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The Will to Live by notreallyblonde44
Chapter 2 : Chapter One: Gryffindors Amuck
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Chapter One: Gryffindors Amuck

niika | TDA

Autumn 1977

The last wand had been drawn, the dragon's back had been dislocated, and Samantha Callaway was over it.

Their train compartment was stuffier than she ever remembered, and she and her mates had shared the same one for the past three years. This year was going to be the fourth, and last, Samantha reflected. But she didn't want to stick around much longer for that fleeting sense of nostalgia to sink in.


There Lily Evans goes, Samantha thought, with her angry high-pitched, hair splitting, Potter-just-pissed-me-off screech. The hot air expelling from her mouth alone was enough to suffocate Samantha. She glared at her, knowing full well that Evans wouldn't notice it.

"What were you thinking when you told me to meet you in here?"

Even though she wanted to disagree with Lily, because she always disagreed with her, Samantha couldn't. For once Lily was right; her cousin was being a right dolt. Because only an idiot would think up of the grand idea to combine all of his meetings into the same compartment at the same time...and not tell anyone else about it.

Which meant that not only were the Marauders in the same compartment (save for Remus for some strange reason, Samantha noted) but Samantha, Sirius, Peter, Lily, two prefects from each house, and the majority of the Gryffindor Quidditch team were all trying to squeeze in too.

That was over thirty people trying to 'move' and 'scoot over' in one tiny compartment, if Samantha's math was correct. And she was not at all happy about it. It was stifling and she was getting more and more frustrated with each passing second.

"No worries, Lil. I got it covered," James said. He tried to send her a convincing smile, but his head was smashed up against the luggage and his body was crushed up against the wall. His face was red and hardly visible.

"You, you, you," he pointed at anyone he could manage, "sit there....Nooo!" He practically shrieked in panic. "Not on the redhead! Sit there instead-"

"Ouch! My eyeee!" Samantha couldn't tell who had yelled or who poked who, but she had an inkling that James was involved.

"I've got this!" Sirius exclaimed from her right, looking a little too excited as he held his wand high and proud. He was seated next to her. A gaggle of fifth years had swarmed at their feet to find room.

Sirius raised his wand higher and opened his mouth, but Tyler Vance, Gryffindor's up-and-coming star beater, fell on top of him and knocked Sirius forward. He dropped his wand into the crowd at their feet.

"Is this where the Prefects' are meeting?" Someone said, Samantha did note who.

With Sirius's wand lost, Samantha's hope of him blasting an escape route was lost too. She closed her eyes and hit her head against the wall behind her a few times.

"Potter, I swear how you ever got this Head Boy position is beside me…I am going to be talking to Dumbledore the second we get off this train," Lily continued to grumble loudly.

"Where should I sit?" A voice asked.

"Whaaat?" James yelled, unable to hear her because of all the people nudging him and asking him what Merlin's name was going on.

"Make room!" Someone else shouted.

"I will be telling Professor McGonagall to reserve this. You clearly are not mature enough to handle this position!" Lily continued, even when multiple people pushed past her into the compartment and knocked her back down into her seat.

Samantha slumped deep down in her corner spot, trapped by Sirius to her right and the cold wall of the train to her left. She was stuck listening to Lily whine because she was surrounded by too many people that appeared like Hippogriffs with their heads cut off.

She already knew where James and Lily's conversation were going. Lily would yell and James would try to be suave and woo her. Lily would become further irritated and James would fail at convincing her that he was worth more than a minute of her time. No matter what, it seemed that James and Lily's fights fell into the same pattern over and over again.

The only thing that typically changed was the subject matter.

"Prongs is the best Head Boy of our generation!" Sirius yelled before getting pushed, yet again by Tyler.

"Ouch!" Samantha winced. Sirius' head had smashed into her arm and shoulder, but he made no apology, like he didn't even notice what happened. She scowled at him.

Why do people actually keep coming in here? BUGGAR OFF HALF-WITS, IT'S FULL!" she screamed internally.

With a final grunt, Samantha wiggled around in her seat, trying any way she could to stand up without stepping on the girls all on the floor. She pushed Sirius' body off hers and grabbed onto the window handle and pulled with all her might to stand up, without getting knocked back down.

She heard an 'Ooof 'and spun around; Sirius' head had landed in her seat. He looked up at her and gave her a pathetic smile, "Leavin'?"

"You aren't?" She asked. She couldn't imagine why anyone would willingly stay in the compartment.

Sirius didn't respond to her, instead he was looking down at the ground, searching for something Samantha couldn't see. She groaned, thinking he was paying attention to one of the idiotic girl pile she was standing in. Sirius reached his arm out suddenly and she flinched. He shot back up into his seat, lying sideways with his hips still being crushed by Tyler.

His face was beaming as if he was eleven and holding a wand for the first time.

"But the fun's just about to begin," he replied finally, with a smirk slowly spreading across his face.

Samantha laughed despite herself, "Let me know how it goes. I'm getting the hell out of here."

"Your loss," Sirius said and shrugged, despite being squished and lying sideways on the seat.

"Eh." She shrugged back and spun away from Sirius. All she could see was Hailey Bell, Dominic Do, and Sierra Volke fighting for a seat, which was located on top of Lily and Peter. With five more people she didn't recognize looking for a spot to squish into, and with the girls at her feet, Samantha saw no escape.

She moaned, feeling defeated already.

A girl started to scream wildly and another girl soon joined her. Samantha whirled around to see what was going on, but then the lights suddenly went out. The compartment was as dark as the Black Lake in the dead of night. And she could have sworn that she heard Peter's characteristic squeak. As more people started to panic and squirm, Samantha took that as her excuse to push and punch her way out of the compartment.

"Move, move, move," she mumbled as she shoved random people. Someone was tugging on her legs, like they were latched onto them, and she tripped. Over what, she had no clue. Falling, with her hands outstretched before her, her hands collided into something. It was cold and hard. Too hard and metal to have been a person, Samantha thought.

She felt around. Cold, more metal, changing to glass near the top.

"Yes!" She screamed, knowing that what she had hit was not a person, but her savior: the door. She felt for the latch and yanked on it. She bumped and hit elbows, shoulders, and heads with a bunch of people just to wedge it open.

"Oi! Watch where you are touching!" Someone called out. She didn't know who it was or who if they were talking to her. She didn't care. She heard more screaming and then Sirius' unmistakable bark-like laughter.

Once she managed to open the door, she threw herself out of the compartment. She hit the ground, landing on all fours. An immediate sigh of relief filled her lungs. When she looked up, the relief vanished and her eyes widened in surprise. A bunch of people from other houses were staring at her, some with glares and some with confused expressions.

But each one of them wanted to get into that compartment.

Samantha stood up.

"Can you move please?" A straggly hawk-faced Ravenclaw girl said, giving Samantha a sassy fake-smile. But then someone from inside screamed and the Ravenclaw's eyes widened in apprehension, "Nevermind…"

"Forget this," a sixth year Slytherin that Samantha recognized scoffed. Tobin Dolohov turned to his partner, nudged her, and they walked away. Another boy and girl from Slytherin followed suit. And Samantha, figuring they were going back towards other Slytherins, looked left, saw the clear pathway to freedom, and started in that direction.

As she passed each new set of compartment doors she looked into the windows and saw no one she recognized. A few students passed her every so often as she walked the length of the train, but she didn't know them either.

Eight sets of compartments doors later, Samantha knew that her hope of finding a compartment to temporarily bum was hopeless. She didn't know a single person. All the kids looked small and stupid, and only one runt appeared to be as old as her brother Jon, who was the oldest between her two younger brothers.

Jon would have been a fourth year if he went to Hogwarts, Samantha thought. And the youngest of her brothers, Thomas, would be coming to Hogwarts the very next autumn.

Her body shuddered at the thought of her little brother going into Hogwarts so soon. Her eyes widened with a realization: she was old and, clearly, she hardly knew any of the younger kids on the train because of it.

She sighed, missing how her compartment was when just her and the Marauders in it. They would all plan the annual first day mischief and talk garbage about Slytherins and Snivillus.

Hopefully, she thought, James or Sirius would have the situation under control soon. Then she could sit back in her comfort zone for the rest of the way to Hogwarts.

As Samantha was passing the last few compartments, she heard a door click behind her. The sound was followed by a confused voice, "Sam?"

Without having to turn around, she knew who was behind her. Her face flooded with happiness: a huge grin and wide over-excited dark blue eyes. She turned around.

The man that had sounded so confused a moment ago was staring at her, waiting for her response. He was taller than average, and eye-to-eye with her, as she was taller than all the girls her year. He had wide shoulders and short, shaggy light brown hair, which he was now scratching.

There he was, her best mate, as she expected. Samantha screamed with joy, "Remus!"

She ran towards him, with a huge smile planted on her face. Before he could react to her squeal of delight, Samantha tackled him in a giant hug.

"Oof-" the wind was knocked out of him, but they remained standing, much to Samantha's chagrin. He patted her back in a futile attempt to return her hug and keep his balance.

"Merlin, I've missed you!" She exclaimed, squeezing him further, as if squishing him caused her as much delight as it caused him pain.

"Sam, I have," his voice was constrained, "missed you too." He patted her a few more times, each tap became increasingly harder in order to emphasize that she should get off him.

"Oh, Remus! How do I live without seeing you all summer?" Samantha exclaimed, tightening her hold on Remus' rib cage.

"You saw me almost every weekend," Remus attempted to laugh, but the reply came out more like a strained cough. "Can you let go now?"

"Fine," she huffed. She squeezed him one last time before dropping her arms and letting him breathe. She frowned at him.

"We both know that I an immune to your frowny face," Remus chuckled, readjusting his messed up robes and prefects badge.

"No fun," she grumbled, while crossing her arms across her chest in fake anger. "Where were you anyway? You left me stranded with the morons-who-can't-help-but-make-a-mess-of-things."

He gave her a sheepish look, but didn't answer. Her scowl deepened. Then she looked at the compartment he had just left. "Who were you sitting with?" She asked.

She moved towards the window in order to peek into the compartment, but before she could see anything, Remus threw an arm over her shoulder, strategically blocking her view, and pulled her into a side hug. He started walking, forcing her to walk away with him, back the way she just came.

Her eyes were fixed on the door disappearing in the distance behind them as Remus practically dragged her along, back to their compartment.

Samantha looked up at Remus. "You weren't attempting to make peace with greasy Snivellus again, were you?" Her eyes were slanted and her arms remained across her chest. The accusation in her tone did not go unnoticed.

"No, I wasn't," Remus sighed, giving up, and continued, "I met Jocelyn at the train stop- before I saw you," he quickly amended before she could give him one of her many sour looks, "and she told me that the Gryffindor Quidditch meeting was at the same time as the Prefects meeting, which we both know is typical James. That's why Jocelyn wanted me to sit with her and," he dropped his voice lower as he mumbled, "a few other friends."

Samantha instantly glared. The phrase 'other friends' implied Mary MacDonald and Isobel McKinnon, whom Remus knew she hated. The thought of her best friend spending time with those awful female housemates pricked her nerves.

"So the Gryffinbitches stole you as ransom? That's why you didn't come save me?" Samantha asked, giving Remus a scrutinizing look.

Remus hesitated, rubbing her arm subconsciously with his hand, "Not exactly," he confided, "I wanted to ask about their summers and catch up with them."

Samantha did not reply. Her eyes drifted towards the ground, staring blankly at nothing in particular. Remus continued to lead her down the length of the hall.

"I've got some gossip," Remus supplied after a few moments of silence.

Samantha's eyes lit up with curiosity, but she didn't look up from the ground. While she was thoroughly intrigued by the idea of new gossip, she remained silent. She was upset that Remus decided to ditch her and sat with her enemies, mainly Isabelle, instead of suffering through James' idiotic moment with her.

When she didn't immediately respond, Remus stopped walking.

Samantha jerked to a stop.

She watched his feet move; he was facing towards her now. They were a few compartments shy of their destination.

Samantha sighed and looked up at Remus. As she expected, he was staring directly at her –not at all pleased with her immaturity.

"Yes?" she asked with a pitifully strained smile, as if she did not ignore him before and did nothing wrong.

Remus stared at her and she stared back as two Hufflepuffs passed by them. He waited until they were out of ear shot, "Sam, they really aren't that bad, you should give them a chance."

Her smile dropped, aren't that bad to you, she thought. But she grumbled out a "fine" knowing that she wouldn't dare give them a chance; she just preferred not to get into a row with her best mate before even making it to Hogwarts. She waved the topic off and hit him playfully, "Now spill the juicy every flavour beans of gossip, Moony."

Remus grinned, despite himself. Unfortunately for his own sense of decency, Samantha always brought out a side of Remus that went unnoticed by most; his penchant for gossip.

As a friendly Prefect, Remus was privy to information that most were not. He kept his mouth shut about serious in-Hogwarts matters that he knew Samantha wouldn't be interested in, but he always told her little anecdotes on things that he felt she needed to know, regardless of her interest level.

"You can't tell anybody I told you this," Remus said quickly, glancing around the corridor to ensure that not too many people could overhear him. Samantha glanced around too. All the doors were shut; even their own compartment seemed surprisingly still.

Remus begun to whisper, "Jocelyn heard from one of her family's Ministry connections that our lovely Minister of Magic Orlando Sackville-West is starting to lose favour."

Samantha raised an eyebrow, not one for politics, but she wanted him to continue so she kept silent. She was very much curious to hear if, and how, the Ministry was going to ruin her and her best friend's potential future any further.

"Many of the elite positions are becoming vacant and hushed up, Jocelyn said, and some Ministry folk are starting to look towards Dumbledore for answers. This is causing a rift between him and good ole Orlando," Remus looked around the hall again. It was still empty. He continued, "The Minister denied Dumbledore's request for hiring two Defense Against the Dark Arts Professors this term."

Samantha thought she heard a door click behind her, open or shut she did not know. Regardless, she leaned in closer to Remus and whispered back, "Two?" Her face was scrunched up in confusion. "We've never had two before, but why does Sackville-West care if we do?"

"Precisely," Remus replied, "The Minister wants to know what Dumbledore is playing at. Dumbledore isn't saying much save for nice riddles about education and nothing more."

Samantha snorted, knowing all too well what Remus meant about Dumbledore. For she had been on the receiving end of a few of Dumbledore's seemingly sweet statements that, if she analyzed them later, would leave her feeling utterly baffled.

Before she could ask anything more about the Defense Professor, Samantha heard a door slide open with a violent crash; the sound of metal slamming against metal.

She winced and her head instinctively snapped in the direction of the sound. Their own compartment door had opened and out walked Lily, appearing as disheveled as Samantha's ever seen with her red hair in knots and skirt hitched up almost to her mid-thigh. Samantha laughed, thinking of all the terrible things that could have happened to Lily.

"Where are my mates?" Lily asked. Her eyes were narrowed as she looked at Samantha, who was still giggling a bit, but otherwise Lily ignored her and was directing her question to Remus and Remus only.

"Down twelve and on the left side," Remus replied, pointing her in the proper direction.

Lily nodded, thanking him, and walked away, knocking into Samantha as she passed by them.

James popped his head out of the compartment as Lily left. His glasses were askew and his hair stuck out in all directions. He called out to Lily, "I'm really sorry! I didn't mean for that to happen, I thought it was a good idea! Sirius is sorry too!"

Samantha looked from James to Lily, back to James, and once at Remus. Lily continued to walk down the hall, completely ignoring James. Remus seemed to be questioning what exactly happened and James had his arms slumped to his sides in disappointment.

With a sigh James said, "I'm going to actually have to try with this job, aren't I?" He was speaking to no one in particular.

Remus and Samantha glanced at each other and knew that their conversation was done for now. Remus walked over to James first, leaving Samantha to follow them both into the compartment. "Yes, but you'll get it right soon enough," Remus said, attempting to reassure James.

As Samantha walked in she heard Sirius in mid-conversation with Peter, "Did you see Hailey smack Tyler for touching her?" Sirius barked out in laughter and Peter laughed a bit too.

James shut the door and sat down between Peter and Remus.

"Oh, oh," Peter chimed in, smiling, "or how about that one kid who cried because of the dark?"

"That wasn't you?" Sirius replied before bursting out in laughter again because of both Peter and Remus' sour looks that were directed at him. He put his hands up defensively, "I was joking, gee Wormtail, can't take a joke?"

Peter looked downcast, but nodded anyway. Sirius didn't seem to look for his response all the same. Instead he patted the seat next to him-signaling for Samantha to sit and listen to his exploits.

Since it was her window seat that Sirius was indicating, Samantha was more than happy to reclaim her spot now that they finally had the compartment to themselves. She sat down as Sirius smirked and begun to tell her what happened when the lights went out.

As he was talking, Samantha looked around: her trunk was still intact, along with Peter's twitch and Sirius devilish grin, James would perk back up soon (or her and Sirius would make him), and Remus was standing, digging around in the side of his trunk, probably for some parchment to write home, Samantha mused.

All seemed back to normal and Samantha was ecstatic to have the compartment back to themselves.

Samantha smiled and sunk into her chair, happily listening to Sirius and Peter chatter on about all the things she missed.

It's good to be back and away from home, Samantha thought as the train rolled closer and closer to her favourite place in the world.

nrb writes: I hope you enjoyed this first glimpse at the Marauders and my OC Samantha. Please, don't hesitate to review and leave me lots of constructive criticism :) Thanks for reading! And a special thanks to Toujours Padfoot and soccerj18 for helping me fix some errors! Thanks for reading!

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