrodite. @ tda

"A quick temper will make a fool of you soon enough..."


“Oh look, some guy’s talking to Mary!” Lily exclaimed excitedly at breakfast. Dorcas and I swivelled quickly to look at the scene.


She was right! Some Hufflepuff bloke I vaguely recognised from Defence against the Dark Arts was talking to Mary. He was cute in that geeky sort of way, with dark curly brown hair and round spectacles on the brim of his cute little nose. Actually, he was so flipping cute, I wanted to hug him and keep him as my little brother…


All right, creepy, Deora. Stop.


I shook my head from the thoughts and strained forward hoping to catch what they were saying. It seemed Lily and Dorcas had the same idea as Lily was halfway across the table and Dorcas and I were nearly falling off our seats.


“… thanks Mary… smart…” were the only words I could hear from the mysterious Hufflepuff.


She smiled earnestly at him and as soon as she did, the boy blushed a deep crimson red. “Don’t worry, Ian… pleasure to… always.”


Well those words together didn’t sound altogether first-year-appropriate and if it was anyone else, I’d have assumed they weren’t. But it was Mary. And they were definitely talking about a class.


“… was wondering if you’d… me?”


Dorcas, Lily and I stared madly at each other before quickly turning back to the scene.


Mary smiled again and patted him on the shoulder. We couldn’t hear what she said, but it seemed to have made him happy.


Had she finally gotten over Sirius ‘the tosser’ Black? I nearly squealed with joy.


“What are you girls doing?” James asked standing in our direct line of vision. Dorcas, Lily, and I quickly straightened back up to feign innocence.


“None of your business, Potter!” Lily said.


“Everything to do with you, my love, is my business,” James purred at her. Oh Merlin, I was going to be nauseas all over my new pair of trousers.


“Potter, don’t make me puke in front of the first years,” Lily warned him, her nose scrunching up in disgust, obviously feeling the same nausea I felt.


“Your fake disgust for me is so endearing,” James winked before turning to me. “Quidditch training tonight at seven, be there, Grunnion, or I will… well… I’ll do mean captain things to you!”


“I swear that boy has issues,” Dorcas mused to herself. Lily nodded, still in her usual fuming state.


I love James. I really do… he reminds me so much of Kieran and Albert. James would love my brothers actually! I smiled automatically at the thought of my brothers. I miss them so much; it was actually ridiculous how much, because now I’d have a Dungbomb explode on me in the shower just so I could see them.


“OWLS!” Lily cried out excitedly. Dorcas and I rolled our eyes. Lily had a thing about owls… she loved them even though she rarely ever got post. She just loved owls. She had a stuffed owl that she sleeps with named Hoot. Clever, right? For the brightest mind in our year, Lily Evans really was one of the weirdest girls I know. Last year, in an attempt to thwart James’ attentions, she decided to spend an entire lunchtime telling him about her… monthly cycle (eurgh, I know!). Of course, he loved every second of it because she was actually talking to him regardless of topic. I was pretty sure he hadn’t the slightest inkling as to what the hell she was on about. He probably thought she meant the lunar cycle or something.


Black owls, brown owls, white owls, pretty owls,” Lily sang to herself, watching the flock of owls excitedly. Dorcas and I exchanged another glance.


“And I swear she has issues,” Dorcas whispered to me. “They’re honestly a match made in heaven.”


“Both bloody mental, you mean?” I snickered. Dorcas nodded and we both tried to stifle the laughter bubbling inside of us. If Lily ever hears you mention James and her together, she’d go more mental than she already is. Disturbing, we know.


“Oh look, isn’t that your family owl, Deeds?” Dorcas asked, pointing to a large tawny owl with a slight lazy eye.


“Sloth!” I exclaimed excitedly. I wondered who it was from! The owl quickly dropped the letter into my waiting hands and landed in front of Lily who squealed at the chance to pet him. I rolled my eyes at her and quickly tore open the letter.


Didi my dearest sister,

            It’s me, your darling older brother, Kieran. Well, Albert’s here too but I’m writing so I’m your favourite, right? Shhh… I won’t tell! He’s not reading…


It seemed that Kieran had gotten bored and doodled? There were loads of scribbles all over the place.


Sorry sister, I had to wrestle the quill from your idiot brother. It’s me, Albert! We miss you, first of all. And second of all, we’re all fine because you worry too much so just wanted to put you at ease there. And thirdly, I DO HAVE A GIRLFRIEND! I know, I know, I’ll be careful. Don’t worry! Seriously, you guys think I can’t handle myself with women. So I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, hex me! What’s wrong with a bit of romance in the world today?


More scribbles…


Oh good lord, finally! He’s stopped writing your ear off about his stupid blonde girlfriend… yeah, she’s blonde! AGAIN! Anyway, back to the real story of the letter, I will be training with the Falmouth Falcons this coming winter! It’s still on the hush-hush, but I’m being traded! How bloody exciting is that? My favourite team! I have to say when they told me, I did a little dance like so…


Scribbles… seriously, my brothers were still children.


And back to the sensible one again! She is blonde, but she’s lovely! You’ll meet her this Christmas! We should probably end this letter soon, but I also have other news that I don’t think you’ll be happy about. I’ve finished my training, Didi. I’m starting my first mission in October. It’s nothing big, a little mission really. It’s just to transfer Muggle-born families to a safer place. I promise to be careful.


Anyway, we love you, kid. Be safe and take care. Write to Mum please. xxx


I stared at the letter unsure of whether to feel the giddiness I usually feel from hearing from my two idiot brothers or the slight panic in my stomach over the fact that Albert was now an Auror. A proper Auror… like Dad.


“Deora, what does it say? Good news from home?” Lily asked softly, noticing the sober expression on my face.


I quickly nodded and smiled. “Of course! Albert has a girlfriend and you can’t tell anyone, but Kieran is being traded to the Falcons!”


“Wow! That’s so exciting!” Lily exclaimed.


“Mhmm… Kieran,” Dorcas murmured.


“Oh gross, Dorcas.” I said with a shudder. Dorcas has had a crush on Kieran since she met him six years ago. He had never really thought of her more than his baby sister’s best friend and I have never felt the need to help her in her pursuit of my brother. It was weird.


“You can’t see it, Deeds, but Kieran is absolutely gorgeous!” Dorcas sighed dreamily.


“Who’s gorgeous?” Mary asked coming to sit beside Lily.


“Kieran Grunnion” Dorcas replied, now blatantly daydreaming about snogging my older brother, which is altogether quite a queasy thought.


“Oh!” Mary smiled at me. “He is handsome, Deora.”


“HANDSOME?” Dorcas scoffed. “He’s a bloody dreamboat with extra dream and maybe some whipped cream and possible cherries on top.”


“Uh… gross?” I stared at her like she had sprouted two heads because quite frankly, that’s what this conversation felt like… completely and utterly freaky.


When the three girls began discussing my brother’s attributes, I took it as my cue to leave and head to class. I quickly grabbed my bag and walked out of the Great Hall, and down towards the dungeons for Potions. As I was rounding a corner, I heard frantic whispers that the eavesdropper inside me couldn’t help but to hide and listen to.


“Regulus, are you having second thoughts?” sneered a very familiar voice.


“What? Of course not,” the boy replied, a slight nervousness in his own voice.


“Good, because you wouldn’t want to disappoint the Dark Lord now, would you?” laughed the other voice—there was something about that laugh that felt so… hollow and piercing. It was the kind of laughter that sent chills down your spine. “Plus you wouldn’t want to be a disgrace like your worthless older brother now, would you?”


“No,” spat the boy. “He is not my brother anymore. He lost that privilege when he abandoned the family.”


The laugh resonated throughout the empty corridor again causing me to shiver involuntarily again before it stopped suddenly. Then I heard the footsteps lead softly away in the other direction and I was alone.


Regulus… where have I heard that name before? And… Dark Lord? There were rumours of recruits in Hogwarts, but I just never believed anyone here could be so evil.


I shuddered, pushing it to the back of my mind, and continued towards my original goal.




“Didi, stop glaring at him!” Peter said to me. It was a quiet Sunday evening and Peter, Dorcas, Lily, and I were all lazing about, trying to avoid doing any work. I was just nursing my new Quidditch wounds that James had inflicted on me earlier that evening. Talk about a psychotic and fascist Quidditch captain! Scrap all that loving attitude I had towards him this morning. I’d kill that boy now if he showed up in the common room… well if I could physically move.


I grumbled unintelligible words under breath, but didn’t stop. Sirius Black was a menace to my sanity. How could he just sit flirting so shamelessly with those sixth years while Mary was devastated over him? I mean regardless of the fact that he had no idea she liked him, but still. It’s the principle of it… or whatever. And doesn’t he have a girlfriend? I swore last week he did!


“Sometimes I wonder if this hatred for Sirius isn’t just some burning desire to get into his pants,” Dorcas commented.


This definitely tore me out from my mental tirade against the boy, because I was so flabbergasted I couldn’t even form a coherent sentence let alone a defence against it. I merely stared jaw-slacked at Dorcas who grinned innocently back at me. Peter was trying to stifle his laughter, but I shot him a glare to help him with that.


“What! Deeds, don’t look at me like that!” she laughed. “I’m just saying you’re always so fixated on the guy and it’s just… well the amount of time you spend in Charms plotting his death is… well unnatural.”


“I have to agree with her,” Lily joined in. Obviously she would. She loves anything to do with psychoanalysing me. Unfortunately, her insights are neither helpful nor enlightening. “You’re definitely… harbouring deep love for him because you’re both so hot-headed and stubborn! Basically, he’s you in male form! But way more arrogant.”


See. Completely useless and preposterous.


“Ooh! That is so true,” Dorcas clapped her hands, mulling this theory over in her mind. I could tell, because when she did that, her eyebrow would scrunch upwards and she’d put a finger to her lips.


“What’s so true?” Remus asked as he came over to sit with us. I gave him a small wave and he smiled in response.


“Well Lily reckons Sirius is Deora in male form,” Peter told him.


“But much more arrogant,” Lily finished.


Remus stared at the four of us before staring directly at me. His gaze completely unnerved me. There was something about Remus’ eyes that I could never put a finger on. There was… something dark and… mysterious in them… like flecks of… guilt?


“You’re right!” he suddenly exclaimed, the swirling emotion in his eyes disappearing into just pure delight. “They are alike! Both so hot-headed, unreasonable, crazy… slightly insane… have a knack for trouble…”


“Oi!” I cried out, thumping him across the head. “I’m sitting right bloody here!”


“Well, Deora, it is true,” Lily chuckled. 


I glared at her again, hoping she could feel my mental fury. She merely tossed her auburn hair behind her and gave me her widest most innocent smile. I threw her a hand gesture that would make my mum blush.


“I think Deora is much nicer than Sirius,” Peter piped up, coming to my rescue. I tossed him a grateful smile.


“Well… I suppose so,” Lily amended. “Okay, yeah, she definitely is.”


“She’s not a massive flirt,” Remus added as well. I was starting to love my friends again... 


“Hi Deora,” a voice said from behind me.


I felt my stomach flip over as I turned around to face the owner of the voice. “H-hi Simon!”


“Are you excited about the upcoming Quidditch game against Hufflepuff?” he asked me.


That was the reason why James has been on full psycho-Captain mode: the upcoming Hufflepuff match. He’s been having me learn all these different swinging techniques as well as having me learn all of the Gryffindor offensive plays. Even though, the Hufflepuff team were not real contenders for the House Cup!


Realising, I had zoned out for a few seconds, I gave Simon my most dazzling smile. “Ready as I’ll ever be, but I am still a bit nervous.”


He grinned back. Damn. His dazzling smile totally kicked my dazzling smile’s arse. “You’ll be fine! You’re a natural at it, but don’t worry, I get nervous still and I’ve been doing this for years.”


“Why are you nervous?” I asked incredulously. “You’re amazing!”


He smiled modestly. “Thanks, Deora. Well, I’ve got to run… see you tomorrow. Err… bye guys.” He waved at the rest of us and headed out the portrait hole.


“Oh Simon, you’re amazing!” Dorcas said in an extremely high pitched voice that I think was supposed to resemble me. I threw my shoe at her.


“Shut up, you whore,” I growled.


“Such a mouth on such a small girl,” this time, the voice behind me did not make my stomach flip over. It made it convulse.


“Piss off, Black,” I mumbled.


“What was that?” he sneered.


“Nothing,” I turned around to stare at him. “Did you have fun being a paedophile?” I gestured towards the group of giggling girls he had just left behind.


“They’re sixth years, Deora,” he said coolly.


“Oh really? Could’ve fooled me,” I smiled innocently as I turned my back on him. Lily was giggling, Dorcas and Peter were shaking their heads, and Remus looked amused.


“Why do you always have such a stick up your arse?” Sirius snapped. Everyone’s expression turned sober as they realised how mad I was about to get… Good. They should be wary, because Sirius Black was a…


“No good, arrogant, piece of shite!” I spat at him. “Why can’t you just piss off out of my life?”


“I’d love to, but you happen to be around my friends!” he retorted.


Your friends!” I shouted. “God, Sirius! You’re just a rich spoilt kid who thinks he’s entitled to everything, you think you’re so bloody invincible that you can treat everyone else like dirt!”


“When have I ever done that?” he shot at me. We were both standing up, glaring at each other, and our breathing ragged. I’ve never felt so much hatred towards one solid person. Never in my life.


“All the time!” I retorted lamely. I couldn’t think of an example, but I knew there were some instances.


“Oh really?” he scoffed. “Well if I am those things then you aren’t much different from me then are you? You’re a whiney, moody little bitch… just because you’re angry, you have to let everyone else in the whole castle know it. Well newsflash, Deora, no one cares about your stupid life!”


“At least I don’t go around seeking everyone’s approval!” I felt the tears starting to prick behind my eyes, but I’d be damned if I was going to cry in front of this tosser!


“I don’t!”


“Ha! Whatever!”


“I hate you, you know that?” he glared at me, but I wasn’t budging. I wasn’t scared of Sirius. “I don’t even know why you hate me so much, but ever since you came back, you’ve just been such an outright… bitch! I’m surprised your parents haven’t run away from you!”


I stopped breathing.


“I hate you too,” I whispered, my voice unable to get any louder for fear of cracking. I shoved him backwards and bolted out of the portrait hole, tears streaming down my face.


The last thing I heard before the portrait hole swung shut was Lily murmuring softly, “I guess that’s what happens when fire mixes with fire.”


“He didn’t know, Deora,” Aunt Helena said softly. “You can’t blame him for saying that… he didn’t know… he was insensitive, but it was in the heat of the moment… kind of like how you brought up his family.”


“I DON’T NEED YOUR BLOODY LIFE INSIGHTS RIGHT NOW, AUNT HELENA!” I screamed at her. I tore off the locket and shoved it into my pocket.


I wiped the tears from my eyes and started to run. Every emotion in my body was fuelling my feet towards the exit of the castle. I felt my heart pounding against my ribs causing my body to painfully tremble at every beat. I threw open the great oak doors, suddenly feeling claustrophobic behind it, and ran towards the Quidditch pitch. I ran farther and farther away, my feet moving on their own accord, sprinting past the lake, the trees… each step taking me farther away from the castle, from that feeling of constraint.


It was a while before I noticed the light had disappeared altogether and I was somewhere in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. I had stopped in a clearing, my head resting on a cool damp tree, the tears running down my wind-bitten face. I had let him affect me… I had let Sirius remind me of that awful day…

“Why are you leaving!” I yelled, unable to contain my fury any longer. It had been the most awkward and silent family dinner of my life, and I could not stand it a second longer.


“Deora!” my mum said sternly.


I let out an exasperated sigh. “What! I was just asking the question everyone wanted to know! Why are you leaving us?”


“Didi,” my dad began softly. “I’m doing this to protect you, your mum and your brothers.”


“That’s a load of crap!” I spat at him. “We’re protected here! It’s not like the bloody Deatheaters are going to come looking for us here in Miller Lane!”


“Deora, please,” my dad said, dropping the use of my childhood nickname. “The war is present everyday and I’m just doing my part… one day, you’ll do yours.”


“Oh, stop it!” I said. “I’m so sick of hearing these cryptic Grunnion wisdom… why can’t you just stay? Let someone else fight… You keep wanting to protect everyone, but who’s going to protect you? Who’s going to protect me?”


“I’ll be fine, honey,” he said, his voice still that façade of calm. “And you have your brothers to look out for you.”


Kieran and Albert shifted uneasily in their seats, their eyes flickering back and forth between Dad and me.


“Oh, real comforting,” I scoffed. Kieran looked like he was about to say something, but dropped it instantly when I glared at him. I turned back to Dad, the anger still raging inside of me.


“Deora, I’ll come back, I promise,” he said, trying his best to calm me. But once I was mad, there was no talking me out of it.


“Your promise means nothing,” I said, getting up. “You promised to never leave and here you are… leaving me.”


I turned my back and ran up to my room.


I opened up my eyes reluctantly to the darkness of the night. I must have been out for several hours and now I was stuck in the middle of the forest. There was no use travelling at night, I would just get even more lost and probably get eaten by something large and full of teeth.


I sighed loudly to myself. Remus was right, I did have a knack for getting myself into trouble. I was hot-headed, impulsive… I never did anything sensibly. I say things I don’t mean and maybe if I hadn’t said those words, my dad would be…


Wishful thinking, Deora. Nothing can bring him back. Nothing.


But still, maybe my last words to him wouldn’t have been those… I could have said I loved him. I could have told him how much he meant to me, how I wasn’t really angry, but sad. I put my head into my hands and let the onslaught of emotion take over me once again. I felt like as if for the past few months, my body has been unable to contain the pain inside me and it just bubbled over into anger and bloody tears… I never used to cry and now I’m a blubbering mess. I’m like Moaning Myrtle.


“Oh bloody hell, I’m worse than Moaning Myrtle!” I cried out to myself, my voice echoing ominously across the empty clearing. “And now I’m alone… talking to myself… brilliant.”




My head swivelled towards the direction of the sound. Oh God, I was talking to myself and now I’ve attracted a giant man-eating snake… I bet it was a snake. It would be a snake that was the cause of my death, it really would.


In case, it was some nice unicorn, I decided to call out. “Hello?”




Why do I have the stupidest ideas in the whole bloody world? Oh Merlin’s pants, I’m going to die. Yup… death. I can feel it. It’s icy and cold and smells of… mud.


I closed my eyes and waited for the inevitable end… I waited some more. And a little bit more…


“Deora, what the hell are you doing?”


Death talks?!  

author's note:
heyyyy! again, i am so sorry about the wait! i won't go into detail about why i've been so bad at updating so let's delve straight into the issue at hand... what do you think of the chapter? it's a bit crazy, i know! i mean... deora and sirius fights so much and i just think it's about time that their fights escalated to this point. it was not at all what i was planning with this chapter, but... i kind of like the craziness of it. and what do you think of the cliffhanger? and favourite lines? you know the drill, review or i'll hate you forever. joking. but seriously, please review! :) one-liners are welcomed! 

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