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Simply Irresistible by dp2012
Chapter 20 : Morning After
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Draco woke up with a jolt hearing the shriek come from the bathroom. In his post drunken state, he fell over and off the bed because the sheets had twisted around him. But he made it to the bathroom and threw the doors open. "Hermione!"

Hermione had luckily wrapped a towed around her when she heard a thump come from the other side of the bathroom door.

"What happened?" Draco yelled a little calmer finding her in one piece.

Hermione looked up at him, eyes wide like saucers. She held up her hand, palm away from him. Showing him what had made her shriek.

"Oh bloody hell, what did we do last night Granger?"

"You proposed to me when you were drunker than a Giant." Hermione pointed out as she tried to pull off the much too big, much too elegant, and very expensive looking ring off her finger.

"I did didn't I?" Draco sighed. "We were both inebriated Hermione. If you were sane you wouldn't have said yes."

"Oh believe me after reading the article I would've eloped with you if you'd asked me." Hermione spit out angrily.

"Really." Draco perked up a bit hearing that.

"Anything to wipe that hideous smile off her stupid face. I can't believe her." Hermione said angrily.

"Oh." Draco said less upbeat.

"But it's a beautiful ring Draco..."  Hermione said looking down at the beautiful antinque ring.  Actually she quite fell in love with it.  It wasn't gaudy like Ron's.  It was simple and of modest sizw but the design was so intriguing it made the ring... just breathtaking. 


Ginny groaned as the telephone began to ring. She buried her face into the pillow to block out the sound. No avail.

She threw the covers over her head. She sighed happily as the ringing stopped.

"Mummy, mummy." Teddy said as he climbed into bed with Ginny.

Ginny reluctantly rolled over. "Sweetheart."

"Aunt Hermione wants to speak to you." Teddy said, the telephone in his hand.

"Hermione?" Ginny repeated groggily. "Okay hand it to me."

Teddy gladly did but instead of going back to his room he just snuggled in with Ginny.

Ginny scooted over to give him space before answering into the phone. "Hermione?"

Hermione sat on the edge of the bathtub as she pressed the cell phone to her.

Draco ran his hand through his hair as he sat on the vacant bed. His clothes were mussed and his appearance haggard.

"Hey mate, so how's the trip going?" Blaise gave a snicker at the end as he answered his phone.

"I think I got engaged last night."

"What?" Ginny and Blaise both yelled into their phones.

Both began to tell what happened yesterday in their own words. Ending at their engagement.

"Well I think you beat my news." Ginny said.

"Oh Merlin Gin, I'm sorry. I've been so selfish! What's your news?"

"Yeah right Hermione. Selfish." Ginny snorted. "But I'm pregnant!" She exclaimed.

"Oh my god Ginny! When did you find this out?"

"When we were on our trip actually. I had morning sickness and… I think it's a boy. No I know it's a boy."

"Isn't it a little early?"

"Well yes but it's just a mother's intuition."

"If you say so Gin." Hermione smiled softly.

"When are you coming back? Maybe we could… are you sure Malfoy didn't trick you on purpose."

"Oh yeah, you should've seen his horrified face when he saw the ring."

"Really how horrified."

"Probably as horrified as when Ron used to see Spiders."

Ginny gave a laugh. "Oh dear. This is hilarious.  I always knew you would be a great drunk!”


"Hermione you’re like so straight laced that probably the only thing that can unwind you is alcohol. I mean that can be the only reason why you would say yes.”

Hermione didn't know what to say about that.

"Hermione you there?"

"Yes." Hermione said weakly.

"Oh my god you do want to marry him don't you!"

"Gin!" Hermione said but on the other side Ginny was still making noise.

"Oh sorry Teddy." Ginny muttered from the other line. "Oh you want to talk to Aunt Mione?" "Of course you can talk."

Hermione listened patiently as she waited.

"Aunt Mione!"

"Hello sweetheart."

"Is it true, are you and Draco going to get married?"


"Draco was supposed to ask for parent's permission before he asked you. Did he?"

"What do you mean Teddy?"

"Draco said you can't ask someone to marry you without having the parent's permission. He said that I would have to ask for Uncle Bill and Aunt Floor's permission before I can marry Vicky. " He said butchering Fleur's name.

"Oh god." Hermione covered her mouth with her free hand. "Teddy… thank you."

"You're welcome!" Teddy chimed. "But for what?" Teddy said confused.

Hermione laughed. "Teddy you just helped me realize I'm in love with Draco."







Draco stopped in mid knock when he heard Hermione's statement.

"Hey Blaise I need you to do me a favor…" He said into his phone.






"What the hell is this Sadie!" Ron yelled as he slammed the paper down. "You're pregnant and it's Malfoy's baby!"

"About time you got home. It's only oh." Sadie looked at the clock. "Seven o' clock in the morning." Sadie said calmly.

"Don't try to change subjects!"

"I'm not, don't worry but while accusations are being thrown, I might as well put in my two cents." Sadie rose gracefully. She looked up, her piercing blue eyes glaring into him. "Where were you last night and who the bloody hell is Lavender Brown?"

Ron's red face suddenly drained of color.

"I'm not pregnant Ron and it most certainly isn't Draco's. Like I would let myself get pregnant. I'm a model for Merlin's sake. My life is my body and like I would do that to my body." Sadie snorted. "But you should read that article again and look at who the author of it is. While you do that, I want you to pack up and leave. You better be gone by the time I come back from shopping."






"This is my last meeting before we can go." Draco said.

"Okay, I'll just wait here if you don't mind." Hermione said smiling softly.

"I'll try to be quick." Draco assured.

"Don't worry about it."

Hermione gave a sigh when Draco went into his meeting. Neither had said anything to another since they called their best friends. But it wasn't an uncomfortable silence actually it was quite a nice silence Hermione found. Like as if they were both trying to think and find a solution. Something Ron had never been able to do. Ever. Thinking hurt his head too much.

Hermione sat down on one of the numerous couches in the waiting area. She grabbed a random muggle magazine and began to flip through it.

After going through exactly eight magazines she felt a presence behind her. Then felt as a forehead burrowed itself right into the crook of her neck.

"That was longer than I expected." Draco groaned.

"Hey to you too."

"Let's just apparate back to my house. I'm too tired to drive."

"Okay." Hermione said softly. "But I should probably do the apparating."

"Please go ahead. I don't feel like losing an arm or worse." Draco shuddered. Hermione laughed.

"You know we're scarily calm for all that's happened in just a couple months literally."

"Yes well… sometimes fate just can't be avoided." Hermione said softly.

"So if I asked you to marry me right now…"

"I'd have to decline, frankly I'm already in an engagement. One is enough for me thank you."

Draco laughed.






They both apparated back to Draco's place well no it was technically both theirs now.

The first thing they saw was Mrs. Malfoy sitting on one of Draco's loveseats drinking tea. When she saw the two of them, she smiled warmly then her eyes zoomed to Hermione's left hand. She spotted the ring .

"A congratulations are in order I presume."

"Mother how'd you?"

"To my utmost surprise there was suddenly a line that appeared next to yours Draco on the family tree. On the other side was none other than Hermione Granger. Just because I'm surprised doesn't mean I'm delighted. And at least this time I didn't have to learn from a stupid paper."

"Family tree?" Hermione said confused looking at Draco.

"We have a magical family tree that will add members of the family automatically. It is quite amazing. I told you about it some years ago."

"Wait is that the one you used to spend your younger years just staring at?"

Narcissa gave her son a raised brow. She knew that was a memory of one of his better days as a child. Him and Lucius used to spend hours in that room. Draco would sit in Lucius's lap and he would tell Draco all about their history. Who each one of the people on the tree were and what they did. It was one of the few precious memory of Draco's. And for her to have shared it with her that long time ago… dear Merlin. The boy had been in love with the girl for a long time whether he knew it or not. She came to a conclusion.

"You're not mad mother are you?'

"About what you telling her about he tree? Of course not."

"No about Sadie being pregnant."

"What?" Narcissa all but yelled.

Draco and Hermione both cringed.

"Sorry please excuse that. But what are you two talking about?"

"Well the Prophet…" Hermione tried to explain.

"She can't be pregnant." Narcissa said.

Draco and Hermione both looked at her.

"It doesn't appear on the family tree. At all. Believe me I would've noticed."

"Are you serious mum? Please don't be joking."

Narcissa gave her son a hard look. " Would I joke about something like this?"

"Well no."

"Draco." She said shaking her head. Almost disappointed in him. "So when do I get to start planning the wedding?"

"No!" both Draco and Hermione said.

"Oh." Narcissa drew back offended.

"Sorry I didn't mean it like that." Hermione apologized.

"I did."

"Draco." Hermione elbowed him.

"If you let my mother plan this, every person she has ever met will be coming!" Draco hissed.

"Oh." Hermione paled at the thought.

"Please Mrs. Malfoy…"

"Please call me Narcissa now Hermione. Soon that'll be your title."

"Okay... Narcissa."

"Well if you two don't mind I have a reservation at Bella Lune."

"That's great Mum, I'll walk you out." Draco said enthusiastically.

"Oh no Draco, you need to come and I would suggest you bring Hermione with you."

"Mum we just got back-"

"Draco." Narcissa said. "Not going is unacceptable."

Draco sighed. "fine then mother. But only if Hermione will."

Hermione gave him a pointed look not appreciating him dragging her into this. But then she gave a resigned sigh. Why was this family so clam about the engagement? First Draco then his Mum. Was she the only one slightly freaking out by it?

"If we're going to Bella Lune could I please change first?"






"You know I didn't mean for you to come with me when I said I needed to change." Hermione said as Draco followed her into her room.

"I wanted to pick out your outfit. I miss doing that." Draco shrugged.

"I'm perfectly capable of picking my own clothes now."

"Oh I know all thanks to me." Draco smirked.

"I can physically see your ego getting bigger from here." Hermione said shaking her head at him.

Draco ignored her as he rifled through her closet. He pulled out a black skirt that ended mid thigh and then he pulled out a silk red blouse. He also got out a pair of high heeled black strap around shoes.

Hermione eyed the shirt. "I'm not wearing that."

"Yeah you are."

"No I'm not."

"You want me to tell the potters that you got so knockered the night before that you asked me to marry you?"


"I took one of those hangover potions that lets me remember what happened the night before."

"I did not propose to you."

"Yeah you did Granger but I was such a man even in my drunken stupor that I turned your proposal around and did the decent thing and proposed to you instead."

"And then you gave me the enchanted engagement ring." Hermione scowled.

"Yes well… I was in a drunken stupor. But you said yes don't forget."

Hermione mumbled something unintelligent as she pushed him out of her room.






Draco grinned when Hermione came out of her room. She was wearing the outfit he'd picked out even the heels.

He was still grinning when they walked through Bella Lune. And Hermione was still mockingly scowling at him.

He and Hermione were too distracted in each other to notice Narcissa Malfoy nee Black's somber expression.

"Malfoy party for six." Narcissa told the hostess.

"The rest of your party is here please follow me."

"The rest of the party?" Draco said confused. "Mother who are we dining with-" Draco was cut off when a man at the table they were at stood up.

"What is he doing here Mother." Draco said coldly. The humor gone from his face, rage replacing it. Hermione felt the hand beside her clench into a fist. Without thinking she grabbed it and tried to intwine her fingers with his.

Draco was momentarily distracted. He looked down at her.

"Draco… don't let him get the best of you." Hermione said softly so only they could hear. "He can't control you anymore. You're stronger now."

The rage slowly left his face and instead of boiling it was now just simmering at the surface. He closed his eyes as he clenched her hand with his one hand then let out a small breath.

Then he looked forward again. He pulled out a seat for Hermione then one for his mother before taking one himself scooting it as close to Hermione without sitting on top of her.

"Lucius." He said sitting down. Well more like spat out. Hermione took his hand and squeezed.

"Draco." Lucius Malfoy nodded cordially. "Narcissa."

Draco's jaw clenched when he realized that Lucius wasn't going to acknowledge Hermione.

"This is Hermione Granger do you remember her? Remember she used to always beat me at all the tests and always be at the top of my class? And then you would beat me because I couldn't get a higher score than a muggleborn."

Hermione let out a gasp before she could stop herself. She'd heard it before though so it shouldn't have affected her. Draco had told her in their seventh year but for him to be so direct…

"Yes of course I remember Miss Granger." Lucius said, his jaws clenched looking much like Draco did before.

"I would hope so considering she is going to be the new Mrs. Malfoy."

"Congratulations." A soft femine voice said.

All three heads turned to where the voice was coming from. Narcissa's already pale face paled even more so.

Draco was squeezing Hermione's hand so hard it was beginning to hurt but she barely noticed though all she could do was stare at the woman in front of her and the little boy the woman was holding. The little boy was all she could stare at. He was pale with wisps of blonde hair. As if he could feel her looking at him, he looked up. Hermione was shocked to find a pair of silver orbs that she'd seen before looking at her. Then to her surprise the little boy gave her a grin.






 Hope that tis satisfies so that i may continue to write but please leave a comment or read previous comments made. 

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